Eighteen years of valor and courage: the special forces detachment of the MVD "Rus"

The birthday of the special forces detachment of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “Rus” is considered to be 1 August 1994. It was formed on the basis of a separate special-purpose motorized rifle battalion, which, up to 1991, together with the Ninth Directorate of the KGB, was engaged in guarding the facilities of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. Soon, M.Gorbachev signed a decree according to which all the duties of protection from the battalion were removed, the servicemen were left without work. Therefore, the government faced a problem: what to do next with an exemplary military unit. The fact that it was not worth disbanding was understood by the military leadership headed by Anatoly Kulikov. In addition, the situation in the world (periodic inter-ethnic conflicts) made the military-political leadership think about how to make the army more combat-ready and effective. One of the main tasks that were set before the armed forces was to confront illegal armed groups and terrorist groups, extremists, most of whom concentrated on the territories of the North Caucasus, Transcaucasia and Central Asia.

In addition to regular troops, similar tasks were assigned to special forces, of which there were only two at that time: Rosich and Vityaz. As for the "Vityaz", he had a significant history and a good track record of successfully performed operations, both as part of the USSR and as part of independent Russia. “Rosich”, on the contrary, was created only in 1992 year and was part of the North Caucasus Military District.

The military leadership was well aware that the new conditions prevailing in the international arena, as well as the events that took place in North and South Ossetia and Ingushetia, assumed the development of special forces.

Thus, it was decided to create another special detachment, which became part of the Dzerzhinsky division. Colonel P.Zaitsev became his first leader.

Before the newly formed squad was put a large list of tasks that needed to be completed as soon as possible, because they belonged to the time of the creation of the unit. Thus, these tasks include participation in the operations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to curb aircraft and hijackings, assist in curbing mass riots, strengthening the protection of government facilities in case of need, freeing hostages, ensuring the safety and security of the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in emergency situations. .

Eighteen years of valor and courage: the special forces detachment of the MVD "Rus"

But, as is known, the period of formation is one of the most difficult. Therefore, a great help from the new special squad was rendered by the experience of another division, the Vityaz, from whom the staff structure and special training programs were taken, which in practice proved their effectiveness. Since the main principle of recruiting special forces is voluntary desire, after the organizational measures in the new subdivision there were only those who really wanted to continue serving in this type of troops. It is noteworthy that the officers remained almost completely, their professionalism and ability to acquire new knowledge and skills in a short time did not cause any doubts.

If we talk about the technical equipment, it practically did not differ from what the linear units and units of the internal troops possessed. The detachment was armed with machine guns, Kalashnikov assault rifles, and grenade launchers. Special weapon appeared a little later - these were Stechkin pistols, Cypress submachine guns. A distinctive feature of the special squadron was the uniform - each fighter had four sets of uniforms, distinguished by convenience and functionality, as well as special armored helmets “Mask-1”.

In those years, the practice of giving names to special units just appeared. And one of the first names that was assigned to the new division was “Center” (because it was practically in the very center of the capital). And at first, this name received support among the fighters. But in 1995, the squad received a new name - “Rus”, because it was the most resonant and memorable. In addition, it was a reflection of the history of the state, its heroic past.

The entire personnel of the unit fully mastered the skills of the fight against terrorism, methods of freeing the hostages. And in order to familiarize themselves with international experience in the industry, the detachment's fighters visited Austria, Germany and Israel, and took part in an international seminar on the issue of the release of hostages.

In 1994-1995, Russia, by the order of the President of the Russian Federation, B. Yeltsin, was sent to the Chechen Republic, where hostilities were taking place. This was the first special christening of the special squad. The mood of the fighters was decisive, many of them as part of other units had already taken part in military conflicts in Afghanistan, so they were well aware of the danger lurking them. The problem was that the detachment needed good military equipment for successful operations. In the fleet of “Rus” there were only ordinary trucks that were absolutely not suitable for conducting any actions in the North Caucasus. With great difficulty, 4 armored personnel carriers were obtained, which were far from new.

Among the tasks that were set before the detachment, the main ones were the restoration of the constitutional system of the Chechen Republic and the conduct of operations to destroy illegal armed groups. Achievement of these tasks was provided for through special operations, search and rescue and reconnaissance activities, the organization of ambushes and escort colon.

Rus took part in almost all the battles and operations that were carried out in Chechnya: the liberation of Argun, the village of Aldy and the Gudermes operation, and the battles in Grozny. Almost all the fighters of the unit received serious injuries and contusions.

After the events in Chechnya, the fighters of the special unit “Rus” took part in operations to free the hostages in Budennovsk, Pervomaisk, and Kizlyar.
When the militants seized the hospital in Budennovsk, the detachment was alarmed. Initially, the location of the city was determined, but no maps of it were available. It was decided to fly there and look around, that is, you need to be ready for an autonomous task. And although the soldiers of the “Alpha” and “Vega” special groups took part directly in the operation itself to storm the hospital building and free the hostages, the soldiers of “Rus” supported them by acting in the second echelon and acting as a reserve.

