Military Review

A proper response to the delivery of Kiev ATGM FGM-148. Complexes "Svir" will be able to stop the upcoming offensive of the Armed Forces in the Donbass


As the last few weeks of spring have shown, the operational and tactical situation at the Donbass theater of operations has again found a steady tendency to aggravate until the probable resumption of escalation of hostilities in key operational areas along the contact line between the territories of Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics, as well as controlled by the Ukrainian military formations of the territories of Donbass. Eloquent evidence of this is:

- repeated intensification of artillery attacks by mortar batteries of the 28th and 72nd separate mechanized and 128th separate mountain assault brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in residential quarters of the LDNR settlements located near the contact line (Gorlovka, Dokuchaevsk, Spartak, Yasnoe, Novotroitskoe, Aleksandrovka, Kominternovo, Sakhanka, Molodezhnoye) and advanced fortified areas using both full-time 82- and 120-mm mortars BM-37 and 2B11, and compact 60-mm company mortars M2 "Mortar" and / or KBA-118;

- more frequent cases of firing of grenade launcher calculations of the above brigades and other units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the private sectors of numerous (including the above) settlements located in the immediate vicinity of the contact line with the use of 6G3 / 5 RPG-7V / D / N anti-tank grenade launchers, and machine-gun anti-tank grenades the SPG-9 family “Spear” (“boots”), which led to the partial destruction of dozens of residential buildings, damage to gas pipelines, power lines and substations, as well as injuries and deaths of dozens of civilians of the Lugansk and Donetsk people's republics;

- the resumption of regular counter-battery “duels” between the artillery units of the 1st and 2nd army corps of the LDP People’s Militia and the artillery brigades of the Armed Forces with the use of barreled artillery (self-propelled guns 2C1 “Gvozdika” and 2C3 “Akatsiya”, as well as towed field howitzers D-30 , 2A65 Msta-B and 2A36 Hyacinth-B), the initiators of which in all cases without exception are the Ukrainian side.

Again on the verge of escalation

Against the background of the predictable resumption of reconnaissance UAV flights of strategic radar and optical-electronic reconnaissance of the US Air Force RQ-4A / B Global Hawk, which carry out the detection, classification and identification of units of armored vehicles and artillery deployed along the contact line of units of the army of the LDNR NM through onboard AFAR X-band side-scan radars AN / ZPY-2 MP-RTIP in synthesized aperture (SAR) mode and multi-spectral long-focus turret optoelectronic systems SYERS-2B / C with the ability to conduct photo and video shooting in 8 ranges and optically magnify reconnaissance objects of the order 40-50X, as well as in the light of preparations for the start of the implementation of a plan to establish control of Ukrainian forces over the border between the LDNR and the Rostov Region with the further mopping up of government structures of the republics and announced by the head of the foreign ministry, the inveterate Russophobe Dmitry Kuleba the liquidation of the army corps completely and completely confirms the absolutely objective opinion of the majority of competent Russian and Donbass military experts that all diplomatic concepts for resolving the situation in the Donbas within the framework of the “Minsk and Norman formats” that have been living out for the last months.

As for Mr. Zelensky, neither he nor his administration absolutely have any effective levers of influence on the General Staff of the Armed Forces and the apparatus of the National Security and Defense Council “non-independent”, whose senior representatives are working on the agenda and the sequence of actions in close cooperation with specialists from the State Department and the Pentagon through official intermediaries such as US Department of State head Mike Pompeo and former U.S. Department of State Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Walker. Meanwhile, it would be extremely naive to assume that in the light of the circumstances, Moscow is abstracting from the development of countermeasures against the chaos committed by Kiev and will not provide carte blanche to the defense departments and commands of the army corps of the people's republics to implement an effective range of operational-tactical measures aimed at stopping the offensive APU potential in key operational areas of the Donbass theater of operations.

