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The network showed an incident with an Indian Air Force helicopter during a landing


A video appeared on the network with an incident that occurred with a helicopter of the Indian Air Force. This is a Mi-17V-5 helicopter (export version of one of the Mi-8 modifications).

The footage shows how the helicopter is trying to land by going over it over buildings. At one point, the ascending air currents, which are raised by a helicopter of the Indian air force, pick up a canopy (tent). This item begins to approach the helicopter propeller. As a result, with the rotating rotor blades of the Mi-17V-5 screw, the tent raised in the air is literally chopped into pieces. Mechanical impact on the propeller leads to a slight loss of stability of the helicopter.

However, in the end, for the crew of the Mi-8 (Mi-17) and for those who were on the ground at that moment, everything ends well. The car eventually lands on the landing. As seen in the video, damage to the blades did not occur.

But such an incident in any case looks rather dangerous. Indeed, in addition to a canopy in the air, the helicopter could also raise other relatively lighter, but more dense objects. And this could lead to damage to the screws and to the fall of the Mi-17. It can be said that Indian pilots did not choose the most successful option for approach.

The man who was on the ground clearly watched what was happening with alarm.

When exactly this video was shot is not said.
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  1. Victor_B
    Victor_B 8 May 2020 08: 46 New
    Could and a piece of iron stray in this rag.
    1. artifact
      artifact 8 May 2020 08: 58 New
      Quote: Victor_B
      Could and a piece of iron stray in this rag.

      or an Indian, mowing from a service - asleep in a tent ... laughing
    2. Piramidon
      Piramidon 8 May 2020 09: 00 New
      Yes, and there would have been a stronger cloth, it could have been wound on a screw.
    3. Mar.Tirah
      Mar.Tirah 8 May 2020 10: 10 New
      Quote: Victor_B
      Could and a piece of iron stray in this rag.

      For more than 10 years I flew such birds around the country. One helicopter was punctured by the blade of an ordinary empty bottle of mineral water. When unloading the watch, the shift worker simply threw it out next to the working machine. The board did not take the watch and, in an emergency, went to the base empty. The repair of the blades was calculated from the organization, and they naturally from the worker. I came up and looked, there was a hole of 40 centimeters. The pilots said - "There would be no price for our gearbox and American blades ..
    4. loki565
      loki565 8 May 2020 11: 07 New
      It was lucky that this rag did not get into the tail rotor, everything could end much sadder
  2. Ural Cossack
    Ural Cossack 8 May 2020 09: 02 New
    How is the tent? The garbage bag is plastic. Trash flew out to throw business then.
    1. Snarkxnumx
      Snarkxnumx 8 May 2020 09: 40 New
      That's right, film. People also put a minus for attentiveness.
  3. orionvitt
    orionvitt 8 May 2020 09: 48 New
    We got off well. It’s just not clear, where does “Indian pilots have chosen not the most successful option for landing”? We entered normally. As far as I understand, they knew better from above how and where to go. And to judge the situation by the cut off piece of video, it seems strange.
    1. Mar.Tirah
      Mar.Tirah 8 May 2020 10: 16 New
      Quote: orionvitt
      and here "Indian pilots

      The commander is responsible for everything. In this case, he did not foresee any danger that could interfere with the landing. Do you look carefully at how our civilian helicopters come in to land (I don’t take warriors, they are nonsense !!!!)? First they give a circle, make sure of safety and then sit down .
      1. Piramidon
        Piramidon 8 May 2020 13: 38 New
        Quote: Mar. Tira
        Quote: orionvitt
        and here "Indian pilots

        The commander is responsible for everything. In this case ...

        As he was ordered, as they got to land, he stopped by. in this case, you need to tear the RP or command, which brought the turntable to some sort of garbage.
        Of course, before landing, the commander could drop a bort and he would remove all this garbage. lol
    APASUS 8 May 2020 10: 21 New
    The guys were very lucky. Would the cable pass through the grommets and it is not known how the landing would turn out?
  5. Free wind
    Free wind 8 May 2020 11: 33 New
    People watched with alarm, of course with anxiety in the tent the mother-in-law was sitting, so he was worried, saw that he had crushed it to pieces, and calmed down.
  6. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 9 May 2020 22: 38 New
    Happiness is it cannot but be
  7. Charik
    Charik 12 May 2020 14: 50 New
    From the photo I thought that the UFO was somehow flying wassat -Wimana vs Mi17