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Italian training aircraft M-345 NO passed certification

Italian training aircraft M-345 NO passed certification

The Italian Air Force will soon receive a new pilot training aircraft. According to Flightglobal, the Italian concern Leonardo has completed the first stage of certification of the promising training aircraft M-345 NO.

The initial flight training aircraft M-345 NO was created on the basis of the M-311 aircraft, which they tried to promote starting in 2005, but all attempts ended in vain due to design flaws. In turn, the M-311 was a modified version of the SIAI-Marchetti S.211 training aircraft. The latter was produced from 1981 to 1994 (70 cars were produced) and delivered to the air forces of Singapore, the Philippines and Haiti. The prototype M-345 NO was presented to the public in 2013. The first flight took place on December 29, 2016.

The new aircraft has a maximum take-off mass of 4,1 tons, a Williams International FJ44-4M engine is installed, allowing to reach speeds of up to 795 km / h. The flight range is declared at 1778 kilometers. M-345 NO can carry a missile and bomb load of up to 1 ton at five suspension points.

The M-345 NET training aircraft version became widely known in 2017, when the Italian Ministry of Defense signed a contract with Leonardo to supply the Italian Air Force the first five new M-345 NO training aircraft. At present, 18 planes have already been ordered; further, the Italian military plans to bring the fleet of these planes to 45 units. It is assumed that in the future, the M-345 NO will replace the Aermacchi MB-339 training aircraft in the Italian Air Force and complement the fleet of existing M-346 Master training aircraft, which are used for advanced training of pilots. It is planned to adopt the M-345 NO before the end of 2020.
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  1. tanki-tanki
    tanki-tanki 13 May 2020 10: 04 New
    Thank you for the article.
  2. Pavel57
    Pavel57 13 May 2020 10: 07 New
    M346 The master turned out to be too expensive, which is not surprising.
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 13 May 2020 10: 22 New
    What a heavy one. For training. A double feeling causes. They also produce Yak-130 under their name. Well, it’s clear that the joint development ... But 130 is a serious aircraft, with a bomb load, like a whole squadron of IL-2 ... laughing and this, like the L-39, is only heavier ...
    1. Vladimir_2U
      Vladimir_2U 13 May 2020 10: 46 New
      The Italian Yak is the M346 Master, he is for "extended training" and the hero of the article is just an analogue of the Albatross.
  4. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 13 May 2020 10: 24 New
    A mosquito fleet disguised as training? repeatYak-130 looks more serious.
    1. novel66
      novel66 13 May 2020 10: 27 New
      and what, the impala was at least where, in South Africa are satisfied
  5. rosomaha
    rosomaha 13 May 2020 10: 31 New
    And will he be an action movie or just a school desk? I'm interested in his weapons and whether he will use them to the full and participate in low-intensity combat missions. The Italians are armed with the AMX, will it be replaced and by what (only infa needs verified, not speculation)?
    1. Zementbomber
      Zementbomber 13 May 2020 11: 12 New
      Will he be an action movie or just a school desk?

      Watching in whose Air Force. wink In Italian - only a "desk" of course.
      1. rosomaha
        rosomaha 13 May 2020 11: 19 New
        sorry ... if anyone buys it as a fighter, then probably only Africans ... and in the arsenal they will take ABSP and NAR..well, and the rifleman. And the WTO (UR, UAB of different types) is both expensive and "undergrowth" for them.
        1. Zementbomber
          Zementbomber 13 May 2020 11: 34 New
          if anyone will buy it as an action movie, then probably only Africans ...

          But why? + Iberian America + Caribbean America + small Central, Eastern and South European countries.
  6. knn54
    knn54 13 May 2020 10: 39 New
    The Austrians are already interested.
  7. Zementbomber
    Zementbomber 13 May 2020 11: 16 New
    Only he is not "initial", but basic training. For the initial - they have a screw SF.260. Type Yak-52 - only better.
  8. Radikal
    Radikal 13 May 2020 11: 57 New
    This plane is probably no worse -
  9. Topol M
    Topol M 13 May 2020 14: 38 New
    And compare with the Khokhlyatsk wheelbarrow on the first pages of the site
  10. Sarkazm
    Sarkazm 13 May 2020 17: 54 New
    In fact, many countries turned out to have airplanes based on our Yak-130. For the Chinese, it turned out to be cheaper to establish production and adopt the JL-9 (FTC-2000), the upgraded MiG-21UB, one way or another, but the training version of a full-fledged supersonic fighter (!!!), albeit not the latest. The Italians also decided to have two cars, creating a more inexpensive partner to the Master.
    We also flashed the SR-10 with reverse sweep, maybe we will also have to go the same way as soon as we start counting money.