Syrians stopped a convoy of the US Army in Hasak

In a number of Syrian provinces, tensions remain. So, in Idlib, militants are firing at the positions of the Syrian Arab army, and in Hasak, local residents deployed an American military convoy.

In the southwestern part of Idlib province, Syrian Arab army positions were attacked by militants of the Khayyat Tahrir al-Sham group, banned in Russia. In response, the Syrian government forces had to respond with artillery fire: positions of militants were fired on the slopes of Jebel al-Zawiya. As a result of a direct hit, several enemy firing points were destroyed. The shootout also took place in the area of ​​the villages of Tanjara and Al-Bara, where the KhTS militants are now based.

We have already written about how in Idlib local HTS-supporting locals attacked the Russian-Turkish military patrol. Something similar happened in Hasaka province, only here residents blocked the passage of an American military convoy. In the area of ​​the villages of Kahira and Dashdashiya, local residents took to the road as soon as American army cars appeared on it. In the end, the Americans had to satisfy the requirements of the Syrians and deploy the column in the opposite direction, going on a different route.

According to Syrian sources, an American convoy of five vehicles followed from the Iraqi province of Nineveh towards the Al-Jibsah oil field in the Al-Shaddadi region. The Americans crossed the Al-Walid border checkpoint on the Iraqi-Syrian border, and plunged into Syrian territory. As we know, Americans consider themselves entitled not only to patrol the territory of Hasaka province, but also to pump Syrian oil openly, exploiting oil fields in the territory of a sovereign state in their interests.

Naturally, the local population does not like the passage of the American military near their settlements. After all, this is not only an insult to national pride, but also an additional risk factor. If American convoys regularly pass along the road, then inevitably radical groups will also be activated in the area, who will install explosive devices and organize shelling. Such a development does not suit anyone. In the video from the scene we see how a group of Syrians, in which not only men, but also women and children, literally forces American armored vehicles to turn around and head for the opposite direction.

However, such protests by the local population are not able to stop the constant movement of American columns from the territory of neighboring Iraq. So, the next day, a military convoy from Iraqi Kurdistan entered through the Al-Walid point and headed towards the Al-Omar oil fields in the province of Deir ez-Zor. There, American troops have recently been increasing their presence, strengthening the existing military base.

As for the protesters in the area of ​​the villages of Kahira and Dashdashiya, it became known that more than 20 people blocked the road by the representatives of Kurdish armed groups. In Hasaka province, Kurdish fighters are acting in the interests of the US-led “international coalition”. Accordingly, any actions against American troops are met with retaliatory actions by the so-called "Syrian Democratic Forces" operating in the region.
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  1. Threaded screw 14 May 2020 14: 46 New
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    • 1
    That's how a simple man with a shovel drives a hegemon)
  2. Andrei Nikolaevich 14 May 2020 14: 49 New
    • 12
    • 4
    They would go to war, and not protect their gardens ... The war would have ended long ago. "Heroes" ......
  3. alone 14 May 2020 14: 57 New
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    SDS and related groups led by the United States will remain a headache for Syria for a long time
  4. Antidote 14 May 2020 15: 25 New
    • 2
    • 8
    How touching is this one-sided narrative, also with a heroic title. The fact that our patrol was stoned was again silent.
    1. boss 14 May 2020 19: 15 New
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      And where does one to the other?
      The army of the Russian Federation, and even the United States recognize this, are in the territory of Syria legally.
      And because there are people in the idlib who are dissatisfied with the actions of the Russian army, then remember who was taken to the idlib viper and how these terrorists covered their transportation with hostages.
      Sultan Edik, by the way, has already begun, while limited military operations, against the insane in idlib
  5. knn54 14 May 2020 15: 38 New
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    Kurds deflection counted.
    1. Nyrobsky 14 May 2020 18: 57 New
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      Quote: knn54
      Kurds deflection counted.

      Kurds are the same Ukrainians, only Arab-Syrian, who also sold out to mattresses for their green candy wrappers. If someone pinches mattresses and offers babos to the Kurds, then they will be maidan against the hegemon. No principles - "babos ponad mustache".
  6. Wolf47525 15 May 2020 10: 48 New
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    Yawning ... 12 May 2020, Tuesday - 15:52 2020-05-12T15: 52: 00 COBANI
    In villages on the border in the Kobani region, people opposed the free passage of the Russian-Turkish patrol. Embittered people expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that the invaders freely travel around Syria.

    that's all.
  7. Wolf47525 15 May 2020 11: 03 New
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    By the way ... Sana’s nothing about the detentions. there are two options, gentlemen. or the Syrian state news agency is simply not up to date. or the authors of this "As for the protesters in the area of ​​the villages of Kahira and Dashdashiya, it became known that more than 20 people blocked the road by the representatives of Kurdish armed groups." to say the least. all.