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Soviet Kazakhstan: from cattle breeding to astronautics


Last in stories The Soviet Union launched the spacecraft on October 2, 1991 from the territory of the Kazakh SSR. The country has survived the last months, and that launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome became the final point in the history of Soviet cosmonautics. But then nobody knew this yet.

Toktar Aubakirov, a hero of the Soviet Union, a participant in the very last Soviet space mission, says that all the work of the cosmonauts of the USSR was aimed at ensuring that a great country was technologically unattainable, remained powerful and powerful.

The flight of the Soyuz in 1991 was part of the large Soviet Kazakhstan-Cosmos program, which envisaged the development of cosmonautics in the Kazakh SSR. The work was then carried out under the personal control of Nursultan Nazarbayev.

In the movie “Empire is the other way around. Kazakhstan ”on the YouTube channel History Lab tells about how the development of the Kazakh SSR took place, what history Kazakhstan had before.

The film recalls that initially, Kazakh autonomy was part of the RSFSR and was transformed into the Soviet republic only in 1936.

From the movie:

When Kazakhstan became a union republic, its budget was zero. The entire budget was formed by the Union. The same with the frames. There came engineers, teachers, specialists in irrigation, canal engineering.

About how Soviet Kazakhstan was, what projects in this territory were implemented - in the film:

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  1. Asad
    Asad 4 May 2020 05: 27 New
    Recent news from Kazakhstan does not add optimism!
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 4 May 2020 05: 35 New
      Quote: ASAD
      do not add optimism!

      And the development of Cosmonautics together with USA? This is a breakthrough ... in the Middle Ages!
      1. Basil50
        Basil50 4 May 2020 06: 30 New
        The fact that in Kazakhstan they begin to lie about their history says that the Kazakhs took the path of China and the outskirts. Already there are historical * works * about the antiquity and nobility of the Kazakhs.
        Not even a hundred years have passed, as in the Soviet Union they came up with a name for the steppe Kyrgyz. It is worth recalling the Cossacks by whom the Soviet authorities began to create the Cossack Territory and what these same Cossacks did, brutalized from permissiveness. Why did they suddenly * forget * about the Cossacks of the Orenburg region, the Seven Rivers, and others. Why did the Cossacks suddenly become so brutal and who served .....................
        It is worth KNOWING the history of EVERYTHING, without exemptions and defaults.
        1. sasha pv
          sasha pv 4 May 2020 12: 21 New
          A new story has appeared in Kazakhstan since the collapse of the USSR. I graduated from school in 1992 and took an exam on the history of Kazakhstan. I learned a lot of new things right during the exam. Kazakh historian hissed in impotent rage) And how many Russians were crippled and killed in the 90s.
        2. AllBiBek
          AllBiBek 6 May 2020 20: 27 New
          Well, there are enough tribes with a complicated and turbulent history, I hope you won’t deny this?

          I don’t know anyone who is confidently guided in their tribal relations within at least a couple of zhuzes. The maximum is within one.

          There you can really go crazy.
  2. nikvic46
    nikvic46 4 May 2020 06: 06 New
    I was only in Soviet Kazakhstan. Even if we unite, it will not be an alliance equivalent to the previous alliance.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Zorro21
      Zorro21 4 May 2020 07: 00 New
      Now Kazakhstan is simply the private property of the Nazarbayev clan, which, in order to maintain its power, officially created laws that make the Nazarbayev family "inviolable" even for criticism. By the way, the site itself "Voennoye Obozreniye" once again fell into the category of blocked resources in Kazakhstan. And so that he is not strongly criticized abroad, Nazarbayev banally bribed the largest and most influential corporations of the USA, Europe and China with Kazakhstani resources, and Russia simply allows it to use the cosmodrome and training grounds in Saryshagan.
      1. Barmaleyka
        Barmaleyka 4 May 2020 07: 29 New
        Quote: Zorro21
        Now Kazakhstan is just a private property of the Nazarbayev clan

        judging by the events of the day before yesterday, there begins a movement to remove the "family"
        1. Zorro21
          Zorro21 4 May 2020 12: 11 New
          Quote: Barmaleyka
          judging by the day before yesterday

          It's just ridiculous to have the Speaker of Parliament after she "won" in the UK a court in which her property was seized under the anti-money laundering law. "income of unknown origin". There is no such thing in any country of the world. Although for Kazakhstani realities this is a trifle, especially after James Giffen gave bribes in the amount of 84 million dollars personally to the President of the country and the storage of the state fund "national welfare" in US banks. In any case, only 10 people are now masters of 70% of Kazakhstan's national wealth. And there are no strangers not personally related to Nazarbayev among them.
          1. Barmaleyka
            Barmaleyka 4 May 2020 12: 15 New
            Quote: Zorro21
            This is not in any country in the world.

            Well, the head of state was the people in the RK who were accused of taking bribes, in the RK there are a lot of interesting things
    3. Graduate student
      Graduate student 4 May 2020 13: 14 New
      Quote: nikvic46
      if we unite, it will not be an alliance equivalent to the previous alliance.

