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Marshal is silent. How the defeat of Haftar at the al-Vatiya airbase will change the balance of power in Libya


The situation in Libya is not changing for the better for Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. His army suffered a serious defeat from the troops of the Government of National Accord (PNS), which managed to push the Haftar soldiers from Tripoli.

On Monday, May 18, the military representative of the Government of National Accord Mohamed Gnunu announced on his Twitter page about the capture of troops by faithful PNS aviation Al-Watiyah base southwest of the Libyan capital Tripoli. This was announced by the Commander-in-Chief of the PNS, Major General Osama Guayli.

Capture of the air base changes the situation not in favor of Haftar

Al-Vatiya airbase is located 25 km from the border with Tunisia and is of strategic importance for the western and central regions of Libya. At the same time, Tripoli does not hide the fact that the operation to free the air base was carried out thanks to the active Turkish support.

For Haftar’s troops, Al-Vatiya’s base played a very important role, as it was used for further attacks on the Libyan capital. In fact, Al-Watiyah was the headquarters of the command of the Libyan National Army in the western and central regions of Libya. Having lost such a strategically important object, the Libyan National Army was in a much worse situation than it was on the eve of a major battle with the enemy.

The capture of the air base, according to the director of the Research Center of the Sadek Institute Anas El Gomati, will allow the PNS to clear the west of Libya from the formations loyal to Haftar and focus on the south. Due to the capture of the base, Haftaru will have to almost completely change the entire existing supply and support structure for his troops besieging Tripoli. After all, Al-Vatiya was actively used by the Haftar army precisely to provide and air support for its troops. Now the field marshal has no such opportunity.

Now there is no doubt that the faithful PNS troops will launch a counterattack and move towards Tarkhuna, which represents the last line of attack of the Haftar troops. Anas el Gomati believes the current situation is evidence of the beginning of the retreat of the Libyan National Army Khalifa Haftar from Tripoli.

It is no coincidence that the Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord of Libya, Fayez Saraj, welcomed the release of the air base. The head of the PNS said:

Today's victory does not mark the end of the war. Rather, it brings us closer to the great day of victory, to the liberation of all cities and regions and the destruction of Haftar’s domination project.

It also became known about the seizure of the Russian-made anti-aircraft missile system “Shell” at the Al-Vatiya airbase (Military Review reported the previous day). Apparently, he was used by the Haftar army for air defense of his troops. The Libya Observer claims that a Russian-made air defense system of the Haftar army could have been received from the United Arab Emirates. To help the Libyan National Army, one of the companies registered in the UAE also acquired helicopters and assault boats.

It’s premature to talk about Haftar’s complete defeat

Haftar’s army has been storming Tripoli for about a year now - since April 2019. Such a protracted assault on the Libyan capital only indicates that the field marshal does not have enough strength to capture the city. Tripoli regularly arrives weapon and military equipment from Turkey, in addition, Turkish special services are transferring militants who had previously fought in Idlib against Syrian government forces to help the PNS.

Of course, talking about the complete defeat of Haftar near Tripoli is premature. After all, just as the field marshal does not have the strength to capture the city, his opponents do not have the power to oust Haftar to Cyrenaica. Therefore, most likely, in the foreseeable future, the battles in Tripolitania will still continue with varying success. Much will depend on whether or not his patrons, who assist the field marshal with arms, ammunition and military equipment, will leave or not leave Haftar.

The Turkish side openly accuses France, Greece, Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Russia of supporting Haftar and argues that the field marshal uses the help of not only the people he hires in Sudan and other African countries, but also Russian specialists from private military companies.

It is important to note that less than a month ago, Khalifa Haftar announced the transfer of power in Libya to the Libyan National Army. Now, after the defeat in al-Vatiya, the marshal is still silent.
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  1. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 19 May 2020 07: 03 New
    Fools Libyans ... They did not live in peace. rEvolution. give them. Gaddafi will be remembered more than once. We are not far from here, also some "rEvolyutsionEry" .. in the city of Kiev ... also, recently "had fun" to glory. They still can't calm down ..
    1. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 19 May 2020 07: 32 New
      Quote: Andrey Nikolaevich
      Libyan fools ... They did not live in peace. rEvolution. serve them.

