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Syria, April 21: Kurds announce sabotage operation against Turkish military


Over the past days, the situation in Syria remained tense. Clashes between government forces and militants continue in a number of provinces, and Kurds report on the destruction of Turkish soldiers.

As the Kurdish Afrin Liberation Forces (SOA) told the press, over the past few days, 6 Turkish troops have been killed as a result of operations in Afrin, Azaz and Sharav. Another 5 people were injured of varying severity.

The Kurds themselves report sabotage operations against the Turkish occupation forces in the area of ​​the village of Kafr Nabo. On April 17, a SOA sniper, according to the Kurdish press, eliminated a Turkish soldier near Azaz.

But Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles continue to bomb settlements in the canton of Afrin and in Shahba.

In the province of Hasaka, an unknown convoy attacked a joint convoy of US military and Kurdish militias from the Syrian Democratic Forces. In the area of ​​Ruvaishid village, gunmen fired on an American patrol, damaging an armored car of the American army and injuring several soldiers. In the village of Kharat-Tai, stun grenades were thrown at the checkpoint by Kurdish militias by unknown persons. It is possible that these attacks were carried out by militants of the Islamic State banned in Russia.

In Idlib province, according to Step News, militants of radical groups staged yet another provocation against Syrian government troops, attacking them in the villages of Al-Farah, Kansafra, Safuhan and Al-Bara. In response, the artillery divisions of the Syrian Arab army fired on the positions of the Khayyat Tahrir al-Sham group banned in Russia. No casualties are reported in the ranks of the militants. But it is known that then the clashes moved to the area of ​​the settlement of Binin. The village of the Course was also bombarded by militants of the KhTS.

Government forces in the Kaban area of ​​Latakia were also attacked by militants of the Khayyat Tahrir al-Sham, who operate in the area along with militants of the banned Islamic Party of Turkestan in the Russian Federation (a group manned by immigrants from Central Asia and Afghanistan).

Not calm in the province of Deir ez-Zor. There were several armed clashes between different forces. Firstly, in the region of the city of Meyadin, the militants of the "sleeping cell" of the Islamic State organization attacked the positions of government troops. They fired on fighters from the pro-government militia National Defense Forces, as a result of which three militias were seriously injured.

Secondly, in the village of Al-Jalam, relations were clarified by the fighters of the National Defense Forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad. One militia member of the National Defense Forces was injured.

Meanwhile, the withdrawal of pro-Turkish militants from the province of Aleppo continues. According to Syrian sources, the militants are being taken to training camps in Turkey and sent to Libya, where they are participating in the war against the army of Marshal Khalifa Haftar. We are talking about at least 5300 militants included in such pro-Turkish formations as “Sultan Suleiman Shah Division”, “Sultan Murad Division”, “Al-Hamza Division”, “Liva Sukur al-Shimal”.

A remarkable event took place in the sky above Latakia. WITH aviation the Khmeimim base used by the Aerospace Forces of Russia, a fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces was launched into the air. He was tasked with identifying an air target that was heading towards Russian military bases. As it turned out, it was a reconnaissance aircraft owned by the US Navy. After the Russian Su-35 fighter began escorting an American aircraft, he changed course.
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  1. V.I.P.
    V.I.P. April 21 2020 15: 59 New
    I see the Kurds no longer carry out operations in Turkey. Apparently the Turks squeezed out from there as they wanted .....
    1. Uruguay
      Uruguay April 21 2020 16: 12 New
      It is unlikely that just for a while lay down ..! The Turks did not succeed in relation to the Kurds.
    2. primaala
      primaala April 21 2020 16: 34 New
      Quote: V.I.P.
      I see the Kurds no longer carry out operations in Turkey. Apparently the Turks squeezed out from there as they wanted .....

      Kurds have long been NOT allowed to vote in Turkey. The opinion of the people is twofold. And as for me - let THEY sort it out among themselves. And if the RF is interested in "staying" (in Syria), then it SHOULD be openly declared !!!
      These "dashes" (joint by M4) cause homeric laughter (all over the world).
      With a difference - I DO NOT laugh! Contractors Went to a fair fight. And what in the end !?
      (really ... language is my enemy).
    3. FIR FIR
      FIR FIR April 21 2020 19: 49 New
      How many decades could not squeeze ...
      Maybe the Kurds themselves are gone. Dreaming about their own state in Iraq and Syria. And the United States seems to have supported the initiative ...
      And then bam, the idea is being covered.
  2. Dikson
    Dikson April 21 2020 16: 38 New
    Kurds, Turks .... guys over there "Novaya Gazeta" writes: Residents of the Nadterechny district of Chechnya filmed a cluster of military vehicles of federal troops. At the same time, the Southern District of the Moscow Region, as it were, denies this fact .. We still lacked another "independent Ichkeria" in this mess .. God forbid, the Caucasus flares up because of "self-isolation" ... Vladikavkaz is already throwing firewood ...
    1. Nikolai Grek
      Nikolai Grek April 21 2020 19: 44 New
      Quote: Dikson
      Vladikavkaz already throws firewood ..

      not to trinet ... they dispersed the Aaran, and indeed there is no right for 500-2000 thousand to scream in the square on behalf of the whole people !!! wassat
      1. Sofa expert
        Sofa expert April 22 2020 03: 51 New
        Not respected, Maybe this is what you are called, what did you call this meeting ?? You have no right to insult people!
        1. Nikolai Grek
          Nikolai Grek April 22 2020 04: 21 New
          Quote: Divan expert
          You have no right

          there is ... because of these arans, we closed a large plant that year ... they also ran around the square with their standard cries ... they closed the plant, the deils are satisfied, and there are even more problems !!! request wassat
          Quote: Sofa Expert
          what did you call this meeting ??

          and for a long time we started stoning the police with stones as a meeting ??? !!! fool laughing
  3. Victor19
    Victor19 April 21 2020 18: 44 New
    Our plane has identified a target. Yes, so that in the US. the press is still howling. Drop by their Fox News. The Americans are waving their checkers in their comments. Let's shoot it down! Let's rockets! Each "Poseidon" F22 accompanied!