In particular, on May 20, 2020, just a few days after the resumption of precision strikes by the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of the People’s Republic of LDNR and the fortified areas of the republic’s defenders, the defense departments of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics ordered that a series of measures be taken to bring combat units of all military branches of the 1st and 2nd AK NM LDNR in a state of full combat readiness, and in the most dangerous areas - about regrouping in offensive orders (with the simultaneous hasty transfer of reserve motorized rifle, artillery and anti-tank units from the operational depth of the rear zones). Within the first day after the publication of this order in the republican media news sections of eminent Donetsk, Luhansk and some Russian information publications were full of photo and video reports about the rapid march to the contact line on the Northern Front of the LPRP of motorized rifle battalions and tank brigades of the people's militia with the main battle tanks T-64BV, T-72A / AV / B.

A number of powerful counter-battery strikes were also inflicted on the most active firing positions of the barrel artillery batteries, which were part of the 57th separate motorized infantry and 28th separate mechanized brigades of the Armed Forces, which ultimately helped to noticeably cool the most “hot heads” in the Ukrainian General Staff. The intensity of the fire work of Ukrainian artillery decreased markedly.

However, it’s too early to relax. According to informed sources among the local population of the villages of Zachatovka, Kalinovo, Bogdanovka and Krasnaya Polyana, located on the northwestern and northern approaches to Mariupol, at the end of the 20th of May 2020, the operational command “South” of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces began a hasty transfer to Telman operational direction of a large mechanized unit consisting of more than 50 units of heavily armored tracked vehicles (obviously, we are talking about the MBT T-64BV / BM "Bulat", T-80B / BV and various modifications of infantry fighting vehicles BMP-1/2) and cargo vehicles with ammunition for MBT, barreled artillery, anti-tank missile systems and small arms, three 152-mm towed 2A65 Msta-B howitzers, three mine barrels, Osa-AK short-range self-propelled air defense systems and other means, including tankers and tracked armored recovery and recovery vehicles BREM-1 / BTS-5B.

This information indicates the preparation of the Armed Forces General Staff for an attempt to make a lightning fast offensive in the area of ​​the most vulnerable operational area on the Southern Front of the Donetsk People’s Republic, represented by the Telman Isthmus, the operational depth of the rear zone on which does not exceed 35 km (from Petrovskoye to the border between DNR and the Rostov region). And here a quite topical question arises: can the tank units of the 9th Mariupol-Khingan Regiment of the Marine Corps of the 1st AK NM DNI at least temporarily hold the defenses in the area of ​​the Telman Isthmus without artillery support from the 58th combined arms army of the Russian North?

The operational-tactical alignment at the Donbass theater of operations is not in favor of the republics, in particular, due to the moral and technical obsolescence of the small 9K112 "Cobra" family of guided tank weapons, which are the basis of the "smart" MBT T-72B / B1 ammunition consisting of in service with the army corps of LDNR

Taking into account the fact that tank guided missiles 64M72M / M9 / M112 of the 2K124 Kobra complex included in the ammunition of the T-9BV and T-112A / AV / B tanks of the DPR People’s Police were developed within the walls of the Tochmash Design Bureau from 1976 to 1985 years and marked the beginning of the era of the formation of high-precision guided tank weapons, their “equipment” is represented by monoblock cumulative warheads of types 9N138 and 9N144, respectively, with armor penetration of 550-700 mm. In tank duels at the Donbass theater of operations, shells with the above type of warheads will not provide the tank crews of the “republican” T-64BV and T-72A / AB / B / B1 with absolutely no advantages over the Ukrainian T-64BV and T-80B / BV sets of dynamic protection "Contact-1". Indeed, for example, the Contact-4 dynamic protection elements 20C4 / 22C1 increase the equivalent resistance of the frontal armored plates of the turret and VLD of the T-64BV and T-80B / BV tank shells from the effects of monoblock shaped-charge shells from 520-540 to 800-1000 mm ( 50–80%), while the armor penetration of the KS 9M112M2 barely reaches 700 mm.

The only Ukrainian SV tanks that are still vulnerable to tank guided projectiles of the 9M112M2 family are the T-72A / AB equipped with the Contact-1 dynamic protection. They have equivalent resistance to cumulative effects of the order of 400 mm (due to the small physical dimensions of the frontal plates and the use of outdated special bookings based on sand cores), and even the “Contact-1” equipment does not allow an increase in resistance to 750-800 mm, which does not exclude the likely penetration of this armor by means of TUR 9M112M2 "Cobra". Meanwhile, it is worth noting that most of the Ukrainian combatant T-72A in the foreseeable future can be brought up to the level of T-72AMT as part of the modernization program conducted by the state enterprise "Kiev Armored Plant". This program provides for the re-equipment of the standard T-72A with new “Knife” dynamic protection kits, the KhChKKV-19/34 elements of which will increase the equivalent resistance to cumulative shells by 1,9 times (almost up to 800 mm), practically zeroing the effectiveness of the Cobra family of guided shells ".