      And if you look in the mirror ....... Are we better? Well, if only for now .... request
    2. Civil
      Civil 19 May 2020 08: 14 New
      The Libyan Arabs, or dear comrade, the leader of the Libyan Jamahiriya Muammar Gaddafi or civil war, is such a choice. Who is to blame? The answer is probably complex.
      1. Insurgent
        Insurgent 19 May 2020 10: 09 New
        Capture of the air base near Tripoli || And other news from ANNA NEWS on the evening of May 18, 2020

    3. NordUral
      NordUral 19 May 2020 17: 48 New
      And the better we were in the 91st and 93rd? Allowed to kill the Union, instead of crucifying its killers!
      1. Andrei Nikolaevich
        Andrei Nikolaevich 19 May 2020 18: 07 New
        .... I agree with you ..... there’s nothing to even object to ..
  2. Ilya-spb
    Ilya-spb 19 May 2020 07: 04 New
    Military happiness is changeable ....

    There are victories, there are defeats. Often, victory is forged through defeat.

    Who knows, everything can change. And Haftar will enter Tripoli.
    1. Snail N9
      Snail N9 19 May 2020 11: 12 New
      Yes, yes, it will come in. As in the movie about "The birthday of the donkey" Eeyore "-" comes in and out. " Quite recently, he (Haftar) was broadcasting from the screens that they say, "soon the whole world will learn about the big changes in the situation in Tripoli." So they waited for "big changes", but alas, not in his-Haftar's favor.
    2. Comrade Michael
      Comrade Michael 20 May 2020 10: 08 New
      Will not go in. Never.
  3. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 19 May 2020 07: 19 New
    How I like their Toyota! ... 70 I series, unkillable suspension, high interior, load capacity above nominal ... And they are produced only in Portugal, especially for such African and Asian generals!
    1. Cyril G ...
      Cyril G ... 19 May 2020 08: 03 New
      The smart thing, Instead of our dances with different imperfections, it was necessary to buy production once and localize TLK - 70 for the army. He's worth it. We also forgot to remember about a diesel engine with a volume of 4.2 liters digesting even the urine of a camel with a small admixture of diesel fuel. And as far as I remember, no electronics. TNVD and that mechanical.
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 19 May 2020 09: 26 New
        Yeah. We were here trying to buy Opel ... remember? Free enterprise turned out to be so free that we only got a pissed rag in the face, no matter how much money was offered, no matter what luxurious conditions were called. And then buy so many great technologies at once! It is we, like d ... shag, scatter our technology. We never. Never. Do not even hope ...
        1. Free wind
          Free wind 19 May 2020 10: 29 New
          What technology? Land Rovers are simple. in Africa do. And what Opel, feel free to ask? Tuaregs? But what is Porsche Caen? Only a little in a different body.
          1. Mikhail3
            Mikhail3 19 May 2020 11: 01 New
            Well, how can I tell you ... Russia, disguised as a private entrepreneur, tried to buy Opel. There was such a story) But at first the Germans sold Opel to the Americans. And then the Americans did not sell it to us even despite the fact that General Motors was in a state of bankruptcy, and the price was offered five times higher than the market.
            What technology? Car manufacturing technology. Which we do not have, and apparently never will be. On our territory there is THEIR assembly and there are some not our manufactures on which real engineers from Russia are not hired. However, we are not interested ...
            1. Free wind
              Free wind 19 May 2020 11: 42 New
              Well, they bought Chrysler, almost half of the plant. Ladies, oh, we will master the technology right now, with delight, they threw their caps, but they were carried away by the breeze. Billions and billions were thrown in, and ..... oh, it didn't work .. Although the VOLGA CYBER is, in principle, a good machine, it eats a bit too much for this machine. Well, OPEL, well, not the best examples of the car industry, Astra, for example, a rather weak car, well, a maximum of 3--. Not higher.
              1. Mikhail3
                Mikhail3 19 May 2020 12: 01 New
                Creep is not a factory. And yes, we won’t take it) Not in the current management configuration. Well, as for pure technology - do not care if the car is weak Opel or not. there are not too modern but quite working CAD systems that could ... oh, what can I say. Yearning.
                1. Free wind
                  Free wind 19 May 2020 12: 33 New
                  Since there is such a quite powerful system, why then they then do not design a super duper. And the Chinese are designing. just don’t say that they are copying. In principle, CAD comes down to what we need design programs, we need programmers. On the board they show that we have such scientists here, we have such people there ... Yeah.
