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Chinese experts suggest creating a decked version of the J-20 fighter in exchange for the J-31 program


The fact that the fifth-generation fighter J-31 has been unable to bring "to mind" the manufacturers for many years leads to a discussion among Chinese experts on the appropriateness of this program. Recall that the program provides for the creation of a carrier-based fighter, which would become the basis of the wing of aircraft carriers being built in China. It is planned that by 2030 6 aircraft carriers will be part of the PLA Navy, five of which are Chinese-built.

But J-31 has many unresolved problems. One of the main ones is the engines.In addition, there are problems with the payload in the form of missiles and aviation bombs.

In this regard, in the Chinese expert environment, it is said that it would be possible to consider the option of "finalizing" the J-20 fighter put into service with the PLA Air Force. The revision, as stated, could affect the possibility of using it as a carrier-based aircraft.

In China, they believe that the J-20 has great modernization potential, which would allow it to be further developed, including the deck version, in return for the implementation of the expensive J-31 program.

Recall that earlier in the Chinese media it was stated that the J-31 can be reoriented primarily for export. Pakistan was designated as a potential customer for such aircraft. At the same time, it was pointed out that Pakistan J-31 can be sold in the "usual", but not decked version.

For reference: the first flight of the J-31 in China took place in 2012. His crew is 1 person. Wingspan - 11,5 m, weight - 17,5 tons, combat radius (without outboard fuel tanks) - 1250 km, take-off distance - 370 m, mileage - 570 m.

The problem with the engines does not allow to begin its full sea trials - take-off and landing using the deck of an aircraft carrier. The manufacturer claims that the J-31 fighters will "fit" under aircraft carriers with a flat deck. According to the latest data, Type003 previously incorporated includes such aircraft carriers.
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  1. Grandfather
    Grandfather 14 June 2020 19: 05
    I need a section: science fiction ... or we want but we cannot ... or whatever.
    1. Civil
      Civil 14 June 2020 21: 24
      Everything turns out for China, the first economy of the world and it will do it.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 14 June 2020 19: 11
    But the J-31 has many unresolved issues. One of the main ones is engines

    Engines again ... without them the super-duper stealth fighters of China are of little value ... here the Chinese can not do without the help of Russia.
    1. Krasnoyarsk
      Krasnoyarsk 14 June 2020 20: 20
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      .there can not do without the help of Russia to the Chinese.

      Why do you think so? At one time, we did without outside help. Why can't China? Yes, he will lose some time and do it.
      The only thing I would like for this time to last longer. And so that our kulibins will reach a new level during this time.
      1. Cyril G ...
        Cyril G ... 15 June 2020 00: 20
        At one time, we did without outside help.

        Well hello I am your uncle Saman. Remember the motor industry of the late 30s,
        - mother of Klimov’s engines - V-shaped Frenchwoman Hispanic-Suise,
        - Shevtsov motors are made on the basis of Wright-Cyclone, while the M-82 is a masterpiece and already has its own development
        - Mikulin his project M-34 yes but looking at the BMW,
        - The M-85, 86, 87, 88 family is the heirs of the double star Gnome-Ron ....
        - 1945-1946 a new round of study and borrowing of the German experience in the field of reagents and the purchase of a license for British turbojet engines.

        Why can't China?

        If we are moving at least somehow on the engines, then China will be eternally catching up. We never caught up with the USA on the engines until 1991, and to this day too.
      2. Far East
        Far East 15 June 2020 15: 58
        WILL NOT CAN China WILL NOT! they have no BRAINS!
        1. Krasnoyarsk
          Krasnoyarsk 15 June 2020 17: 32
          Quote: Far East
          WILL NOT CAN China WILL NOT! they have no BRAINS!