The appropriate effect in this situation can be achieved by integration into the weapon control systems of the "republican" T-72B / B1 tanks of the modern Svir tank guided weapons systems equipped with the 9M119M1 Invar-M tank guided missiles. Designed in the early 90's. specialists of the Tula Design Bureau of Instrument Making named. Academician A.G. Shipunova ”(now KBP JSC), the Invar-M tank guided missile boasts two key technological advantages that can provide the tanks of the LNR People’s Army Police Corps with parity in confrontation not only with the outdated Ukrainian T-64BV and T-72A / AB, but also with such deeply improved machines as the T-72AMT and T-64BM “Bulat” equipped with the “Knife” dynamic protection.

First of all, it is equipping a tandem cumulative warhead with armor penetration of about 750 mm behind the elements of 4C20 mounted dynamic protection “Contact-1”, 4C22 of the integrated DZ “Contact-5” and the hschkv-19/34 of the integrated DZ “Knife”. In this case, the elements of the above DZ will be initiated by means of a leading cumulative charge, while the main cumulative charge will penetrate the main armor envelope. Penetration of 750 mm will allow the main cumulative charges of the Invar-M tank guided missiles to “crack” the frontal projection armor plates of most of the tanks armed with the APU (from “cardboard” T-72A to more or less protected T-64BV, T-80B / BV and T-72AMT). The only types of Ukrainian MBT, the frontal projection of which will remain invulnerable for the TUR 9M119M1 Invar-M, are modern T-84 BM Oplot vehicles, the means of increasing armor protection of which are represented by even more modern Duplet dynamic defense systems that can counteract tandem cumulative shells, including Invar-M.

Secondly, this is the use of a semi-automatic laser guidance system (according to the "laser beam"), which has significantly higher noise immunity compared to the radio command guidance system used in 9K112 / -1 "Cobra" guided tank weapons systems. Against the background of the Mi-8MTPPB and Mi-8MTPS electronic warfare helicopter recovery program (equipped with the Bizon electronic warfare centimeter complexes and SPS-63/66 Azalea multi-range radio countermeasures systems, respectively), implemented by the Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant as part of the APU upgrade program with advanced facilities EW, replenishment of ammunition "republican" T-72B / B1 tank guided missiles with a semi-automatic laser guidance system is gaining a special degree of relevance.

As for the legitimacy of providing such an “package” of military-technical assistance to the defense ministry of LDNR from the Russian side, it appeared exactly on the day when the Ukrainian side received the first batch of 210 anti-tank guided missiles FGM-148 “Javelin” and 37 transport launch tubes for the "Javelins" under the "package" of military-technical assistance provided through the line "Foreign Military Sales" ("Foreign military sales").
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 19 June 2020 05: 22 New
    Blah blah blah. "Svir" is good, but it is a technique, and a political decision is required. What is required is not to balance, but to give superiority. Only then can the DB stop be expected from Kiev.
    1. Ross xnumx
      Ross xnumx 19 June 2020 05: 33 New
      Quote: Mavrikiy
      but a political decision is required.

      You are absolutely right. Implement this:
      A proper response to the delivery of Kiev ATGM FGM-148. Complexes "Svir" will be able ...

      But the most correct answer is the implementation of the LDNR choice.
      1. Mavrikiy
        Mavrikiy 19 June 2020 05: 42 New
        Quote: ROSS 42
        But the most correct answer is the implementation of the LDNR choice.

