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The Nagurskaya airdrome on the island of Alexandra Land in the Arctic became all-weather

The Nagurskaya airdrome on the island of Alexandra Land in the Arctic became all-weather

On the island of Alexandra Land, Franz Josef Land Archipelago in the Arctic, a new all-weather runway of the Nagurskaya aerodrome was commissioned. This was reported by the press service of the North fleet.

According to the report, the new strip is capable of accepting almost all types of aircraft that are in service with the VKS and marine aviation Ministry of Defense of Russia. Previously, aircraft at the airport could land only in the winter. It is noted that despite the commissioning of the facility, work on the strip will continue.

In the future, the length of the strip will be increased, this will allow to accept on the island of Alexandra Land all types of aircraft, including heavy long-range bombers

- said in a statement.

The press service noted that the first aircraft to land on a new strip of the Nagurskaya aerodrome were the Il-76MD military transport aircraft, which participated in the Arctic exercises of airborne units with high-altitude landing.

Recall that the Nagurskaya airfield is located on Alexandra Land Island near the northernmost Russian military base, the Arctic Shamrock. The tactical group of the Northern Fleet is deployed on the island.
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  1. Valery Valery
    Valery Valery April 28 2020 14: 46 New
    According to the report, the new strip is capable of accepting almost all types of aircraft that are in service with the airborne forces and naval aviation of the Russian Ministry of Defense year-round.

    I confirm!
    The work has been done colossal!
    1. Ilya-spb
      Ilya-spb April 28 2020 15: 25 New
      To paraphrase the classic: "From here we will threaten the States!"
      1. antivirus
        antivirus April 28 2020 17: 59 New
        the greenpeaces will soon scream - the bears from the noise run to Canada and eat peaceful Canadians. "The Russians have violated the balance of nature. Let's save the bears! All to fight the Kremlin's policy!"
    2. dzvero
      dzvero April 28 2020 16: 20 New
      If it’s not a secret, why exactly Alexandra Island was chosen for the base. The archipelago is big.
      1. Piramidon
        Piramidon April 28 2020 17: 50 New
        An auxiliary airfield, frontier post and infrastructure already existed on this island.
        1. dzvero
          dzvero April 28 2020 18: 24 New
          Thank you! hi A habitable, one might say, place smile
  2. fa2998
    fa2998 April 28 2020 15: 01 New
    A useful thing! From Engels for the "turn to drive" a lot of fuel is necessary. That would not drive refuelers-intermediate base. hi
  3. Tests
    Tests April 28 2020 15: 45 New
    Well done! Still on Novaya Zemlya to reconstruct the strip, but in Talag to lengthen. Lakhta, it seems, will never be restored, and they have been silent about Savvaty for several years.
    1. Aag
      Aag April 28 2020 17: 24 New
      Sorry, not special in this area.
      But it seems that the BTA is working now ... let's say for itself, and that guy (all the best to you guys!). Syria, Italy, the USA (!) Are now checked in here ... Work, don’t get bronzed , all the best and good luck to YOU!
      1. Aag
        Aag April 28 2020 17: 36 New
        Another question: now is there such a term as Polar Aviation? Some of the relatives of the older generation (unfortunately, mostly calm now) have become role models in life ...
    2. FORCE 38GB
      FORCE 38GB April 29 2020 13: 58 New
      Pleased with the news of course! good drinks But there are many more abandoned ones ... A lot! The same amderma .. afrikanda ... but what can I say ... There is still much to restore ...
  4. starpur
    starpur April 28 2020 17: 41 New
    The question is not a specialist: if Nagur airfield jump, how to throw kerosene there? Through the air?
    1. Aag
      Aag April 28 2020 17: 51 New
      Apparently, urgently, it is possible and so ... But in general, the fleet is our everything! It was so. I hope there will be more.
  5. Lara Croft
    Lara Croft April 28 2020 21: 36 New
    One jump airfield at the Russian Aerospace Forces has become more ... for evil "empirialists" ...
  6. lvov_aleksey
    lvov_aleksey April 29 2020 01: 48 New
    you forgot - there weren’t such refueling in the air during WWII. and the flight range of modern aviation is far from the same, that is, it makes no sense to make new recreation centers for pilots, but control points are needed!
    ps supply them accordingly