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The central bank was ordered to retreat. What will the minimum bid give us?


Amnesty credit worse than pandemic

The pandemic of even the most stubborn makes one understand: the problems of the financial market are secondary to the difficulties that may fall on people. After the chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Elvira Nabiullina, this really “iron lady” whom both Margaret Thatcher and our Tatyana Paramonova could envy, categorically opposed the direct financial support of the population, it seemed that there was nothing more to hope for.

Just nothing, sort it out, they say, yourself, but I will not part with my little egg for anything. However, as we see, even the Russian financial authorities are unable to play the dog in the manger during the “strange quarantine” ad infinitum. Especially in conditions when no one will believe that under any conditions there is no money. And when even their presence helps to “hold on” rather poorly.

On April 20, Elvira Nabiullina for the first time in recent years did not begin to hide anything in an interview:

“The majority notes an increase in prices only for certain goods - namely those for which there was an increased demand. This allows us to consider the growth of inflationary expectations a temporary factor.

I think we will be able to substantively consider the issue of reducing the rate already at the next meeting of the Board of Directors. We, as always, will examine the spectrum of various economic scenarios and, taking this into account, we will evaluate what space is available for easing monetary policy and what steps we should take. ”

The hint is more than transparent, journalists have not heard from Elvira Sahipzadovna for a long time: already this week we can expect a decrease, more than 0,25 percentage points, of a decrease in the key interest rate of the Central Bank. It seems that the financial situation, contrary to the cautious optimism of the head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, has become extremely aggravated at this particular moment. When the anti-crisis pressure on the public and on any kind of independent business obviously does not work out and I really want to not only strengthen it, but also tighten it in time.

And now the matter is, most likely, not only that the Central Bank learned to draw conclusions from their own mistakes. Just a few years ago, under the pressure of crises or sanctions, the Bank of Russia only tightened its monetary policy. The main rate of the Central Bank, no matter what, accounting, key, or wiser - refinancing, has steadily increased.

For such actions, our main bank from abroad, that is, from the IMF and the World Bank, was regularly praised, and its leaders were recognized as the best in the world. However, many professionals, and not only inside Russia, and among them the head of the Central Bank, in the most difficult years for Russia after privatization “according to Chubais” and default, the regulator mercilessly criticized, calling this approach deeply erroneous.

Today, however, the feeling does not leave that these were most likely not mistakes, but rather deliberate and deliberate actions to redistribute the market in favor of credit institutions loyal to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. After such banks as Otkritie or Trust came under the control of structures engaged by the regulator, this sensation only intensified.

Experts, both critics of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and his apologists, are almost unanimous regarding the decision already planned for this week. Lowering the key rate in some way will certainly help the real sector of the economy. But at the same time it can hit the banks. However, most of the credit institutions, oddly enough, do not even have to save.

No, there will almost certainly be indicative bankruptcies, but it will be very similar to the frightening propaganda statistics for COVID-19. Why? Yes, because after a powerful sweep of the banking sector, which was carried out by the regulator itself - the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, almost all large banks have a very substantial state share in the capital.

But this is only in the first place, especially since the financial sector is not only the first “ten” banks or even the “twenty”. Banking “small fry” scattered around cities and villages, for the most part, also managed to engage with either the regional authorities or the oligarchic structures for a long time. And apparently, the almost universal sweep of the banking sector, as the media called the “recovery program” put into practice, was quite timely.

Of course, this is exactly so, but not so much from the point of view of recovery itself, but in the sense of creating an absolutely controlled financial sphere. Therefore, secondly, we are not afraid to admit that this, in fact, is rather good than bad, but only if in the end you want to get some kind of surrogate state capitalism. Without a hint of any real competition. Something like the Korean version with chaebols, which we call state corporations. It would be nice to have with their banks. It may be so, but it’s not even transitional socialism, where a lot of banks are really not needed, and in general such a financial sector will definitely be uncompetitive.

However, what competitiveness are we all talking about here, if the main task of the banking, so to speak, “sector” was and remains the systematic withdrawal of excess oil and gas revenues into foreign assets. And in parallel with this, as a minimum task, it is already maintaining the entire banking sector under its control, and most importantly, the uncontrollable economy in a semi-coma state.