        As far as I know, the fathers-commanders fooled the people of LDNR and in a referendum they proposed the dilemma of independence or to stay. The people chose not dependence, the choice is realized, separated. And we must make a decision to help maintain the situation. To do this, you need to make all the APU trunks shut up. This can be achieved not by the equality of means, but only by superiority, for on the other side of thugs,angry including prezika. request
        1. sgrabik
          sgrabik 20 June 2020 08: 06 New
          These bastards temporarily in power in Kiev understand only the language of brute force, all recent attempts to peacefully negotiate and abide by the Minsk agreements have failed because of the stubborn reluctance of the Kiev regime to implement and abide by them, so how much can you persuade them, is it not yet clear that no the agreements on the part of Ukraine will not be respected, the only possible way to change the regime in Kiev to adequate politicians who will not be puppets of the West, while this can still be done, you just have to wait for the most suitable moment for this.
          1. surok1
            surok1 20 June 2020 10: 43 New
            There was a precedent with Ossetia. Prezik attacked the letter with, then draped, and the republic entered the federation. Excuses were found. You just need not to piss
      2. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 19 June 2020 05: 49 New
        Quote: ROSS 42
        implementation of the choice of LDNR

        There is a certification of residents of LNR, this is an opportunity to accelerate the resolution of the issue.
        1. sergey32
          sergey32 19 June 2020 09: 09 New
          My opinion. It should be directly and unequivocally stated that in response to the killings of citizens of the Russian Federation living in LDNR, an immediate blow will follow, including at decision centers in Kiev.
          1. Herman 4223
            Herman 4223 19 June 2020 12: 28 New
            The decision center is definitely not in kuev.
          2. Brturin
            Brturin 19 June 2020 19: 03 New
            Quote: sergey32
            Must be expressly and explicitly stated

            Two years ago, when asked about a possible provocation - "I hope that things will not come to such provocations. And if this happens, I think it will have very grave consequences for the Ukrainian statehood as a whole." It's a statement of course, but it's better to have an official document ...
          3. Glenni
            Glenni 19 June 2020 20: 39 New
            -11 qualifying.
            Sir, you have not forgotten that this is Ukrainian land? Citizens of Russia? So go to your home in Russia, who is holding it?
            1. uzviktor_vvc
              uzviktor_vvc 20 June 2020 05: 18 New
              Glenni. You are wrong, you need to live in peace and not speak, leave your own Russia and not fight with your brothers in spirit. It is beneficial for the US to have a mess in Ukraine. In our country, America also wanted to make a House like yours in Ukraine and we began to say who doesn’t like it and you can leave your own Russia. Almost striped (USA) would have succeeded, but our president acted wisely turned to Russia for help to Putin and he helped our state. Now we live in peace no matter who you are and don’t enmity (like you), and we are confident in tomorrow.
            2. sgrabik
              sgrabik 20 June 2020 08: 19 New
              You’d better take a closer look at the set of international laws regarding the self-determination of certain territories by means of the will of the people living in these territories, or we can only now use double standards everywhere, where it is beneficial for the West, this should work, for example, in Kosovo, and where it’s not profitable, it shouldn’t have happened, like in the Dobass and in the Crimea, you would have decided something, otherwise it’s not democracy at all, but forceful compulsion to unconditionally fulfill the will of others, and this is absolutely illegal, what kind of Ukrainian land in Donbass and Crimea are you trying to say something here ???
            3. georgiigennadievitch
              georgiigennadievitch 20 June 2020 10: 11 New
              I don’t understand something, or what? Why did you decide that this is the "Ukrainian land"? Well, we were once before 1991 one state. And in those now distant times, in the name of the ideas of the proletarian revolution and strengthening the proletarian composition of the newly formed Ukrainian SSR, comrades Lenin, Stalin The Khrushchev-Soviet General Secretaries at their own discretion transferred the Russian land (including the Donbass) together with the people who no one asked the "brotherly Ukrainian people." In 1991, the "brotherly Ukrainian people" did not want to live in the same state with Russia. What? Russia didn’t blame anything for aggression, separatism, etc., sending volunteers, etc., shutting off gas, the Dnieper, electricity. If you don’t want it, you won’t be too sweet. But since we are now different states, then " gifts "- then return the Bolshevik bosses convicted by you. How could it be otherwise? If they were wrong and their deeds are not good, then this must be corrected. Or do you condemn them, but return what you don’t want? The root of the problem is here. Well, as for the desire of Ukrainian soldiers to return Donbass by force, this is the dream of idiots. . There will be no "Croatian scenario". Even if the riders manage to get out to the Russian border, they will be trampled from there very quickly in shame on their way. The compulsion to peace will end with the collapse of the Kiev gang and the collapse of this nedogostatelstva. democratic humanity "will not fight for the interests of American puppets. The states will not either.
        2. Kronos
          Kronos 19 June 2020 12: 36 New
          In Transnistria or South Ossetia, too, passports only as they were in the gray zone remained
        3. 113262a
          113262a 26 June 2020 10: 47 New
          Already there are dead civilians with passports of the Russian Federation!
          1. Uncle lee
            Uncle lee 26 June 2020 11: 31 New
            Quote: 113262
            There are already dead

