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Putin's geopolitical chess with Washington in Syria and Eurasia (“”, France)


For the fact that Russia has blocked the UN resolution, which could lead to military intervention in Syria, the Orwellian West accused her of putting its national interests ahead of the lives of millions of Syrians. Analyzing the actions of Vladimir Putin after his re-election, William Engdahl shows that Russia actually pursues its national interests, which are best served by promoting a fair and peaceful environment in the world and obstructing the American-Israeli plans of the Greater Middle East.

Putin's geopolitical chess with Washington in Syria and Eurasia (“”, France)

From the moment Vladimir Putin took over the presidency of Russia again, he did not lose a minute to address the most urgent geopolitical threats to Russia at the international level. Not surprisingly, the explosive situation in the Middle East, especially in Syria, is at the center of its agenda. Here, Putin uses all possible means to prevent further deterioration of the situation and turn it into something that could become another "world war as a result of miscalculation." His activities in recent weeks include active personal diplomacy with the Syrian government, as well as the so-called opposition "Syrian National Council." It also includes intense diplomatic negotiations with the Turkish Erdogan regime. It includes diplomacy behind closed doors with Obama. It includes direct diplomatic efforts with Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu.

Syria itself, in contrast to what most of the Western media portray, is a long-standing multi-ethnic and religiously tolerant secular state with President Bashar al-Assad, an Alawiti Muslim, whose spouse belongs to Sunni Muslims. Alawites are an offshoot of Shiite Islam, they do not force their women to wear headscarves and are liberal by Sunni standards, especially for such fundamentalist countries as Saudi Arabia, where women are even forbidden to have a driver's license. The entire Syrian population is a diverse mix of Alawite, Druze and Kurd, Sunni and Orthodox Armenians. If the al-Assad minority regime collapses, experts believe that, like in Egypt, the muddy Sunni (as in Saudi Arabia) organization the Muslim Brotherhood will become the dominant organized political force, which is certainly not welcome in Tel Aviv and certainly not in Russia or China. [1]

According to a well-informed assessment by Gajendra Singh, a retired Indian diplomat who worked for decades in the Middle East and is well acquainted with the ethnic mix in Syria, if the regime of the Alawite minority of Al-Assad falls, the country will quickly slide into bloodshed that will count the 17000 killed today only a prelude. Singh believes that "the defeat of the regime under the leadership of Assad will lead to a mass slaughter of Alawites, Shiites, Christians, and even Kurds and Druze. Together they make up 20% of the country's population of 20 million people." [2]

This equals roughly 4 to millions of Syrians. This should be information for reflection for those in the West who welcome the muddy and dubious opposition "Syrian National Council", which is dominated by the sinister "Muslim Brotherhood", and the armed opposition "Free Syrian army", about which evenThe New York Times"reported that it is full of splits between armed groups.

Moreover, if the conflict turns into internal bloodshed in the Libyan style, it will go beyond the borders of Syria and spread to Turkey. In the area of ​​the Syrian coast there are a significant number of Alawites, and a large number of Alawite live in the neighboring provinces of Turkey Hatay and Antakya.

The BBC illegally used a picture of Iraqi victims as propaganda against the Syrian government.

Photo: Marco Di Lauro, 2003

Understand where in Syria is a fact, and where fiction is discouraging, because the work of the media is limited, and opposition representatives have been repeatedly caught lying about the events there. [3] One recent example was the story of a British journalist about how opposition fighters deliberately brought him into a potential trap to gain propaganda points against the regime in Damascus. The main correspondent of the British TV channel Channel 4 News Alex Thompson told the Associated Press that the Syrian rebels tried to make him die in the neutral zone near the border with Lebanon, saying that they wanted to use his death at the hands of government troops to score propaganda points. [4] Also an example of shameless political manipulation is история about how the BBC was recently caught publishing a photo that, according to the broadcaster, showed the massacre of 25 in Al-Hula in May on 2012, when 108 people died, including 49 children. It turned out that the photo was taken by Italian photojournalist Marco Di Lauro in Iraq in 2003. [5]

The stakes in this geopolitical chess game are no less than the survival of, above all, Syria as a sovereign state, whatever its flaws and shortcomings. Moreover, this concerns ultimately the survival of Iran, Russia and China as sovereign states along with other BRIC countries - Brazil, India and South Africa. In the longer term, this also concerns the question of the survival of civilization, as we know it, and the prevention of world war, which would destroy the planet’s population not tens of millions, like seventy years ago, but most likely this time with billions.

Rates in Syria for Moscow

Russian Putin had a deep hard line around the survival of Al-Assad and Syria as a stable state. Few people ask why Russia warns of a possible world war if Washington continues to insist on demanding an immediate regime change in Syria, as Hillary Clinton does. This is not because Russia intends to promote its own imperialist designs in the Middle East. She is not in very good shape from a military and economic point of view for this, even if she wanted to. Rather, it’s about preserving for Russia the rights to the only Mediterranean port in Tartus, the only remaining military base outside the former Soviet Union, and its only Mediterranean sea replenishment point. In the event of a collision with NATO, this base becomes strategic for Russia.

Yet for Russia, something more is at stake. Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov have made it clear that if NATO and the United States launch hostilities against Assad’s Syria, the consequences will be terrifying. Reliable sources in Damascus reported the presence of at least 100000 Russian "technical advisers" in the country. That's a lot, plus a Russian cargo ship carrying repaired Mi-25 combat helicopters is reportedly heading to Syria, while a few days earlier the Russian naval flotilla headed to Tartus, led by the Russian large anti-submarine ship Admiral Chabanenko.

A group of naval ships with a large anti-submarine ship Admiral Chabanenko is heading for the Syrian port of Tartus, where the only Mediterranean Russian naval base is located.

An attempt to send the repaired helicopters back to Syria, which bought them earlier, was blocked in June, not far from the coast of Scotland, when the cargo ship was not flying the Russian flag. Now Moscow has made it clear that it will not tolerate interference in its transportation of goods for Damascus. Representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense Vyacheslav Dzirkalin announced that "the fleet will be sent with the task of ensuring the safety of our ships and preventing anyone from fixing obstacles in the event of a blockade. I remind you that there are no limits," he added calmly. [6] These words mean that Moscow has declared that it is ready to face the version of the Cuban crisis 1962 of the year in the 21 century, if NATO continues to foolishly insist on regime change in Damascus.

While it became clear that the so-called democratic opposition in Syria is dominated by vague "Muslim brothers" - hardly an organization known for its multinational democratic orientation, the victory of the US-supported "Muslim Brotherhood" in Syria, according to Moscow, will cause a wave of Muslim destabilization in Central Asia in the republics of the former Soviet Union. China is also extremely sensitive to this danger, as it most recently faced bloody riots of a Muslim organization backed by the US government in its oil-rich Uygur Autonomous Province of Xinjiang. [7]

Russia resolutely united with China, as both countries fell into a disastrous trap, abstaining from a veto when voting in the UN Security Council on the US resolution. This US resolution made possible not only the destruction of Muammar Gadhafi by NATO forces, but Libya itself as a functioning state. The author of the article personally spoke in Moscow and Beijing after the Libyan catastrophe with well-informed people in both countries about how they could actually be so short-sighted in Libya. In both countries, it has been evidently concluded that the further promotion of Washington’s plans of what George W. Bush called the project of the Greater Middle East is diametrically opposed to the national interests of both China and Russia, hence the iron resistance to NATO’s plans in Syria to change the regime . Today, Russia and China, which are permanent members of the UN Security Council with the right of veto, have used the veto three times on new sanctions against Syria introduced by the United States, the most recent of which was applied on July 19.