                  1. Mikhail3
                    Mikhail3 19 May 2020 17: 05 New
                    The answers to your questions are whole books) Opel occupies its market niche, producing those cars that are sold there. The modern capitalist economy cannot produce quality goods, in principle. Since the Soviet Union stopped pushing it, forcing to do good things ... The consumer of our world of capitalism is a chronically sick, stupid, easily suggested person. And all the goods should be for him.
                    Full-cycle automotive CAD, such as bodywork, is hundreds of millions of dollars, but you can't buy it at that price either. There are databases that have been collected for decades, unique solutions ... the USSR in the early 70s began work on such programs, but then the party got completely gone ...
                    We WERE scientists. Now they are either dead or retired over the hill, or they are working on it there. Abroad. The old ones are already ... Now we have only a few people, and they are spread rot with all their might, so that on the one hand they work, and on the other, so that they don't "imagine themselves", since all decisions are made exclusively by their "owners" - thieves and traitors , and no "eggheads" should climb. Do you think there will be a lot of output from the technorabies? Eh ...
            2. Alexey LK
              Alexey LK 26 May 2020 04: 15 New
              If Gref hadn’t been involved in attracting auto investors to the country at one time, but someone who was more intelligent and / or enthusiastic of his industry, then for a long time not only would the assembly be ... And the Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese began with the assembly, and Then they developed their own. Yes, in principle, the Soviet automobile industry also began with borrowing!
              1. Mikhail3
                Mikhail3 26 May 2020 08: 47 New
                Alas. At least Adam Smith could have been involved in "attracting investments," we still would not have received any technologies. We were a real competitor that cannot be ground to powder, because our army can fight back anyone. Technologies are given only to those who can be destroyed at any time. With China, only the guys gave a blunder, everyone thought that the Chinese would be satisfied with the role of a counterbalance to the Russians. Hehe ...
    2. Free wind
      Free wind 19 May 2020 09: 50 New
      In the photo of the eighties, the optics are round, block headlight. ... Seventy have different optics. Unfortunately, I had no business with pick-ups Kruzak. Although a two-row cabin is needed for the house, the small box remains completely small. But with KZetovsky engine, turbo, the car is a beast, the driver is a dog. For me, "Hilux pickup" with a two-row cab, For the countryside, "the most woman of the time." And the Japanese resumed the 80th edition of the Kruzaks, in the "hunter" package.
      1. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins 19 May 2020 09: 54 New
        Is not a fact. If you climb the catalogs, then there are different options. By the headlights.
        1. Free wind
          Free wind 19 May 2020 10: 23 New
          There’s just a pipe, a salon, from seventies. And the muzzle comes from, it is not clear. And 100 and not 100, it is not clear At the seventieth headlights are round.
          1. The leader of the Redskins
            The leader of the Redskins 19 May 2020 10: 34 New
            The poison I say is not a fact))) Find their catalog in Portugal))
      2. Cyril G ...
        Cyril G ... 19 May 2020 10: 35 New
        I had 1KZ-TE. Good But on 70s they still put the HZ 4.2 liter atmospheric is quite suitable for operation in difficult conditions ...
  4. sergo1914
    sergo1914 19 May 2020 07: 23 New
    I looked at the photo of the captured equipment. All in shorts and slippers. Are they fighting like that? Is this a uniform?
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 19 May 2020 09: 27 New
      Grandmas they do there.
  5. knn54
    knn54 19 May 2020 07: 26 New
    If the PNA takes Tarhun too, then Haftar will have to VERY badly: the Turks and PNA control the coast and the airspace (supply routes for the marshal's units).
    In this case, they will "cut off" from the border with Tunisia.
    There is something to think about.
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 19 May 2020 07: 44 New
      whoever cedes natural resources to foreign sponsors more will be supported and recognized. Libyans will get even less dough after someone’s victory
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 19 May 2020 09: 30 New
        Well, Haftar is inferior to the main assets of the emirates, they dance him. According to Sisi, it is still unclear; he has reduced support somewhat.