After the events in Budyonnovsk, the militants sharply changed their behavior, a relative lull occurred. Therefore, the main task, which was set before the special forces, was to provide protection and escort of high-ranking officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as representatives of the OSCE mission, who arrived in Chechnya to negotiate with terrorists.

During the years of military travel to Chechnya, more than 800 soldiers of the special forces "Rus" were awarded orders and medals, 6 military personnel received the title of Hero of Russia, and half of them - posthumously.

In 1997, a monument was opened in memory of the dead. It is installed directly on the territory of the part.

In the 1999 year - the next test. This time, the soldiers of the "Rus" squadron took part in antiterrorist operations in the North Caucasus region. This year is significant for the division because it was then that he successfully completed the most difficult task of unblocking the reconnaissance of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and taking control of Mount Shepherd near the village of Chabanmakhi (Dagestan). All actions required tremendous effort, since often all the necessary equipment and weapons had to be carried, and this is about 40 kilograms of additional weight. For the first time, an assault landing took place in Dagestan, and the soldiers were able to prove their professionalism in the introduction tactics and use of the latest weapons and equipment: the LNG-7 rocket launchers and the AGS-17 "Flame" automatic rocket launchers.

Then - again Chechnya, where the detachment conducted anti-terrorist special operations. Rus is rightfully recognized as one of the most productive units of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. His fighters took the most direct part in the liquidation of such famous field commanders as Abu Umar, Arbi Barayev, Abu Yakub.

In 2003, the Rus soldiers took part in security measures during the celebration of the St. Petersburg 300 anniversary.

All this confirms that the detachment was and remains one of the most professional special forces in Russia. Traditions that have developed during the time in the detachment are sacredly honored, just like the symbols, in particular, the maroon beret. And this is not surprising, because all the warriors know how expensive they are. Every year new young warriors come to the squadron, who will eventually leave their mark on the squad history. So the story of "Rus" will continue!

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  1. +10
    1 August 2012 08: 58
    Happy holiday men!
    1. dreamer
      1 August 2012 13: 32
      Real men !!! you don’t even need to say anything else, those who, not sparing their lives, are on guard of the integrity of the Motherland, HOLIDAY !!! drinks
  2. Gemar
    1 August 2012 09: 16
    Quote: "" Rus "is rightfully recognized as one of the most effective units of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Its fighters took the most direct part in the elimination of such well-known field commanders as Abu Umar, Arbi Barayev, Abu Yakub."
    That's who the real pride of Russia is! And not Sergey Zvereva with Pasha Wills! Athletes, doctors, military, scientists and teachers - PRAISE TO YOU FRIENDS !!!
    1. Alx1miK
      1 August 2012 09: 38
      Quote: Gamar

      Quote: "" Rus "by right

      One name inspires pride. There would be more of these, not "super jets".
  3. QWEST
    1 August 2012 09: 35
    always come back alive and healthy! happy meeting with the house!
    1. 0
      1 August 2012 15: 27
      considering the story with Kvachkov, Budanov and the shrill requests of the Chechen prosecutor's office, then a "happy" meeting for such fighters is guaranteed ... it seems that almost all traitors are in your Kremlin ...
  4. ilf
    1 August 2012 09: 49
    Detachment "Rus" was disbanded on the basis of "Rus" and "Vityaz" in 2008, created as part of ODON 604 TsSN VV MVD

