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Why gasoline in Russia is only getting more expensive

Why gasoline in Russia is only getting more expensive

It is unlikely that there is a car enthusiast in our country who would not ask himself the question: “Why are gas prices in Russia always rising - both when oil prices rise and when they fall?” People refueling at gas stations, if they encounter a reduction in fuel prices, it looks more like a mockery - a decrease, for example, by 1 kopeck per liter.

At the same time, every time we hear from the screens the words of experts who pretend to try to explain: “There is nothing like that, we live in a market situation, lower prices will hit the manufacturer and lead to job cuts.” But the decline in real wages does not lead to a reduction in the number of jobs.

There are those experts who try to make out the situation relatively objectively.

When asked why gasoline is not getting cheaper in our country, economist Oleg Komolov answers. In his authorial program “Prime Numbers”, he raises another acute question: why do oil companies in those periods when everything is fine do not share extra income with the state, and when oil prices go down, they ask the state for additional preferences. It turns out the game with one goal, when large corporations involved in mining, in any case, benefit.

The program of Oleg Komolov:

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  1. Lexus
    Lexus 16 June 2020 16: 01
    Why gasoline in Russia is only getting more expensive

    “Ah, what am I to blame?” - “Be quiet! I'm tired of listening,
    Leisure me sort your fault, puppy!
    You are to blame for the fact that I want to eat. "
    He said and dragged the Lamb into the dark forest. (C) "The Wolf and the Lamb", a fable, I.A. Krylov

    "Asked", quote, "treat with understanding." For "there is no time to swing."
    1. Malyuta
      Malyuta 16 June 2020 16: 08
      Quote: lexus
      Why gasoline in Russia is only getting more expensive

      But the solntseky explained everything to you, Bender smokes.
      1. ximkim
        ximkim 16 June 2020 17: 06
        Because .. Yes because !! In short. There are no low prices, only an increase in the price of gasoline. An increase in gas prices is necessary for the well-being and increase of income of the announcers of oil companies. These motorists and car drivers do not understand that everything is upside down.
        1. ximkim
          ximkim 16 June 2020 17: 09
          I’ll add I was furious with my answer.
        2. Malyuta
          Malyuta 16 June 2020 17: 12
          Quote: ximkim
          Already coughed, from such an uncomfortable question.

          He lies and coughs, coughs and lies. Khe khe ...
          1. ximkim
            ximkim 16 June 2020 17: 13
            Such words are not one in order not to get a ban.
        3. Charik
          Charik 16 June 2020 18: 46
          there is such a thing - when a person lies he coughs
      2. Lannan Shi
        Lannan Shi 16 June 2020 17: 10
        Quote: Malyuta
        But the solntseky explained everything to you, Bender smokes.

        Yes, lying sun-faced, lying as usual. Our gasoline will be taken away, if it is cheap, it will be taken away and we will all die. Yeah, yeah. That government prohibits import fuel to Russia ... It seems that the guarantor has stomped the zone for half his life. For living clearly according to the principles of an inveterate lesson. Do not be fooled - you will not live, a sucker is not a mammoth, a sucker will not die out, etc.
        1. Lexus
          Lexus 16 June 2020 18: 37
          Yes, sun-faced, lies as usual

          If his nose lengthened from lies, as in the well-known, also "fabulous" character, then one could safely provide a couple of prison boiler rooms with firewood. At least some benefit from him would be.
        2. Vadim237
          Vadim237 19 June 2020 01: 04
          This imported gasoline with a slight movement of the hands of speculators would be sold at the same price as all the fuel that was produced in Russia, no one would refuse to profit - and gasoline is becoming more expensive because entities receive more than 1600 billion rubles in tax from local taxes budgets and the state to cut off these revenues by reducing production taxes and the rest will not.
      3. nekromonger
        nekromonger 16 June 2020 17: 27
        and Bender smokes and Goebbels, it's tin, his nonsense reminded me of the answer to the question - when will children stop treating our children with sms
      4. aglet
        aglet 16 June 2020 17: 45
        "And the sun-bearer explained everything to you, Bender smokes."
        as always, he poured water, and does not follow the meaning of what was said. Here is something similar, like an anecdote - "- Vladimir Vladimirovich, how much is twice two?
        - I'll be brief. You know, just the other day I was at the Russian Academy of Sciences, had a conversation with many scientists, including young ones. By the way, they are very competent guys. So, we discussed, in particular, this problem, talked about the current economic situation in the country. They also talked about their plans for the future. Of course, first of all, they were worried about the problem of demand. The issue of mortgage loans was no less acute. But I can assure you that all these problems can be solved and we will direct all efforts to solve them in the very near future. This also applies to the topic raised in your question. "
        1. Snail N9
          Snail N9 16 June 2020 17: 55
          Our gasoline cannot be cheap. This is, after all, special gasoline - "gritty" ....
          Just now, information flashed that "highly demanded", effective state managers "of various types of" assets "were" defeated "in wages (no way, like, to fatten with such a weak consumer situation") - their wages were reduced from 140 (with a tail) million, right up to 30 million! I don’t even know how the heart-warmers will now live on such "beggarly pennies" .....
          1. aglet
            aglet 16 June 2020 17: 58
            they will certainly run to the west, to rule the industry there. I can imagine how everything’s going to fill up there now ... and we all disappear without them, and the guarantor will not save
      5. vadivm59
        vadivm59 18 June 2020 12: 52
        reminded Gorbachev, said a lot of words, but nothing on the merits of the issue. "Perestroika, start, coarse, and the process will go, comrades !!!
      6. businessv
        businessv 5 July 2020 14: 06
        Quote: Malyuta
        But the solntseky explained everything to you, Bender smokes.