            And where is the reaction of the Foreign Ministry, the Duma, the Federation Council, the president?
    2. Ros 56
      Ros 56 19 June 2020 05: 50 New
      Well, it’s you who got excited while the banderlogies will steer striped, there can be no talk of any termination of the database. But to put modern weapons in the second line and train the LDNR soldiers, here I am with two hands.
      1. Courier
        Courier 19 June 2020 06: 00 New
        This is already happening.
        1. Ivan Ivanov_6
          Ivan Ivanov_6 19 June 2020 10: 06 New
          Judging by the cons, they disagree with you. Ichtamnets remain Ichtamnets. Tss-ss-ss !!!
      2. sgrabik
        sgrabik 20 June 2020 08: 39 New
        We simply have to respond to the supply of Javelins by supplying the Kornet DM to the defenders of the LDNR, our ATGMs have higher armor penetration and a much longer range.
    3. Alekseev
      Alekseev 19 June 2020 07: 13 New
      Quote: Mavrikiy
      Blah blah blah.

      That's right!
      The author is notable for verbiage. But his interest in his voluminous opus is lost if you know that the "Cobra" complex was used on T-64B tanks with, God forbid, 1979 and a little later on the T-80B. It never was on T-72 tanks. It has long been removed from service, and this complex is hardly available in storage, since it requires quite often specific maintenance - training of the magnetron.
      And a decisive defeat for ukrovoyaki cannot be achieved by ATGMs, grenade launchers and, even, artillery.
      To quickly neutralize the Bandera contingent, it will be necessary to deliver powerful attacks by the OTRK, powerful MLRS, aviation, at least UAVs, to the entire depth of the operational formation of troops, against rear depots and headquarters, reserves, and not revel in the hope of infantry weapons and not new tanks and infantry fighting vehicles .
  2. Konatantin 1992
    Konatantin 1992 19 June 2020 06: 11 New
    Dear Eugene, you are undoubtedly a professional in your field, I can’t argue with this (I see it from a sofa in Siberia, forgive me if that) ... But how many times did the KUVVs take off on tanks in the last conflicts that we could observe? In the Donbass, I do not know (correct if there were such cases) in Syria, the T-72B3 was used several times, and like the T-62 M, too, but these are isolated cases. But in the Donbass there are TOURS in the proper quantity and operators who can use it?
  3. Sahalinets
    Sahalinets 19 June 2020 06: 25 New
    This is all a consequence of the ill-conceived policy of half measures. Here, from the very beginning it was either necessary to defeat 404 forces of the RA, or not to get into it at all. And so ... got a headache with no prospects. And after all, frost-bitten Natsik will climb, without fail, but the republics have little strength. And again, you have to make a painful choice and either watch the Russian people die on the battlefield, and then in the concentration camps, or send serious forces already. What international consequences this will have, I don’t even want to think ...
    1. carstorm 11
      carstorm 11 19 June 2020 07: 06 New
      The whole trouble of the APU, or rather their General Staff, is apparently the hope that against the background of the virus, the vote and the parade will not be of any help to the republics. There is a brain. few and may well decide on this. At what they apparently do not want to take into account the example of Georgia; Against the background of everything that is happening now, the reaction from our side will be extremely harsh. They will not be defeated, as they have been openly told and more than once.
    2. EvilLion
      EvilLion 19 June 2020 08: 34 New
      Received a complete fence from the Nazis and minimal losses. No one will climb anywhere, because it will simply be defeated, if necessary, with long-range weapons of destruction and special forces of the Russian Federation. So do not write nonsense.
  4. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 19 June 2020 06: 28 New
    Eperny theater ... I thought ... Damantsev first listed all the known equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, then mentioned the technique of the LPNR, and only at the end he "descended" to the Soviet-style KUV complexes. In general, apart from the tempting title, nothing interesting!
    1. Karabin
      Karabin 19 June 2020 13: 19 New
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      except for a tempting title, nothing interesting!

