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Alexander Sladkov about paratroopers in Chechnya: We called it a “picnic on the sidelines”


Both Chechen campaigns still need careful analysis. There is no unambiguous data on the number of deaths, including the deaths of Russian servicemen, representatives of law enforcement agencies. There is no exact data on the number of those who were captured and did not return from it. There is no exact data as to how many foreign mercenaries fought against federal troops on the territory of the Chechen Republic.

In his video on the Sladkov + channel, war correspondent Alexander Sladkov presents archival materials and recent comments on them. The materials are devoted to staying in the North Caucasus and participating in the hostilities of the 56th Airborne Assault Regiment (56 dshp).

When the main forces of the militants were defeated by 2000-2001, and when they were already hunting field commanders, what was the 56th regiment doing?

Alexander Sladkov:

We called it a "picnic on the sidelines." Early in the morning, helicopters “landed” on the landing sites, the paratroopers took their places in them according to the lists, and we flew out to the task. Suddenly they landed, blocking some village, then either the infantry (42nd division) or the internal troops were already replacing the paratroopers. And the paratroopers got into helicopters, returned to the camp and already continued to engage in preparation, life.

Full version of the video from Alexander Sladkov about the activities of 56 dshp in Chechnya:

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  1. Mordvin 3
    Mordvin 3 April 27 2020 04: 59 New
    56th Air Assault Regiment
    Is this a draft horse?
    1. Vadim Golubkov
      Vadim Golubkov April 27 2020 09: 56 New
      Yes, it means hard workers and who drag on themselves, in this case, war and combat missions.
      1. Mordvin 3
        Mordvin 3 April 27 2020 10: 09 New
        Quote: Vadim Golubkov
        Yes, it means hard workers and who drag on themselves, in this case, war and combat missions.

        These are not my words. Ravil Bikbaev:
        56th War Afghan draft horse
  2. maiman61
    maiman61 April 27 2020 07: 21 New
    Well done! I watched the video in one go!
  3. Sergey Petrov_4
    Sergey Petrov_4 April 27 2020 23: 20 New
    56 JB was in Afghanistan, in Gardez. The brigade was then reduced to a regiment, optimization was, Mlyn
  4. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 April 28 2020 16: 57 New
    In the next hundred years, there will be no analysis of any Chechen campaign. No books by anyone's authorship will reveal to us any data, except for insignificant details. So much money has been made in these wars, moreover, by the "active bayonets" of modern politics and economics, so many crimes have been committed by them, and as a rule they have nothing to do with the war, but simply use the war as a place where you can drown the ends, what about analysis and speech does not go.
    There will be only neatly scattered descriptions of various minor incidents and pictures, so to speak, "military flavor", and that's it. How did we get so far that virtually none of our elders' deeds can be publicly described? For whatever it may take, everywhere is climbing SUCH ... Is this how the country should be arranged? True?
  5. dimasik-nl
    dimasik-nl April 28 2020 22: 28 New
    My father served in 56db. At first it was a regiment, and in Afghanistan a brigade became. Chirchik-Kunduz-Kandahar.