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A weighty argument in the confrontation of the Coalition-SV. Consequences of the implementation of the THOR-ER program


Commenting on the latest information on the study by specialists of the American and Western European military-industrial corporations Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, MBDA, etc. draft designs of promising long-range guided artillery shells, inconspicuous supersonic long-range anti-ship missiles, highly maneuverable air defense missile interceptors and air combat missiles, as well as other advanced aerospace attack weapons, jingoistic patriotic journalists and regular observers of the majority of domestic news and military analytical publications are often inclined to be ironic and question the success of subsequent R&D with the final embodiment in the hardware of one or another tactical and technical assignment issued by the US defense department.

Meanwhile, this approach has absolutely nothing to do with objective military-technical analysis, reflecting the true state of affairs in this or that arms development program of our Western "colleagues", which in the end will not allow the RuNet audience to soberly assess the degree of threat posed by the NATO Allied Forces both in the case of escalation of local conflicts in limited areas of the European, North Atlantic or Middle Eastern theaters of operations (theater of war), and in the case of an escalation of global conflict. So, until recently, against the background of pathetically announced development and full-scale tests of prototypes of a long-range 152-mm active-rocket projectile with a bottom gas generator (range of about 65-70 km) for integration into the ammunition of prospective ACS 2C35 “Coalition-SV” periodically appearing in Western European media space, information on the research and development work by specialists of the little-known Norwegian company Nordic Ammunition Company / Nammo as part of an ambitious project vnogo artillery shell "155 mm Solid Fuel RamJet» with an integral rocket-ramjet engine did not become a subject of interest Russian expert circles.

Moreover, the 155 mm Solid Fuel RamJet projectile mock-up, presented to the public during the 26th Eurosatory-2018 international arms and technology exhibition in Paris and published on the pages of hundreds of foreign military analytical sites, has repeatedly come under the ironic press criticism from some of our little-informed "couch" expert observers who found this project "technically unpromising and economically unreasonable."

The tactical and technical advantages of the "direct-flow" guided artillery shells 155 mm Solid Fuel RamJet / XM1155 are able to challenge the potential of the barrel artillery of the Russian Air and Naval Aviation

In reality, the situation surrounding the implementation of the project of the long-range 155 mm Solid Fuel RamJet long-range guided artillery shell is completely different, which, unfortunately, opens up far from bright prospects for hypothetical "artillery artillery and artillery units of Russia" duels ”with both standard American and West European 155 mm field towed howitzers and self-propelled guns (German self-propelled guns PzH-2000, American M109A6 PIM, British AS-90 and American howitzer M777A2), as well as with the promising state-owned self-propelled guns M1299, equipped with more advanced guns with a significantly higher barrel life and a length of 58 calibres, which provides an improvement in ballistic qualities compared to standard M284 guns with a barrel length of 39 calibers.

In particular, while most of our observers and military experts were inclined to believe that the 155 mm Solid Fuel RamJet project faced with underfunding, as well as the highest capital and science intensity in the manufacture of units for combined rocket-ramjet engines, is on the verge of "freezing" , the headquarters of the American military-industrial giant Raytheon Missiles & Defense, which, taking advantage of the Norwegians' experience, suddenly transformed from an ordinary partner of the Norwegian-American program for the development of a projectile with a ramjet engine / IRPD THOR-ER (Tactical High-speed Offensive RamJet) in the main contractor of the XM1155 project. At the same time, all Nammo's design documentation for the combined / integral RPD design was miraculously resold to another Western European company specializing in the development of ramjet engines - the Dutch organization Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschapzopelij. This opinion can be reached based on the data of the military analytical publication ("Military Parity"), referring to competent sources in the Center for the Development of Combat Capabilities of the US Armed Forces / Military Research Laboratory "Picantinny" ("Picatinny-Arsenal") , Raytheon headquarters; and the US defense department.

The zealous interest of the Pentagon and senior representatives of Reiteon in continuing to implement the THOR-ER program as a whole and received the XM1155 index of an artillery projectile projectile with an integrated RPM of 155 mm Solid Fuel RamJet in particular is not at all surprising, because the use of these shells in ammunition of the aforementioned Western European and American howitzers and self-propelled guns will allow the artillery units of the ground forces of the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance not only to establish parity, but also to achieve complete domination in hypothetical counter-battery "duels" with the Russian artillery barreled artillery at distances of more than 80 km.

