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Day of the Northern Fleet of Russia. How the borders of the Arctic are protected


June 1 - Northern Day fleet Russian Navy. It is difficult to overestimate the strategic importance of one of the most important fleets for our country, especially in the era of unfolding confrontation over the resources and geographical advantages of the Arctic.

Officially, the Northern Fleet was founded on June 1, 1933 as the Northern Military Flotilla, and on May 11, 1937, the flotilla received fleet status. Since 2014, the Northern Fleet has been deployed into a separate operational-strategic command, in fact, having received the status of a military district.

Northern borders - under reliable protection

Currently, the Northern Fleet is one of the most powerful in the Navy. After all, it is entrusted with the task of protecting all Arctic territorial waters and the coast of Russia. The fleet includes nuclear missile and torpedo submarines, missile ships and the only currently heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov, and many other surface ships.

The main tasks facing the modern Northern Fleet are naval operations in the Arctic and Atlantic, and air defense of Russia's northern borders. But the most important task is to launch a nuclear strike against the enemy in the event of a nuclear war.

The Arctic, with its rich natural resources and the strategically important Northern Sea Route - the shortest way to get from Europe to Asia, is of increasing interest to world powers. It is no accident that the United States constantly declares that the NSR allegedly belongs to "the whole world."

Recently, a NATO naval group of 3 American destroyers and 1 British frigate entered the Barents Sea. It is clear that NATO countries, including the USA, Great Britain and Scandinavian alliance members, should be called a potential adversary of the Northern Fleet. Confronting a serious enemy requires special attention to the armament and equipment of the fleet, coastal formations, and to the quality of personnel training. What forces does the Northern Fleet have to confront NATO?

From the Borey submarine to the Admiral Gorshkov frigate

The 31st Submarine Division, the first in stories domestic Navy division of nuclear submarine missile carriers. It consists of 6 strategic missile submarines of strategic design 667BDRM and 2 submarines of the 955 Borey family - the K-535 Yuri Dolgoruky and the K-549 Prince Vladimir.

Underwater cruiser "Prince Vladimir" came into operation just the other day - May 28, 2020. Also, the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation Navy includes the 11th submarine division (the most famous submarine is K-560 Severodvinsk) and the 18th submarine division.

The 43rd division of missile ships and the 4th brigade of anti-submarine ships form the basis of the surface forces of the Northern Fleet. The 43rd division includes the only aircraft carrier cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov, the nuclear cruisers Peter the Great and Admiral Nakhimov, the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov, the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, and the destroyer Admiral Ushakov.

"Admiral Kuznetsov" is now under repair. But it plays a very important role in terms of maintaining deck aviation. Indeed, the Northern Fleet consists of the 100th separate naval fighter aviation regiment, the 279th separate naval fighter aviation Smolensky Red Banner Regiment named after twice Hero of the Soviet Union B.F.Safonov, the 830th separate naval anti-submarine helicopter regiment.

If the project 955 boats gradually become the basis of the submarine forces, then such a role is played by the frigates of the project 22350 over the water. Admiral Gorshkov has been part of the fleet since 2018, in 2020 the tests of the frigate Admiral Kasatonov should be completed, and in 2022 in the year the frigate "Admiral Golovko" should enter the fleet.

Guard air and land

But the Northern Fleet is not only submarine and surface forces. This is naval aviation, one of the most numerous in the Russian Navy. This includes the air defense forces, which are part of the 45th army of the air force and air defense and include the 1st and 3rd air defense divisions with anti-aircraft missile regiments, radio regiments. The Northern Fleet coastal missile brigade includes 4 divisions of the Bastion complex and 1 Ball complex. Coastal missile systems are designed to control not only naval targets, but also NATO facilities in neighboring Norway.

Finally, do not forget that the Northern Fleet also includes compounds for operations on the Arctic land - the 200th separate motorized rifle Pechenga Order of the Kutuzov Brigade, the 80th separate motorized rifle brigade and the 61st separate Kirkenes Red Banner Marine Corps. In addition, the fleet includes intelligence and special forces units, including three combat detachments against submarine sabotage forces and assets.

The Northern Fleet plays a strategic role in the Russian defense system. It is already impossible to imagine our armed forces without it. “Military Review” congratulates all active servicemen, veterans of the Northern Fleet, civilian personnel, and their families on their holiday. Glory to those who guard the Arctic!

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  1. Fedor Sokolov
    Fedor Sokolov 1 June 2020 00: 06
    Happy Northern Fleet! Today, perhaps the most important outpost of Russia.
    1. Vladimir61
      Vladimir61 1 June 2020 00: 28
      Quote: Fyodor Sokolov
      Today, perhaps the most important outpost of Russia.