Putin and his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, insist on strict adherence to the plan proposed by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. In contrast to what Washington prefers to generously contribute to it, the six-point Annan plan calls not for a regime change, but for a settlement through negotiations and a cessation of hostilities on both sides, for a cease-fire.

Washington's duplex hypocrisy

On the side of the violent regime change in Syria, there is a strange coalition that includes, along with Washington and its European "vassal states" (as Zbigniew Brzezinski called the European members of NATO), [8] is the most conspicuous Saudi Arabia - hardly a regime that anyone can blame for being a model of democracy. Qatar plays another leading role against Damascus, where the American army and the demonstratively pro-NATO propaganda channel are locatedAl Jazeera“In addition, Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkish government provides training and training for armed mercenaries and other people who then cross the border into neighboring Syria.

The Erdogan government’s attempt to send the Turkish Air Force’s "Phantom" fighter into Syrian airspace, which flew provocatively low, apparently so as to provoke an incident modeled after the "Gulf of Tonkin" and kindle a flame of NATO intervention like Libyan, two weeks ago failed when the Turkish The General Staff issued a statement: "No traces of explosives or flammable products were found on the wreckage found in the sea." Erdogan was forced to change his position in order to save face, and stopped using the phrase "shot down in Syria" and instead spoke about "our plane, which Syria declared that it destroyed it." [9]

NATO created an operational control center in Iskenderun, in the Turkish province of Hatay, near the Syrian border a few months ago to organize, train and arm "anything but" the Free Syrian Army. [10] The Obama administration, which does not want a full-scale Syrian war before the US elections in November, also reportedly told Erdogan to "calm down".

Most people in the West, who consistently receive information about world affairs from the pages of the Washington Post, CNN or the BBC, are convinced that the Syrian confusion is a clear case of "good guys" ( called the Syrian National Council and its ragged improvised "Syrian Free Army") against the "bad guys" (Al-Assad dictatorship with its armed forces). For more than one year, Western media have shown videotapes, some, as noted, were not even made in Syria, claiming that a massacre was occurring in a one-sided massacre by the regime of an innocent, unarmed opposition civilian population. They have never explained how Assad would benefit from alienating his most important asset for survival, namely supporting the majority of Syrians in the fight against what he rightly called foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Syria.

In fact, according to numerous stories by journalists from Turkey and Syria, including the TV channel RTeyewitnesses claim that from the very beginning the "peaceful democratic opposition" secretly received weapon and training often in camps on the other side of the border in Turkey. Professor Ibrahim Allush from Zaituna University in Jordan said RT:

"Weapon secretly transported to Syria in large quantities from everywhere. It is clear enough that the rebels receive weapons from abroad, and Syrian television showed almost daily deliveries of weapons that were smuggled illegally to Syria through Lebanon, Turkey and other border crossings. Since the rebels support the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] and NATO, it can be assumed that they receive funding and weapons from the same sources that provide them with political cover and financial support."[11]

One venerable Turkish journalist, with whom the author spoke in Ankara in April, had just returned from an extensive trip to Syria, told how he witnessed the seizure of a small group of "opposition" militants. An Arabic-speaking journalist was amazed when the rebel leader asked why the soldiers who had captured them spoke Arabic. When he was told that it was their native language, the rebel leader blurted out - "But you must speak Hebrew, are you from the Israeli army?"

In a word, the mercenaries were quickly prepared not far from the border in Turkey, gave them Kalashnikovs and a few dollars and told them that they were conducting jihad against the Israeli army. They did not even know with whom they were fighting. In other cases, mercenaries recruited in Afghanistan and elsewhere and financed by Saudi money, including alleged al-Qaida members, constitute a “democratic opposition” to the recognized Al-Assad regime.

Even the main newspaper of the American ruling circles "The New York Times"was forced to admit that the CIA presents the Syrian opposition with weapons. She said that" the CIA officers are secretly acting in southern Turkey, helping the allies decide which Syrian opposition fighters on the other side of the border will receive weapons to fight the Syrian government, according to US officials and Arab intelligence officers. Weapons, including machine guns, RPGs, ammunition and some types of anti-tank weapons, are sent mainly across the Turkish border through a shadow network of intermediaries, including Syrian "Muslim Brothers," and are paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, officials said. "[12 ]

The International Committee of the Red Cross now classifies conflict as a civil war. [13] Peter Wallenstein, a leading peace researcher at Uppsala University and director of the Uppsala Conflicts Data Program, stated that "This civil war is becoming more international, and as we know from previous history, the more international the conflict, the last ... it's a civil war, but now there are so many weapons coming in from abroad, that in fact it is an international civil war. " [14]

According to Mary Ellen O'Connell, a reputable legal scholar and professor of law and resolution of international disputes at the University of Notre Dame, "the statement of the International Committee of the Red Cross means that the Assad regime is faced with an organized armed opposition using military force, and it has the legal right respond in the same way. The Syrian army will have more power to kill people based on the fact that they are part of the armed opposition than when Assad was restricted in using force m peacetime. " [15] Opposition rebel groups argue that this means quite the opposite.

While the US Department of State makes sanctimonious official statements about their support for "democracy" and demands that al-Asad withdraw and recognize the dubious and split opposition in the form of the Syrian National Council - the Muslim Brotherhood group, dominated by Russia works skillfully on the diplomatic front to weaken the western campaign in favor of war.

Putin's skillful diplomacy

President Vladimir Putin welcomes UN / Arab League envoy Kofi Annan to Moscow.

So, as soon as Vladimir Putin re-took office as the Russian president of 7 in May, he immediately embarked on a series of complex diplomatic missions to neutralize, or hopefully, to upset Washington’s plan in Syria. On July 16, Putin received Kofi Annan in Moscow, where he reiterated Moscow’s strong support for the Annan plan for a peace settlement. [16]

In connection with significant distortions in the media, it is useful to read the very text of the Annan plan, which consists of six points:

(1) to pledge to work with the envoy for a comprehensive political process led by Syria to accommodate the legitimate aspirations and concerns of the Syrian people, and to this end to pledge to appoint an authorized contact person when the envoy asks for it;

(2) to pledge to cease hostilities and urgently achieve, under UN supervision, a real cessation of armed violence in all its forms by all parties in order to protect the civilian population and stabilize the country.

To this end, the Syrian government should immediately stop the movement of troops and stop the use of heavy weapons in populated areas and begin to withdraw troop concentrations near or from populated areas.

While these actions are being taken on the ground, the Syrian government should work with an envoy to promote a sustainable cessation of all types of armed violence by all parties with an effective monitoring mechanism on the part of the UN.

