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“This is a unique submarine cruiser”: what are the features of the Prince Vladimir submarine


June 12, 2020, on the Day of Russia, as part of the Naval fleet The Russian Federation officially adopted the submarine missile cruiser Prince Vladimir. The strategic submarine, without exaggeration, can be called a unique submarine.

Main technical and tactical advantages of the submarine

The nuclear submarine “Prince Vladimir” was built according to the project 955A “Borey-A” and named after Prince Vladimir, at which the baptism of Russia took place. They built the boat for a long time: back in 2009, work began on the creation of the hull of the submarine, but the official ceremony of laying the boat took place on July 30, 2012 with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. On November 17, 2017, “Prince Vladimir” was launched and now, three years later, it has been accepted into the Navy, and more specifically, the Russian Northern Fleet.

The submarine missile cruiser Prince Vladimir is the fourth nuclear submarine of the Borey project. It is clear that with each new ship there is a certain improvement due to the introduction of technologies that do not stand still. Thus, the undoubted advantages of the Prince Vladimir submarine include good maneuverability, an effective weapon control system and, which is very important for a submarine, low noise. The boat can dive to a depth of 400 meters, and autonomous navigation continue for three months.

Given these specifications, detect submarine ships and anti-submarine aviation the enemy will not succeed so easily. Low noise, specific contours of the hull, low level of physical fields and maneuverability make the movements of the underwater cruiser more secretive, which, in turn, helps to quietly reach the desired position and launch missiles.

The crew of the submarine, despite its impressive dimensions, is only 107 people. However, it will not be difficult for them to control the cruiser (at least that is what the command believes): the “Prince Vladimir” has an on-board information control automated system that significantly facilitates the performance of any tasks in the field of control of a submarine.

Armed with Bulava missiles

Separately, it is worth mentioning the armament of "Prince Vladimir". It includes 6 533 mm caliber torpedo tubes and 16 Bulava ballistic missiles. The latter, in turn, carry 6 individually guided nuclear warheads each, can hit a target at a distance of 10 thousand kilometers with a probable deviation of only 120-350 meters. For the enemy, missile attacks will be a complete surprise.

We don’t compare it with foreign models at all, foreign models don’t have this, it’s a unique cruiser, the next submarine cruiser will be serial, there will be a lot of them,

- Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, said in an interview with NTV. There is no doubt that the commander in chief, who served thirty years in the submarine fleet of Russia, can be trusted.

The appearance of the submarine cruiser Prince Vladimir as part of the Northern Fleet will significantly strengthen Russia's defense capabilities on our northern borders. Moreover, the submarine has to solve important tasks not only in the Arctic, but also anywhere in the world where it can be sent by decision of a higher command.

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  1. really
    really 15 June 2020 17: 56
    Avtoru.Vy not read articles on VO how missile launch is detected, moreover, they always said "the enemy is not asleep" and you just sleep.
  2. Hunter 2
    Hunter 2 15 June 2020 17: 59
    Boat - Emergency Service! Crew and Captain Good Luck! Submariners - An Important Component of the Nuclear Triad! Given that Russia does not wage a war of aggression, the world will become a little more stable ...
  3. Indifferent
    Indifferent 15 June 2020 18: 02
    It is not clear what kind of uniqueness it has, except for low noise. Everything else was present on the 667A project, with the exception of the "splashes".
    1. KCA
      KCA 15 June 2020 18: 13
      I don’t think that anyone on the site has access to information about the characteristics of 955A, and if there is, they will not tell about this, who is going to jail?
      1. Tom Johnson
        Tom Johnson 22 June 2020 02: 28
        The US Navy and it is based on an obsoltete, noisy platform. it is a target nothing more.
    2. 1976AG
      1976AG 16 June 2020 07: 58
      Quote: indifferent
      It is not clear what kind of uniqueness it has, except for low noise. Everything else was present on the 667A project, with the exception of the "splashes".

      The uniqueness in the latest solutions that were implemented on it, but for obvious reasons, you don’t have to wait for details, and you probably already read more than one article about this cruiser, and you don’t understand anything, continue to ask stupid questions. Read carefully and there will be fewer questions. Although ... you are indifferent, why do you need it ..
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Uncle Izya
    Uncle Izya 15 June 2020 18: 16
    8 years is a bit much like that, I don’t know how many were built under the USSR, probably about 2 years
    1. ccsr
      ccsr 15 June 2020 19: 40
      Quote: Uncle Izya
      8 years is a bit much like that, I don’t know how many were built under the USSR, probably about 2 years

