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29 May - Military Motorist Day

29 May - Military Motorist Day

Annually on May 29 in Russia, military personnel and civilian personnel of automobile troops celebrate Military Motorist Day. These are drivers, mechanics, repairmen, unit commanders, that is, everyone who had “butterflies” on their buttonholes. But not only they celebrate this holiday today. The holiday of military motorists applies to everyone who, on duty, "turned the steering wheel", driving all kinds of vehicles, was engaged in the repair and maintenance of automotive equipment.

But this is not all who are directly related to the Day of the military motorist and every year he celebrates. After all, the service is not only soldiers, sergeants, warrant officers and officers, but also their relatives. Anyone who is waiting for a soldier to go home, also serves with him, helps to overcome all difficulties and hardships. Therefore, this holiday concerns not only warriors-motorists, but also members of their families.

The appearance of the car in the armies of the world completely changed the face of the armed forces and turned upside down the notion of hostilities. Cars are used today in all military branches without exception.

May 29, 1910 the decree of Emperor Nicholas II launched the appearance in Russia of the First Training Automobile Company, which was based in St. Petersburg. She trained driver mechanics for all automotive divisions of the Russian armed forces. It was the founding date of the first automobile part in Russia and was subsequently celebrated as the Day of a military motorist.

Already during the First World War, Russia had more cars and motorcycles in the troops than in the armies of the USA, Great Britain and France.

But the real “war of motors” was World War II. And although by the beginning of World War II in the USSR there was already a developed automobile industry, for the needs of the front it was necessary to import automobiles manufactured by the Allies.

Already then it became clear that it was vitally important for the army to be able to quickly deploy troops to the front, take out the wounded, deliver ammunition and food, and provide the units with mobility and maneuverability. And all these tasks were successfully solved by motorized warriors.

We all know about the blockade of Leningrad and those who did not survive it. But if it were not for the Road of Life, then there would have been much more victims of the Nazi blockade. Food, medicine, ammunition were delivered to besieged Leningrad on the thin ice of Lake Ladoga, and children and wounded, valuable industrial equipment from Leningrad factories were taken from there. Drivers risked their lives, many died under German aerial bombs or failed along with cars under the ice.

Several decades later, during the war in Afghanistan, military motorists played a key role in providing the Soviet military contingent with everything necessary. In addition, they helped local residents, who, due to the war, sometimes lacked the essentials.

Today, the service of warriors-motorists is also fraught with danger. For example, in Syria, a lot depends on the drivers of the military police patrolling the territory near the Turkish border. Peaceful life often comes to the areas where Russian military vehicles appear. People begin gradually and carefully return to their homes. And this is the merit of the Russian military, including military motorists.

And even if you yourself have nothing to do with this holiday, but among your relatives and friends there are motoring soldiers, do not forget to congratulate them today, because it's their day.

The editors of Military Review join in the congratulations of all military motorists on their professional holiday.
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 29 May 2020 06: 38
    14 th
    29 May - Military Motorist Day

    I repeat. repeat "But the calendar is no longer pleasing to the soul with the celebrations." (Mityaev) request
    1. Lara Croft
      Lara Croft 29 May 2020 19: 16
      Quote: Mavrikiy
      29 May - Military Motorist Day

      I repeat. repeat "But the calendar is no longer pleasing to the soul with the celebrations." (Mityaev) request

      Do not spoil the mass ...
      1. Alexey Z
        Alexey Z 29 May 2020 20: 20
        Happy Holidays Guys! Good luck CHVVAIU
  2. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 29 May 2020 06: 47
    "Eh path-track, front line,
    and we’re not afraid of any bombing!
    And it’s too early for us to die,
    we still have things to do at home! "
    That this song would only sound in memory of the Great War!
    Best wishes! Well, the Day of the military motorist coincided with Friday! ))) No frills, comrades!
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 29 May 2020 07: 51
      Happy holiday!
      PS Dad twisted the steering wheel all the war .... He drove cars to the very last stop ...
      1. Terenin
        Terenin 29 May 2020 08: 56
        hi My father too
        I drove cars to the very last stop ...