The envoy will seek similar commitments on the part of the opposition and all elements related to it in order to stop the hostilities, and work with him to promote a sustainable cessation of all types of armed violence by all parties with an effective monitoring mechanism on the part of the UN;

(3) take the necessary measures to ensure timely humanitarian assistance to all areas affected by the fighting, and to this end, as an immediate measure, agree and implement a two-hour humanitarian pause and agree on the exact time and conditions of the daily pause through an effective mechanism, including at the local level;

(4) to accelerate the pace and scale of the release of arbitrarily detained persons, including particularly vulnerable categories of persons, and persons involved in political activities, to provide, without delay, through appropriate channels, a list of all places where such persons are held, to immediately start organizing access to such places and through appropriate channels to quickly respond to all written requests for information, access or release for these individuals;

(5) guarantee freedom of movement around the country for journalists and non-discriminatory visa issuance policies;

(6) respect the freedom of association and the right to hold peaceful demonstrations, as guaranteed by law. [17]

In Annan’s plan, there is no demand that Bashar al-Asad leave before the cease-fire, in contrast to what Hillary Clinton repeats after she claimed that the United States also supports this plan. Annan's plan calls for a diplomatic solution. The United States obviously does not want a diplomatic solution. They want a regime change, and they obviously want an expanding war across the entire watershed between Shiites and Sunnis in the Muslim world.

Moscow and Beijing just as clearly want to draw a line and prevent the spread of chaos from Syria. 19 July Russia and China, members of the UN Security Council with veto power, again blocked the US-supported resolution on Syria, which, they argued, was intended to make the UN Security Council resolution possible based on the 7 chapter on Syria. The head of 7 allows the Council, consisting of 15 member countries, to authorize action, starting with diplomatic and economic sanctions and ending with military intervention. [18] The Haig resolution demanded that the Syrian government withdraw all of their heavy weapons from urban areas and return troops to the barracks during 10 days. Not a word was said about the disarmament of the "Free Syrian Army". Washington claimed that he was only interested in economic or diplomatic sanctions, not military. Well, of course. Um ....

Putin has more than enough leverage to use in relations with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan. Erdogan visited Moscow shortly before the July 19 vote at the UN Security Council to discuss Syria with Putin. [19] Turkey is the second largest buyer of Russian natural gas, about 80% of its natural gas comes from the Russian state-controlled Gazprom. [20]

Turkey’s entire “energy hub” strategy, which is to play a key role in gas flows from Eurasia and from the Middle East to Europe, depends on gas from Russia and Iran. A year ago, an agreement worth 10 billion dollars was signed between Iran, Iraq and Syria to build a gas pipeline from the huge Iranian South Pars field to Iraq, Syria, and further to Turkey, and in the future it will be connected to Europe. [21]

Putin also visited Tel Aviv June 21 to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. [22] Russian influence in Israel is considerable. Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, tens of thousands of Russians, mostly Jews, have emigrated to Israel over the past two decades. Israel cannot greatly rejoice at the prospect of opposition to power in neighboring Syria under the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood. Although there were few details about the content of the talks, it is obvious that Putin conveyed the message that "a destroyed, disoriented and fragmented Syria will not help Israel.

“In Syria, there is the second most well-organized structure of the Muslim Brotherhood after Egypt,” according to former Indian Ambassador K. Gajendra Singh. [23]

Then, on July 11, Putin and Lavrov invited Abdel Basseta Seydou, the new head of the US-backed opposition organization, the Syrian National Council, to “talks” in Moscow. Seyda, descended from the Syrian Kurdish minority and lived in émigrés in Sweden for twenty years, is a curious figure as an opposition representative of the Kurdish minority in Syria — a person with little or no active political experience, clearly chosen mainly to hide SNA dominance "Muslim Brotherhood". Russia has reportedly made it clear to Seyda that it will continue to block any attempts to overthrow Assad and that the opposition must seriously observe the Annan plan and hold talks to resolve the situation. Seyda, for his part, made it clear that there would be no negotiations until Assad leaves - this position supports bloodshed. [24]

In the midst of all this bloodshed and aggravation of violence, there are signs that Putin has reached some kind of tacit agreement with Obama to rule out war until the elections in the United States are held in November. Russia recently agreed to reopen the supply routes for military supplies to the United States in Afghanistan, while Washington organized an “apology” for the recent killing of civilians in Pakistan by its drones. [25]

Experienced wandering journalist Pepe Escobar recently summarized the situation in all its gloomy reality:

"Turkey will continue to provide the material and technical base to mercenaries arriving from "liberated" Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Lebanon. Saudi dynasty will continue to give them money for weapons. And Washington, London and Paris will continue to finely regulate the tactics of the process, which remains a long, boiling prelude to the NATO attack on Damascus. And although the armed Syrian opposition does not control anything significant inside Syria, expect that the mercenaries, armed with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, will become even more merciless. Expect the non-Free Syrian army to continue operations for many months, if not years. The key point is whether a sufficient number of supply lines will remain in effect - if not from Jordan, then from Turkey and Lebanon"[26]

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  1. dreamer
    dreamer 31 July 2012 15: 51 New
    Well, as always, the West has a policy of double standards. They protect the civilian population with "peacekeeping" carpet bombing, and Russia actively prevents them from doing this. laughing The supply of weapons and equipment to the bandits is the establishment of democracy, the fulfillment of previously concluded agreements and the supply of equipment based on them, of a defensive nature, is assistance to the "bloody regime" winked
    I didn’t understand what kind of 100 technical advisers the author says, there are mainly women who married Syrians at one time and moved to their husbands request
    1. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 31 July 2012 16: 52 New
      Russian women are equated with weapons of mass destruction ... well, how each of them with one hand in a pan ... in the other rolling pin ... and let out in a clean field to wave a sim arsenal ... wassat

      The article is good, in fact, everything is true.
      Russia has no where to retreat, China, too, is not particularly thirsty for the further development of crappy expansion ... I have such a pain point as Tibet. Double standards, or rather lack of standards, is already a commonplace for arrogant Saxons .. so to speak, a historical creed ... establish rules for everyone, and put them on the device with them.
      We will look, hope and believe that Russia's interests will be protected.
      1. pu
        pu 31 July 2012 18: 30 New
        The article chews everything so thoroughly that it is clearly addressed to those who do not know the true picture in Syria, and this is after a year of conflict!
        1. Ymidge
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          Quote: pu

          The article chews everything so carefully

          So they are like children! Only by syllables, otherwise they will not understand. fool
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      here it’s global and it began ... analysts last year all this was foreseen. And then there will be finally karamba am
      1. dreamer
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        Quote: John
        And then there will be finally karamba

        As the saying goes, I bought it for sale and it seems that Syria is beginning to avenge the attack
        Media: Syrian intelligence services kill Saudi intelligence chief 31 July 2012, 17: 01

        Electronic media supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said the assassination of Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the newly appointed head of Saudi intelligence.

        Bandara allegedly killed in revenge for organizing a high-profile terrorist attack in Damascus on July 18, which killed half of Assad's military-political cabinet, reports

        Bandar took office on July 24th. According to supporters of Assad, "Excellent Syrian intelligence took less than a week to avenge».

        Bandar was allegedly seriously injured during the July 26 attack and died of his wounds.

        Iranian PressTV reports that the deputy Bandar was killed during an explosion at his headquarters in Riyadh on July 22 (which contradicts the dates of the Syrian reports).

        As the newspaper VZGLYAD reported, on July 18, the Minister of Defense and a number of other heads of law enforcement agencies died as a result of a suicide attack in Damascus. The suicide bomber was a member of the personal guard of Bashar al-Assad.
    3. Alexei
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      Quote: dreamer
      They protect the civilian population with "peacekeeping" carpet bombing, and Russia actively prevents them from doing this.

