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The timing of the transfer to the fleet of the head corvette of project 20385 “Thundering” became known

The timing of the transfer to the fleet of the head corvette of project 20385 “Thundering” became known

The head corvette of project 20385 “Thundering”, which is completing state tests, is planned to be transferred to fleet In the end of August. This was stated by the general director of the "Northern Shipyard", who built the ship, Igor Ponomarev.

According to Ponomarev, this week the corvette will return to the GCC after the next stage of testing for minor improvements. After that, “Thundering” in early July will go to the final stage of state testing, after which it will be transferred to the Navy. The duration of the tests, which today have already been 9 months, Ponomarev explained by the desire of the Ministry of Defense to "thoroughly check the lead ship."

The question concerns only a more thorough verification by the Ministry of Defense of all the technical characteristics of weapons systems, energy, and so on.

- he explained.

The 20385 Project “Thundering” is the lead ship of the series. Laid down in February 2012, launched in June 2017. Construction was delayed due to the non-delivery of German MTU power plants. The corvette was completed with Russian diesel engines 1DDA-12000 of the Kolomensky plant. The unit consists of two 16D49 engines with 6000 horsepower.

The ship is a further development of project 20380. Designed to detect and destroy surface enemy ships or submarines, organize landing, guard the coastal zone, escort other ships.

Displacement - 2200 tons, length - 104 m, width - 13 m, speed - up to 27 knots, cruising range - 3500 miles, autonomy - 15 days crew - 99 people.

The armament includes the universal naval rifle complex (UKSK) for the Caliber, Onyx and possibly Zircon, Redut air defense systems, the 100-mm A-190-01 artillery system, two AK-30-mm anti-aircraft artillery systems 630M, as well as anti-submarine complex "Package".
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  1. Bykov.
    Bykov. 16 June 2020 15: 26 New
    There are never too many carriers for "Calibers" and "Zircons".
    1. Sky strike fighter
      Sky strike fighter 16 June 2020 15: 33 New
      It’s true. But there are options.
      In Russia, the development of two domestic missile systems, announced earlier by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu, is nearing completion. We are talking about the ground version of the complex, capable of launching cruise missiles "Caliber" and a tactical missile system, capable of striking an enemy with a hypersonic missile.

      In February 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin accepted the proposal of Sergei Shoigu on the need to transfer Caliber missiles to ground carriers, as well as on the development of a tactical missile system equipped with hypersonic missiles.

      “During 2019-2020, we need to develop a land-based version of the Sea-based Caliber complex with a long-range cruise missile, which has established itself well in Syria. At the same time, we have to create a ground-based missile system with a long-range hypersonic missile, ”Sergei Shoigu said in February 2019.
      1. Bykov.
        Bykov. 16 June 2020 15: 41 New
        Quote: Sky Strike fighter
        It’s true. But there are options.
        The bigger, the better.
        On earth, in heaven and at sea.
        1. WILL
          WILL 16 June 2020 16: 02 New
          Great news! And a Ship for its Class, the Corvette is pretty Toothy! 20385 - a good upgrade to 20380! good
    2. Alexander Samoilov
      Alexander Samoilov 17 June 2020 14: 00 New
      For the money they will not be many. Golem cut.
  2. Cyril G ...
    Cyril G ... 16 June 2020 16: 24 New
    Why did Redoubt and IBMK make friends already? So still not a single SAM firing was rumored. According to experience, they will actually bring for a long time.
    1. Michael67
      Michael67 17 June 2020 02: 44 New
      Made friends. Oh ... I just blurted out ... Viktor Leonidovich, are you reading this news? I congratulate you on the new "Thundering"! (Viktor Leonidovich - Commander of the Guards destroyer "Thundering" KSF). I rejoice from the bottom of my heart. The continuity of ship souls has not been interrupted since the eighteenth century.
  3. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 16 June 2020 16: 36 New
    Ponomarev explained the duration of the tests, which to date have already amounted to 9 months, by the desire of the Ministry of Defense "to check the lead ship more thoroughly."
    I read the info, and so I wanted to mock over our talkers, that already there is no urine! After all, everything is as easy as shelling pears: yes
    1. There is TTZ, there is a product ... Let me admire! All that you ordered - get! - Well, then there can be no questions! What they asked, they got ... fellow
    And when the muzzle doesn’t climb into any gates, they usually straighten it ... But, to 9 months !!! It is necessary to try, this is the scene of repairing a carriage by a blacksmith from a film about the Count Cagliostro reminds:
    - How much can you fix? - Well, for a couple of days - we’ll manage ...
    - Can you do it in a week? - During the week? For a week .... so it will be very necessary to try ...
    And the second. Some prankster stuck about the "organization of the landing" (see with a drink), instead of - support for the landing - and this vomit wanders from material to material. Somehow it turns out not in a human way: to plant the headquarters of the landing forces on a corvette with an autonomy of 15 days ... Yes, they will sit there on each other's heads and will die of hunger! Not to mention the fact that there is definitely not enough communication means for everyone ...
    Why do I say so, but because on a corvette with a capacity of 2200 tons and in a latrine, it will be necessary to queue up to be built, not that the silo should be placed and a place for habitation should be allocated to the headquarters ... At worst, the cruiser-frigate-BPK-EM will do, not the "overgrown" patrol boat !!!
    1. Bashkirkhan
      Bashkirkhan 16 June 2020 17: 21 New
      The media and the regime are modestly silent about the SAM, as if it was not there or it had already been tested. There is only one conclusion - the system is damp and God will cut it to a shine for another year, and God forbid they will finish it at the Pacific Fleet, and they will not drive the ship on trials to lawlessness.
      1. demiurg
        demiurg 16 June 2020 17: 41 New
        An analogue of Redut, the S-350 went to the army. So there are no particular problems there. When there were problems, they were not hiding. In the days of the USSR serial ships with comparable armament, beeches were received for six months. And this is the head one.
        Actually, you just get to the bottom of something.
        1. Alexey RA
          Alexey RA 16 June 2020 18: 31 New
          Quote: demiurg
          An analogue of Redut, the S-350 went to the army.

