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Why the United States raised the F-22 Raptor specifically to escort the Tu-95MS of the Russian Aerospace Forces


When on June 10, 4 Russian Tu-95MS aircraft appeared in the sky over the Chukchi Sea and the Bering Strait, they were escorted by American stealth F-22 fighters.

Flights of Russian strategic long-range missile carriers aviation VKS Tu-95MS were carried out as planned over the neutral waters of the Bering Strait, the Chukchi and Okhotsk Seas, and the North Pacific. The total flight duration was 11 hours. There was nothing extraordinary in this flight: both Russian and American bombers periodically make similar scheduled flights along the borders of both states.

Russian planes marched in 2 groups. The first group included 2 Tu-95MS missile carriers, 2 Su-35 fighters and an A-50 long-range radar detection and control aircraft. The second group consisted of 2 Tu-95 missile carriers and an A-50 AWACS aircraft.

Traditionally, as soon as Russian missile carriers appear in the sky near the American borders, the US Air Force raises fighter jets to accompany them. Usually these are fifth-generation F-22 aircraft. For example, in September 2018, 95 F-2 fighters were lifted from the NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) air base in Alaska to intercept the Tu-22. So it happened this time. F-22 Raptor went to meet Russian planes, accompanied by KC-135 Stratotankers refueling aircraft and the E-3 AWACS early warning aircraft.

However, Russian aircraft of the first group came very close to the airspace of the United States: it was only 13 kilometers away. Recently, it was the closest flight of Russian aircraft to the American borders. The second group of Russian aircraft approached the American borders at 63 kilometers.

Why did the American side choose precisely the F-22? Recall that the fifth-generation multi-role fighter F-22 Raptor can operate at any time of the day, in difficult weather conditions, effectively counteracts enemy air reconnaissance. The use of F-22 specifically for escorting Russian missile carriers was caused, first of all, by two considerations.

Firstly, these are the technical specifications of the F-22. The modern fighter has the latest equipment that allows you to effectively operate in airspace against aircraft of a potential enemy. In the video, we don’t see the usual armament for air defenses on duty aircraft, however, it is known that the F-22 uses missiles hidden in the internal compartments of the aircraft.

Secondly, the geographical factor also played a role. F-22 aircraft are part of the 3rd wing of the US Air Force, consisting of the 90th and 525th fighter squadrons, and the 477th group of fighters of the reserve command of the US Air Force (302nd fighter squadron). Both the 3rd wing and the 477th group are based on the combined base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage - the largest settlement in Alaska. That is, they are as close as possible to the area over which the Russian missile carriers flew.

F-22 aircraft identified the Tu-95MS and for some time “drove” them while Russian aircraft were in close proximity to US borders. By the way, on the island of Shemya (Aleutian Islands) is the famous Cobra Dane radar, which plays an important role in the missile defense system of North America.

In the event of a possible armed conflict, it is Cobra Dane that will become one of the main targets for hitting the Russian Tu-95, since destroying this radar will seriously harm the entire US missile defense system. Naturally, the tasks of the US Air Force include air defense of an extremely important object on the island of Chemya, and only modern aircraft like the F-22 Raptor can be entrusted with such a responsible mission.
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  1. Kibl
    Kibl 11 June 2020 14: 53
    Well, Duc is better to send the proven F-22 than the super duper navarot F-35, so out of harm's way. And suddenly something "fills up" .......
    1. Mwg
      Mwg 12 June 2020 04: 33
      Will fall, for example ...
  2. health
    health 11 June 2020 15: 08
    Interested in the table of contents of the article. I read it.
    Now I am wondering why the author inserted the words "why", "exactly" and "about the reasons" in the title.
    Apparently, this will be another article ....
    1. Prisoner
      Prisoner 11 June 2020 18: 02
      Marketing move. I read the heading "Why ..." and immediately in my head - "but really why?" Further a matter of technology. Although the answer is simple, that was what was sent. laughing
  3. smart ass
    smart ass 11 June 2020 15: 37
    Article by nothing
    1. NIKN
      NIKN 11 June 2020 15: 58
      Quote: Clever man
      Article by nothing

      Well, what would I write ... :)) In reality, there are two reasons the F-22 are on combat duty and were raised according to the plan, and the second, it is possible to test the ability of any equipment for a specific purpose in a specific situation. Well, like that.
  4. knn54
    knn54 11 June 2020 15: 49
    An article of the type "Quietly with myself I am conducting a conversation."
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  7. domashniy domovoy
    domashniy domovoy 11 June 2020 16: 27
    Why, why on the couch, probably because they decided so, what is the article about?
  8. Bez 310
    Bez 310 11 June 2020 17: 06
    What is this "article" about?
    What for? To increase the "rating" of the author?
    Another rubbish ...
    1. ximkim
      ximkim 11 June 2020 17: 58
      That the F-22 is not going anywhere, and the workhorse.
    2. Simsimal
      Simsimal 11 June 2020 21: 24
      Yes bullshit.
      To me there was one who argued that Mongohto is now the airfield of the Ukrainian jump and now
      MSs take off from there.
      True, I was surprised.

      Why did they raise the F-22 ...
      Yes, they wanted to raise the Saber, to rejoice at the meeting of veterans in 70 years, but they did not find it.
      1. Bez 310
        Bez 310 11 June 2020 21: 58
        What do you dislike about Mongohto?
        Although earlier, the "green" Tu-95s have never been there.
        1. Simsimal
          Simsimal 11 June 2020 22: 20
          Greetings MV.
          No, I Nikolaevka and Yelizovo more ...