      Join us!
      But, to date, there are no unimportant ones. But the youngest and strongest, that's for sure.
      1. Free wind
        Free wind 1 June 2020 08: 48
        YES, actually the oldest and strongest. When Peter didn’t even have thoughts, Pomors explored and lived on the northern seas, and could unscrew the head of the overgrown Viking descendant.
    2. dauria
      dauria 1 June 2020 00: 47
      Happy Northern Fleet!

      I am joining. And at the same time, military transport aviation and ......
      International Children's Day
      World Parents Day
      World Milk Day
      Day of military transport aviation of Russia
      The day of the creation of government communications in Russia
      Memorial Day of Grand Duke Demetrius Donskoy

      laughing Pour yes drink. Eh, the day of the capture of the Bastille was wasted ....
      1. Piramidon
        Piramidon 1 June 2020 06: 36
        Quote: dauria
        Pour yes drink

        And we don’t sell alcohol on this day.
      2. Crimean partisan 1974
        Crimean partisan 1974 1 June 2020 21: 42
        Pour yes drink. Ah, the day of taking the Bastille was wasted ...... more Fishing opening day, sorry too
  2. not main
    not main 1 June 2020 00: 41
    All North Seas with HOLIDAY!
  3. Crowe
    Crowe 1 June 2020 00: 53
    Happy Holidays, North Sea !!!
    1. Crowe
      Crowe 1 June 2020 00: 54

      Northern Russian fleet -
      Our pride and stronghold.
      The sailors who serve here
      Today glory, praise, honor!
      Congratulations on the occasion,
      We wish seven feet under the keel,
      Easy service and good luck.
      Yes, health in addition to them,
      Love and happiness in personal life,
      So that everything was fine with you!
  4. Alien From
    Alien From 1 June 2020 00: 58
    Happy holiday to all involved !!!!!)))))))) calm sea and peaceful sky))))))
  5. codetalker
    codetalker 1 June 2020 02: 24
    I would like to congratulate all those involved and thank for the service. Our north has not fallen from heaven from us, nor because no one else needed it, and so on. This is the work of many generations. The development of the north was not only a state affair, it was popular. Cossacks, pioneers, industrialists and other philanthropists, this is our common heritage. So, no, the NSR does not “belong to the whole world”.
  6. aszzz888
    aszzz888 1 June 2020 04: 58
    Severomorets! Congratulations on the occasion of the formation of the Northern Fleet !!! soldier The unfading Glory of the Fleet has been fanned for centuries! Veterans, servicemen of the Federation Council of Health, and firmly hold the helm of the current Time !!! soldier drinks soldier
  7. Brig
    Brig 1 June 2020 05: 29
    Happy Holiday, little brothers!
  8. Retvizan 8
    Retvizan 8 1 June 2020 06: 32
    Happy holiday, guys !!!
  9. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 1 June 2020 07: 34
    Happy holiday to all our northerners! Who served under the North Star, in polar nights, winds and in storms!
  10. Serg65
    Serg65 1 June 2020 08: 07
    Happy Northerners !!!! drinks
  11. Doccor18
    Doccor18 1 June 2020 10: 33
    Greetings from the Pacific Severomors to the Holiday !!!
  12. Vladimir Mashkov
    Vladimir Mashkov 1 June 2020 11: 59
    Congratulations to all, especially those involved, of the North Sea! Not easy service in the North, but honorable!
  13. yasvet
    yasvet 1 June 2020 17: 35
    They were overshadowed by the Andreevsky Cross, as well as the Cross of the General's Hill,) with the Day of the Northern Fleet!
    All the best to you! God and St. Andrew’s Flag are with us!)
  14. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 1 June 2020 19: 20
    Happy Birthday, Native Northern Fleet!
    Always remain the most powerful, combat-ready and young of your ships, as it was during the time of my lieutenant youth.
    Congratulations to all of us, dear Severomors.
    Health, happiness, GOOD LUCK! drinks
  15. lBEARl
    lBEARl 1 June 2020 21: 20
    Happy Northern Fleet !!!
    P.S. It sounds somewhat unusual that motorized riflemen from individual brigades can also be congratulated on this holiday))
  16. demo
    demo 2 June 2020 00: 09
    For me, the water element is a priori hostile.
    And service at sea is a very difficult test.
    But service in the Northern Fleet is a hundred times harder.
    I admire men.
    Happy holiday to you!
  17. Fizik M
    Fizik M 2 June 2020 19: 42
    a bit of reality