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About India's Fighter Jet Issues


India is one of the largest buyers in the global arms market, including combat aircraft. But in recent years, the country has been actively working to strengthen its own military industry.

Indian aircraft need Indian engine

India pays particular attention to the re-equipment and re-equipment of the air fleet of its air forces. The policy of New Delhi can be understood: the country borders on two hostile states at once - China and Pakistan, and with the latter border armed conflicts flare up constantly. At the same time, it is difficult to call India itself peaceful in this regard.

A major role in ensuring the defense of India plays a fighter aviationhowever, light fighters used by the country's air force are gradually becoming obsolete. The way out of this situation, in addition to acquiring the latest generation of fighters abroad, is the production of our own aircraft.

The Indian multi-role fighter program was launched back in 1983, but the first flight of the Tejas light multi-role fighter took place only in 2001, and the contract for the delivery of the Indian Air Force's first 40 production HAL Tejas aircraft was signed only in 2012.

Of course, as many experts note, Tejas is inferior in almost all respects to modern fighters manufactured in the USA, Europe or Russia. And, nevertheless, the Indian leadership is not going to stop work on further improvement of its own aircraft, which does not cancel the purchase of foreign-made fighters. However, the prospects for the further release of their own aircraft are associated with the creation of Indian jet engines.

Long tests of the Kaveri engine

Back in 2010, ten years ago, in Russia, in the Zhukovsky suburb of Moscow, tests of an Indian-made Kaveri aircraft engine were tested. The tests were carried out on the basis of the Il-76 transport aircraft, to which the engine was attached.

About India's Fighter Jet Issues

The development of the Kaveri engine was carried out by the Gas Turbine Research Institute (GTRE) commissioned by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO. Kaveri is a dual-circuit turbojet jet engine. But, despite more than thirty years history development, "to the mind" the engine has not yet been brought.

In 2015, full throttle noise was detected during testing, and for a long time, engineers could not answer the question about the origin of the noise. Also, outbreaks in afterburner mode were detected, indicating problems with the fuel supply system.

Then it was decided to use the Kaveri engine in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), but this did not solve the problem of the lack of its own jet engine for fighters. Moreover, in India there is a huge demand for jet engines. In this regard, there is an increasing doubt in India that the country is capable of creating its fifth generation fighter without external assistance, especially in a short time.
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  1. letinant
    letinant 15 June 2020 12: 56
    In this regard, there is an increasing doubt in India that the country is capable of creating its fifth generation fighter without external assistance, especially in a short time.
    It's all dust in the eyes. A little more, a little bit and they will dig out the hidden "Vimanas" and they will have an Air Force with aircraft of the 33rd generation !!! I believe in them! Hari Krishna! wassat
    1. Civil
      Civil 15 June 2020 13: 02
      The Indians have large-scale corruption, so they will not see their engines until they resolve the issue of nepotism.
      1. Vita vko
        Vita vko 15 June 2020 13: 21
        The ambitions of officials, who have no idea about the real principles of technological development, have always been amazed. It would seem something simpler: take it and invest in a joint project with a company that has vast experience in the development of similar engines. Then it only remains to tighten up our own scientific and technical potential and there will be a result. But no, if you invest in a joint project, then the other side simply won't give you the opportunity to steal money, they realized this even during the FGFA joint project. Therefore, officials continue to "reinvent the wheel".
        1. gridasov
          gridasov 15 June 2020 13: 51
          You correctly speak of the complexity of the issues to be solved, but you also need the right algorithms for constructing the stages of development. Why Russian engines are, in principle, more advanced than in the production of other countries. Because in all the fundamental identity of the work and design of all engines, the Russians have a small but critically important nuance that allows expanding the continuity limits of the flow on the turbine blades. This is where the theoretical foundations of understanding the physical process are needed.
          1. Hippo
            Hippo 16 June 2020 00: 10
            "Why are Russian engines, in principle, more advanced than in the production of other countries ..."
            Let me be curious, what is the name of the Russian engine that surpassed the SNECMA M88 or even the "oldies" SNECMA M53-P20, GE F404?
            1. gridasov
              gridasov 16 June 2020 07: 59
              You see what the question is. When we considered the concept of a promising aircraft engine, we worked from scratch and the key goals were to ensure an order of magnitude higher rotor speeds, I note non-collapsing rotation, efficiency and work in any environment. And of course, technological simplicity in production and the possibility of reducing the mass of overall parameters. .Those. The task was simplified in order to provide a higher energy density in the physical process — if I may say so. And we created a fundamentally new engine precisely as a physical process. AND! Absolutely not relying on the subtleties of the best engines already created, they found that the configuration and the principle of work to ensure an unbroken air flow at high speeds on the blades has a more developed understanding than what Arkhip Lyulka applied. Namely, what he used on the turbine blades. So the turbine blade should work because the induction device in electrical works with a balanced spin process of a rotating magnetic flux. That is, a banal solution arising from the fact that the mobile medium has a higher outflow during its rotation, but there are other nuances that the leading designers still do not know about and therefore do not apply. Therefore, of course, there are good solutions abroad. But! I am talking about physical processes that are optimal for the operation of the working parts of turbines and blades in them. And while in Russia this is an intellectual trump card, which allows us to talk about the advantages of their engines.
        2. svp67
          svp67 15 June 2020 14: 08
          Quote: Vita VKO
          It would seem simpler: take it and invest in a joint project with a company with vast experience in developing similar