          Overstepped. Some do not like me belay
          1. Bez 310
            Bez 310 11 June 2020 22: 26
            And then there are specialists, or only "paper tigers"?
            1. Simsimal
              Simsimal 11 June 2020 22: 44
              Well, I wrote.
              A couple of submariners, not three if you consider Physics-Mina.
              One Pyramidon, it is not clear who, confuses carts 142 and 95. Fedotovo, he says. He has a nickname for the Tu-95 steering wheel logo ... oil mas.
              Well, different cranks from the GBV, which writes in the intelligence reports the coordinates of the aircraft carriers.
              Well you remember.

              Sane who wants to figure out, Andrei from Chelyabinsk, Timokhin. These are the writers.
              Well, maybe another rocket launcher, air defense ...
              It’s difficult, it’s all about everyone.
              There is a pichalka.
              1. Bez 310
                Bez 310 11 June 2020 22: 48
                And I wanted to read something interesting ...
                1. Simsimal
                  Simsimal 11 June 2020 23: 29
                  Profile forums.
                  There is a forum on Valor, well, there is the main fleet of Klimov-Mina.
                  Our Kamchatka submariner, young, 1998 release ... approximately.
                  Here's another blog of his.

                  Here is an interesting blog, I read it, mainly the fleet.


                  The Courage forum has a subsection of MA. I also broadcast there ... broadcast from another computer, the tablet was banned.

                  At the Military Parity, I have there about providing the SSBN and SAPS
                  1. Simsimal
                    Simsimal 11 June 2020 23: 34
                    There are a lot of mine on the PLO Balancer


                    Details on the courage where they nailed me.
                  2. Victorio
                    Victorio 11 June 2020 23: 38
                    Quote: SimSimAl

                    Thanks, I looked. immediately rushed - / To the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation
                    Army General Sergei Shoigu Kuzhugetovich
                    from cap. 3 ranks in stock
                    Klimov Maxim Alexandrovich /
                    this maxim alexandrovich for one place should be hanged only for publication in the public domain. and such dissatisfied, offended and unappreciated ponds, for money and fame for everything and everyone.
                    1. Simsimal
                      Simsimal 11 June 2020 23: 52
                      He is not himself. There is opposition to what is happening in the army.
                      Nobody would have directed Maxim to pull the Indian's mustache.
                      But it's better to listen to him. He comes here like fizik
                      Well then I must be shot for "Non-traditional" for sure laughing
                      1. Victorio
                        Victorio 12 June 2020 00: 00
                        Quote: SimSimAl
                        He is not himself. There is opposition to what is happening in the army.
                        Nobody would have directed Maxim to pull the Indian's mustache.
                        But it's better to listen to him. He comes here like fizik
                        Well then I must be shot for "Non-traditional" for sure laughing

                        I mean, a mess with an Internet. as with many in the country, unfortunately.
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  9. Alexander Sosnitsky
    Alexander Sosnitsky 11 June 2020 17: 38
    Vova was sent by his friend Donald to find out the true F-22 EPR, unlike his nonsense in the US Air Force, and find out the amount of rollback and the lost share from the A-50 (2 statistically complete measurements)
  10. tTshka
    tTshka 11 June 2020 17: 59
    Nichosi (s) ... how many beeches ...
  11. NordUral
    NordUral 11 June 2020 18: 31
    What is the article about?
  12. iouris
    iouris 11 June 2020 20: 31
    Very interesting. One additional question: Why exactly (Reason)?
  13. Sergey Obraztsov
    Sergey Obraztsov 11 June 2020 21: 15
    A completely standard situation, completely analogous to the actions of Russia in this situation. I did not understand what the info line was about. ..
    1. Simsimal
      Simsimal 11 June 2020 21: 27
      You are not right
      It was necessary to cuddle, cross the course, pour kerosene ... then it ... at home ...
  14. Victorio
    Victorio 11 June 2020 23: 28
    change the title a bit, and so the rules. thank.
  15. Boris ⁣ Shaver
    Boris ⁣ Shaver 11 June 2020 23: 54
    Firstly, the technical characteristics of the F-22

    Wow, what an unexpected, detailed, argumentative, I’m not afraid of the word - a revelation!
  16. Peter Tverdokhlebov
    Peter Tverdokhlebov 12 June 2020 08: 51
    In the event of a possible armed conflict, it is Cobra Dane that will become one of the main targets for hitting the Russian Tu-95, since destroying this radar will seriously harm the entire US missile defense system.

    How can I destroy this radar? Cruise missiles X-55SM, X-102, depending on the launch site, will fly to it for tens of minutes or hours! Saying the author is complete nonsense!
    1. Editor
      Editor 12 June 2020 18: 06
      and if it flies from Kamchatka?
    2. hydrox
      hydrox 12 June 2020 19: 24
      The "Dagger" will fly especially smoothly and unhurriedly ...
  17. Editor
    Editor 12 June 2020 18: 05
    they just didn’t have time to send another plane from Florida to escort the flying Tu-95 ...
  18. Karaul73
    Karaul73 13 June 2020 07: 19
    The mountain gave birth to a mouse. Authors are paid for the number of characters, thoughts are not important.
  19. Outsider
    Outsider 17 June 2020 02: 26
    - A strange question: firstly, they’re just there in Alaska. laughing There is also an F-15C, but they don’t have much left there, they probably cherish it ...
  20. TatarinSSSR
    TatarinSSSR 17 June 2020 10: 16
    Honestly, I don’t understand why I wrote the article .... In short, both fly along the borders, the F-22 is based closest to the interception zone, which is why it is used. The Americans are ready to protect the radar, and we fill it up. All. What is the article about?
  21. TatarinSSSR
    TatarinSSSR 17 June 2020 10: 22
    Yeah, the competence of the authors of articles on VO even began to fall.