      This is not as much as it might seem, given the mess that was in the army under Serdyukov. In two years, such a boat can not be built - this is a fact. I think that the real term is approximately 5-6 years. In general, the future of our fleet up to the 40-50s of the 21st century is behind these boats. All moans about weak torpedo armaments and an empty egg are not worth it - this boat is designed for our strategic nuclear forces, and therefore we must proceed only from this. After all, it wouldn’t come to anyone’s mind to introduce artillery and tank regiments into the Strategic Missile Forces divisions, which is why we should reasonably approach the equipment of our submarines of this class. As for the flaws, they are everywhere and will be opened during operation - there is no other way, and this will be confirmed by those who encountered complicated equipment in the troops.
    2. NEXUS
      NEXUS 15 June 2020 21: 33
      Quote: Uncle Izya
      8 years is a bit much like that, I don’t know how many were built under the USSR, probably about 2 years

      About an average of 4 to 5 years. And in the USSR they handed over the fleet to 16 a year! Sub. As the saying goes, feel the difference.
      1. tinkle
        tinkle 16 June 2020 18: 25
        eco you turned down 16. on sevmash, once a year, they were taken out of the boathouse 6. the difference between "handed over to the fleet" and taken out of the boathouse is very large
  6. reader65
    reader65 15 June 2020 18: 18
    I propose a little reality in the opinion of naval officer M. Klimov, who knows the problems of the underwater component of the Russian Navy from the inside. So:

    Chief Military Prosecutor

    On the presence of critical technical and constructive shortcomings of SSBNs of project 955, 955A and the inadmissibility of the adoption by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Navy) of the lead ship of project 955A "Prince Vladimir" (order number 204) without conducting the necessary tests and eliminating the shortcomings

    According to media reports, the main SSBN of project 955A "Prince Vladimir" is at the final exit of the State tests, supposedly on 25.05.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX. it is planned to sign the State Testing Act and raise the naval flag.
    Based on the official materials of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation from the Army 2015 forum, to solve the problems of anti-torpedo protection (PTZ), the Modul-D and Lasta complexes were installed.
    1. ... The Module-D complex is not just outdated, three generations of torpedo weapons have changed since the formation of its ideology, and today it’s simply not necessary to talk about its “effectiveness”!
    Note: in spite of the supposedly “completion of testing of products of the Modul-D complex, it can be confidently stated that not a single one of them was used against modern types of torpedoes (Physic-1, Package, Ichthyosaurus), all were exclusively against long-obsolete torpedoes (about the inadmissibility of which I reported to the corresponding persons of the Navy back in August 2013). The ROC "Module-D" was "completed" actually due to notorious forgeries with tests, conducting them under obviously simplified conditions and against old types of torpedoes (USET-80).
    2. The most critical is the “Lasta”. Given the extremely low “efficiency” (in quotation marks) of the Module-D complex, the adoption of Prince Vladimir SSBN without the Lasta anti-torpedo is unacceptable.
    All the deadlines for creating this complex of JSC “GNPP“ Region ”were disrupted, the equipment of order 160 (AICR“ Severodvinsk ”), which was criminally accepted by the Navy as virtually defenseless from enemy torpedoes, was disrupted. The real causes of our problems with anti-torpedoes on submarines (and how to solve them) I have repeatedly reported to Navy officials. The main thing is ... our submarines (and surface ships) of almost all projects (except, possibly, 636). This drawback calls into question the combat effectiveness of all new ships and is systemic, because regulatory documents are presented respectively. stringent requirements for “separate instrument racks” and components, while the ship itself is “wholly” actually or not, or they are fulfilled fictitiously (for example, along the “safe radius”).
    Specifically, according to "Prince Vladimir", to uncover this problem, you can not even shoot the "Last", but .... the newest ship after that will completely lose its combat capability and go into lengthy restoration repairs, moreover, "by the nostril" - in tow. All responsible persons and specialists know about this, and intensively cover this critical problem of our shipbuilding. The problem has solutions, but in order for this to take place, it is necessary to fully open it and realize it, and only this will make it possible to develop and implement effective measures to solve the problem (without which it’s impossible to talk about the high combat effectiveness of our submarine forces) accounted for).
    Due to the different design of projects 885 (M) and 955 (A), tests of the Lasta complex on one of them, taking into account the explosion resistance factor, cannot be set off for another project.
    "Lasta" is required to pass tests including on project 955 (A), and with the actual undermining of the anti-torpedo (destruction of the attacking torpedo)!
    I ask you to prevent the poor-quality reception of military products (SSBN "Prince Vladimir"), to organize a verification of compliance with the requirements of TTZ:
    • the Modul-D complex (Udar-1 products in conjunction with the Oplot product) against modern types of torpedoes (Physicist-1, Package, Ichthyosaurus);
    • complex "Lasta", with the actual defeat of the attacking torpedo;
    • verification of the real explosion resistance of project 955A (and 855 (M)) according to the parameters “safe radius” and “operation of the anti-torpedo warhead at the minimum distance in accordance with the technical specifications” (the technical means of the ship must be operated on a regular basis at sea)
    Based on the results of this audit, I ask you to consider the issue of responsibility of officials of the Navy (RF Ministry of Defense) and the defense industry.