      Exactly noticed. Judging by the name: "A proper response to the supply of FGM-148 ATGMs to Kiev. The Svir complexes will be able to stop the coming offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Donbass," "Svir" is already in service with the LDNR units in response to the supply of Pyndos ATGMs. But no. But "Swir" can wink
  5. Sergei 777
    Sergei 777 19 June 2020 07: 01 New
    without artillery support from the 58th combined arms army of the NE of Russia?

    On the border with the DNI and LC, the 8th Guards Army is deployed !!! What is 58?
  6. German Titov
    German Titov 19 June 2020 07: 56 New
    Quote: Uncle Lee
    Quote: ROSS 42
    implementation of the choice of LDNR

    There is a certification of residents of LNR, this is an opportunity to accelerate the resolution of the issue.

    Brakes on the ground. There are no questions to the MS of Russia, everything is "clear". Of course, I would like the registration to be "Russia, Donetsk region, Donetsk ....".
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 19 June 2020 15: 33 New
      Quote: German Titov
      Of course, I would like the registration to be "Russia, Donetsk region, Donetsk ....".

      Absolutely nothing against. yes "You know, there will still be ..."(with) hi
  7. German Titov
    German Titov 19 June 2020 08: 03 New
    As they say, about the offensive, "leave your wet dreams," Kukuev's masturbators. "We will answer" not childishly. "24 Victory Parade in Donetsk.
  8. kenig1
    kenig1 19 June 2020 08: 28 New
    Artillery of the 58th Army?))
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 19 June 2020 10: 14 New
      Почему нет?
      900 km from Vladikavkaz to Donetsk ...
  9. Alexander Samoilov
    Alexander Samoilov 19 June 2020 08: 42 New
    37 transport and launch tubes for the Javelins Learn the materiel. The FGM-148 does not have any tubes. The complex includes a CPB and a shot in the form of a rocket in a disposable TPK.
    1. Crimean partisan 1974
      Crimean partisan 1974 20 June 2020 18: 43 New
      The FGM-148 doesn’t have any tubes ..... I also chewed. and also giggled about the T-89 with Cobra, nonsense. this is hardly where you can find it, it’s only on the ignorant resources of blondes, in fact, Svir and Reflex are the same thing, but Reflex has better flight control functions for UR and Invar has a higher nominal value
  10. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 19 June 2020 09: 01 New
    I am not a tanker or a politician, but Lao PDR needs help.
  11. Black Colonel
    Black Colonel 19 June 2020 09: 09 New
    Well, do LDNR guys have no opportunity to land the Global Hawk?
    1. beeper
      beeper 19 June 2020 12: 26 New
      Quote: Black Colonel
      Well, do LDNR guys have no opportunity to land the Global Hawk?

      hi Beautiful line of thought! good
      1. hydrox
        hydrox 26 June 2020 09: 57 New
        So the implementation is not the most difficult: the other day, infa slipped through that for the Airborne Forces they are already producing "Derivation" with a 57mm cannon - after all, this is the very thing for working with UAVs and the very place for real testing.
        A Global Hawk is worthy of using Buka
    2. sgrabik
      sgrabik 20 June 2020 08: 50 New
      Without our help, they probably don't have such opportunities. "Global Hawk" fly at high altitudes, MANPADS will not be enough, and the defenders of the LPNR do not have modern long-range air defense systems.
  12. CBR600
    CBR600 19 June 2020 10: 25 New
    As for the legitimacy of providing the LDNR defense departments with such a “package” of military-technical assistance from the Russian side, it appeared exactly on that day .....

