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The assault on Bamut in the comments of General Shamanov

The assault on Bamut in the comments of General Shamanov

This spring marks the 25th anniversary of the start of battles for the village of Bamut. This is one of the longest battles in stories new Russia. Beginning in March 1995, the battles for the Chechen Bamut continued practically until the end of May 1996.

The then propaganda of the militants claimed that approximately 8-10 thousand "federals" opposed "only a couple of Chechen platoons" - up to 50 people. At the same time, propaganda publications boiled down to the fact that the losses of the parties as a result amounted to 1:20, where 20 Russian military personnel per one militant. And still, these ridiculous figures are indicated in many sources, including Wikipedia.

The truth about the battles for Bamut in his film tells the military commissar Alexander Sladkov. At the same time, his video presents the comments of General Shamanov, moreover, General Shamanov is not the current “model” of a major federal official, but a general who was directly involved in operations in the Chechen Republic in the mid-1990s. According to Alexander Sladkov, General Shamanov can be safely attributed to the best military leaders of Russia the end has passed - the beginning of this century.

Vladimir Shamanov notes that the result was achieved primarily due to the fact that the federal forces did not use the template version of the offensive, but used what confused the terrorists.

The film on the channel Sladkov +:

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  1. Paul Siebert
    Paul Siebert 11 June 2020 07: 19
    I watched the movie carefully.
    Shamanov is great! No wonder Sladkov called him "an outstanding military leader of the XXI century." The actual ratio of forces was 2: 1, and this despite the fact that the militants have seriously strengthened for many years, built pillboxes and bunkers, and installed minefields.
    And at the same time, ours had to advance "from the bottom up" under the fire of the enemy who was taking aim ...
    He smiled when he saw the doorway of our BMP, hung with a piece of oilcloth from the table, and a soldier in cut-off military trousers - resort "shorts" from Shamanov ...
    Russian soldier - invincible!
    1. Evil543
      Evil543 11 June 2020 08: 10
      They started in May near Goisky and finished in Bamut. Oh my 19 years.
      We left in the morning from the mountains through the river.
      1. FIR FIR
        FIR FIR 12 June 2020 22: 27
        The Russian warrior is invincible, because the truth is behind him.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. KOPA
    KOPA 12 June 2020 19: 20
    Great Russia could not ....... shame !!!!!
    1. Pilat2009
      Pilat2009 12 June 2020 19: 44
      Quote: KOPA
      Great Russia could not ....... shame !!!!!

      Of course, it was possible to raze the whole of Chechnya to the earth, but we would not understand. It would be approximately if Israel had wiped out Gaza from the face of the Earth along with Lebanon
      1. Boris ⁣ Shaver
        Boris ⁣ Shaver 13 June 2020 02: 06
        Quote: Pilat2009
        It’s about if Israel wiped out Gaza from the face of the earth along with Lebanon

        Israel has been tormenting people living on that land for many years, doing everything so that they cannot live a normal life. For if those people get stronger, then they will regain what was stolen by Israel. Gaza’s economy is directed against Israel’s regular terrorist attacks (bombing, for example, a port under construction for communication with the normal world) and a real blockade of this impregnable fortress for Israel. Not by washing, so by skating, as they say. This is the first.
        The second one. Very harsh elder brothers are standing next to the people of Palestine, of which Israel, of course, has no plans to protect them. Therefore, he cannot realize all his bold fantasies about this territory.

        Russia does not oppress the peoples of the Caucasus, does not starve them, does not destroy their infrastructure. Rather, the opposite.
        No one is in a position to threaten Russia with any real military actions for establishing order on its territory.

        So the comparison is not correct.
  4. koramax81
    koramax81 13 June 2020 21: 58
    Earth rest in peace. Honor and glory to the living