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Armored vehicle without crew: project of the multi-purpose RTK Milrem Type-X (Estonia)


The proposed appearance of the Type-X in the version of the armored combat vehicle with cannon armament

The Estonian company Milrem Robotics, widely known for its universal robotic platform THeMIS, is working on a new combat mission complex. RTK Type-X is at the design stage, but already this year it is planned to build and put the first prototype to testing. Unlike its predecessor, the new Type-X will belong to the heavy class and will be able to carry a full range of weapons.

Promising project

The development of a new heavy RTK was reported a few weeks ago, in early April. A promising project with the working name Type-X provides for the construction of a caterpillar autonomous combat armored vehicle with the ability to work on operator’s commands. It is expected that such a model will show noticeable advantages over the current "manned" equipment and will be able to replace it in some situations.

The management of Milrem Robotics noted that the new project already has a starting customer. The armed forces of an unnamed country became interested in the heavy RTK and almost completely paid for its development. In the future, new orders are expected from other countries.

In early April, it was reported that the development of the project was coming to an end. Already ordered individual components of foreign production. In the near future it was planned to import them into Estonia and use them in the construction of an experimental RTK. They are going to complete the assembly of the prototype by the beginning of autumn, and then proceed with testing.

The development company believes that it will take about three years to continue the work, test and refinement, as well as to obtain the necessary permits. Only after that it will be possible to start mass production in the interests of certain customers.

On May 25, Defense Update published new information about the project received from its developer. The timing of the appearance of experimental equipment is clarified, and the main technical features are also disclosed. The completion of the construction of the Type-X prototype was shifted to the end of the 3rd quarter of this year, after which factory tests will begin.

Heavy drone or light tank

The Type-X project provides for the construction of a tracked BBM with a modular architecture with maximum process automation and remote control. It is possible to install various combat modules and towers, including with anti-tank or anti-aircraft weapons. In the future, it is possible to create a new modification without reservation and weaponsadapted for use in commercial organizations of various kinds.

Type-X will be able to solve a wide range of combat tasks determined by the operator. With the help of this RTK it will be possible to conduct reconnaissance, provide fire support, accompany convoys, etc. In some situations, this technique will have advantages over conventional armored vehicles.

The concept of a mobile control center for several RTK

The basis of the RTK Type-X is a medium-sized tracked platform with a curb weight of 9 tons; payload, incl. in the form of a combat module - 3 tons. The chassis should have an armored body with bulletproof and anti-shatter protection. On board such a machine there is a power plant, communications and control, navigation, etc. Product length - approx. 6 m. Height - approx. 2,2 m.

RTK Type-X will receive a hybrid power plant based on a diesel generator and electric motors with batteries. Diesel and traction engines are located in the aft compartment; under the batteries given nasal volume. The chassis receives seven rollers with independent suspension on board. The estimated speed of the car on the highway reaches 80 km / h, on the ground - 50 km / h. Cruising range - 600 km.

The chassis provides for the installation of a set of television and thermal imaging cameras for all-round viewing, lidars and other sensors. Information from the sensors is collected by the on-board computer, creating a map of the area and controlling the movement. Depending on the task, the RTK will be able to move independently or on the instructions of the operator. In both cases, the direct control of the systems lies with the automation.

The first to develop a combat version of the Type-X, equipped with a turret with cannon-machine gun weapons. A two-ton combat module should carry an automatic gun of 30 or 50 mm caliber, a rifle caliber machine gun and smoke grenade launchers. To search for targets and fire control provides for the use of panoramic sight.

In the future, the appearance of other combat modules with one or another weapon is possible. The issue of creating a self-propelled anti-aircraft complex, mortar or radar is considered. The refusal of additional equipment is also possible, as a result of which the robot becomes a vehicle for people and goods. This version of the complex may be of interest not only to the armies, but also to civilian structures.

The RTK Type-X will include an operator panel equipped with large-format monitors and the necessary controls. Depending on the needs of the customer, the remote control can be installed on any platform. In particular, the design of a mobile control center based on an armored personnel carrier is being worked out. In the troop compartment of the armored personnel carrier, you can place up to four jobs - this will allow you to control a whole group of robots.

Developer optimism

Milrem Robotics believes that their new Type-X RTK has a great future and will find its place in the market. This opinion is already confirmed by the availability of an order from one of the armies and its financial support. New orders are also expected. The development company believes that in the future robotic systems will become more widespread, and this determines the prospects for current developments.

A key feature of Type-X is the combination of three factors: a hybrid power plant, battery life and lack of crew. In this regard, the new Estonian RTK looks more successful than other modern developments.