          Well, they invested in the creation of their own tank to the Germans and what is the output?
          Maybe it's time to fix something in the "Philharmonic"?
          1. bayard
            bayard 15 June 2020 16: 44
            Let them buy a MiG-35 with a license, including an engine. The movement from the MiG-35 is quite suitable for their Tajes.
            Is it business? request
            1. svp67
              svp67 15 June 2020 17: 49
              Quote: bayard
              Is it business?

              All that must be "surpassed" in the amount of "bringing" a certain amount of banknotes to the corresponding offices of the Indian Ministry of Defense of "Western partners". Indian "specificity" you know
              1. bayard
                bayard 15 June 2020 19: 20
                Neither the Americans nor the French will sell them a license for the engines. So let the "drifts" themselves be carried to the RF Ministry of Defense and other departments.
                Otherwise, they can’t get the engines. wink
            2. Ilya_Nsk
              Ilya_Nsk 17 June 2020 06: 42
              So they buy Rafali or what is French?
              1. bayard
                bayard 17 June 2020 09: 58
                On "Raphael" rollback of about 50% - a world record.
                And the price for (over) $ 200 billion.
                Moreover, WITHOUT a license for even a screwdriver assembly - the French assessed the culture of production in India as extremely low and said that they would not be able to give guarantees for the Rafali assembled in India.
                AND FULL engine license taboos.
                So "Rafal" will be a limited party for the Indians, and so the scandals do not subside to this day - how did they manage to bargain SO.
                The Tajes needs an RD-33 (MiG-29 \ 35), F-404 (F-18) or Saffron engine from Rafal. The parameters of the RD-33 in the version for the MiG-35 correspond to the parameters of the latest modifications of the F-404 and are higher than those of the "Shafran" (traction, economic, and resource). So the Indians have a good solution to their problems - several at once.
                And we can sell the license and help build the assembly - we can.
                1. Sergey Gintner
                  Sergey Gintner 21 September 2020 21: 13
                  F-404 ?! What a meaningful name))))
            3. Sergey Gintner
              Sergey Gintner 21 September 2020 21: 10
              In addition to documentation, you also need experience in the production of such things ... and the production itself ... and the technology for the production of alloys ... But heat-resistant alloys are the main plug of such engines ... But no one will just give this to the side ...
              1. bayard
                bayard 21 September 2020 21: 27
                How are single crystals of blades cast?
                Of course he won't.
                Yes, and not overpower them.
                But the blades and other technology-critical components can be supplied with machine kits, and the engines themselves can be assembled. For them, it will turn out to be twice as expensive, but their own, but for us there is almost something, as with the supply of Su-30 vehicle sets - almost the full price of a fighter, but with spare parts.
                And it will be the same with engines.
                But on the other hand - OWN.
                Indian. good

                Otherwise - NOTHING.
      2. kutuz
        kutuz 18 June 2020 21: 34
        But in Russia it is not? It will be even more abrupt, and with engines it’s not so smooth.
  2. Piramidon
    Piramidon 15 June 2020 13: 06
    India is one of the largest buyers in the global arms market