In particular, unlike standard bottom gas generators placed in classic guided artillery shells of the M982 Excalibur family, XM1155 forward-flow integral rocket-propelled engines can boast the following range of technical advantages.

First of all, it is a much longer period of burning out a powdered aluminum or paste-like fuel charge, providing the projectile with a specific thrust impulse of the order of 400-500 s, while the classic bottom gas generators-accelerators keep this parameter at the level of 240-300 s. A twice as high specific impulse of thrust will allow promising guided artillery shells XM1155 to strike at strategically important military infrastructure and firing positions of enemy artillery at a distance of 120-130 km or more (in operational depth), almost 2-2,5 times exceeding the figures Excaliburs, Krasnopoli-D, etc.

Secondly, it is possible to equip gas generators of these integrated rocket-propelled engines with a system for regulating the intensity of powder / paste charge supply to the combustion chamber with a depth of about 7: 1, due to which, for example, on the marching section of the flight path, this IRPD can operate in an economical mode (with a thrust of the order of 20%), providing the 155-mm projectile XM1155 with a flight speed of 600-700 m / s, while at the terminal portion of the trajectory the gas generator valve will open fully, ensuring maximum nd the flow rate of the fuel charge in the combustion chamber, which will allow the projectile to achieve speed 1000-1300 m / s or considerably higher kinetic energy to cause maximum damage the attacked entity.

As a result, a higher flight speed at the terminal portion of the trajectory will significantly complicate the tasks of detecting, taking for “escort on the aisle” and the final interception of XM1155 shells by means of military air defense systems that are in service with the air defense forces of the Russian Army, because self-propelled air defense systems of the Tor-M1V / 2U family / MKM ”have a maximum speed of the target hit of the order of 700 m / s (and not to mention restrictions on the effective reflective surface of intercepted objects). The prospective military Buk-M1155 air defense missile systems, featuring the 3M9MA missile launcher with the highly sensitive active radar homing system Slanets, as well as the self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery systems Derivation-Air Defense, of which 317 mm guided artillery shells.

Meanwhile, the use of 9M317MA arch-expensive interceptor missiles against XM1155 miniature shells can be considered a real utopia from an economic point of view, while even the Derivations-Air Defense battery will not be able to repel a massive strike by XM1155 shells, since the anti-aircraft artillery of these anti-aircraft artillery systems is not multi-channel . The only effective step in this situation could be the “defrosting” of a similar program for the development of 152- and 203-mm guided missile and direct-flow artillery shells for the self-propelled guns Msta-S / Coalition-SV and Malka, announced three years ago by senior representatives of scientific Production Association "Alloy".

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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 18 May 2020 05: 38
    A weighty argument in the confrontation of the Coalition-SV. Consequences of the implementation of the THOR-ER program
    For the Poles will do, they are very willing to resist and restrain. request
  2. certero
    certero 18 May 2020 05: 50
    When I was in school, it was a very long time ago in the last century, I was very fond of reading all kinds of books about military equipment. Already then, the use of so-called active rockets was considered a matter of tomorrow. And then they all disappeared somewhere.
  3. sen
    sen 18 May 2020 05: 56
    This topic has already been discussed. Little explosive remains in the projectile. It is more profitable to use the 203 mm Malka for such a projectile.
    1. knn54
      knn54 18 May 2020 07: 55
      When using a ramjet engine, air is sucked in, acting as an oxidizer for fuel combustion. In rockets / projectiles with a "classic" taxiway, in addition to the fuel, part of the internal volume is occupied by an oxidizer (on average, 20% fuel for 80% oxidizer), which is not needed in a ramjet. Consequently, it is possible to increase the power of the warhead, and / or the fuel supply.
      It turns out faster, further. And, perhaps, more powerful.
      1. Zaurbek
        Zaurbek 19 May 2020 08: 33
        There ramjet also works longer and with uniform traction ... which should affect the range and accuracy
    2. Alex777
      Alex777 23 May 2020 19: 42
      Malki's rate of fire and the survivability of her trunk, in the global conflict IMHO, suggest the use of nuclear weapons. hi
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 18 May 2020 06: 14
    The whole development of mankind is also associated with the development of means of killing their own kind. And it seems that at first the ancestor picked up a stone and a club in order to hunt for food. Yesterday they used onions and gunpowder appeared, and today they are guided missiles, bombs, to say nothing of missiles. The most interesting thing is that the development and improvement of weapons contributes to the scientific and technological development of society and progress in general.
    The author, as usual, has laid out everything on the shelves and today it pleases that there is no impression of the need to "surrender" to a potential enemy.
  5. rocket757
    rocket757 18 May 2020 07: 04
    project "technically unpromising and economically inexpedient."

