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WP: Washington has long been ready to withdraw from START-3

WP: Washington has long been ready to withdraw from START-3

Washington has long been ready to completely withdraw from the Russian-American Treaty on Measures to Further Reduce and Limit Strategic Offensive Arms (START, START-3), but so far continues to consider all possible options for its extension. It is reported by The Washington Post, citing its sources in the US administration.

The publication cites the words of one of the White House administration officials, who, answering the question whether the United States is really ready to refuse to renew the START Treaty and withdraw from the treaty, confirmed this.

We are absolutely ready to leave. But I would soften it by saying that in fact all options are considered

- he said.

Note that if Russia and the United States do not agree to extend the START (START-3), it will expire in February next year.

Recall that on June 22, Vienna will host negotiations between the Russian and American sides on nuclear disarmament. It is assumed that they will discuss the issue of extending the START-3 treaty. As stated by the special envoy of the President of the United States for arms control Marshall Billingsley, China was also invited to the negotiations.

In turn, Beijing officially notified Washington that it did not intend to participate in any negotiations on nuclear disarmament.

Earlier it was reported that the United States put one of the conditions for the extension of the contract, the participation in it also of China.
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  1. V1er
    V1er 10 June 2020 10: 27
    With high probability they will withdraw from the treaty and blame Russia for everything. As has been done already with the INF Treaty.
    1. Civil
      Civil 10 June 2020 10: 34
      17 th
      The American capitalists with their puppets in NATO surrounded Russia with a ring of enemies, it is necessary to rally the whole country around the EP party and the government to repel the threat of an attack on the young capitalist republic. Tighten our belts, grit our teeth and raise taxes to combat the Western capitalist threat to our sovereign capitalism.
    2. Hunter 2
      Hunter 2 10 June 2020 10: 37
      ABM, Open Skies, RDSM, what else is left? What the Smart Politicians did is break the Imbeciles!
      1. Insurgent
        Insurgent 10 June 2020 10: 48
        WP: Washington has long been ready to withdraw from START-3

        "Bad business is not tricky"
        1. Alex777
          Alex777 10 June 2020 16: 09
          If they want to go out so badly, then let them explain why we need it. laughing
          Seriously, something is very deliberately crushing. Hope to scare?
      2. bayard
        bayard 10 June 2020 14: 39
        The USA has no way out - China is gaining strength, and the strategic nuclear resources limited by the treaty do not allow two nuclear powers to confront at the same time, and this is breaking the treaty.
        China has already announced that it intends to bring the number of warheads on ICBMs to 1000 units ... or maybe the number of ICBMs ... The economy allows.
        And where does the poor cowboy go?
        Only tear the agreement and bring the strategic nuclear forces potential to an acceptable level ...
        Poor poor hegemon. With his problems then in a new race ...
        1. V1er
          V1er 10 June 2020 17: 11
          I don't like China at all. It would not be, as in the old Soviet cartoon about a warrior who became a dragon.
          1. bayard
            bayard 10 June 2020 22: 46
            China is more dangerous for the future. Much more dangerous. The USA is an outgoing nature, it is blown away very rapidly, but as a sparing partner for China it is very good. Let it withdraw from the treaties; they, too, are already bothering us.
    3. Atlant-1164
      Atlant-1164 10 June 2020 10: 48
      Washington is not particularly ceremonial with international treaties .. he does not conclude them in order to restrain himself .. but the opposite side. if a treaty begins to burden the United States, then they will leave it without hesitation
    4. vadim dok
      vadim dok 10 June 2020 16: 27
      For example, at VO "experts" have long argued that START-3 is not needed for Russia, and even HARMFUL!
  2. Doccor18
    Doccor18 10 June 2020 10: 31
    I believe that START 3 will be extended. It is not profitable for the USA to leave. Then Russia will "go" so far that the United States will no longer catch up.
  3. Nikolay Ivanov_5
    Nikolay Ivanov_5 10 June 2020 10: 31
    a flag in their hands and a drum on their neck
    1. Crane
      Crane 10 June 2020 10: 33
      and the wind in jo ... back
  4. Operator
    Operator 10 June 2020 10: 33
    We need to negotiate in Vienna for a look, but in reality, put the device on both the contract and the USA, which entered at the peak of the American Spring.
  5. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 10 June 2020 10: 36
    Washington has long been ready to withdraw from START-3
    Yes, they go through the forest. But if their bombers appear from our borders closer than 1000 km, then "they will have breakfast in dinner!" angry
  6. Boratsagdiev
    Boratsagdiev 10 June 2020 10: 39
    I remember in the XNUMXs, when America was just beginning (with ground installations, missile tests, etc.), "reinsurers" argued with opponents about what this could lead to (and will lead, knowing America).
    Years have passed ...
  7. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 10 June 2020 10: 42
    As they say unpleasantly BUT is not fatal
    The United States has always been a non-negotiable state ... exits from any treaties and agreements are just commonplace ... well, another one is ready to wear to exit another treaty ... well, that's not new and not interesting ... they will use the money ... a number of administrations will change ... and perhaps another round of "detente" will begin ... iiiii ??? ... and what are we actually not ready for ??? ... that for our Armed Forces and Navy to change ??? ... yes, in fact, NOTHING ...
    KVU-NSVD 10 June 2020 10: 49
    June 22, Vienna will host negotiations between the Russian and American sides on nuclear disarmament
    This is not negotiation, but the legal registration of a divorce.
    1. Sky strike fighter
      Sky strike fighter 10 June 2020 11: 02
      The date is picked up somehow unsuccessfully. June 22.
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 10 June 2020 10: 54
    The United States put China as one of the conditions for extending the contract
    Then why don’t we set our terms for the participation of Britain and France with nuclear weapons in the treaty? Or are we afraid to break what the USA is already breaking? Americans freely, when they want to withdraw from previously concluded treaties, displaying their demands up to Russia's refusal to engage in armaments and put on hypersonic weapons, while we persuade with painful insistence and appeal to reason. Whom? Those who are guilty of all world sins by the Americans and their devils are designated and defined specifically - Russia, China and Iran on the side.
    1. Pereira
      Pereira 10 June 2020 11: 00
      Also, Israel with the Indopaks.
  10. Hey
    Hey 10 June 2020 12: 09
    And I understand Americans. According to their statements, they have two main opponents, Russia and China. There is an agreement with Russia, and as a consequence, the number of nuclear weapons is known and is being controlled. Neither the United States nor we have such an agreement with China. The number of nuclear weapons in China is not known and may increase without control, against the background of the treaty between the United States and Russia. Based on this threat to the United States, they withdraw from the treaty with Russia, so that their nuclear potential would correspond to both opponents. This break of the contract is also useful to us. We kick the US as an aggressor, new opportunities appear under a new treaty, including other nuclear countries, and also increase our arsenal against China. These "brothers for a century" are still those things. The islands on the Amur were chopped off, uncontrolled TOPs in the Far East were cheap, oil and gas were almost for nothing, Crimea was not recognized, etc. etc. So soon again Gregory the Victorious will fight the dragon.
  11. APASUS
    APASUS 10 June 2020 20: 57
    It has long been understood, the only question is how will they make the Russians guilty?