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Libyan PNS forces ready to conduct an operation to capture Marshal Haftar with the help of Turkish intelligence


The delegation of representatives of the Turkish authorities met with Faiz Saraj and other members of the Libyan National Accord Government. The Turkish delegation sent by Recep Erdogan to Tripoli includes the following officials: Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, Finance Minister Berat Albayrak, National Intelligence Minister Hakan Fidan, Presidential Representative Ibrahim Kalyn.

According to the latest information, the conditions for providing the next “package” of assistance to the Sarajj government, which is conducting a military confrontation with the Libyan national army of Marshal Khalifa Haftar, were indicated. Given that the head of the Turkish intelligence agency also entered the delegation, the assistance promises to be multilateral - providing Turkish intelligence to the PNS forces and pro-Turkish militants who were transferred to Libya from Syria, including.

According to some reports, among other issues, the issue of actual control of oil fields and oil exports was discussed. Turkey is clearly not going to provide financial, military and military-technical assistance to Tripoli for free. One of Turkish interests is Libyan oil (provided Erdogan has difficulties with Syrian oil).

Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu:

We discussed all the steps that need to be taken in the Mediterranean in terms of energy.

In this case we are talking about the extraction of "black gold" on the Mediterranean shelf. In this situation, Turkey has actually entered into a conflict of interests with France, which, after the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi, has largely taken over the Libyan oil business.