    in the military sphere is not always economically impractical is an obstacle to the production of the NECESSARY! from the point of view of the military.
  6. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 18 May 2020 07: 45
    Well, as always .... (!): "Polundra! They are beating our people!" ... Damantsev has such a "quirk": if you frighten, then to the state of a state that is reduced between life and death! As the saying goes, "now they are not fighting in a single-breasted one ...!" ... and with the appearance of "direct-flow missile" super-projectiles in NATO, no one will ever shoot from 30-40-50 km! They will adopt the "law of wartime" .... when the opposing troops approach each other up to 100 km, the troops stop and start firing at each other with "direct-flow missile" shells! And, if anyone does not have such "super-dupers", they will silently envy and watch how these "super-dupers" are torn in their positions! Maybe it will come to the point that the opposing sides, as the "super-super" ammunition is fired, will declare a truce and wait for these "miracle-shells" to be produced! And don't give a damn how the detection, target designation of enemy "shelling objects" will be carried out! Garbage war (!) .. its main "process" ... Why should the Russian Armed Forces always "take an example" from the adversaries? Why should they answer "symmetrically", as was often the case during the Soviet era? Why not "asymmetrically"? For example, against the NATO cannons with 100-kilometer-long "rocket-direct-flow" shells, set up: 1. "Smerch", "Uragan-1M" installations with high-precision "eres" with a range of St. 100 km! Having rocket launchers, for example, "Smerch"; incl. and "lightweight" ("4-barreled", for example) with high-precision missiles, can be neutralized
    the presence of NATO active-reactive artillery shells with range
    100 km! 2.Unmanned aerial vehicles (loitering ammunition) ... 3.finally, a kind of KAZ, which to introduce into the battery of the ACS ... Such a KAZ can be a missile "multiply charged" installation (mini-MLRS) developed by "Tekhmash" (" analogue "MNTK ...) or multicopter (helicopter) with air-to-air missiles, created on the basis of Igla-S, Verba MANPADS ...! And also, since we are talking about self-propelled guns ... "tank" KAZs on self-propelled guns ... I'll also repeat about the measures to counter the ability of NATO cannons to fire 100-km shells! That is, to prevent the enemy from detecting targets, determining the coordinates of targets, aiming high-precision projectiles at targets ... by counteracting using electronic warfare equipment, camouflaging, maneuvering, covert movement of units, preemptive actions of their aviation (including army, unmanned ...), artillery, MLRS, air defense systems ...
    1. The leader of the Redskins
      The leader of the Redskins 18 May 2020 07: 58
      And I haven’t read Damantsev for so long that I really miss you, or something)))
      1. Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I 18 May 2020 08: 05
        Quote: Leader of the Redskins
        And I haven’t read Damantsev for so long that I really miss you, or something)))

        Why ... a whole week has already passed "without Damantsev"? belay I can’t believe it! request
    2. Lopatov
      Lopatov 18 May 2020 08: 27
      Quote: Nikolaevich I
      "tank" KAZs on self-propelled guns ...

      It makes no sense.
      Coefficient enough.
      Plus group protection systems, first of all, REP signals of ZhPS, communication systems of drones and ground sensors
      Plus, an active fight against radar, both counter-battery / C-RAM, and reconnaissance of ground targets, up to physical destruction.