      2. sabakina
        sabakina 29 May 2020 10: 14
        Happy holiday to everyone who distinguishes the gas pedal from the brake pedal!
        1. demo
          demo 30 May 2020 17: 02
          Happy holiday to everyone who distinguishes the gas pedal from the brake pedal!

          Underpants invented brakes !!!!!! drinks

          Happy Holidays!
    2. major147
      major147 29 May 2020 11: 06
      All colleagues, military motorists with a professional holiday! Senior driver - electrician, KBVO Communications Troops soldier
      1. cost
        cost 29 May 2020 16: 00
        I join in the congratulations of our wonderful military motorists. All involved with the holiday! drinks
    3. iouris
      iouris 29 May 2020 11: 51
      Quote: Vladimir_2U
      and we’re not afraid of any bombing!

      This column will be destroyed in one blow.
  3. Doccor18
    Doccor18 29 May 2020 06: 51
    Congratulations to all the drivers of army vehicles on a holiday! One of the most important professions in the army. Without them, motorized rifle would be just a rifle.
    BISMARCK94 29 May 2020 06: 56
    Happy Holiday! Rail Brigade Stock Driver hi
  5. Crowe
    Crowe 29 May 2020 06: 58
    Happy Holidays!
    1. Crowe
      Crowe 29 May 2020 06: 58

      The unit commander runs out and tells his driver:
      - Ivanov, what are you waiting for, let's leave, I'm late!
      - Comrade Colonel, the car will not start.
      - Let's go, I tell you, then start!
    2. Sklendarka
      Sklendarka 29 May 2020 10: 25
      Oh, I would fly away, but the eggs interfere ...
      Happy Holidays!
      1. Alexey Z
        Alexey Z 29 May 2020 20: 23
  6. Horror
    Horror 29 May 2020 07: 01
    Without wheels, the Army will not last long ... Even during the Second World War, at a meeting with Stalin, one general declared the Army needed trucks like air ..!
    Happy holiday army drove! drinks
  7. Essex62
    Essex62 29 May 2020 07: 17
    Happy holiday, men! 2 years behind the wheel at the KSIBVO.
  8. German Titov
    German Titov 29 May 2020 07: 46
    Happy holiday "Cardans, screws" Brothers! Over 2 years, from Kushka to Kandahar. Separate "Salam" infantry and airborne troops, guarding us on the track.
    1. Vitaly Tsymbal
      Vitaly Tsymbal 29 May 2020 08: 29
      Happy holiday brother - the same route + from Bagram to Hairaton !!!!!!
  9. Free wind
    Free wind 29 May 2020 07: 54
    Happy holiday! Why there are still no armored cabs and tanks on fuel trucks, because you will have to refuel directly at the front line. A pair of bullets and a column will turn into a huge torch. It’s interesting what the contraption on the second car burns green next to the headlamp. Nothing can glare there, you won’t put the lights in there, as I recall, you won’t screw it onto the bumper, it will get in the way, and you won’t open the lining and you won’t overturn the cab. And for the green light, any inspector will have, with perversions, such a driver or an older car.
  10. Vitaly Tsymbal
    Vitaly Tsymbal 29 May 2020 08: 25
    Poem by Askar Sagnayev - driver of the Afghan war

    We would have to pass, brother, this "green".
    Click on the gas, do not run into a land mine!
    Return to home
    Each of us wants to survive here.

    So as not to hamper - bronik on the door.
    Look behind the wheel in both eyes!
    Ah, how you want to jump out to your heart
    Into the windshield from the chest!

    Do not forget the wild mountains of serpentines.
    How does the lid on the eyes.
    Like a fighter from a burnt car
    On the hands of dust crumbles.

    Didn't get a little to the point
    Private with a powder keg.
    Moms better not know how little sons
    They burn down to the ground here!

    We would have to pass, brother, this "green".
    Click on the gas, do not run into a land mine!
    Return to home
    At least one of us must survive!