Meanwhile, an information campaign, organized by the PNS, is gaining momentum in Libya. It is proposed to carry out a special operation to capture Khalifa Haftar "in order to give him to the tribunal." The blogosphere notes that “there is a willingness” and that Turkish intelligence, whose head visited the Libyan capital as part of the delegation, can help with this PNS. It is noted that "Haftar should be brought to justice before negotiations on a peaceful settlement in Libya begin."
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  1. Dikson
    Dikson 18 June 2020 11: 02
    The "marshal" will be sold by their own "generals" .. They have experience .. The colonel has been sold, the more the marshal will be sold .. I wonder if they will be cheap or will rise well?
    1. WILL
      WILL 18 June 2020 11: 11
      Even if it succeeds, there will be no Marshal ... the New Generalissimo will appear! The contradictions are too strong, the question is not in the personalities of the leaders of Libya, but in the confrontation of the Puppeteers behind the conflict! Haftora is also not supported by the "Children"!
      1. bayard
        bayard 18 June 2020 14: 50
        Recently, the sponsors of the Havtar also did not like it - they were looking for a replacement. Younger and smarter. After all, he broke the whole game himself - he left with a snort from the negotiations until their completion, declared himself the winner and the only ruler of Libya and ... went on a rampage to Ramadan fool No. ... along with his entire army.
        The Turks ate a bit and they have something for that - the jackpot is great.
        But are other interested parties ready to fight / fight for their interests ... Egypt, Greece, France, Emirates ... Au. smile
        1. Ros 56
          Ros 56 18 June 2020 16: 50
          And what does the Turks have to do with this territory? It can be seen the Turks have not received a lot of money for a long time.
          1. bayard
            bayard 18 June 2020 19: 13
            Eco you Turks and Turkophiles minuses pushed. lol
            In fact, both Libya and Egypt were once part of the Ottoman Empire, and the Turks lost Libya last - so the phantom pains of the former empire give a kind of shadow of "legetism".
            But of course, they have no legitimacy, except for a military assistance agreement with one of the parties to the conflict. They have quite a commercial interest for themselves - energy resources (and not only on the shelf, but ALL Libyan resources - throughout the territory), and the issue of influence in the Mediterranean region ... After all, the USA as a hegemon is blown away rapidly, and Europe is weak and dull.
            For the Turks, this is a chance.
            And will it be for them to do this muslim ... question. It all depends on the determination and willingness to make sacrifices and expenses from sponsors of the opposite side of the conflict - Egypt, the UAE, Greece, France, SA, etc.
            Russia does not need to interfere in this conflict - there are no interests in the energy sector (the French and Italians already stand there), and those that were there were contracts with Gaddafi.
            Another thing is to sell weapons. Or assist in peace negotiations.
            1. Shurik70
              Shurik70 19 June 2020 22: 21
              And it will be funny if they simultaneously capture the leadership of the PNS.
              As for Haftar, the examples of "democratic" court clearly show that they are better off not surrendering alive.
              1. bayard
                bayard 19 June 2020 23: 36
                The PNS leadership is now under the close protection of the Turks, it is not easy. Turks from the United States received carte blanche, which is why they behave so defiantly, and now Havtar can’t do without outside help - the Turks have sent their proxies to Libya with the no less full-fledged division + the Turkish army itself and their PMCs.
                Now much depends on Egypt ... but if the United States presses them ...
                Time will tell .
                1. Shurik70
                  Shurik70 19 June 2020 23: 43
                  We are now unable to support the Kurds — there will be more harm to us.
                  But the UAE may well. How to directly support Haftar.
                  So that the Turks were not up to foreign policy
                  1. bayard
                    bayard 20 June 2020 00: 15
                    It is necessary to support Egypt - it is big, friendly to us, it purchases our weapons and announced its intentions. If the UAE will undertake the purchase of weapons and financing, it is possible to organize the supply of weapons from our storage bases and the training of soldiers by our PMCs. But it is not worth it to enter into a conflict by ourselves or even our PMCs - not that level of interest. And there is not such an excess of young trained military force to spend it on someone else's interest.
                    Interesters must fight themselves.
                    1. Oquzyurd
                      Oquzyurd 20 June 2020 14: 57
                      "We need to support Egypt - it is big, friendly to us." Not everything is so simple. Sisi came to power through a coup. The United States supported him and therefore he is still a president. That is, he is no one without the United States. The opposition, supporters of the former president (Mursi) are waiting so he has big restrictions, a red line that the US does not allow to cross.
                      1. bayard
                        bayard 20 June 2020 15: 24
                        Yes, in the USA they answered Lavrov’s appeal that they support the opposite side (to Havtar) in the Libyan conflict. Erdogan seems to have received carte blanche from the United States for meddling in Libya.
                        That is why Russia should refuse direct support, and help indirectly only if other interested parties are ready to fight. And no direct actions - Russia does not have such interests in Libya, for which it is worth fighting.
                        But we can support Khavtar's supporters / patrons with military supplies. Deliveries of the previously ordered Su-35s have begun to Egypt, these deliveries can be expanded and supplemented with air defense systems, coastal missile systems "Bal", and maybe "Bastion" - for more effective containment of Turkey.
                        Russia does not have the necessary naval forces to designate its interests in the region. Only a few years later, when several new frigates are commissioned, the cruiser "Nakhimov" will return to service "Admiral Kuznetsov".
                      2. Oquzyurd
                        Oquzyurd 20 June 2020 15: 38
                        "But we can support Khavtar's supporters / patrons with military supplies." It is also a difficult task, since it will be difficult for supporters to bypass the embargo on supplies to the belligerent parties, especially after the US support of the TNC government. Egypt and the UAE navryatli dare to do anything after "Trump's sidelong glance".
                      3. bayard
                        bayard 20 June 2020 15: 52
                        So now this is the concern of France and Italy. request And we may have to coordinate our issues in Libya with Turkey.
                      4. Oquzyurd
                        Oquzyurd 20 June 2020 23: 42
                        Rather, the concern of France. Italy is already on the side of the PNS.
  • KURT330
    KURT330 18 June 2020 18: 05
    In Arabs, this is innate. Saddam with Gaddafi remember.
    1. bayard
      bayard 18 June 2020 20: 10
      And Turkish generals just recently nearly sold Erdogan. How many generals have you arrested and fired?
      Havtar - a downed pilot, did not justify trust. But if you don’t lose the support of sponsors, you will live.
  • Karaul73
    Karaul73 18 June 2020 11: 08
    Quote: Dikson
    The "marshal" will be sold by their own "generals" .. They have experience .. The colonel has been sold, the more the marshal will be sold .. I wonder if they will be cheap or will rise well?

