Special Forces pistols: HK Mk23 SOCOM review


In a huge family of pistols, a special group can be distinguished. These are pistols for special forces. One of the prominent representatives of such a group is weapon, which is used by the American soldiers of the special forces of the naval forces DEVGRU. According to some reports, the same weapons are used by American MTR.

This weapon is a HK Mk23 SOCOM pistol. For a variety of reasons, this gun is referred to as an “offensive” weapon, which allows solving problems during an assault operation in a limited space.

HK Mk23 SOCOM is made under the cartridge of the 45th caliber (.45 ACP - 11,43x23 mm). The caliber itself already says that it is a powerful weapon. Moreover, even in the basic configuration, it is usually equipped not only with a muffler, but also with other devices - for example, a tactical flashlight.
The development of a line of such small arms was launched at the very beginning of the 1990s in Germany. Since then, the weapon has undergone a number of changes.

HK Mk23 SOCOM can be called a gun for a strong hand, and hands of considerable size. The fact is that its dimensions, even in comparison with other pistols of the same category, are very large.

The Lazarev Tactical YouTube channel provides an overview of these small arms:

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    1. -3
      29 May 2020
      Special Forces pistols: HK Mk23 SOCOM review
      Glorious freak, isn't it? feelLarge, heavy, with a powerful cartridge ...
    2. +3
      29 May 2020
      Good gun. 0.45 perfect muffler cartridge. 12 rounds is enough. The host often carries some kind of achenia.
    3. +7
      29 May 2020
      Mk23 is a larger and heavier version of the gun. USP made under the terms of the competition.
      In fact, commandos often use exactly the USP, which is also rather big, but compared to MK23, in most cases it is noticeably more convenient, smaller and lighter ..

    4. -3
      29 May 2020
      Yeah ... bandura! Weight without cartridges and silencer 1200gr ... belay 1470gr charged, 2290gr with a silencer and a luc. Length with silencer 41,2 cm. Muzzle velocity 260 m \ s, effective at a distance of ~ 20 meters recourse
      I think the “severe” seals will begin to “lose” them en masse in a situation where a sewing needle is an extra burden!
      1. +3
        29 May 2020
        Alex, hi! hi
        they will begin to “lose” them en masse in a situation where a sewing needle is an extra load!

        it says something about the war for which they are preparing (although your counterpart master sergeant Thomas Beckett also carried a weighty piece of iron)
      2. 0
        29 May 2020
        Severe fur seals or more correctly seals have been using this weapon since the beginning of the 90s, which was an article in the American magazine Soldier of Fortune in 95. It also said that a device was created for this gun to delay spent cartridges, which was later abandoned due to failures weapons when shooting. Also, not simple 45 ASR cartridges go to this gun but reinforced + Power +, 45ACP + P + and a weight of almost one and a half kg allows absorbing recoil.
    5. +6
      29 May 2020
      smile A very "competent explanation" by Konstantin Lazarev smiled:
      The double-action pistol, that is, it can be cocked both manually, so the automation also works due to the removal of powder gases.
      Yes, and respected Konstantin poured a lot of "water", instead of talking more specifically and to the point at the same time, even about the applied "double" spring assembly of the return mechanism, with a spring that dampens shocks to the polymer case ..
      IMHO, for the future, K. Lazarev, nevertheless, needs to prepare in advance and write verified texts for voice acting, and not broadcast frivolous impromptu acts that undermine his shaky "authority"! wink

      The gun is good for its tasks — user reviews about it are not bad!
      They tested the "Heckler" pistol for SEAL with an addiction uncharacteristic for the American military - it was soaked in sea water even for 4 days and it worked properly, confirming its outstanding reliability.
      And the fact that it is big, so is the Russian pistol Kozlov - "Boa constrictor" (and any large-caliber army pistol), designed "with a margin" for such a powerful cartridge and hanging all sorts of "bells and whistles", after all, it is also rather big, in the pocket of your trousers by no means you won't put it down!
      Personally, from the 45-caliber pistols I like most of all the elegant Browning "classic" -Colt М1911А, with its 7 rounds and a non-self-cocking trigger with a trigger trigger. Sometimes I like to watch educational films of pistol training of American "GI" during the Second World War, how they deftly handle their "Colts" in different situations (for greater clarity, using a "tracer" 45 caliber in shooting practice). Yes
      1. +1
        29 May 2020
        Good afternoon. Kindly a reference. Also very curious to see. (If not difficult)
        1. +2
          29 May 2020
          hi Recently, the operative flew off along with all my "bookmarks", so now, if I want to watch, I will search for training films of the US Army, by "keywords" on English-language resources, especially since they were not in Russian.
          Perhaps there are more modern such educational films (specifically about pistol training!), During the war in Korea and Vietnam ?!
          Find, you will not regret, a beautiful spectacle (filmed from the right angles and conveys the intensity of stress, in modern Hollywood feature films, with all their computer effects and "slow-mo", the artists cannot portray so naturally, because in artistic films they shoot blank ... winked ) and, even, cerebral, more lively and dynamic than the captured German and our "secret" Soviet educational films, in which everything was "didactically correct" boringly "put on shelves"! Yes
          1. +1
            29 May 2020
            hi will seek. thank
            1. +1
              29 May 2020
              1. 0
                30 May 2020
                hi Thank you, dear aka Simple, for the movie! good
                But this shows only the basics of pistol shooting, and I saw, there is also an American training film (apparently the next stage of training?), Where American servicemen aim and quickly "sniff" from pistols already in motion, offhand from various positions, and theirs " tracers "sew in" twos "the centers of the silhouettes, and not anyhow ...
                Even at the first viewing, I was amazed, I remembered the unusual shots of the shooters jumping on their haunches, dexterously handling their pistols ... it was a pleasure to see, it was very infectious for them - if I saw this film in my youth, I would certainly try so repeat with "Makarov"! wink
    6. AB
      29 May 2020
      Wow. You come somewhere, get it ... and further along Zhvanetsky.
      It’s probably nice to suddenly appear in the housing office and ask to replace the floor in the kitchen without leaving the car. It is good to enter the bazaar and ask through the crack: "Skoko, skoko? One kilo or the whole bag?"
    7. 0
      29 May 2020
      Lazarev, Now it’s clear, you must surely hit the store from below twice to get it in place! laughing I used to think that this was typical only for domestic pistols, but now you have convinced that this is not so! fool
    8. +1
      29 May 2020
      What kind of gas outlet is this Lazarev talking about? Browning automation - a short stroke with an engaged shutter - and here the gases.

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