        PNS - gives the main assets to the Turks + a single marine economic zone, which Erdogan himself presented.
  6. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 19 May 2020 07: 57 New
    Marshal got into rap and fell into silence. Interestingly, while the irrigation underground system created by Gaddafi is still functioning ??? Or besides selling oil + fighting is more than strange they don’t know how to do anything else? Turned the once-blooming country into the trash.
    1. Angrybeard
      Angrybeard 19 May 2020 08: 31 New
      The water system partially works. But perhaps this is the only thing that works there. And they can fight like that for 100 years until they get tired.
  7. jovanni
    jovanni 19 May 2020 08: 22 New
    Definitely the Japanese in chocolate. With your pickups. They seem to be stamping them in thousands. Both yours and ours. Smartly! The more war, the more profitable ...
    1. Galleon
      Galleon 19 May 2020 11: 02 New
      Quote: Jovanni
      Definitely the Japanese in chocolate. With your pickups.

      This is how the Japanese probably sit somewhere, read the news about Syria and Libya and grumble about the Kalashniki. recourse
  8. Suslin
    Suslin 19 May 2020 08: 48 New
    Well, under Gaddafi, all those who fled and left the enemy equipment and weapons would be shot demonstratively in front of the ranks of colleagues and relatives. And today we have what we have, that is, a mess, a complete mess!
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 19 May 2020 09: 26 New
      Under Gaddafi, Haftar surrendered an entire army in Chad, in exchange for immunity and a house in the United States. The first Toyota war showed that Toyota with the Milan and Toyota infantry could defeat a modern army with tanks, artillery, MLRS, aircraft and helicopters.

      In general, executions in the Arab world lead to the fact that commanders with the army massively switch sides. And there’s nobody stupid to shoot. Rather, there is just someone who is the leader who threatened to shoot runners and cowards.
  9. Zeev Zeev
    Zeev Zeev 19 May 2020 08: 54 New

    The Libya Observer claims that Russian-made air defense systems of the Haftar army could be received from the United Arab Emirates

    But did Haftar also receive Russian PMCs from the UAE?
    1. Comrade Michael
      Comrade Michael 20 May 2020 10: 15 New
      ichtamnet ...
  10. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 19 May 2020 09: 20 New
    Those Russians again! Blame for everything! In Syria, they killed a very large number of mercenaries, fanatics, in general Arabs and other locals who had at least some kind of combat capability. The tribes that previously made up Libya never considered it a country at all. Most of the English "countries", randomly drawn on the map with a pencil (and even so as to divide the tribes in half and into smaller pieces, create burning borders between old enemies, etc.) are actually an illusion that the locals do not consider a reality.
    In general, there is a usual showdown for a resource between local buyers, deeply indifferent to the peoples. What does that mean? And this means that the chieftain has no gold reserves! To prevent the scum that "supports" Haftar from scattering, you have to pay. And more. And constantly. For this money, people pretend to be an army ... but they are not ready to actually fight, and they do not know how. And in America there is a crisis, money is more necessary for themselves, so they put the Khalifa on a hungry ration, what really ...
    And the Turks, who want lands and influence, have joined the scum that "supports" the "government". Strong motivation, plus good army training, so nothing will shine for Khalifa. I think that he lasted so much solely because he agreed with the Turks to milk suckers - Americans and Russians as long as possible. American money and Russian weapons are a good way to get up.
    True, Haftar on an American hook is a hostage family in America, and he certainly can’t seize the country and not pick them up from there. So he will make himself a commander to the last - there is simply no way out.
  11. donavi49
    donavi49 19 May 2020 10: 29 New
    Looking at all -3 Carapace by lostarmore.

    1 in the pictures - I see.

    2 in a bombed hangar, burned module and MAN chassis:

    Another - thrown on the road.
    1. Victorio
      Victorio 19 May 2020 12: 49 New
      Quote: donavi49
      Another - thrown on the road.

      something is standing on the trailer on the video (can you see the ramps on the platform?). if it's a shell, as they say, then it was transported due to a malfunction of the chassis or something?
  12. alone
    alone 19 May 2020 10: 45 New
    The situation is such that, after taking the air base, (and this is a very large air base with an area of ​​50 sq. Km), the group
    near Tripoli it was in a very difficult situation .. If they lose the city of Beni Walid, this means that the group will not be able to retreat to the South .. The Tarhun district is in a semicircle, and its loss means complete encirclement of troops near Tripoli .. Those who manage to leave will begin to retreat to Benghazi .. The road is long, the BLPA reign in the sky .. And all the oil is in the East .. the Havtor will start to lose wells, everything .. I’m doing the end .. He pays for the arms with oil .. without oil, nobody needs to pack .. a suitcase and fly to the USA, whose citizen is ..
    P.S. The number of trophies is growing and growing ..
  13. iouris
    iouris 19 May 2020 12: 09 New
    "Backward Turkish aviation technologies vs friendly Soviet collective" - ​​"oil painting".
  14. Grading
    Grading 19 May 2020 15: 50 New
    Quote: donavi49
    Looking at all -3 Carapace by lostarmore.

    1 in the pictures - I see.

    2 in a bombed hangar, burned module and MAN chassis:

    Another - thrown on the road.

  15. Comrade Michael
    Comrade Michael 20 May 2020 10: 14 New
    At this celebration of life, Russia can only puff out its cheeks and pretend that it’s not here
    moreover ... However, not the first time.