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June 20 - Day of the specialist of the mine and torpedo service of the Russian Navy


On June 20, the Russian Navy celebrates the professional holiday of mine and torpedo service specialists. It was approved by order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy in 1996.

The memorable date was timed to the first successful use of Russian mines fleet. This significant event took place in the Baltic Sea on June 20, 1855. Then the Crimean War was going on, and the powerful Anglo-French squadron sought to defeat the Russian naval bases in the Baltic, the largest of which was Kronstadt. To protect them, Russian sailors set mines. Unaware of this, the enemy squadron stumbled upon minefields, which led to the undermining of four ships. Such major losses forced the enemy to change their plans and abandon the attack on Russian ports.

And the first successful use of torpedo by our sailors weapons took place in 1877 during the Russo-Turkish war. Then, not far from Batum, Russian boats under the command of S. Makarov, who would later become vice admiral, with the help of a torpedo sank the Turkish warship Intibah.

And although today missile weapons began to play a key role in the navy, it cannot replace mines and torpedoes. The mine and torpedo service of the Russian Navy today is engaged in the storage and maintenance of these weapons. In addition, service specialists train crews of warships to properly use mines and torpedoes to carry out their combat missions.

On June 20, the specialists of the mine-torpedo service accept sincere congratulations on their professional holiday from the command, colleagues and family members. The editors of "Military Review" joins them and wants to wish these true professionals their health and success in their service.

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  1. Doccor18
    Doccor18 20 June 2020 08: 45 New
    All torpedo from the holidays!
    And new torpedoes would be on the Fleet ..
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 20 June 2020 10: 22 New
      Happy holiday to all involved! love
      All health, good luck and prosperity in life!

  2. Narak-zempo
    Narak-zempo 20 June 2020 08: 46 New
    Then, near Batum, Russian boats under the command Sergey Makarov, who later became vice admiral, with the help of a torpedo flooded the Turkish warship Intibah.

    Afftap, you’d at least climb into Wikipedia or something, before riveting articles, even if you don’t even know the name and patronymic of Admiral Makarov.
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 20 June 2020 08: 57 New

      Makarov, Stepan Osipovich - (December 27, 1848 [January 8, 1849], Nikolaev - March 31 [April 13] 1904, near Port Arthur) - Russian naval leader, hero of the Russo-Japanese War, oceanographer, polar explorer, shipbuilder, vice admiral
      Campaign aHtor meant this person? If so, it is embarrassing to throw such ignorance on display.
      1. Narak-zempo
        Narak-zempo 20 June 2020 09: 00 New
        Well, yes, anyone who is minimally aware of the history of the Russian fleet knows that it was he who commanded the mine boats in that Russian-Turkish war, and in general was a great mine enthusiast, for which he received the nickname "grandfather of the mine fleet."
    2. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 20 June 2020 14: 53 New
      Quote: Narak-zempo
      Afftap, would you at least get into Wikipedia or something,

      With Stepan Osipovich, maybe a “slip of the tongue” came out ... shameful ...
      But in fact, lying is not good!
      AUTHOR: "enemy squadron stumbled on minefields, which led to the undermining four ships. So big losses forced the enemy ... "

      And here is the story:
      In the spring of 1855, in the area of ​​Kronstadt, Russian sailors managed to install 947 Nobel mines and 309 Jacobi mines. During reconnaissance operations of the Anglo-French detachment on June 20, 1855 two British frigates (Merlin and Firefly) were blown up on the pyrotechnic mines of Nobel (Fig. 1.3). A small explosive charge (only 10 pounds of black powder - 4,5 kg) allowed them get off with minor damage. However, the psychological effect was so strong that in the campaign of 1855 not a single enemy ship dared to approach Kronstadt (63, p. 199).
      And here are sketches from nature:

      From myself I want to congratulate the miners on their professional holiday and recall:
      Happy holiday! Health, success, GOOD LUCK !!! drinks
      1. Vladimir Mitin_2
        Vladimir Mitin_2 20 June 2020 19: 50 New
        Classic: in chicold
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 20 June 2020 08: 52 New
    Warhead - 3 with a holiday! soldier Where without you in the fleet !!! To prevent training torpedoes from drowning, the combat ones reached their goals !!!
  4. Thrifty
    Thrifty 20 June 2020 08: 59 New
    I congratulate you! drinks Here, about the facts from the history that are stated above and you need to make a feature film! History is necessary not only to remember, but to honor, as well as those who do not want to give this very story to rewrite!
  5. dgonni
    dgonni 20 June 2020 09: 18 New
    Romanians happy holiday!
    1. Vadim Zhivov
      Vadim Zhivov 20 June 2020 10: 51 New
      Sorry, but you can in more detail ... Interesting after all ... soldier hiWhy are Romanians
      1. Terenin
        Terenin 20 June 2020 13: 46 New
        Quote: VadimLives
        Sorry, but you can in more detail ... Interesting after all ... soldier hiWhy are Romanians

        wink well, do not run around the world ... 1905 ...
      2. dgonni
        dgonni 20 June 2020 13: 58 New
        During the uprising on Potemkin, when the question arose of where to carry the banner of the revolution and where to park and replenish water with food. A common gangway was assembled and on it the miner moved the ile and let's go tek to the Romanians. To the question, why? namely to the Romanians. The answer was given. And there women are cheap and beautiful.
        Since then, miners have been called Romanians. ;)
        1. Vadim Zhivov
          Vadim Zhivov 20 June 2020 20: 42 New
          Thank you! hi
  6. Ragnar Lodbrok
    Ragnar Lodbrok 20 June 2020 09: 28 New
    Happy Holidays, Romanians! drinks
    1. Ragnar Lodbrok
      Ragnar Lodbrok 20 June 2020 09: 29 New

      Be fruitful and multiply !!!
  7. Vladimir Mashkov
    Vladimir Mashkov 20 June 2020 10: 07 New
    Happy Communion!
  8. Warhead-xnumx
    Warhead-xnumx 20 June 2020 11: 21 New
    Happy colleagues!
  9. Alien From
    Alien From 20 June 2020 12: 02 New
    Happy holiday to all involved)))))) I respect sailors very much !!!!
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. xomaNN
    xomaNN 20 June 2020 13: 56 New
    Miners - officers and sailors with stripes БЧ-3 - with a holiday.
    He himself studied torpedoes in the PF LKI and "was friends" with them for several years on the BF and SF