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Turkey uses Syrian Idlib for its interests in Libya


Recently, Syria has become not only a territory of an ongoing war, but also a base for training and sending militants to Libya that is also at war. Thousands of militants from Syrian Idlib with the help of Turkey are transported to the Mediterranean coast of Africa.

The military-political situation in Syria remains difficult. In the province of Idlib, clashes between government forces and radical groups continue. Meanwhile, a significant part of Idlib is controlled by the Turkish armed forces. For Ankara, control over Idlib is important not only from an ideological point of view, as the embodiment of the neo-Ottoman project of Recep Erdogan, but also as an opportunity to have a basis for more active actions in Libya.

Whom and how to recruit for shipment to Libya

As it became known, last day trucks with 120 fighters of the pro-Turkish "Syrian National Army" left Syria and entered the Turkish province of Hatay. According to informed sources, training camps are located in this province, where SNA recruits are being prepared for their subsequent transfer to Libya.

Pro-Turkish formations like the Sultan Murad Division have already turned into a forge of personnel to be sent to Libya. After all, Turkey is increasingly intervening in the situation in this North African country, trying to help the Government of National Accord Faiz Saraj defeat the Libyan National Army Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

Of course, it is not possible to send regular Turkish troops to Libya as "cannon fodder", and hiring world-famous private military companies is expensive. Therefore, in Ankara, they found a wonderful way that allows the Turks to kill two birds with one stone: radical militants recruited in Syria are sent to Libya. This ensures the regular supply of new “cannon fodder” for the needs of the army of Saraj, and in Syria, the border province of Idlib is cleared of armed and poorly controlled militants.

The scale of the recruitment and dispatch of Syrian volunteers to Libya is impressive: only the “Sultan Murad Division” transported, according to some reports, about 8 thousand people. In total, with the help of Turkey, more than 18 thousand militants were transported to Libya. Moreover, among the recruited mercenaries there are minors.

Idlib under Turkish control: what awaits the region

Syrian unemployed youth, as well as numerous “tumbleweeds” from the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia, who ended up in Syria, see recruiting in Libya as a good way to earn money. But, of course, not all come back. But in Idlib, the positions once occupied by radical groups are now controlled by Turkish regular troops.

Why Turkey, for example, the constant construction of more and more observation and checkpoints throughout Idlib? But the ongoing transfer of soldiers and military equipment across the Turkish-Syrian border? There can only be one answer: Ankara is going to gain a foothold in Idlib for a long time, possibly forever.

But this also means the need to establish control over the Syrian province not of militants, but of a regular army. The radicals themselves, especially the most “frostbitten” ones, are much easier to dispose of in the heat of the civil war in Libya. Moreover, it is also possible to help Fayez Saraj defeat Khalifa Haftar.

As for the socio-economic situation in Idlib, the current situation is favorable for the Turkish leadership: people are disappointed in Damascus and intimidated by militants. youth is the only way to make money considering recruiting in Libya. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, the situation is unlikely to change.

Moreover, the intensity of the war in Libya is growing: Khalifa Haftar’s troops recently suffered a serious defeat near Tripoli and Saraj, like Turkey, behind him, had the hope that sooner or later they could liberate most of Libya from the Haftar’s army.
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  1. Break through
    Break through 19 May 2020 14: 14 New
    Turks use terrorists of all stripes against their enemies. Sooner or later, this will come to them.
    1. V.I.P.
      V.I.P. 19 May 2020 14: 23 New
      Well this is unlikely. Only the Kurds are fighting the Turks. The rest are friends with them. Exported in an organized manner. They are not hanging around Turkey. If you want, then the entry of these militants into Turkey will be impossible, all their data and photos are ... And they will hang around Syria, Libya or Yemen, if Erdogan decides to fight there too)))
      1. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine 19 May 2020 14: 55 New
        Quote: V.I.P.
        And they will hang around Syria, Libya or Yemen if Erdogan decides to fight there too