Multipurpose platform Milrem THeMIS, involved by the French contingent in Mali. Photo: Milrem Robotics

A curious comparison is offered with traditional technique. So, the Type-X BBM is three times lighter and half the price of an average modern infantry fighting vehicle with similar running and combat characteristics. In this case, the robot has a reduced profile, which increases its survivability. Reduced mass reduces military transport requirements aviation, increasing strategic mobility and providing the possibility of parachute landing.

Complex for the future

The promising project RTK Type-X from the company Milrem Robotics is an advanced field and involves the use of a number of promising ideas. Due to this, it may be of certain interest to potential customers. Moreover, according to the development company, while the equipment being developed has already found a buyer.

The strengths of Type-X include a modular architecture that provides the possibility of building samples for various purposes, an advanced electronic complex, limited size and weight, as well as flexibility of application and the ability to solve a wide range of problems. Such a RTK can really find application in various fields and give the desired results.

However, the project may face serious difficulties. The main ones are related to ensuring effective battery life. The complex should independently determine the features of the terrain and carry out some operations without the intervention of the operation. Reliable algorithms for automatic tracking of the situation, detection and tracking of targets are also needed.

The ability of the development company to establish full-scale serial production with the delivery of a large number of equipment in a limited time raises questions. It is now clear that the assembly of the prototype, incl. with the involvement of foreign suppliers, it will take several months. How quickly they can build serial products is unclear.

Despite all the complexity, the prospects for the Type-X project can be viewed in an optimistic manner. Milrem Robotics has extensive experience in developing robotic systems and was able to interest a number of countries with its products. To date approx. 10 armies of NATO countries purchased the RTK THeMIS in various configurations for testing and evaluation. This technique shows itself well and receives high marks.

Developments on the THeMIS platform in finished or in a modified form could be used in the new Type-X BBM project - with getting good results. In addition, as follows from the messages of the development company, the promising RTK uses imported components, possibly from leading manufacturers. This can also have a positive effect on overall features and capabilities.

In general, the Milrem Type-X project looks quite interesting and may have good prospects. The direction of robotic systems in the form of armored combat vehicles is actively developing by the forces of several countries, and the results of this development attract the attention of the armies. The new Estonian development has already found its buyer, and it may not be the last.
Photos used:
Milrem robotics
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 29 May 2020 18: 22
    Armored vehicle without crew: project of the multi-purpose RTK Milrem Type-X (Estonia)
    Wow. Estonia jumped over Hohland! Which probably funded the development? repeat
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 29 May 2020 22: 02
      Quote: Mavrikiy
      Wow. Estonia jumped over Hohland!

      Watching with what.
      The THeMIS platform was really very, very good. Due to his original idea
      With a heavy RTK .... with a high probability they will get the money and this will end

      Quote: Mavrikiy
      Which probably funded the development?

      It's unlikely.
      Well, no, they would probably even pay the Americans. Loyal. But not Estonia
    2. cormorant
      cormorant 30 May 2020 00: 58
      Eka flooded them, who would have thought that the Estonians have so many talents for robotics. Oh, how they were underestimated in the Soviet Union. wassat
    3. pmkemcity
      pmkemcity 1 June 2020 11: 56
      Estonian advertising of the armed forces - “No threat will be great if there is power near you!”

      Although, I remembered about other "Estonians" -
  2. Undecim
    Undecim 29 May 2020 18: 42
    Equipment options Type-X.