          So there were no problems with the "naked" "Redoubt" on the corvettes - the "Smart" shot them back in 2015.
          There were problems when trying to make friends "Redoubt" with the frigate "Polyment".
          1. Cyril G ...
            Cyril G ... 16 June 2020 23: 54 New
            Redoubt had even bigger problems, for it is commonplace, there are missiles with launchers, but there is no control system. We thought up the option of shooting through Puma
            1. Nemchinov Vl
              Nemchinov Vl 17 June 2020 12: 51 New
              Quote: Cyril G ...
              We thought up the option of shooting through Puma
              interestingly, and at what maximum range (effectively) can target designation for missiles be given - "PUMA" ?! ... belay
              1. Cyril G ...
                Cyril G ... 17 June 2020 16: 26 New
                I believe the effective launch range for a 40-kilometer missile is unlikely to exceed 25 km.
                1. Nemchinov Vl
                  Nemchinov Vl 19 June 2020 05: 13 New
                  Quote: Cyril G ...
                  I believe the effective launch range for a 40-kilometer missile is unlikely to exceed 25 km.
                  here I am about about too ... What the hell (!) was even trying to arm the corvette PLO / BMZcomplex PU SAM "Redoubt" (!)realizing that without antenna "Polyment", he is doomed to be incompetent (in half - at least (!) ....). Is it really LIGHT HEADS in MO and Navy, did not understand what it is - ("Redoubt") will be more expensive than "Calm-1" in price, and probably less efficient in practice (!).... recourse How to correctly answer the question now - WHAT IS IT ?!... In fact .... sabotage, or brain failure (!).
                  1. Cyril G ...
                    Cyril G ... 19 June 2020 08: 47 New
                    - maybe because of illiteracy they didn’t realize ...
                    - Remember the 9M96 missiles are very expensive and the feasibility in practice of all their combat properties on the Redoubt, and even with the IBMK is not possible.
                    - In general, the whole story with corvettes is a complete idiocy.
                    A little later, today I will give an analysis.
                  2. Cyril G ...
                    Cyril G ... 19 June 2020 09: 35 New
                    To understand the issue, one must return to the end of the 80s. It was then that Polement-Redoubt was conceived. I can not say the details. but when I was studying (issue 95), I heard of Polement Redoubt as a development of the Dagger. In 1997, Novik was laid. A bright event that the admirals managed to fool. I will not comment on how this happened, but at a certain point in time they unexpectedly decided that Novik was too big. The simple idea that Novik should have been built no matter what, at least as a ship for testing weapons, did not come to oak heads.
                    In 2001, the Stereguschiy was laid, but since the PR had naturally not climbed on it, they first screwed up the stash - Dagger. On subsequent ships they shoved the circumcised by most I do not want Redoubt. Anti-aircraft missile system without control system.
                    - I note it was at this time that work on the Armor for the UAE intensified. That is, theoretically, reasonable sufficiency for a ship of this class ZRPK Pantsyr-M or Dagger - upgraded could be obtained by the 8th-9th year. But this did not happen and Redoubt shoved and from the moment the Intelligent One entered into service, dances with a tambourine began. the complex fundamentally did not want to hit missiles at an air target, due to the fact that the Furke tracking parameters did not provide the necessary accuracy. There are no Radio Correction Systems on corvettes to this day. Not on one. Even at IBM they say it is not integrated. Hit the air target only a few years later. And instead of modifying the ship’s SUV, dancing began with the 9M100 missiles. The idea seems to be not bad - interception at a range of up to 15 km, 4 missiles can be pushed into one cell. But the 9M100 is rumored to be very expensive - one 9M100 costs like 3-4 Pantsyr missiles. Because the 9M100 is also equipped with ARGSN.
                    The story is not over. Rumbled on rumors never fired at an air target to this day
  4. prior
    prior 16 June 2020 16: 48 New
    Corvette Thundering is seven feet under the keel.
    However, the corvette should not rattle, but the glory of it.
    1. lis-ik
      lis-ik 16 June 2020 18: 05 New
      Quote: prior
      Corvette Thundering is seven feet under the keel.
      However, the corvette should not rattle, but the glory of it.

      Rather, domestic diesel engines are booming there.
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. Cyril G ...
          Cyril G ... 16 June 2020 23: 52 New
          Are you talking about the serial Kolomna diesel engine produced in the amount of hundreds of units per year?
          It is diesel if cho ...
          1. Stils
            Stils 22 June 2020 23: 31 New
            Quote: Cyril G ...
            Are you talking about the serial Kolomna diesel engine produced in the amount of hundreds of units per year?
            It is diesel if cho ...

            Well, yes, there are 4 of them. They do not pull it, they already require a bulkhead
  5. antivirus
    antivirus 16 June 2020 18: 20 New
    This makes me happy - we are not building aircraft carriers, Shoigu is a young man, he builds only what we can. right now, "space moremans" with minuses will swoop in and show themselves.
    fight with your own excess weight, and not with MO.
    1. reader65
      reader65 16 June 2020 19: 19 New
      And Putin-well done?
      1. antivirus
        antivirus 16 June 2020 21: 17 New
        Of course, he achieves goals ... not coinciding with ours .... but these are our problems.