        He will fight, Erdogan wanted to feel like a sultan, recreate part of the Ottoman Empire, now there’s more than enough cannon fodder in the Middle East, but he has enough weapons. To be continued.
      2. KCA
        KCA 19 May 2020 15: 00 New
        Bin Laden was trained in the USA to fight against the USSR, was sponsored by them, was a friend of the Bush family, what ended if this is not a production, everyone knows
      3. Wolf47525
        Wolf47525 20 May 2020 12: 04 New
        Only the Kurds are fighting the Turks. The rest are friends with them.

        good. it will be necessary to tell this to the asuras of our friends. and the Arabs will appreciate it. laugh.
    2. KARAKURT15
      KARAKURT15 19 May 2020 21: 35 New
      Already plowed, but not the Turks! wink
  2. Siberian 66
    Siberian 66 19 May 2020 14: 19 New
    The camouflage on the faces is enchanting. Beauties. Does not deform, does not mask, just is)
    1. Jager
      Jager 19 May 2020 14: 40 New
      With such berets they are already visible per kilometer.
  3. Ravil_Asnafovich
    Ravil_Asnafovich 19 May 2020 14: 22 New
    Burang will return, sooner or later.
  4. Rostislav
    Rostislav 19 May 2020 14: 24 New
    Dug in, taking advantage of the weakness of Syria.
    I can’t even imagine if the Syrians will ever have enough strength to pluck these abscesses from their land - Jews from the Golan, Turks from Idlib.
    Allah help them.
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 19 May 2020 14: 57 New
      Quote: Rostislav
      will the Syrians ever have the strength to pick these abscesses from their land — Jews from the Golan, Turks from Idlib.
      Allah help them.

      Some will not cope, they will tear that those that others like jackals attacked the wounded beast.
    2. KARAKURT15
      KARAKURT15 19 May 2020 21: 36 New
      About the Russians forgot to mention)
  5. knn54
    knn54 19 May 2020 14: 26 New
    - hiring world famous private military companies is expensive.
    "Cannon fodder" for Libya is being trained by an instructor from PMC "SADAT".
  6. rocket757
    rocket757 19 May 2020 14: 26 New
    Soldiers of fortune under the banner of the Prophet ... though, there the bulk of the same are!
  7. ABM
    ABM 19 May 2020 14: 26 New
    We do the same. But - like, we are Russia! We can. Why should crocodiles shed tears then? This "undersultan" is prohibited, but we have strategic interests and this, like her, geopolitics!
    1. KCA
      KCA 19 May 2020 15: 07 New
      And how are we doing? At the official request of the legitimate President of Syria, we help bomb the Barmaley, somehow we prevent the Axes and other CRs from flying, the French, after the request of Trump's daughter, did not shoot at all, the Varshavyanka they had choli behind them, constant humkonvoy to eat The Syrians are brought in, we defuse mines , we are building, the patrols are keeping order, did you invite the Turks to Syria? Did the oil deposits ask for?
      1. ABM
        ABM 19 May 2020 15: 16 New
        I mean the "legitimate" putschist Havtor and our PMC. Well, to be honest, Assad also inherited power, social support of 11% of Alawites. There he has one chance - to reduce the population of Syria from 22 million to an acceptable 5-6, in principle, he copes, at the moment there are already 17 million left. Another ten years to be patient
        1. KCA
          KCA 19 May 2020 15: 44 New
          PMCs in Russia are prohibited by law, exactly ours? There is not a single evidence of Haili Likely, just like the Russian stealth army in 404, that's it, well, just everyone is talking about it, but there is no evidence from the word at all
          1. ABM
            ABM 19 May 2020 16: 22 New
            I didn’t put a minus, but you’re not really kidding, are you? Really "ichtamnet" you think (I'm not Ukrainian, if anything, I accidentally said it). PMCs are not prohibited, it seems, mercenary activities are prohibited. But in our country it is like they have terrorists, spies and mercenaries, we have warriors of the world fighting for justice on ideologically correct positions
            1. KCA
              KCA 19 May 2020 16: 27 New
              Yes, the minuses do not upset, I’m not sure about the account, but why is it considered that they are there on the instructions of the party and government? The presence of, as such, Russian-speaking PMCs, I can assume, is a profitable business, especially with a large mix, when lost fighters do not have to pay, and families donate handouts, but there are Russian speakers from the igles, even with wives and children, Putin is also or how is it there, Prigogine sent?
              1. ABM
                ABM 19 May 2020 16: 31 New
                He’s Putin’s cook, if I’m not mistaken. If he had not sent it there, he would have gone to the broth. Although he may have gotten out of control, he keeps money in Switzerland, he lives in London himself, his family in Nice, recruits people in Asia. No? Not out? I don’t know then
                1. KCA
                  KCA 19 May 2020 16: 48 New
                  There is documented evidence that Prigogine sent someone somewhere? Or all the evidence is how Potroshenko waved the passports of Russian servicemen, where did the soldier come from? But the stupid girl Gunpowder didn’t know that they only had a military ID, or a certificate of a soldier, but he cheated something like he had inflated, he would have believed
                  1. ABM
                    ABM 19 May 2020 17: 04 New
                    “We, citizens of the Russian Federation, veterans of the armed forces and military operations, relying on Article 15 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, ask to initiate an investigation proprio motu based on the information below about crimes falling under the jurisdiction of the court,” the appeal to the court says.