    I understand India very well. She reminds me of herself. laughing I myself, having seen something interesting on Aliexpress, I order in the hope of getting something useful and, having received it, I often spit - what kind of garbage it turns out to be. request
    1. vvvaunavi
      vvvaunavi 15 June 2020 16: 57
      Well Duc, there’s a special aviation specialist with 25 years of service .... laughing
      Give me something about dviglo rot us.
      1. vvvaunavi
        vvvaunavi 15 June 2020 18: 14
        Che are silent?
        Who did the scouts have in the regiment, deputy for IAS, and the beginning of the TEC?
        This is unclassified, all on veteran social networks.
        From you not a single photo from study, from the service.
        I threw mine here with a hundred in 8 years.
        And a couple of books he wrote, published in Canada and Germany.
        Who are you?
        Admins pumped the troll rating and then he oppressed his fingers, I'm a pilot with an avatar of 95.
        Not ashamed?

        1. NN52
          NN52 15 June 2020 19: 34
          And what kind of "tear" is this?
  3. alone
    alone 15 June 2020 13: 38
    India has eternal problems with aviation ..
  4. d4rkmesa
    d4rkmesa 15 June 2020 13: 50
    Hehe, "flow, song"! But not everything is so bad for the Indians: the French are working on the engine, mastering the offset budget in a good way, I hope (otherwise they will not see a return on investment), at least the work is going on. The directors were changed. ) Indians complain that they do not have their own stands, for the lack of engineers. The engine does not yet deliver sufficient thrust at high altitude, it is not clear whether the problem with vibrations has been solved or not. Also, HAL seems reluctant to experiment with its LCA and AMCA (in the future), i.e. the potential (and only possible) customer does his best to shirk this product. ) True, there is also an option with a non-afterburner version with a UAV and civilian applications.
  5. Carnifexx
    Carnifexx 15 June 2020 13: 56
    And with what they have no problems? Machines, tanks, aircraft of Indian production and development, in principle, are not a fountain. About INSAS I generally keep quiet. They have a long way to go. But rockets fly and take on a commercial load sometimes, though there are some incidents as well - they launched illegal satellites
  6. Herman 4223
    Herman 4223 15 June 2020 14: 59
    When our drying goes to the troops, the Indians will bite their elbows that they refused.
  7. lekalpan
    lekalpan 15 June 2020 17: 40
    If Bander Logs make a good engine, then Zimbabwe will cut the starship.
  8. Signore Tomato
    Signore Tomato 15 June 2020 21: 25
    Quote: NN52
    And what kind of "tear" is this?

    Well, he believes that he demonstrated his little pussy, now it's your turn.
  9. Hippo
    Hippo 16 June 2020 00: 20
    Offset aircraft - there isn’t such a thing in the VKS
  10. CBR600
    CBR600 16 June 2020 11: 51
    ... like we don’t have light fighters?
    An article about something else ... I've often read an article or a description or a comparison of something with something, having tasted the topic, I crawl to the end of the story - what did the author want to surprise. Yes, nothing. There is no engineering school there a priori. With all their hysterical desires, trillions of bucks, they will never catch up with either Europe or the states, much less us. For besides everything, we need traditions built up over decades. Those. need the mentality of generations. The same thing happened with our electronics. And now with the whole industry.
    _ _ _ Until now, I cannot believe that it would be like this, exactly, for thirty years, purposefully destroying the industry of my own country. Free of charge. I was distracted. Soryan
    _ _ _ A school, as an institute for the education of engineers, cannot be bought. In Japan, the engineer is a millionaire, and we have a drunken AXOshnik. 65 years have passed since then, I'm talking about Japan.
  11. Miron
    Miron 11 August 2020 08: 30
    India has very good jet engines.
    Great jet engines.
    It is necessary to send Mikhail Sergeevich and all Ilon Mask's friends to India, together with Pavel Durov. And they will build India's greatest jet engines on the planet, out of pure air of publicity and restructuring and half a golden bitcoin.
  12. Basarev
    Basarev 1 September 2020 20: 28
    And let him puff. The more India wastes resources, especially time, in this area, the better for us. It is in our interests the military weakness of India, its technical backwardness and poverty. Because if a country with a population of billions becomes strong, we will be in trouble. China has already become a problem, overlooked, now we need to urgently come up with countermeasures to neutralize it. And the best option is to play off with India and let them selflessly cut each other, along the way also solving the problem of overpopulation of the Earth.