    The management of Milrem Robotics noted that the new project already has a starting customer. The armed forces of an unnamed country became interested in the heavy RTK and almost completely paid for its development.
    There are not many options.
    The first. The company did not hide. that the heavy RTK from Milrem Robotics; that the RTK is designed to be integrated into NATO's mechanized forces for joint operations with tanks and other armored combat vehicles.
    Second. SABER from the UAE.
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 29 May 2020 18: 58
      I already wondered who can order this?
      Oops, and here "rich Buratin" appeared! Ha, ha, they want to throw fun at the Houthis. And the same, their army is running from them, maybe this wunderwaffle will fight as it should ...
      In general, a camel, everywhere he is only a camel.
      1. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins 29 May 2020 19: 27
        Dill on their Tirex.
        1. rocket757
          rocket757 29 May 2020 20: 15
          There lapotnaya initiative, on the ruins of a real, strong, once industry, arranged ...
          Drawn "funny pictures" which have nothing to do with real design, production ... in short, pf-e.
      2. avg
        avg 29 May 2020 20: 05
        You can order, you can develop, the question is where to do it?
        1. rocket757
          rocket757 29 May 2020 20: 22
          Such a "design bureau", for theirs / tsuzye money, can draw anything!
          The question is, how to reproduce all this in metal, and even so, it ran, shot, WORKED!
          Here it is necessary to carry out a whole series of tests, to bring the idea to mind, i.e. design support of the project ...
          This is no longer a wedge, the size and complexity of a little more than a good coffee grinder, bungled ...
          but they also painted, that office is known / became famous ... in narrow circles, about which no one knew and would not know, it seems.
          In short, only camels and breed on green ...
          straw bully
  3. knn54
    knn54 29 May 2020 19: 32
    One "but" - the destruction of targets occurs ONLY after the operator's command.
    A four-operator center will be located on the wheeled armored personnel carrier to control a group of Type-X vehicles.
    It can be transported by C-130, Chinook and Super Stallion helicopters (CH-47D / F and CH-53G / K).
    1. V.I.P.
      V.I.P. 29 May 2020 20: 14
      The UAE did not order from us. laughing A bunch of our analogues did not interest them.
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 29 May 2020 21: 54
        Quote: V.I.P.
        The UAE did not order from us.

        Butting Americans is scary.
  4. Ros 56
    Ros 56 29 May 2020 20: 29
    The main thing is not to forget the fastenings for the ropes, for which they will be pulled at the parade, because the planes already carry on the belt.
  5. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 29 May 2020 23: 52
    Estonia has developed a "breakthrough" robotic "world class"? Great! But for some reason I recalled the surprise of Wilhelm Keitel in 1945: "Was, die Franzosen auch? Die haben uns noch gefehlt!" (“What, the French too? This was not enough for us yet.”) If someone didn’t understand right away, then this is the “initial version” of those words that “transformed” after many years of disputes and literary massacre into: “And these, too, won us ? "
    1. Voltsky
      Voltsky 30 May 2020 08: 20
      Robotics and programmers there are some of the best in the world, with extensive experience in developing secure communication channels.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 30 May 2020 11: 51
        Boeing also has the very best in the world ... it was, probably. At least they claimed so.
        1. Voltsky
          Voltsky 30 May 2020 12: 24
          airplanes from Boeing can’t take off? :) You see, a young man, those problems that they encountered are not even close to the ass in which the aircraft industry in Russia is located.
          And your arguments are like the representatives of the Sumerian nation; and the Muscovites have "use it is bad," but they themselves, as it were, cannot grow pigs for bacon. :)
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 30 May 2020 12: 40
            You understand the "wise old man" that they suggested discussing not where someone else happened a long time ago, but who's who? runs ahead of everyone. And Boeing has a whole series of the newest 737 liners of the line, flying from the definition of ANYWHERE. This is a fact and no one is hiding it now.
            It is decisive whether the products of the development of the "cool" sharashka will run / drive through the fields / dunes or not .... the rest is pf-e, verbal husk.
            My opinion will not ... let's see, in short.
            1. Voltsky
              Voltsky 30 May 2020 12: 45
              everything rests on money, will be entered into the cash desk for further development and testing, then everything will be; but no, no.

              ps Boeing faced with the good old gouging, won the gouging at AvtoVAZ in the past, it still affects his reputation. This is the Boeing and it sounds very strong, but it will live. But civil aviation in the Russian Federation is being pumped out rather than being treated
              1. rocket757
                rocket757 30 May 2020 14: 39
                Quote: Voletsky
                it all comes down to money

                In the project, more complicated than a coffee maker, money can not be dispensed with. In addition to the scientific and design base, much more is needed.
                As an option, they will pile up the project and transfer it to where there is everything necessary .... it can also be, but this is for any somewhere else, in another state.
                In general, a boom to see.
                About the mess that is / have not been eliminated, we still have a lot where. Something is already being eliminated, something will remain for a long time .... this is a fact, it is foolish to deny it.
                The justification that the paws / rake was attached to that, many here and there, does not reassure. I want order and normal, effective work of all state structures.
                1. Voltsky
                  Voltsky 30 May 2020 14: 42
                  Quote: rocket757
                  I want order and normal, effective work of all state structures.