          Well, if so. But...
          Underestimating a potential adversary can be costly.
          Today they do not have an engine, and tomorrow may appear.
          What the hell doesn’t joke when someone is asleep.
          1. Far East
            Far East 16 June 2020 10: 12
            this is the exact infa! they have (Chinese) NOTHING! by the nature of my work, I had a good conversation with their "brother"! something like this. hi
  3. Aleks2000
    Aleks2000 14 June 2020 19: 14
    There have already been similar articles. So what? Repetition - the mother of learning?
  4. Vlad Malkin
    Vlad Malkin 14 June 2020 19: 30
    Engines, engines and engines again ...
    1. aviator6768
      aviator6768 14 June 2020 23: 27
      HERE is the only right question for all the comments ... Guys, engines ... the thrust formula is very simple ... google (who really can’t pump) We are behind the CS (combustion chambers), we're behind, well, which of the design bureaus, tell me I understand, it's not your business, but blink! The second circuit will work ... Himself is not a fan of sitting in such forums. where a fifth grader or a locksmith crawls into the economy .. But ... DO I SHOULD DO ANYTHING?
  5. Thrifty
    Thrifty 14 June 2020 19: 41
    They need to make the deck on the aircraft carrier telescopically extendable so that their air defender can safely take off, and even sometimes land on the deck of the aircraft carrier! laughing Or, planes do disposable. ...
  6. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 14 June 2020 20: 04
    In the not free world, there is no RD33 / 93 turbojet engine of the new generation so far, which is why aircraft projects are being hindered. But they don’t do something with Al41. It would be interesting to see the J10 with the latest Al41.
  7. rocket757
    rocket757 14 June 2020 20: 04
    Not everything turns out as you want. And I want everything and a lot ... So they will take the navel, their affairs.
  8. Lord of the Sith
    Lord of the Sith 14 June 2020 20: 18
    The Chinese media loudly claimed that their planes are the most aircraft in the world, and everyone else is envious of them, but here it is ...
    They are running around looking for solutions, as if to fix purely technical problems.
  9. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 14 June 2020 20: 21
    The J-31 has a problem with the engines ... but doesn't the J-20 have it? What engines does he fly? Does he have cruising supersonic without afterburner? Well, yes, he's invisible ... wassat
    1. Junior Private
      Junior Private 14 June 2020 20: 48
      Not only is the WS-20 glued to the J-15, which has a little more than a motor resource, but there were still problems with a drop in traction. Do not pull the plane to the deck.
    2. Cyril G ...
      Cyril G ... 14 June 2020 22: 17
      First, the Ji-20 flew on imported Al-31s, then they speak their own, low-resource .... However, as far as I remember, foreign gentlemen write that the Chinese WS-10 does not stretch 1000 hours. And this is their best and most developed engine. Resource WS-15 is unlikely to stretch more than 300-500 hours. For comparison, the Al-41 has a real life of 4000 hours.
  10. makasan34
    makasan34 14 June 2020 20: 42
    Quote: Krasnoyarsk
    Yes, he will lose some time and do it.
    will not do but copy, they do it well
    1. Vicontas
      Vicontas 14 June 2020 21: 08
      Well, they copied the engine from Drying, and power and fuel consumption, as they say in Odessa, are two big differences! Technology matters! That is why they wanted to clean up Motor Sich from the Ukrainians, but the Yankees did not give it! Tapericha sweat with their "stealth" and lick Russia hoping to share!
    2. Cyril G ...
      Cyril G ... 14 June 2020 22: 19
      With engines just copy does not work .....
  11. Well done
    Well done 14 June 2020 23: 28
    Even on Ali, there are quality products. Either the Chinese are stirring up something, or the article is incorrect.
  12. Falcond
    Falcond 15 June 2020 06: 25
    Well done chinese soldier Wait until we on the Su-57 make the engine of the second stage .... and begin to stamp copies
  13. kot-begemot
    kot-begemot 15 June 2020 07: 29
    There are not so many problems - engines, power sources, radio-absorbing coatings, reliability in general. You can take a finished aircraft and copy it, but not the fact that it will take off, but if it takes off, it will land. Without a long-term school of aircraft construction, even the first or "0 "the world's economy can produce hundreds of equipment, go to parades, but resting against the stop technology of growing turbine blades or the composition of an alloy of loaded elements will endlessly adjust, refine and it will seem that one more step, one more lam, one more test and that's it The result is the abandonment of a specific model or the entire concept, a change of developers. In the Union, the number of research institutes working for defense, experimental factories that worked out each version of the product was very large, but the technologies advanced hard. The Chinese hope for purchased-stolen documentation, in which the small print says "process with a file after assembly", and what, where, as only the process engineer knew at the assembly-commissioning. Too many subtleties that did not get on paper.
    1. Cyril G ...
      Cyril G ... 15 June 2020 09: 08
      That's right!
    2. yfast
      yfast 15 June 2020 23: 13
      Our technology engineers have also retired, and we are not China.