      Yes, to understand them is not surprising. World war will take away billions. And the states will have more oxygen. The fact is that in Muslim states, the trouble with the female population is (small), and the population is dense. So they migrate to Europe and to the states. More and more mosques. And when it becomes completely sad with water, then the south will be moved north. So the Americans split up the Muslims, choosing the most stable regions with resources, so that the war pays off.
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        Quote: Alexej
        Here are the Americans and crush Muslims

        More precisely, the United States destroys Muslims under any pretext, and at the hands of the Muslims themselves, and therefore, this madness, most likely, will have to wait a very, very long time.
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          Vanga said - Syria will fall - chaos will begin on the entire planet.
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              Do not count on predictions. The future is changeable.
          2. 755962
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            Quote: Russ -
            Vanga said - Syria will fall - chaos will begin on the entire planet.

            "Soon the most ancient teaching will come into the world. They ask me:" How soon will this time come? " No, not soon. Syria has not yet fallen! "

            Vanga: - In 18 years there will be the end of the world (the interview, we recall, was recorded in 1994, which means the fulfillment of the prophecy in 2012), the Earth will turn away from the Sun. Where it was hot there will be ice, many animals will die out. People will fight for energy, but they have enough soul to stop. And then time will come back.

            Vanga: - Russia will lose weight and will again take its place, good will be inside, and experience outside. Europe cannot be younger. America will accept the bearded and understand that fear is worse than love. Syria will collapse at the feet of the winner, but the winner will not be the same.

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      2. Russ -
        Russ - 31 July 2012 19: 57 New
        Quote: Alexej
        So the Americans split up the Muslims, choosing the most stable regions with resources, so that the war pays off.

        It’s just worth taking into account something else - that they have more and no one to hammer. Everyone else can give change.
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      I completely agree with you, A very good article!
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    Come on, Uncle Vova, win this game! :)
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        Quote: dreamer
        God forbid that the desire to "hand over the game" does not arise, and the rest will all work out

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        Uncle Vova has to play a simultaneous game session with many "players"

        I would say that this is no longer chess, but something like a preference. And in the "buyout" -Kurdy, and you need to play "obligation". The fact is that practically nothing is known about their plans simultaneously in 4 countries - Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. It used to be a little simpler: "Until the second half of the 50s, the Kurds were our only allies in the Middle East. When the Nuri Said regime was overthrown in a military coup (with our support), we acquired such allies as Iraq, Syria, Egypt, which, from the point of view of the geopolitical interests of the Soviet Union, were much more important than the Kurds. Iraq and Syria began to play a major role in our Middle East policy in confronting the West in this troubled region. " ... But in the 70s, the Soviet leadership's bets on the Kurds as a factor in the Middle East policy disappeared, their relations with the United States also did not develop, and it is difficult to imagine in relation to which state they will play a more destructive role at the moment. Their attitude to Islam (according to my observations, there were acquaintances from this region) is very interesting, that is, they are not on their way with the Saudis either, in short, "I would have known the buy-in, I would have lived in Sochi." A problem with many unknowns.
      3. Sablezub
        Sablezub 31 July 2012 22: 40 New
        looking at how virtuoso Putin is, I can’t find another word, monipulates levers in foreign policy, I get the impression, or rather the confidence, that he is trying to buy time for Russia ... On the one hand, he “slows down” the US appetites while finding a strong one an ally in the person of China, and on the other hand, he rushes our designers, shipbuilders, aircraft manufacturers, etc., signing "bills of exchange" for the speedy rearmament of the army ... and making it clear to everyone that the time of "jokes" and "carelessness" is over. ... I will not be surprised that very soon the fleet, aviation, rocket troops, etc. will be replenished with new weapons and systems at a very fast pace ...
      4. REPA1963
        REPA1963 31 July 2012 22: 42 New
        And don’t forget the load200, dreamer, to fight at the computer nichrome.
    2. Sablezub
      Sablezub 31 July 2012 22: 45 New
      speaking in a chess language, Uncle Vova plays in severe time pressure, i.e. lack of time ... and this must be understood ...
  4. Armata
    Armata 31 July 2012 15: 57 New
    Killed last phrase. Quote..A Washington, London and Paris will continue to fine-tune the tactics of the process, which remains a long, boiling prelude to NATO’s attack on Damascus. How subtly they climb there so non-remix as an elephant in a china shop.
  5. Ash
    Ash 31 July 2012 16: 06 New
    Include Syria in Russia. Any problems officer? laughing
    1. Krasnodar
      Krasnodar 31 July 2012 16: 49 New
      The main thing is that the fun is that for once (in the last 20 years) Russian diplomats have a clear and consistent policy towards the United States and its puppets! It's nice to see a sensible, educated, smart and tough Foreign Minister, after the previous ones! May God give health and strength to Lavrov!
      1. Ash
        Ash 31 July 2012 17: 10 New
        This is a Soviet school. There will never be more.
    2. survivor
      survivor 31 July 2012 21: 54 New
      here it is in our 10000000000000000+
  6. Delink
    Delink 31 July 2012 16: 13 New
    It's time to put Russian checkmate to the "King" in a foreign field.
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 31 July 2012 19: 48 New
      But it is advisable to repeat this phrase more often, and preferably on a photocopy to all media on the first page copy-bold:
      "The fleet will be sent to ensure the safety of our ships and prevent anyone from obstructing them in the event of a blockade. I remind you that there are no limits," he added calmly

      I’m watching the blog of Anhar from Syria, the latest news reports, and shows pictures of barefoot from Libya, but it’s already clearly cold.
    2. alexng
      alexng 31 July 2012 23: 10 New
      And after the course of the Russians and Assad’s surprise with the autonomy of the Kurds, they fell into a stalemate. Now Amer wants and is pricked, but Vovka does not order.
  7. Evil Tatar
    Evil Tatar 31 July 2012 16: 15 New
    N-nda, then in November? Wait-yo-yo-yo
  8. patriot2
    patriot2 31 July 2012 16: 20 New
    The author “shoveled a lot” of materials, but the main idea is that, supposedly, behind Moscow’s peacefulness there is a plan to “suppress democratic discontent with the regime” is incorrect. This is engaged. But the sabotage component of the "civil (or) war" is obvious. The Muslim Brotherhood undoubtedly dominates this conflict and is fueled by the states.
    I wish GDP and Lavrov victory in this struggle to preserve Syria as a secular state.
    AIR-ZNAK 31 July 2012 16: 20 New
    Once again, I will comment on my vision of the problem. It is enough for the army to close the borders in Syria from the inside and the police to clean the troubled areas, as the whole problem will be solved at least for a year or two. And during this time, much can change in the geopolitical arena.
  10. Bort radist
    Bort radist 31 July 2012 16: 21 New
    Chinese Navy ships entered the Black Sea!
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 31 July 2012 16: 48 New
      MOSCOW, July 31. / ITAR-TASS /. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia confirmed the fact of the entry of Chinese warships into the Black Sea, but did not provide any details.

      "Yes, indeed, Chinese warships entered the Black Sea today at the invitation of the Ukrainian side," the Russian General Staff told ITAR-TASS.

      The detachment includes a guided missile destroyer / URO / Qingdao and a patrol ship Yantai, commanded by Deputy Commander of the Northern Fleet of the Chinese Navy, Counter-Admiral Yan Jiufei, a source at the headquarters of the Ukrainian Navy told ITAR-TASS.

      "This is the first visit of Chinese warships to the Black Sea. In many ways, it became possible thanks to the invitation of the Ukrainian side," the source said, recalling that earlier this detachment of Chinese ships had been carrying out tasks to combat piracy in the Gulf of Aden.