    Internet reception of the Main Military Prosecutor's Office. Information about your appeal.
    server info
    [email protected]
    22 on 15: 17
    Information about your appeal
    Your appeal was successfully sent to the military prosecutor's office.
    Your reference number is 10481.
    1. 955535
      955535 15 June 2020 18: 37
      Three hundred and thirty-five (s)
    2. JD1979
      JD1979 15 June 2020 18: 40
      Unfortunately, the problem of the defenselessness of Russian submarines, it seems, nobody but the submariners themselves cares. There have already been written and rewritten articles about the problems of the PTZ. Perhaps the high command will solve this problem in a different way - the nuclear submarines will go offshore in the direct line of sight of the base, and surface ships and anti-submarine aircraft will provide protection, although such a solution is nonsense and I hope this will not happen, but it will also launch a defenseless boat into the ocean, a priori knowing that both enemy aircraft and hunter boats will try to lead it ... it smells of treason and wrecking.
    3. Charik
      Charik 15 June 2020 22: 00
      in each article about any submarines launched, these data from Klimov are printed
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  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. domashniy domovoy
    domashniy domovoy 15 June 2020 18: 49
    Or maybe its uniqueness is that it has unique shortcomings that other nuclear submarines do not have?
  12. Doctor
    Doctor 15 June 2020 19: 01
    Hard comments.
    Whatever the flaws, the boat is new. We have most of the SSBNs already at the technological limit, it’s really dangerous to remain without strategists at all, given the current instability
  13. Nikolay Lapin
    Nikolay Lapin 15 June 2020 19: 06
    A feature of the prince is that there are no princes!
  14. Tests
    Tests 15 June 2020 21: 47
    Dear author, do you really think that if a person has served as a submariner for a certain number of years, then can he be trusted? The Commander-in-Chief of the Navy does not at all determine how much money the Ministry of Finance will allocate for the purchase of weapons. In addition to the fleet, there are both Strategic Missile Forces, the Airborne Forces, and the Russian Guard and further to the Ministry of Justice.
    What is the name of the person who committed 2 crimes? A criminal, criminal, recidivist? For more than five years, the Belomorsk naval base in Severodvinsk was headed by an experienced submariner, a whole vice admiral Oleg Tregubov. He illegally privatized the second apartment, the military counter-intelligence agents unearthed this dirty story, and for a long time did not allow them to initiate a case. Then the case was investigated for a long time by military investigators, Tregubov returned the apartment and took time. Lawyers reached the point that the court dismissed the case - the statute of limitations had expired. The admiral was in retirement in the regional assembly of deputies of the Arkhangelsk region, everything would be fine, but it flared up that during the years of service the commander of the Belomorsk naval fuel and lubricants stole. The military court regretted it, given the service life and the awards, did not give real imprisonment, although an experienced submariner left the sweet deputy post. Can he be trusted? He was not stripped of his title, he was not stripped of his awards, his pension remained ...
    Rear Admiral Viktor Nikolayevich Liina was treated with respect at the factories of Severodvinsk - he himself spoke with the engineers and workers with respect (the men worked on systems for more than a dozen years and went to sea for testing more than once or twice, both theory and practice they were). And Rear Admiral Vladimir Mikhailovich Vorobyov received the nickname "Tsar, simply Tsar" at the factories. As he received the admiral's rank - swagger and got out of it. I tried to growl at a gala evening at the engineering and technical staff, which is older than him in age, for which he received a response from a person older than 55 at that time.: "Son, you growl on the parade ground, and I call you to the gym if you stay with me round in the ring - after that we'll talk! And now get away from sin! "... But both Liina and Vorobyov were both in the same position - the commanders of the Belomorsk naval base, Vorobyov at that moment, it seems, you can't say that he went too far with cognac ... Which of the two former commanders of the White Sea naval base has more faith?
  15. KSVK
    KSVK 16 June 2020 13: 22
    You know, having carefully studied the works of E.D. Chernova "Secrets of underwater disasters" and V.D. Ryazantsev's “In the wake for death” I somehow do not really doubt whether there are critical shortcomings in the ship, or shortcomings in the development of this technique by the crew. After all main the perpetrators, both in the case of Komsomolets and Kursk, were not only not punished, but were not named. At least officially.
  16. Tom Johnson
    Tom Johnson 22 June 2020 01: 07
    This class is already obsolete- in fact it is a "target"
  17. Tom Johnson
    Tom Johnson 22 June 2020 02: 27
    Another obsolete "Target"
  18. Tom Johnson
    Tom Johnson 22 June 2020 02: 40
    2 will be built each year plus one COLUMBIA CLASS. Virginia block IV boats are ALREADY! "HYPERSONIC". Russia is 15 years behind. Tested Submarine launch November 2017 good luck Russia.