                  Mliiin ..... :)))))) without comments.

                  beaver to you and good luck :)
                  1. rocket757
                    rocket757 30 May 2020 14: 57
                    Could use a sly, sarcastic smiley to attach. So it would be used.
                    1. Voltsky
                      Voltsky 30 May 2020 15: 26
                      well, damn it, you have wet dreams :) this is possible only under a totalitarian regime and then, only in theory (people work better when they are loved for mistakes and encouraged for success) ... At the moment, this is nowhere to be found, about Asians you can don't tell :)
                      And besides, hez, where are the emoticons :)
                      1. rocket757
                        rocket757 30 May 2020 15: 43
                        What is totalitarianism? The usual dermocratic, liberal "order"!
                        Ali, don’t you believe that in such a situation there can be no normal order, normal work of state structures / bodies?
                      2. Voltsky
                        Voltsky 30 May 2020 16: 13
                        In theory, even crocodiles can fly, only low, low :) But in practice, I have not encountered this.
                        For the most part, we consider work as a place where we need to go and earn a living, and not as a place where we rush with frenzy in order to do everything on time, beautifully and efficiently. Here, from childhood, such an approach must be brought up, and at the level of the whole country - and a priori it is not capable of such liberalism, because the definition itself contradicts this (what liberalism is and what ideas it pursues can be found in the English segment of the wiki, I emphasize in red in English).

                        In the meantime, the idea is flourishing, as paid and zafigachlen :)
                      3. rocket757
                        rocket757 30 May 2020 16: 21
                        The country is large, people are different ... in different ways and related to the work / relate.
                        The culture of production is enhanced by various methods, but public policy plays an important role in this matter. Just hanging everything with posters, slogans is not enough ... this has already happened, the results are mixed.
                        However, no matter what methods are used, the result depends on the prevailing mass of workers who take a specific attitude to their work.
                      4. Voltsky
                        Voltsky 30 May 2020 16: 23
                        Sorry, I didn’t understand :) it just looks like you agree with me :) A digital colony solves a number of such problems ... when you see online that your rating is falling ... then you have a reason to think

                        But where is the liberal state then? :)
                      5. rocket757
                        rocket757 30 May 2020 18: 10
                        What does it have to do with liberal, though totalitarian? What are we talking about? Some kind of mess.
                        If we talk about methods of evaluating the labor of workers, respectively, about the payment of that labor, then everything is based on the postulate that who does not work does not eat.
                        Just depending on the work being done, the methods for evaluating it, they eat everything in different ways. And here it is just a great variety that has nothing to do with justice.
                        By the way, in order to evaluate the work of an employee, it was enough to use old methods .... modern technologies simply simplify and speed up this process.
                        By the same methods, they improve and support the production culture.
                        All this was before, all this can be applied now ... modern control, accounting technologies make the process more efficient, more visual, but the essence does not change.
                        Last thing. It is to be expected that the process of operational control and evaluation will move workers towards quality, efficient work ... or revolution. Because not everyone is ready to accept such a rigid system.
                      6. Voltsky
                        Voltsky 30 May 2020 18: 54
                        Quote: rocket757
                        And here it is just a great variety that has nothing to do with justice.

                        :) Sorry, you obviously weren’t or just didn’t understand how the high-tech production process exists, and what it really is :)
                        We haven’t yet invented anything else in our office, but cruel punishments, up to a few months downtime without a salary or work-vacation :)))
                      7. rocket757
                        rocket757 30 May 2020 19: 17
                        High-tech production process at the Volkswagen production facility .... there are no warehouses at all, everything is from wheels. Clear logistics, well-established assembly process, full automation.
                        Performance, automation, order, a clear rhythm ... everything is higher than the roof.
                        Worked well, they say, until the crisis has come! It all got up one, two. It does not work yet and when it works it is not clear.
                        Question - Why is it not clear? For any engineers who worked in real production, in the military sphere, the electronic industry of the USSR. The same assembly line, flow .... there was little automation, well, so long ago it was.
                        Machinery, equipment is changing, but the principles of production are not fundamentally changing.
                        By the way, it was there that I learned many methods of stimulating workers .... which there weren’t any, now I can’t remember everything.
                        Although, most of all, there was a method of material interest ... in various interpretations.
                      8. Voltsky
                        Voltsky 30 May 2020 19: 48
                        well damn, there’s no reason to argue; if only about the nuances ... by and large, you could stop talking, at that moment where I wished you a beaver :)
                        We don’t really differ in thoughts, just a little bit in methods of achievement :)
                      9. rocket757
                        rocket757 30 May 2020 20: 32
                        There is knowledge, brains are not moldy ... conclusions, reasoning, should be about the same. Nothing was invented fundamentally new, but the nuances are different, there should be differences, too.
                        We are different people, production has its own specifics, but if you do not mix in the personal, philosophical component, there should not be big differences.
  • Kerensky
    Kerensky 1 June 2020 22: 26
    In the project, more complicated than a coffee maker, money can not be dispensed with. In addition to the scientific and design base, much more is needed.