    The biggest loss was in 95 g on February 25 in Grozny the loss of the entire command of the detachment
    Within two months - from January to February 1995, federal troops in the ongoing battles almost completely cleared Grozny of the Dudaev bandit groups. On February 25, the Rus unit, together with the first regiment of the Separate Operational Division and OMON Kemerovo, was relocated to the southern outskirts of the city. The operations were to be carried out in the suburbs of Grozny, a small settlement of Alda, which almost adjacent to the capital of Chechnya. The work that lay ahead in the Alds was routine. It was necessary to conduct an inspection of the passport regime, to seize weapons illegally stored in the population, to arrest the bandits and liquidate the gangs noticed. All this can be called one single word - stripping. Early in the morning, the task forces, which were under the command of the commander of the Rus detachment, Colonel Zaitsev, reached the outskirts of Grozny. In front of them were the Alds, a town with entirely one-story houses. Having deployed the command post, the group commander began to carefully analyze the plan for further actions, making clarifications and
    discussing the degree of interaction between the individual units. On that fateful morning, a dense whitish fog covered the whole city. It is worth noting that this kind of fog is a fairly common occurrence in Chechnya in the winter season. And then, a few meters in front of you, almost nothing was visible. It was worth a little wait, at least so that the fog would even dissipate a little. What happened next could not be foreseen. At some distance from the command post of the detachment, a rumble of a running engine was heard, and then in the veil of fog the silhouette of some kind of combat vehicle became visible. She stopped a couple of tens of meters from the detachment. And even despite the fact that Russian speech was heard from the fog, the squad commander ordered to find out what kind of car appeared from the fog - according to the plan of operations, there should be no military equipment in this area. But the scouts did not have time to do this. At the next moment, a fire arrow soared into the sky, dragging its tail. Flying over the heads of the fighters, the arrow disappeared into the fog, and the fiery tail crashed right into the cluster of special forces soldiers who were at that moment at the command post. Then there was an explosion of tremendous power. The consequences of this were catastrophic for the special forces detachment "Rus" - 28 people were killed. But most importantly, almost the entire command of the squad perished. Colonel commander Colonel Pavel Zaitsev was killed, deputy chief of staff Major Vladimir Batrukeev was mortally wounded, senior commander Viktor Klochkov, senior communications officer, sniper rank-and-file Alexei Panteleev, deputy platoon commander senior sergeant Vladimir Frolov died in hospital beds from severe wounds and burns. As it turned out later, this fire arrow was a well-known mine clearing vehicle. Its principle of action was as follows - with the help of a rocket charge it was thrown far ahead
    a cord with a charge, usually plastid, which was subsequently detonated from contact with a mine. Mines set in the ground were also blown up from the explosion. In the minefield passage done in this way, they can move further
    troops and military equipment. After firing a volley the car went into the fog. Then no one found out whose she was, and no one tried to do this - the main thing was to evacuate the wounded. But later, at the end of the operation, it was established that the car was its own, and belonged to the engineering detachment of a separate marine division. Just such
    cases added even more confusion at the beginning of the fighting in Chechnya, since it was impossible to determine exactly where their enemies were and where they were. The detachment at one moment was completely beheaded. But the decisive actions of the surviving officers of the headquarters of the Separate Operational Division, which were also at the scene of the tragedy - Colonel Viktor Rakitin, Colonel Arkady Obukhov, Lieutenant Colonel Anatoly Goloskokov and the head of intelligence of the detachment Major Sergei Yushkov, made it possible to organize the evacuation of the wounded and dead as soon as possible the main thing is to prevent chaos and loss of control. It was hard to imagine such a tragedy, especially considering that until that moment there was not a single dead in the squad. As a result, it was decided to appoint a temporary acting commander of the detachment of one of the most experienced officers. The detachment, of course, took this news without enthusiasm. However, at the general meeting of the detachment, it was decided to ask the command for a while, until one of the deputies or a new full-time commander arrives from Moscow, to appoint Major Sergey Yushkov, who enjoyed great authority among the fighters, as head of the detachment. This request has been granted. And February 25th was forever the Day of Remembrance of Fallen Comrades.
    1. +6
      1 August 2012 10: 26
      Sorry, the Marine Corps didn’t have any demining vehicles. Units were delivered to Chechnya by air only with small arms and mortars. They received some equipment on the spot, but it was a maximum of armored personnel carriers.
      All fighters of the detachment with a holiday! Health and good luck!
  5. patriot2
    1 August 2012 10: 13
    Happy holiday to you commandos! There are no former special forces, there are also active ones in reserve. Good health and good luck to everyone.
  6. +8
    1 August 2012 10: 14
    Live healthy until 100 years and three sons each!
  7. Grenz
    1 August 2012 10: 38
    I would like to join all the congratulations to the "Rus" detachment on this date, which is not unimportant for all special forces! A short time - but how glorious! Special respect for the ancestors - veterans of OMSBON, many of whom came there from well-known divisions!
  8. +6
    1 August 2012 10: 43
    Quote: Aventurinka
    Live healthy until 100 years and three sons each!

    At least three! And better, more, otherwise the nation is dying out. "Heroes" of all Pasha Volya become yes Fili Kirkorovs
  9. Sane
    1 August 2012 10: 50
    Happy holiday men!
  10. +3
    1 August 2012 12: 14
    I congratulate you! More "easy" study and less "hard" work. Eternal memory to those who fulfilled their military duty at the cost of their lives.
  11. Download Do Re Mi
    1 August 2012 13: 28
    These guys proved that they were real Specialists in all the wars of modern Russia, and thanks to them, many victories were won, sometimes the price of these victories was the life of special forces soldiers! Eternal Glory to the dead and the health of survivors and continuing to serve the Motherland! Happy men!
  12. 0
    1 August 2012 21: 14
    Huge + to the author for the article, but it hurt the eyes that SPG-7 and AGS-17 were ranked as the LATEST armament. sad
  13. hv78yuhf
    2 August 2012 11: 50
    An amazing country - amazing people, it was necessary to steal the database from specials. of services
    and put it on the Internet, I'm just amazed. And now everyone can find out information about each of us.
    When I saw it, I got scared at http://poisksng.tk
    because my phone numbers, addresses, personal correspondence in social networks are available to everyone. networks.
    You never know what idiots there are. But I already figured out and deleted my page, which I advise you to and quickly !!!

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