                    Over the past three years, Russian veteran organizations have received THOUSANDS of complaints from citizens of the Russian Federation who served in private military and security companies (PMSCs) "

                    It’s our testimony of citizens that doesn’t matter, well, justice is like that, usually testimony is enough
                    1. KCA
                      KCA 19 May 2020 17: 10 New
                      And where are the allegations, where is the investigation and investigation, where are the courts? Applied to law enforcement agencies of which countries? ECHR? Any applications are registered, a case is opened, is there a registration number and a case number, where is this information? And all sorts of fucking bloggers can write anything on the Internet
                      1. ABM
                        ABM 19 May 2020 17: 22 New
                        Yes, you even google "court" "PMC" (in that order with quotes) - you will learn a lot of interesting things
                      2. ABM
                        ABM 19 May 2020 19: 38 New
                        A Russian veteran organization sent an appeal to the presidential administration and the Supreme Court of Russia with a request to give legal legal status to the activities of private military companies (PMCs), as well as to acknowledge the fact that PMC fighters participated in hostilities in Syria.

                        The veterans 'statement, titled "an open appeal of the All-Russian Officers' Meeting," was published on Thursday on the VKontakte social network. It was signed by retired colonel-general Leonid Ivashov, retired colonel Vladimir Petrov, chairman of the committee of the All-Russian officers' assembly ataman Yevgeny Shabaev. (C) - famous people, you can ask a question
                      3. KCA
                        KCA 19 May 2020 19: 50 New
                        I know Ivashov, but he often puts him in the wrong place, and now read about Shabaev, he invented the officer’s meeting for himself, he doesn’t have ANY photo in army uniforms, only funny, Cossack, and even without stars, didn’t come up with a title? Tsatski left the stick, like for taking a liter on his chest, did he turn to Putin? Yes, drive him with the described rags
    2. Mikhail Ya2
      Mikhail Ya2 28 May 2020 09: 40 New
      So the Turks are in Libya, under an agreement with the official, recognized by the UN, Libyan government. What are their claims?
  • iouris
    iouris 19 May 2020 16: 48 New
    And who prevents to realize and realize their anti-Turkish interests?
    KARAKURT15 19 May 2020 21: 33 New
    [/ quote] Moreover, among the recruited mercenaries there are minors. [quote]

    Is it like a Reggepugend? The author, is he at least not funny from this x @ eni?
  • Leonid Anatolevich
    Leonid Anatolevich 20 May 2020 14: 58 New
    Quote: tihonmarine
    Some will not cope, they will tear that those that others like jackals attacked the wounded beast.

    They were never a jackal - neither one nor the other. Everyone was stuck in a Syrian quagmire because of Assad, he cannot but go into someone else's life. The Assad family has stayed in power,
  • Suraikin.Aleksandr
    Suraikin.Aleksandr 28 May 2020 23: 05 New
    In Idlib, in addition to about Turkish groups, there are also about Saudi type al-Nusra, the number of about Saudi groups in Idlib is about 20 thousand militants. Interestingly, their Saudis will also be sent to Libya to support Haftar.