      According to him, the Qingdao URO destroyer will make an unofficial visit to Sevastopol at the invitation of the Ministry of Defense and the command of the Ukrainian Navy. "The ship has already arrived at the raid in Sevastopol today," the agency's interlocutor said.

      The patrol ship Yantai, which is part of the detachment, headed to the Romanian port of Constanta, the source said.

      According to him, "Qingdao" will stay in Sevastopol until August 4 and will leave the Black Sea on August 5. The patrol ship "Yantai" will leave the Black Sea on August 9 after the end of the visit to the port of Constanta.

      The interlocutor of ITAR-TASS noted: "The main purpose of the entry of the Chinese Navy ships into the Black Sea is to study its navigational and geographical features." According to the Montreux Convention, any foreign ship entering the Black Sea can stay there for no more than 21 days.

      The destroyer URO "Qingdao" has a displacement of about 5 thousand tons, it is armed with a complex of anti-ship missiles S-801A / firing range 42 km /. The ship also has an anti-aircraft missile system, artillery systems and torpedo weapons on board.
  11. with
    with 31 July 2012 16: 28 New
    The stability of Turkey itself is now at risk. Turkey’s earlier statement on the closure of border crossings with Syria puzzled many. Indeed, it was from Turkey and with its permission that the militants penetrated into Syria, causing destruction and death to the Syrian people. Why now block the border? Everything turned out to be far from simple here. Turkey may suffer no less than Syria, it will suffer not because of Syria, but only because of itself. Truly, do not dig a hole for another - you yourself will fall into it!
    A Kurdish card is thrown into the game. President Assad decided to support the Kurds in their struggle for their own state. Rightly believing that the risks of losing the whole country are much lower if the northern part of Syria is ceded to the Kurds. For many years to come, Turkey will not be in Syria. Kurds will be on both sides of the Syrian-Turkish border. Persistent rumors circulate in the western intelligence services that Assad gave some border cities under the control of the Kurds. Moreover, they even allegedly hung out Kurdish flags in full view of the Turkish border guards. Turks from such demarches and prospects instantly drooped.
    1. Lesorub
      Lesorub 31 July 2012 21: 04 New
      Yes, Assad launched a Kurdish hedgehog in his pants to the Turks! lol
  12. wolverine7778
    wolverine7778 31 July 2012 16: 32 New
    Syria itself, in contrast to what most Western media portray, is a long-standing multi-ethnic and religiously tolerant secular state with President Bashar al-Assad, an Alawite Muslim whose wife is Sunni Muslim.
    The Alawites are an ancient mysterious sect. A strange hybrid of Islam and Christianity. Alavism was created at the end of the 9th century by a certain Hassan el-Askar. Until now, the rituals of Alavism are hidden, the Alawites have no holy books, the tradition is transmitted orally. The Alawites partake of wine, worship wine, and at times identify it with God. For them, wine turns into Allah. The Alawites worship the fourth caliph - Ali, who was a cousin of the prophet Muhammad and married the daughter of the "prophet". And who does not worship Ali, in the next life is born in the guise of an animal. At the same time, they celebrate Christmas and Epiphany and Nauryz (Navruz) everywhere in different ways, they believe in the Holy Trinity. In general, a hybrid of Muslim Christianity and paganism. Many Sunnis accept Alavite rule by the power of the “infidels,” and feel literally humiliated. After all, only a hundred years ago, during the time of the Turkish Empire, the Alawites were a caste of untouchables. what
  13. strannik595
    strannik595 31 July 2012 16: 47 New
    True, like the sun, you can hide from it, but you can’t hide it .............. God help Putin and my vote for him in the next election ......... and let those whom I do not respect spit on me
  14. Vasily79
    Vasily79 31 July 2012 16: 49 New
    Judging by the situation, everything will happen after the US election and if Assad does not have time to turn the tide with the militants, then he will tryndet, Russia will not help here either. The war in the Caucasus showed a swot should be accompanied by a strong information war and the injection of funds into the restoration of Assad has nothing sad.
  15. strannik595
    strannik595 31 July 2012 16: 52 New
    MOSCOW, July 31. / ITAR-TASS /. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia confirmed the fact of the entry of Chinese warships into the Black Sea, but did not provide any details.

    "Yes, indeed, Chinese warships entered the Black Sea today at the invitation of the Ukrainian side," the Russian General Staff told ITAR-TASS.

    The detachment includes a guided missile destroyer / URO / Qingdao and a patrol ship Yantai, commanded by Deputy Commander of the Northern Fleet of the Chinese Navy, Counter-Admiral Yan Jiufei, a source at the headquarters of the Ukrainian Navy told ITAR-TASS.
  16. klimpopov
    klimpopov 31 July 2012 16: 59 New
    Uncle Vova still has to fight with traitors inside. Uncle Vova screwed up, but it’s not in vain that he came for at least six years !!!
    So uncle Vovo act !!! (sorry for the fomillarity)
    Article of Norms
  17. Nechai
    Nechai 31 July 2012 17: 07 New
    Quote: wolverine7778
    The Alawites are an ancient mysterious sect.

    Why a sect? You can see exactly what they saved, how it turned out, THEN the creed when CHRISTIANITY and MUSLAND were practically united. At the time of separation, so to speak, into two branches separate. How so sure. Adepts and one and the second branches of Monotheism, they are very inconvenient.
  18. Irkit
    Irkit 31 July 2012 17: 07 New
    World redistribution. Weekly review. Issue 38
  19. Pilot200809
    Pilot200809 31 July 2012 17: 17 New
    The West is afraid of Putin, like a devil of incense, and therefore do not jerk in Syria. and not only there. Yes, and they know the Russian character of pin-up-sy. I don’t feel like getting in the face, but if they get it, it’s not enough.
  20. vorobey
    vorobey 31 July 2012 17: 26 New
    It’s going to be fun. China’s ships will leave the Black Sea, but it’s not clear which way. Maybe to Syria on a friendly visit or to Iran, after all, a major oil exporter to China. The piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that the NATO brain set up a member of Turkey. Guys, it all comes down to Turkey starting a war. But this is a death sentence.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 31 July 2012 17: 34 New
      Quote: vorobey
      The piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that the NATO brain set up a member of Turkey. Guys, it all comes down to Turkey starting a war. But this is a death sentence.

      Sasha, oh damn, well, how are you right, not happiness! So I think that the situation is bad, even rather unpredictable.
    2. 77bor1973
      77bor1973 31 July 2012 18: 04 New
      But Turkey rests with all hands and feet and does not want to fight, but at the same time making war passes, God forbid, they did not suspect pacifism!
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 31 July 2012 18: 09 New
        Quote: 77bor1973
        But Turkey rests with all hands and feet and does not want to fight but at the same time making war passes

        I doubt whether to win the warrior and raise the rating of the country, and even your own. Erdogan may not be taken out, but this understanding, as a rule, passes after.
        1. Cynic
          Cynic 31 July 2012 19: 39 New
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          Erdogan may not take out

          Was there a state like Ethiopia, Turkey was next in line?
        2. Yasen Ping
          Yasen Ping 31 July 2012 19: 39 New
          Have you read? Turkey wants to SCO ??? I think that Turkey doesn’t need anyone, neither NATO, nor us, it’s a fee for the export of our women fools ..
    3. Yasen Ping
      Yasen Ping 31 July 2012 19: 44 New
      The coolest thing is that the Chinese did come, and in the media there was zero information, how did they get it, did they fall off the air ??, hence the conclusion, we don’t know what is really happening around Syria .. The DPRK supplies it with weapons and silence)) )
  21. ariy_t
    ariy_t 31 July 2012 17: 28 New
    Ha and remember such a shooter as call of duty? There is an anti hero AL AL ​​ASAD ... It was made (a toy) in the USA ..... sad
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 31 July 2012 17: 31 New
      Yeah, remember. But most likely it is a collective image and in general the plot of that game is nonsense IMHO Half of the action in Ukraine ((
      1. neodymium
        neodymium 31 July 2012 17: 38 New
        Does he look like an antihero?

