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Henkel He 1079B / I and B / II


The appearance of this car is just fascinating, no wonder it is now often compared with modern American stealth machines.

The designers of this aircraft were Siegfried Gunter and Eichner Hochbach. By the way, it is known that after the war, these designers were secretly exported to the USA, and it is quite possible that their ideas are used in American modern cars. But back to this car.

German designers have built two versions of the project. One with a keel, and the other was designed according to the tailless pattern. At this difference between the projects and ended.

The fighters were to be equipped with two turbojet engines, HeS 011. From the armament on the plane it was possible to install four 30 mm MK 108 cannons in the forward fuselage. AT stories No reliable evidence of the existence of at least one prototype of this machine has been preserved.

Some of the characteristics of the aircraft: wing sweep 45о - 13 m, aircraft length - 9 m, maximum speed - 1015 km / h.

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    German scientific and technological thought set almost the entire face of technology development until the middle of the 20th century, especially in the west.