      And, of course, organizational issues. Decentralization, counter-anger maneuver, ensuring the protection and defense of the OP region. After all, batteries are collected on one fire, including in order to ensure security from a ground enemy.
    3. stalki
      stalki 18 May 2020 08: 45
      Yes, don’t worry so, let them first bring to mass production, and we will look at how much it is justified wink and there, as usual, we will find our more economical counterargument.
      1. Pushkar
        Pushkar 18 May 2020 13: 48
        Quote: stalki
        Yes, don’t worry so, let them first bring to mass production, and we will look at how much it is justified

        And let's rush to catch up. Damantsev says that it is impossible to curtail work in this direction, otherwise we will lag behind.
        1. stalki
          stalki 18 May 2020 13: 53
          Well, who is looking at things, someone thinks that we must not lag behind. And someone believes that it is necessary to rationally approach any issue, especially in the realities of the modern economy. This does not mean that nothing needs to be done. But grabbing at everything around is counterproductive. We must choose the most important areas for development, and this is not up to us and Damantsev to decide.
    4. V.I.P.
      V.I.P. 18 May 2020 09: 24
      What are KAZs? Their cost is such that, unlike Israel, the USA, Germany (they put KAZ Trophy on tanks), there are no plans for KAZ in the Russian Federation and there will not be .. KAZ knocks a rocket and a grenade, it will not hit a projectile. Especially since you are about the protection of self-propelled guns and towed artillery. And the rest what to do ??? Infantry, signalmen, etc.? ... .... There is no barrage of ammunition in the arsenal of the Russian Federation, the Lance-ostentatious does not fly so far)).
      Quadcopter with a needle ??? This is how and with what it will detect a flying shell ????
      MLRS ... ... ..then you need to buy from the Chinese with a firing range of 200 km (you can buy a polonaise from Belarusians) up to 350 km)))
  7. Lopatov
    Lopatov 18 May 2020 07: 59
    while at the terminal portion of the trajectory the valve of the gas generator will open fully, providing the maximum intensity of the fuel charge to the combustion chamber, which will allow the projectile to reach a speed of 1000–1300 m / s and noticeably greater kinetic energy to cause maximum damage to the attacked object.

    Horror .....
    And on .. why goat button accordion?
    What is the meaning of an engine running all the time? To redesign? Reduce the already small accuracy?

    Normal operation on the active part of the trajectory and work as a gas generator, preventing the bottom effect the rest of the time
    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 18 May 2020 08: 10
      Quote: Spade
      the gas generator valve will open fully, providing the maximum intensity of the fuel charge supply to the combustion chamber, which will allow the projectile to reach a speed of 1000–1300 m / s and noticeably greater kinetic energy to cause maximum damage to the attacked object.

      Give me a hypersonic artillery shell! Since there is no room for explosives, it will destroy the fortified area with "kinetic energy"! fellow
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 18 May 2020 08: 16
        Quote: Nikolaevich I
        Since there is no room for explosives, it will destroy the fortified area with "kinetic energy"!

        Except that....
        True, there is a problem.
        Heat. I'm afraid that to ensure non-combustion of the projectile in hypersound, weight and volume will also be required ...
  8. IL-64
    IL-64 18 May 2020 08: 42
    After reading each article of Damantsev's first thought, - Everything is gone!
    Second, is He sent from us or to us?
    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 18 May 2020 09: 07
      Quote: IL-64
      Is he sent from us or to us?

      But I've heard that there are such .... "citizens of the world"! I mean .... both yours and ours!
  9. merkava-2bet
    merkava-2bet 18 May 2020 09: 18
    After the words "rocket-projectiles with a bottom gas generator", I understood fiction began.
    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 18 May 2020 09: 51
      Quote: merkava-2bet
      After the words <active-rocket projectiles with a bottom gas generator>, I understood fiction went