        Not simular!!!
        Those. absolutely.
        1. Pacifist
          Pacifist 31 July 2012 18: 21 New
          Well, of course ... he is a typical dictator from the point of view of the "democrats" ... you can't see how he is cruelly torturing an upset child in the last photo, preventing him from blowing out the candles on the cake !!! bully

          And his wife is really beautiful ... good
          1. Yasen Ping
            Yasen Ping 31 July 2012 19: 23 New
            Why are you, he doesn’t look like a democrat, but there’s no ladies or lesbians, some kind of strange family, dad mom children, democracy shouldn’t be like that .. (this is my terrible erony)
            And the wife is really beautiful .. repeat
          2. Oleg0705
            Oleg0705 1 August 2012 11: 19 New

            Ek cha smashed bro, and all zarishsya cake, damn again I was late laughing
        2. klimpopov
          klimpopov 1 August 2012 09: 48 New
          What a terrible person !!! He is not gay !!! This is not amerianski and especially not European !!! (irony)

          Family, beautiful wife, beautiful beautiful children - health and prosperity to his family and him, no matter what happens!
  22. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 31 July 2012 17: 28 New
    Probably the Caribbean crisis and today, somewhere similar. But there are significant differences. If America flourished then today, probably even in the White House they don’t know what will happen tomorrow with the economy. Then there was a rarity of forces and American civil society from which there is no trace today. And a bunch of other factors of no small importance, especially the propaganda of sinful affairs. If then the world was on the brink, today there is also a risk of a major war, but then the mind reigned! And today I look at the American government and I do not find it reasonable and all its actions are aimed at inciting warriors, all the lies that fly from the lips of the first persons of the USA, speak of the absence of reason. And they are not creators, but rather destroyers. And the most interesting thing is that today we would not criticize Putin and the government for the same WTO, the only hope for him is that he will be able to resolve the situation. There is simply no other today. That's how it is so simple, today the fate of the world is being decided.
    1. REPA1963
      REPA1963 31 July 2012 22: 51 New
      What kind of America are you worried about if they need more bucks to print And we will buy their securities ...
      1. Che
        Che 16 August 2012 09: 18 New
        William Engdahl. Nice man. I am amazed - among the general people a quite adequate journalist has appeared. Honor is superior to betrayal. I respect you. If there were more such people, they would hate them less.
    2. Rowicz
      Rowicz 2 August 2012 10: 33 New
      I support you ... America reminds me of a car scampering from a mountain, the engine is already almost in the distance ....... and there’s nothing to slow down ..... Yes, they would have a flag in their hands and a drum around their neck, but they and we will be pulled along am
  23. urchik
    urchik 31 July 2012 17: 29 New
    What a vile country of the USA, well, all the evil in the world is from them.
    1. aleksg
      aleksg 31 July 2012 17: 54 New
      Can the enemy be forgiven? God will forgive! And our task is to organize their meeting !!!
  24. neri73-r
    neri73-r 31 July 2012 17: 35 New
    “” is what a resource, someone in France reads it or only on military review ????????? laughing He writes the truth too frankly! Not like the "free western" press !!!
    1. io_stalin
      io_stalin 31 July 2012 18: 18 New
      Reseau voltaire international - a network of independent figures in the information world, specialized in the analysis of international relations, created at the initiative of the French intellectual Thierry Massan.

      It comes from different political, social and cultural trends, and its participants all recognize the 10 principles outlined in the Bandung conference in 1955:

      1) Respect for fundamental human rights and the principle of the Charter of the United Nations
      2) Respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations
      3) Recognition of the equal rights of all races and nations, both small and large
      4) The absence of actions or interventions in the internal affairs of states, large and small
      5) Respect for the right of each nation to defend itself individually or collectively in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations
      6) Rejection of the use of collective defense in favor of private interests, whatever they may be. Rejection of a power’s right to exert action on other countries
      7) Abstinence from acts or threats of attack or from the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of the state
      8) Settlement of all international disputes by peaceful means, such as negotiations or agreements, arbitration or judicial resolution, according to the charter of the United States
      9) Support mutually beneficial relationships and collaborations
      10) Respect for rights and international obligations

      The Voltaire Network is not intended to promote an ideology or vision of the world, but to develop an independent view of readers. He prefers meditation and arguments rather than persuasion.

      What is the visit to

      During the first quarter of 2011, was visited by an average of 1 visitors per month, out of 183 different IPs, which were visited by 312 pages (using the Аwstats method).

      More than half of the visitors are in France, the United States, Mexico and Spain.

      25% of visitors are less than 34 years old.
      6% only - from 35 to 54 years old
      69% are over 55 years old.

      More than half of visitors have higher education
    2. Stary oper
      Stary oper 31 July 2012 23: 01 New
      "Doesn't sound like a 'free western' press !!!"
      This article is just an example for many "hurray-patriots", showing that the West is also different. And not only they know how to see and, even more so, think.
      1. neodymium
        neodymium 1 August 2012 11: 34 New
        Enlightenment descended on Melkobritov:

        In the UK daily «The Guardian» a noteworthy article was recently published - “Syria: foreign jihadists could join battle for Aleppo”
        “Western propaganda in Syria is failing. The claim that this is an internal rebellion of the Syrians themselves against the oppression is absurd. The whole operation that provoked the terrorist attack is a preplanned CIA! It’s already almost openly recognized that many of these terrorists are foreigners who are hired by intelligence agencies such as the CIA, MI-6 and Mossad ...

        "Thank You Lord for the Russians"
        "Christian Voice" UK

        Syrian rebel in stolen from church vestments, brandishing a cross. Source -
        Only the Russians and Chinese, who resist the stupidity of the West, stand between Israel, the Alawite minority, Christians in Syria - and mass bloodshed ...
        On March 12 this year, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, announced that "all churches in the region must be destroyed." The mufti based his decision on the story that on his deathbed the Prophet Muhammad said "There will be no two religions on the [Arabian] peninsula."
        In Saudi Arabia, churches were always banned, but in Saddam Hussein, in Syria, and in other Muslim countries in Iraq, before they fell under the authority of the George Soros Muslim Brotherhood, Christians had the opportunity to practice their faith and form prosperous communities.
        The Washington Times writes: “This is not a petty radical imam trying to stir up his followers with a fiery speech of utter hatred. This is a deliberate, measured instruction from one of the most famous leaders in the Islamic world. This is not just a statement of religious duty for those over whom the mufti has direct power, it is also a signal to others in the Muslim world that the destruction of churches is not only permitted, but necessary. ” Saudi Arabia supports Syrian rebels with money and weapons. ...
        PRAY: that Britain renounce its unconditional support for the Syrian rebels and understand that the Assad regime, with all its shortcomings, remains the last protector of the Christian and Alawite minorities in Syria. Pray for more balanced, impartial conflict messages. Pray for Russians and Chinese to stand firm against the hypocrisy of the West and Saudi Arabia.
  25. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 31 July 2012 18: 01 New
    What is noteworthy, the Americans are planting their own version fascism democracy with the help of states and organizations that are very, very far from the democracy they are talking about at every corner. They do dirty things with dirty hands.
  26. Septugian
    Septugian 31 July 2012 18: 12 New
    For the article and analysis +, well done!
  27. Pacifist
    Pacifist 31 July 2012 18: 16 New
    The article is interesting smile
    But just how quickly they have 100000 Russian citizens, including women who married Syrians, children, men and women simply living in this country, and technical specialists, has sharply turned into 100000 "technical specialists" lol .... if there were so many, there would be no war ...
  28. Antony98
    Antony98 31 July 2012 18: 26 New
    West is west, and France is kind of like a neutral side. Yes, and nothing prevents the person translating this article from slightly embellishing its contents.
    1. ded
      ded 31 July 2012 19: 37 New
      france kind of like a neutral side