        About Ostap - to the point! laughing Komolov explained sensibly and truthfully, as for me! The only way out is the nationalization of ALL mining and processing enterprises, the establishment of an internal fuel price and the adoption of relevant laws to protect the domestic market from the export of finished products. And if they say that roads are veins of the economy, then fuel is its blood and it should be affordable for the domestic consumer! I ask the pseudo-liberals not to get excited and not to read mantras that this is impossible because of market relations, etc.! With your brainwashed, you still can not understand this because you do not accept Old from literate, but from lured resources!
      7. Charik
        Charik 11 August 2020 17: 40
    2. Vicontas
      Vicontas 16 June 2020 20: 32
      As the fan of scarves Berezovsky used to say - "If profit - then to me, and losses - to the country!"
      1. Snail N9
        Snail N9 16 June 2020 21: 09
        As the fan of scarves Berezovsky used to say - "If profit - then to me, and losses - to the country!"

        In scientific language "it sounds like this:" Privatization of profits and nationalization of costs and losses "....
    3. Civil
      Civil 18 June 2020 14: 11
      It doesn’t happen that somewhere in one place the System is getting weaker and breaking
  2. Doctor
    Doctor 16 June 2020 16: 02
    Not relevant.
    Gazprom is our everything!

    Energy Minister Alexander Novak proposes Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov double the share of subsidies from the budget for the transfer of cars of individuals and small businesses from gasoline to gas fuel, RBC reports citing a letter from the head of the department.
    Thus, the subsidies will not be 30%, but 60% of the cost of the refurbishment. Another 30% of the costs will be paid by Gazprom through the marketing programs of its subsidiary Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo. For car owners Only 10% will be left to pay.
    1. credo
      credo 16 June 2020 16: 40
      Quote: Arzt
      Not relevant....

      I completely agree. The theme is old, worn down to holes with a long beard.
      That's when the oil runs out in the bowels of Mother Earth, then the question will disappear by itself.
    2. Pilat2009
      Pilat2009 18 June 2020 08: 57
      Quote: Arzt
      from gasoline to gas engine fuel,