      Hello you so ....! Dreaming is not bad! And prove that you can’t make an active rocket with a bottom gas generator! am
  10. Guazdilla
    Guazdilla 18 May 2020 11: 02
    I’ve been following Damantsev’s articles and I don’t see where it’s taken from someone else’s in-depth analytics processed in the same way.
    Narrow specialists in a certain area of ​​military knowledge cling to the provocative method and the essence of the articles. But, the absolute omnivorousness is alarming, and the peremptory nature, requiring an immediate rebuff from the aponent, suggests that this is someone else's foreign order aimed at evaluating the ideas thrown by "them" by specialists. It is not excluded to "work" in the discussion of support-cover groups promoting topics to extreme temperatures.
    But the catch is obvious, because Damantsev’s articles can be read to the stupid diagonally, or not read at all, and from the headline you can only understand that it is proposed to drag the trunk of an elephant that has sunk into the gap.
  11. Oyo Sarkazmi
    Oyo Sarkazmi 18 May 2020 11: 37
    The Chinese will calculate the projectile from the distance, the Russians will design the projectile from the distance, the Indians will create the software from the remote location, after which the Chinese will again make an American archery projectile at their factories - and "kaolitsyakones" !!!
  12. iouris
    iouris 18 May 2020 13: 24
    Che-t, I do not understand: is the Russian Federation a nuclear missile power or not? Or it should be about "confrontation" in the arms market.
  13. Klingon
    Klingon 18 May 2020 16: 53
    that you have to rush to develop your long-range systems, spend money, resources ... why? As if there will again be a positional trench warfare-2 with heavy artillery shootings? The answer should be asymmetric - to release a couple of old Dots-U on NATO batteries or other formations and I think they will no longer want to approach a distance of 100 km.
    Well, as someone has already written, there are still tornadoes, hurricanes, front-line aviation, kamikaze drones, drones with missile weapons and so on.
  14. Oleg Zatsepin
    Oleg Zatsepin 18 May 2020 18: 55
    Ramjet means homing - i.e. head and steering cars. And everything is in caliber 155mm. Explosive charge is provided there? Or bullets will be bullets. Well, how counter-battery versus self-propelled guns still go wherever. But again at maximum range without reconnaissance and, possibly, target designation in no way. And this is a drone. So you don’t need to rack your brains with the interception of smart blanks, but bring down drones? And will there be much benefit from such ammunition? The next show-off IMHO.
  15. Operator
    Operator 18 May 2020 19: 14
    The accuracy of firing active rockets is plus or minus bast shoes, because all topics for their development are a typical budget sawing.

    PS Foreign company names in Latin letters in the Russian text are written without quotes, all of a sudden laughing
  16. al252ex
    al252ex 19 May 2020 14: 32
    Why push a guided missile with a powder accelerator into the barrel of the cannon? I think it can fly well without a gun. Pure money laundering for the development of this projectile. The artillery shell is good because it is cheap to manufacture and accurate to use. long distances there are rockets and planes.
  17. Clone
    Clone 19 May 2020 18: 56
    Quote: Guzadilla
    only to understand that it is proposed to drag the trunk of an elephant shoved into the slot.

    Very likely. For the relevance of the expression "Chatterbox is a find for a spy!" no one has yet denied it.
  18. Eug
    Eug 21 May 2020 14: 38
    You can ask the author a question - where will the border between MLRS and cannon artillery be and is there any point in fencing a garden, that is, developing active-rocket projectiles, which, when fired at the distances indicated by the author, will give a very serious dispersion without the SS? Perhaps it is easier and cheaper not to engage in expensive development of active-rocket projectiles, but to "transfer" their targets to MLRS? A ramjet is definitely needed, especially for SD-BD and surface-to-air missile launchers, but to drive it into cannon artillery, depriving it of such an advantage as a relatively low cost is nonsense ... A bottom generator is possible, but only after a thorough analysis of the cost and dispersion, and most likely for guided (illuminated) shells of the Krasnopol type.
  19. Phoenix
    Phoenix 24 May 2020 12: 25
    Chef, it's all gone! The plaster is removed ... For the tasks that the author attributed to this "wonderful" projectile, there is a long time not mythical but a real instrument - Tornado-S, with a maximum firing range of up to 200 km and a guided missile up to 120. The mass of the warhead is 150 kg, and not this is what you have. In the West, they like to shove unwieldy weapons into advertising, and they pick up in our country, as if it should be so.
    By the way, there was a similar program for Zamvolt, it closed when the cost of the projectile exceeded 800 thousand bucks / piece. But Tornado-S did not close.
    The author there also spoke about "economic inexpediency", well, let him read above how much a similar projectile costs for Zamvolt ... For comparison, the JASSM cruise missile costs 1.2 million.
  20. Cartridge
    Cartridge 24 May 2020 21: 05
    I fully agree with Nikolaevich I (Vladimir). The article itself - information about the creation of the next "bike", tk. until now have not been able to create anything like hurricanes and tornadoes. It is necessary to follow the enemy's train of thought, otherwise something clever may slip through ... And it is already necessary to finish comparing the barrel against the barrel, etc.