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2020 pistol news: controversial P320 X-FIVE ALPHA with tungsten weights


What new pistols were noted by gunsmiths in 2020 and how do these pistols evaluate experts?

One of the pistol novelties is presented by the European company SIG Sauer. This is the P320 X-FIVE ALPHA, which manufacturers themselves designate as small weapons with maximum control and "instinctive control."

This “instinctive control”, according to SIG Sauer, is provided by several factors, including a pistol grip, the ergonomics of which (again, according to the manufacturer) are “perfected thanks to materials and reliefs for better tactility”.

Such a description from a company that creates small arms looks as if it was not a gun (a weapon, by definition, intended for combat), but one of the decor elements. True, modern marketing moves are such that to describe weapons, "all means are good."

The gun has a caliber of 9 mm (chambered for 9x19 Parabellum).

The handle is made of aluminum alloy. The design itself is such that it has two tungsten inserts. These inserts act as a kind of gun weight regulators. The maximum weight is 1,3 kg. Initially, the P320 X-FIVE ALPHA was reportedly equipped with a magazine for 17 rounds. This was written by many specialized sites. However, then SIG Sauer, not particularly spreading, changed its data in the presentation, which raised certain questions from experts - “was the designer girl making a mock version of the presentation?” And the "designer girl" was not mistaken. It is alleged that the magazine's capacity has been brought up to 19 rounds.

Those who have already managed to get to know the P320 X-FIVE ALPHA personally, note the following: interchangeable tungsten weights that are placed at the rear of the pistol grip can actually play a "disorienting" role. The possibility of changing weight leads to a psychological effect when the shooter does not get used to the weapon, but tries to find an increasingly suitable and convenient option for it. The same problem was previously stated by the arrows, who began to actively switch to modular weapons. Namely, the European company is positioning its P320 X-FIVE ALPHA modular.

2020 pistol news: controversial P320 X-FIVE ALPHA with tungsten weights

The gun has a direct trigger. This emphasizes that the P320 X-FIVE ALPHA is more focused not only on combat, but on sports and training shooting.

As an option for a "niche" small arms - it is certainly not for the mass "user", given the price of 140 thousand rubles. In general, the gun is controversial and appeared to a greater extent because the company decided to be noted for something "new" in 2020.
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SIG SAUER website
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  1. Victor_B
    Victor_B 6 May 2020 10: 20 New
    In the bourgeoisie of these pistols ... Different. In shops.
    Like shoe polish in a shoe polish factory!
    There will be one more. Don't be played.
  2. Alexga
    Alexga 6 May 2020 10: 33 New
    The maximum weight is 1,3 kg.

    Nothing more to say about this!
    1. Vasyan1971
      Vasyan1971 6 May 2020 10: 43 New
      Quote: AlexGa
      Nothing more to say about this!

      Considering also the price under 140 thousand rubles.

      Well no. Having spent such money on the purchase, you have to drag it and praise it from left to right, so that it would not be so offensive ...
      1. Alexga
        Alexga 6 May 2020 10: 56 New
        Having spent such money on the purchase, you have to drag it and praise it from left to right, so that it would not be so offensive ...

      2. orionvitt
        orionvitt 6 May 2020 14: 44 New
        Quote: Vasyan1971
        will have to drag him and praise

        It's like an acquaintance of mine who bought an ordinary "Zippo" in a cool store in a stainless steel case for a hundred bucks and a leather case for it for fifty. (the red price of this kit in the original version is $ 15, in the Chinese $ 5) But he went to everyone to prove how cool he was. He will not tell everyone that he is not cool at all, but a simple horse, who was stupidly bred for 145 bucks. laughing True, history is silent as to whether this lighter contained "tungsten inserts" for balance. laughing
      3. Carnifexx
        Carnifexx 6 May 2020 15: 15 New
        You have not seen the price of STI, they are twice as expensive if there is little at $ 4300
    2. Carnifexx
      Carnifexx 6 May 2020 14: 09 New
      Yes? CZ Shadow 2 one of the best sports all-metal weighs the same
      1. Alexga
        Alexga 6 May 2020 14: 13 New
        CZ Shadow 2 one of the best sports all-metal weighs the same

        I do not argue, but for me a gun is a weapon, a weapon for battle.
        1. Carnifexx
          Carnifexx 6 May 2020 15: 07 New
          I don’t see any problems here. Hi-Power - 1 kg, 1911 - 1.1 kg, CZ 75 - 1.12 kg.
          1. Alexga
            Alexga 6 May 2020 15: 14 New
            I have a habit of PM.
            1. Nosgoth
              Nosgoth 10 May 2020 18: 13 New
              Bad habits must be abandoned. And if the habit from childhood remained to walk with a wooden pistol ("war" with the boys and all that), would they also go?
  3. Catfish
    Catfish 6 May 2020 13: 26 New
    They forgot to write that at the request of the public, the handle is covered with the skin of a Himalayan leopard, and a panther claw is put in place of the trigger. Price, respectively, jumps, etc. laughing
  4. Aag
    Aag 6 May 2020 14: 42 New
    Quote: AlexGa
    The maximum weight is 1,3 kg.

    Nothing more to say about this!

    Why, then? You are confused by the large weight? Make an allowance for the capacity of the store. But this, apparently, is not the main reason. The pistol, as follows from the article, is positioned as a sports and training pistol. Not a combat, not a self-defense weapon, ie. long wearing is not planned. The maximum weight is indicated, it is logical to assume, with tungsten. And tungsten there is clearly not "for beauty". Mass, respectively, inertia, favorably affects the accuracy of the accuracy of the weapon. Short-barreled, to a greater extent. In military weapons, they are forced to compromise for the sake of other characteristics.
    Something like that. hi
  5. Michael HORNET
    Michael HORNET 6 May 2020 17: 58 New
    It’s strange to put it into the view of military weapon lovers for a purely sports pistol, and even with such an absurd pitch that is clearly far from the target audience — and boasting of it is to say the least.
    It’s a good sports pistol, and you need to evaluate it as an IPSC sports pistol, not trying to give it up as a fighting one and grinning at its mass.
    About 17 or 19 rounds - a masterpiece. If you look closely at the model, the Magwell is installed properly, add a +2 cover to the standard P320 17-charging magazine and get 19. How hard it was to guess
  6. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 6 May 2020 18: 00 New
    If you want something memorable, then Colt 1911 for all time.
  7. Pavlik K.
    Pavlik K. 7 May 2020 00: 20 New
    Too heavy, expensive. A toy, not a weapon ...
    1. Michael HORNET
      Michael HORNET 7 May 2020 22: 41 New
      This SPORTS gun is not for rogues by definition