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APU received the first unmanned reconnaissance complex SPECTATOR-M1

APU received the first unmanned reconnaissance complex SPECTATOR-M1

Armed forces of Ukraine received the first unmanned aviation SPECTATOR-M1 complex of a modernized model manufactured as part of the state defense order. This was reported by the press center of Ukroboronprom.

According to the Chairman of the Board of Meridian OJSC Vyacheslav Protsenko, who delivered the UAV, "this is the first delivery of the APU unmanned aircraft complex of this modification." According to him, this modification reinforces the "main advantages of previous models" - aerodynamics, stealth, increased security from electronic warfare systems.

The press service of Ukroboronprom said that this model of the SPECTATOR-M1 UAV was adopted in June 2019 after passing state tests. Previous models of this UAV have been supplied to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the border service of Ukraine since 2015.

The main purpose of the SPECTATOR-M1 UAV is reconnaissance at any time of the day. It can be equipped with conventional and infrared cameras, as well as sensors for various purposes. It is claimed to be inconspicuous through the use of special coloring and a small dispersion area.

Wingspan - 3020 mm, maximum flight speed - 120 km / h, recommended for tasks - 70 km / h, maximum flight altitude of up to 3600 m, flight duration of more than 2 hours with a range of up to 150 km. It can work in automatic mode and under the control of the operator. Launch - from a hand or a special device, landing - by parachute or by plane.

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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 19 June 2020 09: 09
    Without kookies ... everyone does it later.
    Those who are ahead are already doing something else.
    1. vkl.47
      vkl.47 19 June 2020 09: 26
      Chubaty nits will not die in any way. They want to take revenge.
      1. Herman 4223
        Herman 4223 19 June 2020 09: 51
        Definitely try, but I think not yet soon.
        1. rocket757
          rocket757 19 June 2020 09: 59
          A thing, object, product, in itself, does no harm ... it is people with a shift that make it dangerous.
          1. 4ekist
            4ekist 19 June 2020 10: 44
            In monkeys, a stick in their hands is unpredictable.
      2. TermNachTer
        TermNachTer 19 June 2020 16: 07
        Don't be so nervous. Firstly, only one, when the second will be, even Metropolitan Filka does not know. Secondly, the wunderwolf, assembled from Chinese spare parts, by definition cannot be good, because the parts were bought by Ali Express.
  2. Tagan
    Tagan 19 June 2020 09: 53
    It is claimed to be inconspicuous due to the use of special coloring and small dispersion

    Well that's it, now they will sell their magic paint to amers for F-35. Get rich!
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 19 June 2020 11: 03
    And whoever has an adequate reference to the loss of UAVs in the Donbass? And then according to the sofa generals, there is already no passage from the drone shot down on both sides ...
    1. businessv
      businessv 19 June 2020 16: 11
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      And whoever has an adequate reference to the loss of UAVs in the Donbass?
      This is a question for our Insurgent, or rather hardly anyone will say.
  5. MP
    MP 19 June 2020 11: 26
    Of course, you can be skeptical of this development and believe that it is made of garbage and Chinese components. But do not underestimate the enemy. In Ukraine, historically, from the Soviet era, a strong school in the field of electronics and programming has developed. And now there are a lot of just enthusiasts with brains and hands, keen on microcontrollers and drones.
    1. TermNachTer
      TermNachTer 19 June 2020 16: 10
      Rzhu nimagu))) from that school there are no more memories. Here's a simple example. The city of Zaporozhye - of all the Soviet enterprises that produced radio electronics and parts for it, only Iskra works, and even then, not very well. There is nothing else. There was the Institute of Radio Communication at the Radio Pribor Production Association, the Vesna, Kremniypolymer, and Gamma plants.
  6. FORCE 38GB
    FORCE 38GB 19 June 2020 14: 53
    It’s hard for him to explain all this on Mov ... belay Poor fellow! He would be in Russian .. But the local "power" will be offended very much .. laughing laughing laughing
    1. val43
      val43 21 June 2020 20: 55
      And who told you that it is difficult for him to explain? Maybe it’s hard for you to understand?