      And how much is gas engine fuel? That diesel is more expensive than gasoline for some reason
  3. Far B
    Far B 16 June 2020 16: 02
    Because Putin orders every time to deal with the situation. And it’s worth the money. Denyu police at the right feed. That is, as it were difficult. Disassembly costs are included in the final cost. Cho is such a nipanyatnava, she is completely innocent. As children small chesslovo did not leave
    1. forester1971
      forester1971 16 June 2020 16: 57
      It is advisable to write in Russian.
      1. forester1971
        forester1971 16 June 2020 17: 06
        Cons from foreigners who do not know Russian? Or just specific people can not make comments?
  4. To be or not to be
    To be or not to be 16 June 2020 16: 02
    BUSINESS 08.05.2020/17/35 XNUMX:XNUMX
    A tricky scheme: why gasoline in Russia is not getting cheaper even at oil prices, as in the 2000s
    Julia Titova
    Forbes Staff
    "Every problem has a last name ..."
  5. paul3390
    paul3390 16 June 2020 16: 26
    Because in Russia - neo-feudalism. Each person was given a sovereign to feed the sovereign. With which he has some fixed income. No matter what .. Right Boys - they can’t lose money. If in the usual areas crop failures - it means they will get in another place. For example - by cutting the rations by serfs. And forcing them to work for the gentleman another extra day .. Something like that ..
    1. TatarinSSSR
      TatarinSSSR 16 June 2020 16: 35
      Because the power in Russia rests on the huge army of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, special services and the Russian Guard. Plus the army. Unlike civilized countries, the Russian security forces with their own people will not stand on ceremony - they will have to crush them with tanks, shoot them with machine guns. And the people know this. Because it sits quietly, breathing in a tube.
      1. forester1971
        forester1971 16 June 2020 16: 58
        Many have already crushed tanks? And fired from machine guns?
        1. TatarinSSSR
          TatarinSSSR 16 June 2020 17: 53
          And they crushed tanks and hit the government building with tanks, google the story. And it’s better from the very beginning, but at least from imperial times. Better yet, learn the history of the state of Russian and Soviet, and post-Soviet, again. Then do not ask such questions.
          1. forester1971
            forester1971 16 June 2020 18: 04
            I know history as well as you. You write that our country differs for the worse from the "civilized" countries. If we take history from ancient times, then in these, the so-called. In the "civilized" countries, the authorities shot at their own people no less often than in Russia. So I advise you to learn some history before telling others. And in general, you should not write on behalf of the whole people that they are sitting there somewhere and breathing somewhere.
            1. TatarinSSSR
              TatarinSSSR 16 June 2020 18: 09
              Do not exaggerate. In civilized countries, after people were shot and crushed, power changed to democracy, and dictators were imprisoned or they fled. In Russia, riots and revolutions were always brutally suppressed, and there was no power for that. Except in 1917. When one anti-people regime replaced another regime, even more sophisticated and bloody.
              1. forester1971
                forester1971 16 June 2020 18: 21
                Well, yes, in the USA, after Los Angeles in 1992, a revolution took place and all those responsible were imprisoned. There are other examples as well. And when you write about other countries - "civilized", do you mean that our country is uncivilized and terribly barbaric? If so, then I have nothing to talk about with you. And you continue to write with aspiration about democracy and "civilized countries".
        2. ximkim
          ximkim 17 June 2020 16: 49
          Just people are evil. Very.
  6. TatarinSSSR
    TatarinSSSR 16 June 2020 16: 31
    Just because the oligarchs of the oil industry in Russia need money. Constantly. Billions, hundreds of billions a day. They are always not enough. If their appetite is curtailed, then they will go into the regime of pushing people to the Maidan. They have enough money for this. The Kremlin cannot allow this. And therefore, ordinary people always pay for the loyalty of the oil billionaires to the president.
    1. Ragnar Lodbrok
      Ragnar Lodbrok 16 June 2020 16: 45
      Greed. This is called greed. Wild, dense, ineradicable greed. I can not explain this phenomenon of ever-rising gas prices in another way. Apparently, they found a way to take money with them to the next world ...
      1. TatarinSSSR
        TatarinSSSR 16 June 2020 16: 48
        No, not in the next world. Our oil billionaires have dozens of relatives, daughters, sons, grandchildren, dogs and so on. Almost all of them study, live and prosper abroad, in the very Europe and America. Here they are intended and money.
  7. Private89
    Private89 16 June 2020 16: 43
    Because the goal of this system, the capitalist system, is not the public good, but profit. Therefore, instead of free medicine, it’s paid, instead of free education, it’s paid, as a private trader to make profit from housing and communal services, to raise tariffs for you, why diesel fuel is spreading in the Arctic - because the money saved for repairing the tank is new locks and yachts of the oligarch, why “Winter Cherry” is on fire what is more profitable to build a shopping center from cheap combustible materials and not spend money on fire extinguishing systems, because the money not spent is saved profit. Capitalism literally kills this life on the principle that you die today, and I tomorrow.
  8. nekromonger
    nekromonger 16 June 2020 17: 30
    the simplest answer is because we are slaves, we’re afraid to say a word, and not just to demand it.
  9. Shelest2000
    Shelest2000 16 June 2020 18: 12
    Everything is very simple. We do not have prices in our own currency. Everything that we see in stores, at gas stations is not prices. These are price tags. And the prices in our country are exclusively in foreign currency. Price tags only indicate the cost of this product in foreign currency at the exchange rate for today, expressed in the so-called occupation wrappers. "Tickets of the Bank of Russia". By the way, not a state one. ...
  10. Charik
    Charik 16 June 2020 18: 38
    because the supply manager of the orphans are hungry -
    Poland got Gazprom to return $ 1,5 billion for gas
    Vesti.Ru24: 521: 170: 51
    59 photos 3 more videos
    Gazprom will transfer $ 1,5 billion to Polish PGNiG by July 1, 2020. The corresponding agreement was signed by the parties on Monday, June 15. Thus, Poland achieved from Russia the execution of the verdict of the Stockholm Arbitration to reimburse the overpayment for gas supplies.
  11. Boris ⁣ Shaver
    Boris ⁣ Shaver 17 June 2020 01: 51
    the decline in real wages does not lead to a reduction in the number of jobs

