April 1995: battles for Bamut

April 1995: battles for Bamut

History The first Chechen campaign is still full of white spots. Until now, many servicemen of the Armed Forces, Internal Troops (then the troops bore that name) are reported as missing. Someone was tortured into captivity by militants, someone died in remote mountainous areas, and nothing is known about the burial place.

Meanwhile, stories appear on the network that allow shedding light on the events that took place in Chechnya in the mid-90s. On the channel "Sladkov +" a film was released on the battles of the federal forces for the settlement of Bamut. This happened in April 1995.

One of the servicemen tells war correspondent Alexander Sladkov that the militants in the Bamut area have switched to a mine war. Terrorists tried to place anti-tank mines so that they were not determined by a mine detector. Moreover, the equipment would be undermined by them because of its mass.

It is said that the militants used MON-50 anti-personnel mines of directional action.

Alexander Sladkov talks about his acquaintance with the General of the Internal Forces Anatoly Romanov.

War Correspondent:

This is a very decent, well-mannered person, very comfortable in a relationship.

Also, Alexander Sladkov recalls the "black bottom" of the Sofrinsky brigade, which participated in the assault on the village of Samashki.

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They still gather on this day and commemorate the dead.

Full version of the video on the channel "Sweet +":

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  1. Alex Nevs 5 May 2020 14: 19 New
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    Then there was a collapse. Some "generals" made gesheft, some robbed resources.
    1. Pessimist22 5 May 2020 14: 24 New
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      And some fought against terrorism.
      1. Alex Nevs 5 May 2020 14: 25 New
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        I think the main part.
        1. Snail N9 5 May 2020 14: 46 New
          • 12
          • 6
          Now, Chechnya is “One of the safest, most disciplined areas of Russia”

          winked So I look, there are so many who want to go there from central Russia on vacation and just like that - it’s “safe there” and the people are so .... “hospitable” ... lol
          1. Boris Razor 5 May 2020 21: 37 New
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            Quote: Snail N9
            Now, Chechnya is “One of the safest, most disciplined areas of Russia”

            winked So I look, there are so many who want to go there from central Russia on vacation and just like that - it’s “safe there” and the people are so .... “hospitable” ... lol

            He went there on business in the year 11 - in Grozny and in the Argun gorge almost to the border. Ordinary people - came across normal. But in general, the situation in the republic, visible to the naked eye, was not the most calm. Patrols with machine guns walked along the avenues, the entrances to the airport were blocked with blocks, almost with some kind of hedgehogs - it is unusual to see this. When we lived in the mountains, one night they heard explosions, in the morning, past us, a decent column left, on the armored glass, on the bumpers the fenders are welded - and on the news, interestingly, silence.
  2. major147 5 May 2020 15: 45 New
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    In 1995, my unit was based on the Kulikovo Field (between Assinovskaya, Bamut, Achkhoy-Martan, Sernovodsky) in the 1st tactical group. I was in Bamut in August 1995 on a sweep. Everything is destroyed, there are no inhabitants, the bulk moved to Assinovskaya, driving the Russians out of their homes. I myself saw on sweeps of a passport with a Bamut registration, and no one has documents for the house. Although in the 95th there were still many Russians left there, in the 2000s there were units.
  3. Free wind 5 May 2020 16: 04 New
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    Oh guys, bright memory to you. I won’t write anything else, otherwise I’ll break the laptop.
  4. BARKAS 5 May 2020 19: 35 New
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    We arrived in Bamut in April after Samashki; all the houses were still whole, on the way we passed through Assinovskaya there, I remember an elderly Russian woman standing and baptizing us in the wake. Three days after the artillery and helicopters, Bamut was no longer recognizable.
  5. PCF
    PCF 5 May 2020 23: 58 New
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    As an addition - Zagortsev "The City", a good work from a participant in events
  6. Slavs 6 May 2020 01: 34 New
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    Remember .. We still remember you, Guys ...