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“The most powerful in the region”: Vietnamese on the dominance of Soviet minesweepers in the Asia-Pacific region


Project 1265 Sonya

The naval potential is characterized not only by powerful strike pennants, but also depends on combat support ships, providing, in particular, the logistics necessary for operations.

One of the strengths of Vietnamese fleet is a mine sweeping fleet, according to KienThuc. According to him, the main ship for this purpose is Sonya Project 1265: these are composite minesweepers with a wooden coating. They are designed to detect, mark and neutralize various types of mines. The ship has a total displacement of 450 tons, has a maximum speed of 15 knots. This type carries one radio and sonar, sonar buoys.

The minesweepers of the original project 1265, developed for the needs of the USSR Navy, were equipped with two 30-mm AK-230 cannons, which were placed in front and behind the ship, but in the export version it remained only aft.

In 1987-1990, the Soviet Union provided us with four pennants [...] These were the last warships transferred as aid

- writes the Vietnamese edition, indicating that they have proven their worth: for example, HQ-861 took part in protecting the sovereignty of the Spratly Islands, demonstrating "the dominance of the fleet in the region."

The following are two pennants of project 266 (donated in 1981 from availability), also created in the USSR. They have a displacement of 873 tons. Ships are made of low-grade steel, equipped with two M-503 diesel engines, which allow you to work at a maximum speed of 16 knots.

The third type of minesweepers are two ships of the Soviet project 1258. They have a very small tonnage, less than 90 tons, a crew of 10 people and develop a maximum speed of 13 knots. Pennants are able to work only near the coast. Currently, they are serving at the Naval Academy, where they are involved in training purposes.

The minesweepers of the Vietnamese Navy currently completely dominate the region [APR], because only countries with a really powerful fleet possess these ships

- KienThuc believes.
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 10 June 2020 05: 35
    “The most powerful in the region”: Vietnamese on the dominance of Soviet minesweepers in the Asia-Pacific region
    Komrad is pleased, good. Advertising.
  2. kepmor
    kepmor 10 June 2020 06: 09
    and these are the minesweepers with antediluvian trawls and GAS mine detection the most powerful in the region ???? ...
    Well then, it turns out that the USA, Japan, China and Korea do not have mine-sweeping ships as such ...
    and for what and the most interesting thing for whom I sow nonsense on the forum pulled ??? ...
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 10 June 2020 06: 20
      Quote: kepmor
      for which the most interesting thing is for whom I’m sowing bogus on the forum pulled out ???.

      patamushta "do not haveanalagof" ... but about "domination" is still enchanting!
    2. antivirus
      antivirus 10 June 2020 08: 33
      show the role of the auxiliary fleet? - we will build the aircraft carriers only after twenty new such
  3. really
    really 10 June 2020 08: 18
    The message is normal, but then the minesweeper shows the flag, defends the islands with a machine gun, maybe no one attacks.
    1. seregatara1969
      seregatara1969 10 June 2020 08: 56
      In the streams between the islands, even gunboats do not always go everywhere. They have our tanks floating at a great price. There are many rivers and streams.
      1. really
        really 10 June 2020 09: 16
        Then you need to write that it has been converted into a border ship. It is characterized by low draft, high maneuverability, unpretentiousness in hot and humid conditions.
        1. Avior
          Avior 10 June 2020 10: 13
          at a speed of 15-16 knots a so-so border ship.
          catch a boat with oars, of course.
          1. really
            really 10 June 2020 10: 17
            Yes, cheonki too. If the engines are fine
  4. mintai_kot
    mintai_kot 10 June 2020 12: 26
    The author is not entirely competent, on this model of the minesweeper there is an AK-230 on the tank (on the bow) of the ship, at the stern of the ZU-23 with vertically arranged trunks. According to the Soviet classification, if I am not mistaken, the model of the minesweeper "Yakhont"
    1. Warhead-xnumx
      Warhead-xnumx 10 June 2020 15: 25
      Like you, at the stern (utah) stands 2m-3, and we still have such minesweepers, at least in Polyarny. I served on 1265.1, they have 2 AK-306s on them. The project of the minesweeper is really Yakhont, the hull is wooden, and not with a wooden coating as the author.
  5. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 10 June 2020 20: 28
    For the Vietnamese comrades, they are just as valid as for our Ukrainian opponents, “Island”.