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NATO designation - "Bully": a review of the Ka-26 helicopter

NATO designation - "Bully": a review of the Ka-26 helicopter

From 1969 to 1985, Ka-26 helicopters were produced in our country. These are multipurpose rotorcraft, the production of which was very massive. Over 16 years, more than 800 such helicopters were produced in the USSR, and these unpretentious machines still plow the airspace of many countries of the world. In addition to its purely civilian versions, versions were created for the air forces of the countries that were part of the Warsaw Pact Organization.

So, the Ka-26 was in the service of, for example, the air forces of Bulgaria and Hungary.

On the YouTube channel "Pilot's Notes", a Ka-26 helicopter is considered, which in the NATO classification has received the designation "Bully."
The authors of the video express their surprise. Vladimir Vasiliev:

How can it even fly? It cannot be. Surely there are dwarves sitting and somehow switching these traction ...

The video tells about the technical component of the Ka-26, including its two M14 engines with a power of more than 300 hp. (aka AI-14).

The author notes that the designers decided to combine seemingly incompatible things, and as a result we got a brisk helicopter capable of solving a variety of problems.

Overview of the Ka-26 helicopter:


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  1. Grandfather
    Grandfather 22 May 2020 19: 19
    until they had time to litter the branch ... let those who at least from the side have seen this helicopter unsubscribe.
    1. Keyser soze
      Keyser soze 22 May 2020 20: 14
      Let those who, at least from the side, have seen this helicopter unsubscribe.

      I rode on the civilian version when I was a little kid :) Dad had a friend pilot in rural aviation ..... if I don’t confuse the car, then this spinner was very common in our civilian world. Yes, and now it seems still in business ...
    2. max702
      max702 22 May 2020 20: 21
      I’m more interested in the cost of a flight hour compared to the Mi-8 ..
      And yes, shoot 300l \ s with 10l of volume with a weight of 200kg shame! I don’t even want to think about fuel and oil consumption, as well as about motor resources ..
      1. Farewell
        Farewell 23 May 2020 19: 09
        It is not necessary to transfer ideas about specific power and weight from engines of small cars to aircraft engines. These are very different things.
        1. max702
          max702 24 May 2020 16: 18
          What is the difference? What are these fantastic parameters for aircraft engines other than automobile? It always seemed to me that the aircraft engine is the most high-tech .. but what do we see here? Liter power 30l \ s? So right now at tractor diesels with a resource of ten thousand hours it is more! What is the difference? Only low weight and perhaps dry sump .. That's it .. But now I repeat aluminum diesel engines on cheap small cars give out more with less weight ..
          1. Farewell
            Farewell 9 June 2020 19: 27
            Reliability requirements in the first place. And the speed at which maximum power develops. Not a single aircraft engine buzzes for six, seven, or eight thousand revolutions; for him, two are already many. RTFM, in general.
            1. max702
              max702 12 June 2020 17: 56
              So especially! 7-8 thousand \ about it is practically a sport, and ordinary engines have a maximum of 6500 (gasoline) and 5-5500 for good diesel engines .. True, the cost, resource, and efficiency of MODERN automotive engines are several times higher .. And all together, this means low cost flight \ hours ..
    3. Reserve buildbat
      Reserve buildbat 22 May 2020 20: 26
      As a child, I saw many times how the Ka-26CX sprayed fields. Almost all days they were buzzing.
    4. businessv
      businessv 22 May 2020 21: 16
      Quote: Dead Day
      Let those who, at least from the side, have seen this helicopter unsubscribe.
      Only in the movie, unfortunately! smile
      1. Insurgent
        Insurgent 23 May 2020 09: 12
        Quote: businessv
        Only in the movie, unfortunately!

        In 1973, the directors Stepan Isahakyan and Georgy Babushkin directed the second part of an amazing children's comedy about the adventures of monkeys Doni and Mickey - circus artists.

        The second story is called "Operation" Behemoth "and tells how clever primates help to catch the criminals who have kidnapped the hippopotamus from the circus. Alexey Smirnov from the films "Operation Y" ("Fedya") and other adventures of Shurik "and" Wedding in Malinovka "starred in the role of the bandit who committed the theft.

        In this part, the primates clearly demonstrated that the control of the Ka-26 is so simple that even a monkey can fully master it (joke).