    And what? Is there or not at the turn?
  13. Threaded screw
    Threaded screw 19 June 2020 10: 35 New
    Russia, as one of the parties to the guarantors of the Minsk agreements, must fulfill its obligations in full. If necessary, support LDNR with fire and ensure the possibility of creating a no-fly zone in the sky above the republics with the supply of funds.
  14. iouris
    iouris 19 June 2020 11: 07 New
    Quote: "As for the legitimacy of the provision of such a" package "of military-technical assistance from the Russian side to the defense departments of the LPNR ..." End of the quote.
    This is not discussed at all. Reasonable sufficiency is discussed.
  15. 1536
    1536 19 June 2020 13: 14 New
    Quote: Mavrikiy
    Blah blah blah. "Svir" is good, but it is a technique, and a political decision is required. What is required is not to balance, but to give superiority. Only then can the DB stop be expected from Kiev.

    Today you look at footage from the border between China and India and the question arises: why the border problem has not yet been solved politically there? As long as the Kiev junta is supported by the US and Britain, the conflict in Donbass will only get worse. The Russian army should concentrate the Grad and Smerch and Buratino battalions within easy reach of the Russian-Ukrainian border. We remember from history that it was the use of the Soviet multiple launch rocket system that ended the conflict on Damansky Island on the Ussuri River in 1969, on the former Soviet-Chinese border.
    1. Kronos
      Kronos 19 June 2020 16: 38 New
      It didn’t stop, but then the islands were given to them
    2. Sergey10789
      Sergey10789 26 June 2020 13: 00 New
      There is one "but" - Damansky Island was the territory of the USSR.
  16. Vadim237
    Vadim237 19 June 2020 15: 18 New
    1000 Kornet ATGMs in the modification of missiles with a range of 10 kilometers in ML and cumulative action, as well as the same number of Kord rifles with combined infrared sights. This will be a more significant counterbalance to the fact that the Americans deliver the APU.
  17. Serge tankman
    Serge tankman 19 June 2020 16: 07 New
    Maybe I'm provoking, but it seems to me that it is better to fit good MLRS to the border of the Russian Federation from our side, and from the LPNR side, the same MLRS, and in the event of an armed provocation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to answer "in an amicable way". Maybe then something will change? After all, it was already, flew to the Rostov region from the other side, but ours did not answer, although they could.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  18. TermNachTer
    TermNachTer 19 June 2020 16: 17 New
    "Javelins" did not appear in the Donbass and are unlikely to appear. The first batch is at the Yavoriv training ground, under the protection of s. They are given to Banderlog only for the parade, I think the second batch will be there.
    1. sgrabik
      sgrabik 20 June 2020 09: 02 New
      No need to hope for this and reassure yourself, the Americans are delivering weapons to Ukraine for hundreds of millions of dollars not at all for parades, but for a specific purpose, to continue and strengthen military operations in the Donbass !!!
      1. TermNachTer
        TermNachTer 20 June 2020 13: 51 New
        They deliver what is not of special value. Junk, the disposal of which will cost more than steaming his banderlog. For example, an RPG - 7, assembled in America, at a price of 6 thousand bucks, apiece.
    2. The comment was deleted.
      1. TermNachTer
        TermNachTer 20 June 2020 20: 39 New
        Are you talking about the Buryat rocket cavalrymen? Yes, all of them, the heroes of the ATO are finishing off for the eighth time
  19. tank64rus
    tank64rus 19 June 2020 17: 59 New
    It is necessary that an honest warrant officer from the RAV warehouse sells the missing ammunition of LDNR. Then scold and send him an honorary pension and award him with a secret decree. Since officially we are afraid to supply.
  20. uzviktor_vvc
    uzviktor_vvc 20 June 2020 03: 48 New
    LDN why are you afraid not to repulse the troops of the Armed Forces. Your children, wives, old people perish. Ask Russia ☀️ Solntsepekov and destroy the APU once and for all so that your children have a future and live in peace and in happiness.
    Remember the OSCE and the UN will never help you in your life and forget about them. Hope for yourself, except for Russia, no one will help you.
    Gleni you are wrong not to write leave your own Russia. They were born in the Donbass and their homeland is Donbass. Where I live, we have already passed the stage. We were also told who did not like to go to their Russia. Now we live all together in peace and harmony; we help each other no matter who you are.
  21. Smirnov Alexey
    Smirnov Alexey 20 June 2020 07: 00 New
    Dear, all-knowing channel! You have truly over-knowledge! Please publish the reasons, terms and places of warehousing on the ground of the MTO of the Red Army for 1938-1941 in areas of the old border, And the reasons for the error of the General Staff in assessing the direction of the main blow of the Germans in 1941. And here's another question. Tell us who developed the operations in Manchuria? It is very interesting to read!
    1. Nagaibak
      Nagaibak 20 June 2020 08: 58 New
      Kindly crap on my censor darling.)))
  22. Butchcassidy
    Butchcassidy 20 June 2020 10: 11 New
    Donbass needs material support and counterattack. At the same time, it is necessary to outline the desired borders in the west for the republics of Donbass. For the current situation speaks of the obvious territorial insufficiency of Donetsk and Lugansk.
  23. certero
    certero 20 June 2020 13: 07 New
    Until the border passes along natural boundaries such as a river or republic, it does not become part of Russia, nothing will change there. Or, in the worst case, return back to the territory of Ukraine.
  24. anzar
    anzar 20 June 2020 21: 42 New
    I tried to read, reached this ONE saying (!) and refused to read further.
    Against the background of the predictable resumption of reconnaissance UAV flights of strategic radar and optoelectronic reconnaissance of the US Air Force RQ-4A / B Global Hawk, which detect, classify and identify armored vehicles and artillery deployed along the contact line of units of the army of the LM LDNR by means of onboard AF / X-band side-scan radars AN / ZPY-2 MP-RTIP in synthesized aperture (SAR) mode and multispectral telephoto long-range turret optoelectronic systems SYERS-2B / C with the possibility of photo and video shooting in 8 ranges and optical increase reconnaissance objects of the order of 40-50X, and also in the light of the preparations for the start of the implementation of a plan to establish control of Ukrainian forces over the border between the LDNR and the Rostov Region with further cleansing of government structures of the republics and the liquidation of army corps, the absolutely objective is fully confirmed by the head of the foreign affairs agency Dmitry Kuleba, announced by the head of the foreign ministry the opinion of the majority of competent Russian and Donbass military experts that all diplomatic concepts for resolving the situation in the Donbass within the framework of the “Minsk and Norman formats” that have been living in recent months are completely exhausted.