  11. ZaharoFF
    ZaharoFF 29 May 2020 08: 49
    Happy All Military Drivers and Veterans! Somewhere in boxing misses my 43202. Health, success in service and good luck!
    Car troops - always ready for a throw! hi
  12. faterdom
    faterdom 29 May 2020 10: 25
    Happy holiday, military plowmen! These are those who plow in peacetime and wartime, as are the signalmen with sappers. And during the retreat, and the offensive, and in silence.
    When everything works for them, the commanders do not really notice them, when something does not go well - ...! As the wise proverb says: "Reward everyone! Signalers and motorists should not be punished this time!"
    Or about vacations: "The dirtiest, after all, the deputy head goes on vacation!"
  13. knn54
    knn54 29 May 2020 10: 26
    ON ANNIVERSARY-Order No. 100 of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation in 2000.
    Today without a car. Like in a song: And not tudy, and not syudy!
    My grandfather’s brother was a driver in the artillery regiment.
    For several months he was the personal driver of Army General Petrov.
    After the Second World War he was the driver of the chief doctor of the district hospital, the future Minister of Health of the Ukrainian SSR.
  14. Zanika
    Zanika 29 May 2020 10: 43
    Happy holiday army drove! Without you, the Army is helpless ..
    God grant that you do not have to sing a song, like "Oh, the front road .." Like our grandfathers and great-grandfathers .. I hope everything will work out, without a bloody massacre this time ..
    On the occasion, the peasants of all involved! And so that less damage and roads with potholes .. drinks
  15. Ros 56
    Ros 56 29 May 2020 10: 50
    All involved with the holiday !!! Well and be sure drinks , but not behind the wheel, but behind the body. love
  16. AlexVas44
    AlexVas44 29 May 2020 10: 56
    Aviation motorists happy holiday!
  17. Paranoid50
    Paranoid50 29 May 2020 11: 27
    Who served in the army, no need to tell
    Known to everyone, but in the rules of the unwritten law:
    A taxi driver is dangerous in front, onlookers a private trader in the back,
    Military driver beware from all sides.

    Happy Holidays! drinks
  18. Alien From
    Alien From 29 May 2020 12: 10
    All involved with the holiday !!!!))))
  19. Gennady Bogdanov
    Gennady Bogdanov 29 May 2020 12: 55
    Happy holiday motorized service Strategic Missile Forces! The driver of multi-axle vehicles, 382 guards missile regiment, 21 sites.
  20. faridg7
    faridg7 29 May 2020 15: 19
    Happy holiday, colleagues. I have two military motorists in my family. My brother and I are graduates of UVWACU. Brother issue 1983. Puli-Khumri 83-85, oil company. 36 outputs, I - sample 1992.
    1. Alexey Z
      Alexey Z 29 May 2020 20: 30
      Good luck, guys! CHVVAIU
      1. AlexVas44
        AlexVas44 30 May 2020 10: 02
        Happy holiday! ChVAU-1965
  21. BIABIA
    BIABIA 29 May 2020 16: 09
    I have a VUS - driver. In the service he drove officers, UAZ 469, Volga. Note * s drinks
  22. flc9800
    flc9800 29 May 2020 17: 12
    I drove all the army on a holiday! drinks And my KrAZ 255, probably back in the 90s, was written off ... Strategic Missile Forces 1987-1989!
  23. finur
    finur 30 May 2020 00: 27
    All colleagues, military motorists with a professional holiday! Urgent-Driver - electrician PDRTS regiment of communications control of the 4th air army, Reserve-Po VUS senior driver of the automotive department. in a civilian age of 17 I work as a driver, a tester of construction and fire fighting equipment. Neither mounting, nor caps !!!!
    P / S I almost forgot - Balashovsky ShMAS got the rights in the training
  24. Oleg Shustov
    Oleg Shustov 1 June 2020 15: 15
    At the landing - "Nobody but us." Military motorists - "Where are you without us."
  25. Oleg Shustov
    Oleg Shustov 1 June 2020 15: 18

    Happy Holidays ChVVAIU 1979-1984 BBC
    1. Oleg Shustov
      Oleg Shustov 1 June 2020 15: 20
      The landing party has a motto - "Nobody but us!", And the military motorists "Where are you without us!"