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In the United States, they are wondering about the lack of confirmed photographs from the F-22 crash site.


In the US, the study of the situation related to the accident that happened the other day with a fifth-generation fighter F-5 is ongoing. Recall that the plane crashed on Friday in the area aviation US Air Force Base Eglin. He made a planned flight in the sky over Florida, and at one point the pilot reported a loss of control, after which he was forced to eject.

The US Air Force press service notes that the accident with the F-22 "will not affect the combat readiness of the 325th fighter wing of the Eglin air base."

Meanwhile, a related topic is being discussed in the United States. We are talking about the fact that not one of the photographers (photo bloggers) was able to publish pictures from the crash site of a combat aircraft. It is noted that the network is flooded with videos that have nothing to do with what happened in the United States on Friday (May 15). In the American segment of social networks, they ask themselves why there are no confirmed photographs and more specific data on the possible causes of the F-22 accident.

One of the comments:

Typically, the agency was more open in terms of providing information about such incidents with military aircraft.

American television came out with a report reporting that reporters were not able to find out the name of the pilot who piloted the 5th generation fighter over Florida. It was noted that he is in the 96th medical center, which belongs to the very Eglin air base.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon is urging not to dramatize the situation, noting that the F-22 fell in a forest about 19 km from Eglin air base. The terrain can not be called easily accessible, in addition, it was cordoned off by the National Guard immediately after the news of the fall of the fighter. That is why the US photo bloggers simply did not have the operational ability to take and post pictures from that very place.

A video is published on the network that supposedly corresponds to the site of the fall of the F-22 and the landing of the ejected pilot.

How reliable it is remains a question.
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  1. Dimka75
    Dimka75 17 May 2020 13: 37 New
    News of the lack of news per se
    1. iouris
      iouris 17 May 2020 14: 15 New
      This is sensational news!
  2. NEXUS
    NEXUS 17 May 2020 13: 37 New
    Mattresses at all times hid photos and facts of their equipment, which was destroyed or was damaged. Always meager crumbs of information.
  3. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 17 May 2020 13: 39 New
    Americans are doing the right thing when investigating disasters related to military equipment ....
    we need to take an example from them and not give out information to our "partners" ...
  4. Prisoner
    Prisoner 17 May 2020 13: 44 New
    Grobanulsya same. Well, the dog with him. The pilot is alive, mom is happy, and the apparatus is not for watering flowers on the lawn. Let them be ruined.
  5. letinant
    letinant 17 May 2020 13: 58 New
    Is this really the first time !? I remember in 1991, during the invasion of Iraq. The Americans, not fighting losses of the F-16 jumped sharply. And specifically for this occasion. I did not see the F-22 decorated in red and white, vertical tail, in the video, definitely from light-engine aircraft. I would be inclined, for a number of signs, that it is "Tsesna" (garrgot, arrangement of stabilizers).
    1. Peter is not the first
      Peter is not the first 17 May 2020 20: 28 New
      Yes, somewhere we definitely lie. Or in the video, saying that these are the remnants of the F-22:

      Or for 30 years we have been shown the wrong plane, saying that this is the first of the fifth generation:

      These are American secrets. drinks
  6. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 17 May 2020 14: 36 New
    the accident with F-22 "will not affect the combat readiness of the 325th fighter wing of the Eglin air base."
    Perhaps if an F-22 aircraft is introduced into the wing from a reserve or from another wing repeat
  7. Rostislav Prokopenko
    Rostislav Prokopenko 17 May 2020 14: 41 New
    Zone 51 and the Bermuda Triangle are expanding !!!!!
    Putin is attacking !!!!
    Trump leaked everything !!!!

    Where are the exclamations of libshiza? bully
  8. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 17 May 2020 14: 49 New
    There is a video of a plane crash and pilot bailout with disclosure
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 17 May 2020 16: 51 New
      Quote: voyaka uh
      There is a video of a plane crash and pilot bailout with disclosure

      A parachute can open even with a dead pilot
    2. free_flier
      free_flier 17 May 2020 18: 44 New
      How can one determine from the video of a falling airplane and an opened parachute - in the sky of which country did this happen?
  9. Jack O'Neill
    Jack O'Neill 17 May 2020 14: 56 New
    It seems to me that the Americans here are lying about the fall of the F-22. But why? I wondered for a long time this question, but after the 50-gr everything fell into place.
    But I will not tell you anything, for it is secret. I myself am in shock, but then I began to understand a lot now.
    And yes, the Earth is flat.
  10. Siberian54
    Siberian54 17 May 2020 16: 45 New
    It’s strange where the trolls of a neighboring country and our litter of soros disappeared, even as it were deserted on a branch ..
  11. APASUS
    APASUS 17 May 2020 16: 50 New
    The video only added questions:
    1 Why is smoke removed in the forest, but the catastrophe itself is again not visible?
    2 Judging by the video, the pilot was seriously injured
    3 Officially, the information is not confirmed by the pictures, what is hidden behind this disaster?
    1. Polymer
      Polymer 17 May 2020 18: 25 New
      Fox Mulder and Dana Scully back in business!
  12. TAMBU
    TAMBU 17 May 2020 17: 29 New
    In the United States, they are wondering about the lack of confirmed photographs from the F-22 crash site.

    Well, he’s “invisible” laughing
  13. Kushka
    Kushka 17 May 2020 22: 22 New
    My 5 cop .:
    1. The pilot received a unique experience, but for one broken
    as you know .... the Americans are in the black.
    2. Egg-headed nuts will be applied to the bolts, open
    something epoch-making and will break out for 10 years ahead, again
    Americans are in the black
    3. Their general at the congressional hearings will depict
    fainting, gulping a bottle of validol in gulp and him
    allocate attendants for 10 pcs. F 22 and - again, the Americans are in the black.
    And just a piece of iron fell into the forest.
    1. Private-K
      Private-K 18 May 2020 08: 24 New
      F22 have not been built for a long time and cannot already be built.
  14. Private-K
    Private-K 18 May 2020 08: 23 New
    Again, popular aliens offered the pilot a deal that he couldn’t refuse: "You, man, jump out, and we will get the airplane - we need for the museum." Clear business. drinks
  15. Kushka
    Kushka 18 May 2020 11: 48 New
    There was some kind of film-driven aircraft engine.
    Aircraft crashed, testers died. One to
    land reached and already dying outlined what
    problem, i.e., at the cost of his life allowed
    make a breakthrough and overcome the problem.
    This is because an accident is a loss and a disaster.
    But this is also an acquisition (negative result-
    also the result)