    Victor. Yeah!
    Here we have one "device" that took the plastic film for ice ... The second showed us that we were driving a little under water ... Is that how this zyuka evaluates the soil?
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 1 June 2020 23: 04
      Science, technology, super-automation is cool! Only a chef will still be a person, not a soulless fool! Or, for example, a super analyzer \ super nose, the size of a refrigerator will be, but it cannot yet reach a hundredth of the diversity of a natural "indicator - a dog, a pig, a rat".
      When neither be, no matter how much later.
      1. Kerensky
        Kerensky 1 June 2020 23: 19
        Only a chef will be a man anyway, and not a soulless boob!

        A person needs an information exchange channel. And not one ... Koi channels can be bitten off.
        Yes, and you don’t understand anything on the monitor, it’s not a stick left and right poke ....
        1. rocket757
          rocket757 2 June 2020 06: 30
          Quote: Kerensky
          A person needs an information exchange channel. And not one ...

          And the channel is needed, and the memory is needed, and much more ... only a person can also create, fantasize, not only within the framework of the established program.
  • The comment was deleted.
  • Merimees
    Merimees 17 August 2020 15: 06
    Yeah, for sure) this is a very important direction in the current realities) after all, we have nothing more than air and people) well, you know, for sure ...
  • Hagen
    Hagen 30 May 2020 12: 48
    Quote: Nikolaevich I
    Estonia has developed a "breakthrough" robotic "world class"? Great! But for some reason I remembered Wilhelm Keitel's surprise in 1945.

    We watched the Turks in this way, until they launched an unmanned attack aircraft into a series. As a result - they have it, and we are all "thinking about history" with the Israeli clones, for the most part. You don't have to be so arrogant. Think faster and work. Do not delve into years of "concept development". Here the other day on TV the minister praised our software development, but the same YouTube cannot produce a competitor. It is necessary to respect someone else's thoughts, and "catch trends" in time. Otherwise, we will not notice how we roll down to 404.
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 30 May 2020 14: 58
      The Turks developed the industry, seriously invested in it for a long time.
  • Viktor Sergeev
    Viktor Sergeev 30 May 2020 16: 23
    Ukrainians and Estonians, two great powers according to the invention, it is not clear what. The main thing is to cut the headstock.
  • Leomobil
    Leomobil 30 May 2020 20: 26
    It’s not even about who does the remote control in the US, but what idea of ​​application is embedded in this module. These people DO NOT UNDERSTAND !, but what for this contraption (this can be seen from their office.prez.) Is necessary. Blah blah we will save the soldier .. - this is for "mothers" and snotty. When did the "gavnirals" worry about the soldier? Even in NATO, this issue goes around the sidelines so as not to injure the electorate. Why "sprotlandii" give money for these "scarecrows for dabiles" is very simple, very creepy, and it hurts to understand "against scrap - there is no reception if there is no other scrap". If the Russian Federation needs a passage to Kaliningrad (and vice versa, and this is even more painful), then the "kilkovars" will be very painful, so they draw "iron knights" - the defenders of the Baltic Sea beaches. Russians - they can forgive a lot, but they don't forget anything!
  • tank-master
    tank-master 6 June 2020 23: 05
    Beautiful pictures already argue as if they will fight the same Estonians, but unarmed and on clean streets without mud and rain .... when this technique drives off the road onto the ground and enters the forest and residential area .. then let it " brilliant Estonian guys "will understand that the connection is lost, and on soft ground the equipment fails and the caterpillars break .... and clog up with dirt ... and dust clogs up cooling systems and surveillance devices. We look forward to ... continuation and testing ... otherwise they took the fashion to talk more in language, without checking in the field and at the training ground.
  • Gloomy skeptic
    Gloomy skeptic 14 July 2020 01: 55
    Components on this prodigy are 200% imported or only 150% ??? There she is, a power - an Estonian body !!!
  • Merimees
    Merimees 17 August 2020 14: 58
    How nice it is to realize that the enemies are on fire, and not only from the fact that you are shouting, because this weapon is against you in the future, but also because you are very offended by the scoops, because some part of your society has already gotten to know unmanned vehicles (ichtamnets in Libya Syria) but it's a shame that the Americans were able, the Chinese were able, even the Turks were able to launch a series of UAVs, efficient, technologically advanced, not expensive, and now Estonians too soon. but in general we are waiting for you, come, we have a lot tricks for all conscripts and their stupid mothers, and not only, come to your liking)))) hello from Narva)))