    5. phair
      phair 22 May 2020 22: 30
      You will be in Vladivostok, near the headquarters of naval aviation is 26. The second river. Bus stop 23.
      1. Coward
        Coward 23 May 2020 03: 06
        Is this the intersection of the second river and the century towards the bus station? There is no 26th there.
  2. Red Alert
    Red Alert 22 May 2020 19: 22
    An excellent target would have been
  3. Kamchatsky
    Kamchatsky 22 May 2020 19: 39
    The Ka-26 had an "underground nickname" - the sword dance. good
  4. Ravil_Asnafovich
    Ravil_Asnafovich 22 May 2020 20: 24
    There is a film by V. Grammatikov, "A Dog Was Walking on a Piano," where the pilot flew in the same helicopter, and two girls made a fool of themselves, stuck a root vegetable into the muffler.
  5. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 22 May 2020 20: 31
    considered a Ka-26 helicopter, which in the NATO classification received the designation "Bully."
    Can’t you do without NATO classification? I don’t really care how they call our technique. Is an article written for us or for NATO? Until we learn to respect ourselves, without looking at NATO, no one will respect us. We do not fit into Western civilization, we are different. And we will never be our own for the west.
  6. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 22 May 2020 22: 11
    God forgive me, I was thinking about the Kamov sea vehicles ...
    Magic cars. Anchor in my ass !.
    1. mark1
      mark1 23 May 2020 08: 25
      Be careful with words and wishes, sometimes they materialize belay
      1. Petrol cutter
        Petrol cutter 23 May 2020 17: 21
        Good. Better than coronavirus.
  7. mister-red
    mister-red 22 May 2020 23: 37
    In times of the USSR GAI had such helicopters.
    And you could ride over the city, there were excursions.
    A beautiful helicopter, but I read that with aerodynamics because of the two engines it was not very good.
  8. bald
    bald 23 May 2020 02: 14
    I bow to our designers, their brainchildren make corps de ballets in flight, "disputes" between our and NATO designers are natural (NATO's design concerns not only themselves), I will see Vavilov, or rather, he flies on a turntable on business.
  9. bistrov.
    bistrov. 23 May 2020 05: 44
    Flying box. I remember that in the 80s, for days on end I hung over busy roads, controlling car traffic and registering accidents and all kinds of violations, passing them on to the traffic police post ahead, where you were already waiting with a composter.
    It was also used in Rybnadzor to control illegal fishing in prohibited places and during spawning. Moreover, some hard-to-wash powder poured on you. The fishermen were afraid of it like fire, when they heard a familiar chirp, they threw their gear and fled to the nearest bushes ....
  10. GTYCBJYTH2021
    GTYCBJYTH2021 23 May 2020 06: 34
    Quote: Benzorez
    God forgive me, I was thinking about the Kamov sea vehicles ...
    Magic cars. Anchor in my ass !.

    What kind of words are such an anchor in the ass .... in the stern clouse - it would be clearer for us ....
    1. mark1
      mark1 23 May 2020 08: 29
      Take care of the cluez (stern)!
  11. helmi8
    helmi8 23 May 2020 09: 54
    How can it even fly? It cannot be. Surely there are gnomes and somehow switch these traction ...

    Another pearl from journalists ...
  12. GTYCBJYTH2021
    GTYCBJYTH2021 23 May 2020 11: 26
    Quote: phair
    You will be in Vladivostok, near the headquarters of naval aviation is 26. The second river. Bus stop 23.

    ..... If you live in Vladik and if it’s not a burden, the Arms School on the island was there, you started the service ..... photo of the STOP OF THE SCHOOL also remove in PM ...... Memory ......
  13. Igor Rakhimov
    Igor Rakhimov 23 May 2020 19: 42
    Confirm! Great helicopter!
    And in terms of its characteristics, inaccessible after 60 years!
  14. Poetry
    Poetry 10 June 2020 13: 06
    I suggest that military specialists also designate enemy equipment with simple clicks. For example: "Marauder" or "Coward" or "Transgender" or ". Omosek" What? We have "hooligans" and "criminals"! ..
  15. Elturisto
    Elturisto 1 July 2020 19: 02
    Gnomes are sitting in the head of a battered degenerate ...