    Apparently the author is talking about “Minsk and Norman formats"It is in no way impossible, without" synthesis of aperture (SAR) "in the same adage-paragraph. laughing
    The editorial proposal is to pay the fee according to the number of sayings, not according to the number of characters. Or to introduce the length of the reporter))) But he will hardly agree to return the minuses in the evaluation of the publication, he will be against the "general line" wink
  25. Old Michael
    Old Michael 21 June 2020 01: 26 New
    Article - a bag of pluses, thanks to the author!
    Over the past couple of years, there have not been a lot of publications in VO where there are no unnecessary words. I read it as a memorandum to the level of NGS. In terms of content, it is possible to debate, and in structure, form and style of presentation, it is very solid (however, the complicated long periods that abound in the beginning of the report could be a bit “combed”).
    Bravo, Eugene!
  26. Gosha Smirnov
    Gosha Smirnov 21 June 2020 12: 40 New
    this is all such nonsense! Like "semi-partisan detachments" so-called. The LDNR at the most difficult moment will be able to cope with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The RF Armed Forces will ensure the status quo.
  27. wow
    wow 21 June 2020 16: 16 New
    Never need to voice military assistance, its volumes and terms. This bazaar is already sick of the net!
  28. Tom Johnson
    Tom Johnson 22 June 2020 01: 10 New
    You are dealing with a ATGM that is powered by a INTEL XEON
  29. 113262a
    113262a 26 June 2020 10: 44 New
    Firstly-72 NEVER Cobra shot, not given to her! This rocket is only for 64B and 80B (U). Secondly, back in the 80s, the percentage of marriage Cobra was about 50%. And if the ensign with the help of a test bench for GAZ-66 is not driven out, count-pieces of the rocket will have to look at the turn of 600-900 m! In addition, the slightest distortion of the rocket segments in the tray, and the same result! But how SVIR will get married with PDPS is a question!