    And how to fight such a corrupt army? Whatever genius of war would you be, how to win?
    1. Ragnar Lodbrok
      Ragnar Lodbrok 18 June 2020 11: 12
      Yes, he was never any "genius of war." In the same Chad he was hit hard in the head, read at your leisure ... Today's course of the war only confirms this.
    2. knn54
      knn54 18 June 2020 12: 49
      If Haftar affects Turkish interests in Libya, he will become a legitimate target. In this case, they promise to kill Haftar, as the Americans did with Kassim Suleymani.
      "After the Russian Shells, MIGs will also be burned in the desert (buried in the sand)", editor of Erdogan's mouthpiece Yeni Shafak Ibrahim Karagul.
  • rocket757
    rocket757 18 June 2020 11: 15
    Those. will buy again ... a donkey of gold, bucks or lyres forward! Somehow this is familiar.
    1. Ragnar Lodbrok
      Ragnar Lodbrok 18 June 2020 11: 34
      And there they don’t know how to fight there, Viktor Gennadievich. It doesn’t work if you take it stupidly in a snap, a donkey with gold is sent forward ... He (a donkey with gold) is the most notable warrior there ...
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 18 June 2020 11: 50
        Cities, garrisons, armies won and will win. Although, there are still misfires ... or just greedy.
  • janeck
    janeck 18 June 2020 11: 38
    Well, what can you say here .. as they say among the people, "don't know the ford, don't go into the water," or, as they say at the matchmaker in the neighboring village .. "took up a tug, don't say it's not hefty." in one word Arabs)
  • knn54
    knn54 18 June 2020 11: 58
    "Draining" Haftar for the KSA, UAE, Egypt is tantamount to surrender to Turkey ..
    1. Oquzyurd
      Oquzyurd 18 June 2020 14: 15
      These countries are former territories of the OI, for more than 400 years the Turks ruled them. Subconsciously they understand that they can’t cope with the Turks, not militarily, not in the state mind and planning. These countries have no deep foundations, roots of state governance and thinking, according to at least in the last 500 years. 400 years they ruled the OI, then, from the beginning of the 20th century, there were rich, but vassal countries, dolls of the West, drawn with a pen on the map.
  • iouris
    iouris 18 June 2020 13: 15
    What can I say, puppet, and now - Erdogan's puppet. I said it myself. Erdogan turns into a sultan, and the region into an empire. Or maybe there is a homespun truth in this? Why should Trump give the EU direct access to oil and gas?
  • Clear
    Clear 18 June 2020 13: 23
    Libyan PNS forces ready to conduct an operation to capture Marshal Haftar with the help of Turkish intelligence

    They will catch and kill Haftar, like Hussein, well, and then what? Five more followers will appear who will take revenge, etc.
  • Comrade Michael
    Comrade Michael 18 June 2020 14: 52
    Allies will sell it, as they sold others many times ...
    APASUS 18 June 2020 15: 44
    The more problems Marshal Haftar has, the greater the likelihood that other players will enter the stage
  • Dikson
    Dikson 18 June 2020 15: 47
    If for our Havtar was a game in a long suit, then it seems they caught a steam engine on a miserable ...
  • Molox
    Molox 18 June 2020 16: 36
    Their ears are from a dead donkey, not Haftar .. Let them try to take it!
  • Pandiurin
    Pandiurin 18 June 2020 16: 59
    If they do not want to liquidate him, let’s say from a drone, namely to capture a flag, they will be held in their hands.

    The forces of special operations have epic megafiles in this and the Americans have been noted by many others, too, the Turks are welcome to the club.
    1. KURT330
      KURT330 18 June 2020 18: 22
      Turkish intelligence has successes in such operations. The leader of the Kurdish PKK, Abdullah Ocalan, took refuge in the Greek embassy in Kenya. He was told that he was urgently sent to Holland. In February 99th. Neither he nor anyone else knows how he got on the Turkish intelligence plane and was taken to Turkey. Only when the plane in the air crossed the Turkish state border, he was told, "Welcome to Turkey Abdullah." The Greeks themselves did not understand how it happened.
      1. nobody111body
        nobody111body 18 June 2020 20: 16
        Yes, you have a lot of experience in the destruction of foreign generals since the Lebanon war, but look as if your generals didn’t have to
  • camo ridges
    camo ridges 18 June 2020 18: 29
    In a word, an unfortunate warrior can quite ingloriously
    finish your days. But they offered him in Russia
    quite acceptable conditions for mutually beneficial
    relationship, but the guy decided that he could handle it. Here
    and relieved ... need. Now there is hope for anyone
    other charismatics, they are a dime a dozen, that's just
    they don’t know how to fight ...
  • nobody111body
    nobody111body 18 June 2020 20: 13
    Of course we don’t really need gas, we need a person who will nationalize oil and gas in Libya so that the Jews do not pull their greedy little hands to other people's bowels, which means that the cost of weapons in the United States and Israel; and will remain at the level of 500-600 milard; enough for them and saudi bantustat
  • Victorio
    Victorio 19 June 2020 22: 16
    Meanwhile, an information campaign, organized by the PNS, is gaining momentum in Libya. It is proposed to carry out a special operation to capture Khalifa Haftar "in order to give him to the tribunal."
    dizziness from success (s)