      Neutral France was before Sarkozy. He dragged her by the ears into NATO
  29. bremest
    bremest 31 July 2012 18: 36 New
    In the eyes of Western vipers, Libya and Syria appear to be successful and secular states that were built with the help of the USSR, which is associated with Russia. It is for these reasons that they are tearing these countries apart. Envy, anger, a thirst to rob and not a desire for something positive and connected with Russia to exist in the minds of the masses.
    1. Yasen Ping
      Yasen Ping 31 July 2012 19: 17 New
      And I agree and not, for example, Qatar wants to pull a gas pipe through Syria to Europe, so it’s closer and cheaper .. Just need to spend money on war games ..
  30. Borizzz
    Borizzz 31 July 2012 18: 41 New
    Nothing new, everything is as usual. It's time to end this.
  31. io_stalin
    io_stalin 31 July 2012 18: 42 New
    Interesting chronology:

    Syrian conflict was deliberately provoked by Western powers.

    The intention of the Western powers to end Syria is known to all, and it fully explains the events taking place there. Here we recall a few facts that leave no doubt about the intentional nature of these events [3].

    The decision to unleash the war in Syria was made by President George W. Bush during a meeting in Camp David on September 15, 2001.

    , just after the spectacular events in New York and Washington. At the same time, it was decided to carry out a military invasion of Libya to show the ability to fight simultaneously in two theaters of military operations. This decision was borne out by the testimony of General Wesley Clark, a former high commander of NATO forces, who did not agree with him.

    After the fall of Baghdad in 2003, the US Congress passed two laws, representing the President of the United States on how to prepare one war against Libya and the other against Syria (Syria Accountability Act).

    In 2004, Washington accused Syria of storing stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction on its territory that could not be found in Iraq. This accusation completely failed when it was recognized that these weapons never existed and served only as a pretext for the conquest of Iraq.

    In 2005, after the assassination of Rafik Hariri, Washington tried to enter the war with Syria, but he did not succeed, as Syria withdrew its troops from Lebanon. The United States fabricated false evidence accusing President al-Assad of organizing this assassination and created an emergency international tribunal to try him
    . However, in the end, they were forced to withdraw their false accusations after their manipulations became clear to everyone.

    In 2006, the United States began to prepare the "Syrian revolution", creating the Syria Democracy Program. It was about creating and financing pro-Western opposition groups (such as the Justice and Development Movement). Secret funding for the CIA through the California Democracy Council has been added to official state department funding.

    In the same year 2005, the United States agreed with Israel to start a war with Lebanon in the hope of drawing Syria into it in order to start a war with it. However, Hezbollah’s lightning win thwarted the plan.

    In 2007, Israel attacked Syria, bombing a military facility (Operation Orhard). But this time Damascus kept his cool and did not allow himself to be drawn into the war.
    . Recent audits by the International Atomic Energy Agency have shown that this is not about nuclear facilities, as the Israelis claimed.

    In 2008, at a meeting organized by NATO annually called "Bilderberg Group"Basma Kodmani, director of the Arab Reform Initiative, and Volker Pertes, director of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, outlined the economic, political, and military benefits of the Alliance’s possible military intervention in Syria.

    In 2009, the CIA launched such propaganda tools against Syria as the BaradaTV channel in London and OrientTV in Dubai.

    Add to this meeting, which was held in Cairo at the end of the first half of February, with the participation of John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Bernard-Henry Levy, the Libyans of Mahmoud Jibril (then the second person in the Jamahiriya government), the Syrians of Malik al-Abdeh and Amar Kurabi . This meeting was the signal for the simultaneous start of secret operations in Libya and Syria (February 15 in Benghazi and 17 in Damascus).

    In February 2012 years The State Department and the US Department of Defense have created The Day After. Supporting a democratic transition in Syria (next Day. Supporting Democratic Transformation in Syria), which developed for Syria a new constitution and a government program at the same time [4].

    In 2012 years, NATO and the Gulf countries created the Syrian People's Brotherhood Working Group on Economic Support and Development, chaired by Germany and the United Arab Emirates. Syrian-British economist Ossam al-Qadi proposed then the division of Syrian wealth between the three member states of the coalition for use on The Day After (that is, the day after the overthrow of the current government by NATO and the Persian Gulf countries) [5].

    1. Pacifist
      Pacifist 31 July 2012 18: 57 New
      Well then. In general, a correctly built line of the plan. That's just the question
      How to rip? In terms of tactics, the easiest way would be to enter the ships in Tartus, as if to replenish food and water. Next, give Assad the opportunity, with the support of specialists from our contingent, to roll all this riffraff in the desert with tanks and helicopters, to block the border with Turkey and Lebanon with minefields and sensors.
      And at the same time do not care about the screech that rises.
      Those. to take the liberty of openly telling the shitty people "You are deceitful, disgusting ko.zly. Sit quietly and do not meddle. This is our zone of vital interests." I wonder who is now ready to show political will and after weighing all the consequences, to say this?
      I dont know. Unfortunately.
      1. Yasen Ping
        Yasen Ping 31 July 2012 19: 14 New
        Honestly, it seems to me that Putin might have said so, but he is not the king of all Russia, he reflects the thoughts of those people who are behind him .. And we do not know these, unfortunately ..
      2. Poppy
        Poppy 1 August 2012 13: 06 New
        No one is ready
  32. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 31 July 2012 18: 53 New
    An extremely objective article that breaks all masks. It is too early to talk about Syria as a defeated state, but it is too late to talk about a simple suppression of the rebellion. In reality, the "advanced west" itself orchestrated a small civil war.
    And they say a game parade will be held in Hanoi for the first time.
  33. Yasen Ping
    Yasen Ping 31 July 2012 19: 06 New
    I'm interested in the author's quote - "Putin and his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov" ..... not ours, not the country's minister)))
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 31 July 2012 19: 43 New
      Quote: Yasen Pin
      I'm interested in the author’s quote

      Well, not Medvedev. and they are appointed to this position! Who appointed, that and creature drinks
  34. ded
    ded 31 July 2012 19: 59 New
    In short, the mercenaries were hastily trained near the border, in Turkey, they were given Kalashnikovs and some dollars and told that they were waging a jihad against the Israeli army. They didn't even know who they were fighting with.