    Well, that’s just logical. The less the slave gets. strength, the more work the employer is ready to give her. All else being equal.
    The maximum point of this dependence is a concentration camp, where the Nazis could afford to force prisoners to do completely meaningless work, since their "workers" were kept in inhuman conditions and did not even receive food in any sufficient minimum quantities, and therefore their labor cost the fascist animals virtually nothing.
    1. Snail N9
      Snail N9 17 June 2020 03: 04
      Fascist concentration camps ..... In my opinion, in Biktashev's book "We are older than our death" there is a mention of the fact that the Germans, among other inhuman medical experiments and experiments on prisoners of concentration camps, conducted such an experiment as a diet with "programmed death" ... That is, it was calculated that the prisoner, after consuming a certain amount of calories on hard work, with a certain body weight and a supply of muscle and adipose tissue, with a certain diet, must die in advance, set deadlines. Fascist doctors and selected such diets. Soviet prisoners of war, who were forced to "help" the Nazi doctors, in every possible way interfered with the course of these experiments, giving glucose injections to those who were exposed to the experiments or feeding them on the sly to "blur" the picture of the course of the experiment. The Fritzes were frantic, not understanding why nothing was working. By the way, the "programmed poverty" cultivated in our country lately reminds me of those Nazi experiments on concentration camp prisoners. However, the "digital concentration camp" is just around the corner ...
  12. nikvic46
    nikvic46 17 June 2020 08: 13
    There is always an excuse, saying that demand creates supply. They say that we are in a market economy. But we have no responsibility for conspiracy in trade and the provision of services. And this is also a market mechanism.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 19 June 2020 01: 14
      There is no conspiracy - and there are taxes that occupy almost 70% of the cost of a liter of gasoline, diesel fuel - which goes to the regional budgets, this will not make gasoline cheaper because the government will not cut off this source. That's what you had to say to this balabol from the economy in his own vidos.
  13. Ilya_Nsk
    Ilya_Nsk 19 June 2020 06: 49
    - And why are oil prices falling and gas prices rising?
    - Yes, because go to ..y, that's why!
  14. Andrey Krasnoyarsky
    Andrey Krasnoyarsky 20 June 2020 14: 19
    There are only three reasons for rising fuel prices. The first is the rise in world oil prices. The second is the fall in world oil prices. Third - world oil prices are unchanged. In all other cases, the price of gasoline is stable, so there is nothing to complain about ...
  15. Uran53
    Uran53 22 June 2020 07: 45
    What is the norm in the Russian economy, in other countries is considered nonsense and robbery of their own people. Although the Darkest will not offend his
  16. Egg
    Egg 1 July 2020 21: 16
    Quote: Arzt
    Energy Minister Alexander Novak proposed Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov to double the share of subsidies from the budget for the transfer of private cars and small businesses from gasoline to gas engine fuel

    I don’t understand one thing. They’re talking about converting cars to gas, but on the other hand they have again tightened the requirements for re-equipment of cars, in particular, now it’s forbidden to remotely obtain permission for re-equipment from a laboratory, now you need to provide a car to a certified laboratory, and there are 15 to 20 to the whole country. How is that?
  17. place
    place 30 July 2020 11: 55
    What kind of people are, so are the rulers of the people. Nobody drops them on parachutes, we grow them ourselves in our Fatherland. And we dream that if someone was thrown off to us, life would be better.
    As in the 18-19 centuries, "Russian tsars" after Peter, were Germans. And nicho, the people were happy, until the Bolsheviks muddied ....... Does gasoline rise in price? Yes, in comparison with what we had in previous centuries, this is just a trifle. Ugh at her!

    Specifically, gasoline is getting more expensive because the people have been electing the same people for 30 years who do it. And he will elect for another 200 years, because he understands that even though the President, even the General Secretary, is actually a KING! So it would simply be incomprehensible if benzus suddenly fell in price!