      Too much has happened in the last 30 years. As long as neo-feudal lords are in power, they will not have a full-fledged union. For a full-fledged union, it is necessary to educate a new generation of citizens based not on hatred for each other, but on respect.
      1. tovarich-andrey.62goncharov
        tovarich-andrey.62goncharov 4 May 2020 22: 24 New
        Well, you raised for 70 years, and what is the result? Stepping over the socio-economic structures, straightening the kumach banners ... (under the shadow of lies) ... As soon as the tinsel called "Soviet power" ordered to make ends meet - this is where the real insides climbed out. Feudal Party. "Abdullah, why do you need so many wives?"
  3. Barmaleyka
    Barmaleyka 4 May 2020 07: 06 New
    nationalism flourishes in Kazakhstan worse than in Ukraine, monuments to Hitler’s accomplice are quietly put up there and we are silent about how many screams there were when Russian channels were removed from Ukraine’s air, in Kazakhstan they did it ten years earlier and no one even dawned on it
  4. Barmaleyka
    Barmaleyka 4 May 2020 07: 31 New
    the most interesting are comments
    1. Stas157
      Stas157 4 May 2020 08: 56 New
      Quote: Barmaleyka
      the most interesting are comments

      I'm shocked by the comments! Really worth reading. After all, a flurry ... but there are no good ones. Absolutely not! I used to relate to the Kazakhs better.
      1. Barmaleyka
        Barmaleyka 4 May 2020 09: 11 New
        in the Russian Federation about Kazakhstan, a false impression was formed as an island of stability and harmony, in fact it is not so
        for 30 years, the Nazik acted on the principle of divide and conquer, with one hand he threw a bone to local nationalists in the form of speeches condemning Russian colonialism with the other made it clear to the Russians in Kazakhstan that he was the only one who cares and protects from those nationalists whom he himself nurtured
        in addition, we must not forget that in the 80s KazSSR was the first republic in which an ethnic conflict arose
        1. Stas157
          Stas157 4 May 2020 09: 16 New
          Quote: Barmaleyka
          in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan has a false impression as an island of stability and harmony

          Well it is! At first glance - a prosperous oil country, the closest ally of Russia, and the Kazakhs a little bit - harness themselves, as near Moscow in the 41st ...
          The reality is slightly different.
          1. Barmaleyka
            Barmaleyka 4 May 2020 09: 18 New
            Quote: Stas157
            and the Kazakhs a little that harnessed - as near Moscow in the 41st ... The reality is somewhat different.

            another "great" myth, by the way, Kazakhs love to write on forums how they saved Moscow for Russians, forgetting that the overwhelming majority of "Kazakh" divisions were the Russian population of the republic, if I remember correctly something about 90%
            1. Serwid
              Serwid 5 May 2020 15: 08 New
              Quote: Barmaleyka
              another "great" myth, by the way, Kazakhs love to write on forums how they saved Moscow for Russians, forgetting that the overwhelming majority of "Kazakh" divisions were the Russian population of the republic, if I remember correctly something about 90%

              In our school, in the classes of some Germans, there were more than Kazakhs. G. Atbasar, Tselinograd region 1977-87
              1. Barmaleyka
                Barmaleyka 5 May 2020 16: 07 New
                in reality, even in 91 the Kazakhs were not a state-forming nation, but in the 89s it was ~ 20%
            2. mat-vey
              mat-vey 5 May 2020 16: 48 New
              Quote: Barmaleyka
              By the way, Kazakhs are very fond of writing on the forums how they saved Moscow for Russians

              They even privatized Panfilov ..
    2. Plantagenet
      Plantagenet 4 May 2020 18: 31 New
      “The secretaries of all three urban areas of Alma-Ata came to him with an ultimatum. They complained about the constant shortage of goods and demanded the removal of the head of the city trade department Tursun Baybusynova.
      Kharazov invited him and very politely suggested:
      “I see that you cannot succeed in this position.” Come on, we will pick you another job.
      Baybusynov looked at Kharazov in surprise:
      - And I thought you called me to celebrate my successes and invite me to a higher job.
      Valery Innokentievich was amazed, but did not give a look:
      “So you can't do it here either.” What kind of increase can we talk about? Come on, we will find you another place. Maybe it will be easier for you there.

      Baibusynov somehow indulgently looked at the secretary of the city committee and philosophically remarked:
      “You Russians are water, and we Kazakhs are stones.” You, like water, will disappear, and we will remain. You, for example, will surely disappear soon. And you will hear about me.
      He got up and left. ”

      Leonid Mlechin "Iron Shurik"
  5. Kapellan23
    Kapellan23 4 May 2020 15: 51 New
    More than half of today's Central Asia was developed and settled by Russians, these were Russian provinces. A particularly striking example is Kazakhstan, which almost entirely exists on the Russian South Siberian lands, in the "Kazakh steppes" of which the Kazakhs almost did not live, but Russians lived (the capital of Kazakhstan Astana is the old Russian city of Akmolinsk with 100% Russian population, now there are about 15% of Russians and continues to shrink).

    Before the revolution:

    The result of Soviet national policy:
  6. DDT
    DDT 15 May 2020 17: 08 New
    I do not want to offend the youngest, but honestly, as were the herders, they remained. And for information, the Kazakh woman is not necessarily like cattle! She loves a little animal when affectionate! Therefore, I authoritatively declare: do not flog the Kazakhs! good