    We need to show these guys which way America is, and tell them that the Twin Towers are not the only big buildings in New York. The Americans have already trained one "fighter for peace" named Osama. And I think that the current democratic forces will still use the knowledge and weapons they have gained in one and maybe several cities of the United States, and then Z. Brzezinski will again appear on TV screens and, like any self-respecting Pole, will start shouting: "Russia is always to blame for everything."
  35. aleks3897
    aleks3897 31 July 2012 20: 10 New
    After reading all this, you begin to understand where the rallies came from! How the Americans launched a deceitful campaign against Putin in order to prevent him from becoming president! They need a weak president who can be urged, taught like Yeltsin! So that he drank and drank our country! Putin is the only one who can return Russia to its former power! And who is against it is all sold to the West for dirty green papers subhuman!
    1. REPA1963
      REPA1963 31 July 2012 22: 56 New
      You’ll rubbish!
  36. ShturmKGB
    ShturmKGB 31 July 2012 20: 23 New
    It is necessary to push the Americans, for good they do not understand ...
  37. Lesorub
    Lesorub 31 July 2012 21: 17 New
    The Americans brazenly redraw the world order in full confidence in their military-technical and economic superiority .... and the Vietnamese lesson has already been forgotten by them.
  38. yak69
    yak69 1 August 2012 00: 28 New
    The sowing wind will reap the storm.
    The United States and its faithful henchmen in Europe and the Middle East have already begun digging a huge planetary grave for themselves. And this has already become obvious to all sane people on the planet. The dollar says "we believe in God", but deliberately did not specify which one. And God for Americans is money and success at ANY cost. Their trouble is that they are confident in the absence of a real GOD, in a SINGLE CREATOR (by the way, many of our fellow citizens are also in this delusion). They are confident in their impunity. But the Evolution on the planet once did not begin so that the degenerates represented by the Zionist banker mafia eventually enslaved the entire planet and gave it up to be torn apart by a demonic entity named Satan.
    They all naively believe that their "deeds" to establish bloody chaos will get away with them. And this is the first and main sign of a total renunciation of GOD - disbelief in the PERMANENT punishment. There is not much time left before the final denouement.
    It is a pity that sooo many around the world are in the same destructive dullness ....
  39. Magadan
    Magadan 1 August 2012 01: 13 New
    They got it with their "interests", money and other "pragmatics". Why is it so difficult for them to understand that we just stupidly want justice! You can't overthrow the governments of independent countries because someone doesn't like their democracy! And they are all looking for some Russian interests. The conscience of a Russian person is not for sale!
    1. Rowicz
      Rowicz 2 August 2012 10: 42 New
      Alas, in America and in Europe, the concept of justice is absent, but it can’t even occur to them, this is our national trait (search for justice) ...... it's like with religion, we have blessed orphans and wretched people and there pleasing to God who has more money ...
  40. viruskvartirus
    viruskvartirus 1 August 2012 10: 58 New
    Western author and an adequate article ... but I thought it was not compatible ...
  41. Evil Tatar
    Evil Tatar 1 August 2012 11: 25 New
    And how can one not recall Vanga, Casey, Nostardamus ... Who has forgotten?
    All the guys will hurt themselves, the main thing is not to sleep for an hour "H", so that they themselves are not slaughtered in bed like pigs ... And how it happens - a holiday, an evening, a night rendezvous, a morning with brine, or even a ryumakha - grunt, but on the radio already a stranger with an accent and an unaccustomed slang gutturing about true democracy ...
    In general - "We will live - we will not die", or "God will not give out - the pig will not eat".
    1. Sober
      Sober 1 August 2012 13: 10 New
      Angry Tatar,
      Yes, what does the wang! tunerdamus! ??? who said that such a prophecy was, and not rigged by, special services for public opinion. The same is the case with the Americans ... that we’ll attack, the people will be afraid to break in from the beginning of World War 3, here we’ll be clean and pass!

      perhaps? perhaps! if the story is rigged, then the prophecy pfff .. easy!

      they didn’t say it for a long time, Stalin killed 100 million bangs, well, nonsense ... but right now, not long ago, I heard on TV some kind of goat historian said that Stalin started the war .. and if they study it in schools ??? and then .. here are those and the story and so on and so on .. they allegedly spoke, but FIG knows it! but about the formidable, that he is a Swede, i.e. Naram ?? he was always Russian, and now he is a Swede .. yeah, they read where such an opinion came from, yeah, the German historian wrote .. and ours sounded ... I’m silent about the Romanovs, they say that there’s not enough to shoot them!

      I watched the long-standing issue of the vanga, they said that Vladimir would come and the country would be more beautiful than everyone in the world for 1000 years and Putin would come right away ... and then the issue went, about the Middle East and so on .. but what about this before They talked, but only about Vladimir ??? !!! and the last issue is already joint and Vladimir and B. East ... how to understand .. that is. show before they came up with something?)))))))))

      FIG knows, here it is necessary to watch issues of the 70s at the moment, and not a new one ...!
  42. Sober
    Sober 1 August 2012 13: 02 New
    no, the Americans will not stop, because if so .. then politically they blow us and China, and this is a damage to their image, in our favor + the Syrian military force, After all, the media will inflate in earnest))

    so that they will either fill Syria with militants, as it was with us in Chechnya, or they will still risk openly attacking, and most likely not themselves, but there will again be a provocation of 1 of the NATO members! only, already cooler and with special effects!

    as well as oil prices will certainly soar and gas .. that for Europe it will not be very happy .. by the way, this is an option that would blow Europe away, make it weak and continue to contract with it ... for the United States is a chance because Europe falls farther and farther from dependence on the USA! so that it’s like ... or there will be a war, and we won’t get out of hand, and if not, then Europe will be the winner again, although they have a crisis, they cannot be mistaken .. ... in short a difficult moment! By the way, if we let Syria go, then we will not stand up for Iran, it’s also a moment. More precisely, they will not listen to us! take china seriously too! such a zagagulin!

    and even in the event of a US failure, Europe will reach us))) everything will go there .. and technologies and joint projects and natural resources with the right contracts and so on))))
    so no, the Americans will not back down .. like a thread and fucking Syria, most likely, all the same, with the help of militants and terrorist attacks!
  43. Rossyanin
    Rossyanin 2 August 2012 11: 24 New
    Quote: Russ -
    Looks like we will destroy America - and immediately become!

    It’s a utopia that after the destruction of the United States, there will be room for life on the planet, no one has disposed of nuclear warheads on the entire planet.
    "They want to carry out a regime change and obviously want an expanding war across the entire divide between Shiites and Sunnis in the Muslim world" - and the Americans have finally learned something, the principle of "divide and rule" has mastered.
  44. LAO
    LAO 2 August 2012 18: 40 New
    The usual war for resources (oil). It may end in a great world war. When transport and others switch to electricity, they will forget about Syria and the entire Middle East (maybe even forever). Everything is simple to disgrace!
  45. rock09
    rock09 3 August 2012 14: 50 New
    US wants to organize bridgehead in Syria for future war against Iran
  46. Bort radist
    Bort radist 3 August 2012 20: 01 New
    The Ministry of Defense does not exclude the entry of ships of the Navy in Tartus !!!
  47. moonblood
    moonblood 6 August 2012 21: 58 New
    It is clear that the United States and the company will stop at nothing ...
    Unless before the threat of nuclear war ...
  48. dusha233
    dusha233 7 August 2012 11: 05 New
    Freedom of Syria !!