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"100 steps" for a veteran

"100 steps" for a veteran

Veteran of World War II in the sight of a sniper rifle today. Is this possible?

In the short film “100 Steps” based on the story of the same name by A. Andryushchenko, it tells about the fate of a veteran who decided on a difficult act.

The veteran, Colonel, performed by the wonderful actor Vladimir Gostyukhin, faced a crime that is not forgiven - his awards were stolen. He is not able to tolerate injustice, therefore he takes a desperate step - he takes hostages in a bank branch.

The film was released in 2019, but large channels are still inclined to prefer another movie. And in vain. In this short film - the fate and pain of a man, a veteran who honestly served the homeland.

“I was killed when 100 steps were left before the Reichstag, but I survived,” the hero says. - They killed when they took the day in Kiev for which I lived for years. They killed when the awards were stolen, and then did not want to return. And with them I will not part until the last breath. "

And the veteran didn’t part ...

Yuri Levitansky. His wonderful poems complete this short film:

"I do not participate in the war,
war is participating in me.
And the flame of eternal flame
burns on my cheekbones. "

Film from the film studio "Folk Cinema":


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  1. svp67
    svp67 April 23 2020 16: 18 New
    The film is sincere, good, topical ... Although there are small questions to the work of the director. Well, they took Gostyukhin, an excellent choice, but he is desperately demonstrating the Belarusian dialect, although it turns out that his hero is from Kiev ... It somehow knocks it out. And so the rules.
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather April 23 2020 17: 00 New
      Veteran of World War II in the sight of a sniper rifle today. Is this possible?
      now everything is possible ...
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana April 23 2020 18: 07 New
        Quote: Dead Day
        now everything is possible ...

        I have no words for that! Tears alone ...

        A good movie is vital!
  2. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins April 23 2020 16: 23 New
    How old should be a REAL veteran these days? 90 minimum.
    Is it possible to imagine that a person at this age will be able to capture?
    I have not watched this short film and will not even watch it. For the reasons described above.
    I watch those rare TV shows where people meet with TRUE veterans. Grandparents barely moving their legs, drinking tea with trembling hands ...
    Enough to mercilessly exploit the image of the winner in the Second World War today. You just need to give maximum credit to those who are still alive. To equip their life, to protect socially, financially. There are not many left and the state would not be impoverished ...
    1. svp67
      svp67 April 23 2020 17: 11 New
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      I have not watched this short film and will not even watch it.

      In vain, look. The specific year when these events occurred is not indicated there. And the views of Yekaterinburg are well shown.
      I can offer one more short film, which will be interesting not only about what it is about, but also about the displays of equipment on which our grandfathers and great-grandfathers had to fight then ...
      1. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins April 23 2020 17: 21 New
        I saw a "letter from the past". The feeling that they were filming from the story of my childhood "letters from the tank". Good film.
        And about the date ... It seems that the description says that "Kiev took ..." As I understand it, he is about the present time.
        1. svp67
          svp67 April 23 2020 17: 41 New
          Quote: Leader of the Redskins
          Good film.

          But I was purely on my own, I knew that the T-60 was small, that it was called "an ant", I saw it in museums, but when he was driving around the area and the commander looked out of it, his diminutiveness was especially felt. ..
    2. Vladimir_2U
      Vladimir_2U April 23 2020 17: 13 New
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      I did not watch this short
      And don't watch, empty movie, just "hype" (a stupid word, but in this case it is appropriate) on the topic of veterans. It reminded me of that calendar with kids with guns, mud and blood. It seems that the theme is correct, but it is so false.
      1. svp67
        svp67 April 23 2020 17: 36 New
        Quote: Vladimir_2U
        Reminded that calendar with kids with guns, in dirt and blood.

        And if in your childhood you were offered to wear a real military uniform of that time and pick up weapons for such shootings, would you refuse?
        I do not consider this calendar and this movie a "hype". In the calendar, the guys did not have a uniform from a warehouse, it is obvious that it was sewn for them and I did not find any deviations from the one that was in the war, it was made by specialists from one of the military museums and this is a great way to attract children to teach history. And the film, low-budget, is also a short film, which could still be expected from it in terms of clarity, but there are a lot of stories when veterans were robbed of their orders, moreover, sometimes it was accompanied by murders. The film is not only about the war, but also about the need to remain human.
        1. Vladimir_2U
          Vladimir_2U April 23 2020 17: 39 New
          Quote: svp67
          but the stories, when veterans were stolen their orders - a lot, sometimes not only this was accompanied by murders
          I can’t argue with this, unfortunately it is.
    3. Gardamir
      Gardamir April 23 2020 18: 15 New
      I did not watch this short
      Zuleikha, close your face.
  3. Mytholog
    Mytholog April 23 2020 16: 35 New
    Great short film. Great conceived. Excellent shot.
    1. antivirus
      antivirus April 23 2020 17: 13 New
      the film about May 8 is Victory Day, in Kiev for Zelensky and Avakov-Kernes
  4. 30143
    30143 April 23 2020 17: 34 New
    This morning on NTV they showed a report on how they dismantled the monument to the defender of Petrozavodsk.
    If this is happening with us, oh you, then what can we say about them, oh, again, about us and the Czechs with the Poles.
    Direct split personality ...
    1. asv363
      asv363 April 23 2020 19: 18 New
      The Investigative Committee is already examining the legitimacy of the actions of the Petrozavodsk City Hall.
  5. Avior
    Avior April 23 2020 21: 23 New
    In the photo, the absence of the Order of the Patriotic War is incomprehensible to a war veteran. And age is clearly not a veteran.
    And it is unclear what the day was stolen in Kiev - May 9 in Ukraine, a day off - an official state holiday - Victory Day.
    Abstract discouraged the desire to watch a movie.
  6. mwdm
    mwdm April 26 2020 11: 01 New
    An ugly movie. They made a bandit from the hero of the war veteran who took children hostage to solve his own problems. Real veterans of Gostyukhin, along with the rest of the clowns, actors would have torn their belts. Our grandfathers defended people, and did not take Gostyukhin hostage as a scoundrel. And why be surprised, the film was created with the assistance of Roizman, the former pro-American mayor of Yekaterinburg, with their star-striped money. The credits are credited for personally helping Roizman and various officials of banks and other commercial organizations.
    The confession of the director of the film, Andrey Komarov, about the alleged public funding of this project is very interesting. Here's what he said: "The budget of our film, shot with the money of one of the patrons, is quite large, several million rubles." It would be interesting to know such patrons of art, on whose orders these "folk" films are shot.
  7. akinfeeffr
    akinfeeffr April 30 2020 06: 55 New
    I liked it.