Central Bank Silence

Please note that today the Bank of Russia is in no hurry to compile some lists of system-forming structures that most need help. Ministries and departments have already written down everyone who is not there, and the Central Bank is silent. Most likely, we will not see such lists at all. The approach to the situation seems to be purely pragmatic: whoever is capable of what will show anti-crisis practice, but even if someone goes bankrupt or simply burns out, the process will not go beyond the normal recovery of the environment.

Such statements have not yet been made by any of the senior representatives of the Central Bank or the Ministry of Finance. This is expertly invested in the mouth of foreign analysts from PricewaterhouseCoopers and Bloomberg. There pragmatism was always on the verge of cynicism, but something similar we will hear very soon from the lips of our officials, since the real crisis in the economy is yet to come. However, from their lips often hear something that is already beyond the bounds of cynicism, and in general human understanding.

To reduce the lending rate, when a loan, even if it is interest-free, but which still needs to be repaid, is actually imposed on those who are forced to remain unemployed to pay salaries. What is this if not the height of cynicism? The non-payment chain, practically guaranteed with this practice, will certainly reach the very top.

And then it will be possible to help no longer with a credit vacation, but only with something like a universal credit amnesty. There are very big doubts that our financial authorities are really capable of this. Although what the hell is not joking? After all, someone had enough, I can even guess from whom, the political will to almost force our completely independent Central Bank to "go the other way." Not that in 2009 and in 2014.

Reducing the Bank of Russia rate, as well as canceling interest on loans, as well as refusing fines and penalties for late payments, are, in fact, half measures. And the very loan amnesty - this huge work to clean up the financial collapse after the pandemic and related quarantines, we all have yet to do. And it, apparently, will be much more complicated than the settlement of non-payments that the Russian Central Bank conducted after the default under the leadership of Victor Gerashchenko.

And if someone still hopes that the consequences of COVID-19 are not so terrible, because his time, by all indications, was not too long, then, alas, he is deeply mistaken. One must wonder how something so bloodless still manages to survive in Russia!

Reducing the Central Bank rate is not a surgical operation or even a dropper with saline solution, it is just a pill that can only help someone who is actually able to cope with sores. And to survive. It is hard to say who and what will survive after our “fake quarantine”, and whether it will survive at all. Although it is unlikely that all this, up to an extraordinary large-scale redistribution of property, was started only in order to remove the corpses later.
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  1. sagitch
    sagitch April 21 2020 05: 40 New
    For such actions, our main bank from abroad, that is, from the IMF and the World Bank, was regularly praised

    - Vague doubts torment me ...
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee April 21 2020 05: 53 New
      systematic withdrawal of excess oil and gas revenues into foreign assets
      For which they praise!
      And in the first photo, her look reminds me very much of one reptile ....
      1. Golovan Jack
        Golovan Jack April 21 2020 07: 08 New
        Quote: Uncle Lee
        And in the first photo her look reminds me of a look one reptiles ....

        And to me - as many as two belay laughing

        PS: the term "strange quarantine" alone says a lot (to me personally, at least) about the orientation of the authors yes
        1. Uncle lee
          Uncle lee April 21 2020 07: 11 New
          Quote: Golovan Jack
          two whole

          You have a rich imagination .... Well, at least not three .... repeat
          1. Golovan Jack
            Golovan Jack April 21 2020 07: 13 New
            Quote: Uncle Lee
            Well, at least not three ...

            I don’t drink in the morning laughing
            1. Uncle lee
              Uncle lee April 21 2020 07: 14 New
              Quote: Golovan Jack
              I do not drink

              Well done! yes
          2. barsik92090
            barsik92090 April 21 2020 22: 11 New
            The main reptiles do not like to shine.
        2. Roman123567
          Roman123567 April 21 2020 11: 14 New
          the term "strange quarantine"
          The term, very clearly describes what is happening ..
          1. Revival
            Revival April 21 2020 17: 27 New
            Forced Self-isolation = what you just won’t go to so you don’t spend money on hogging and do not offend banks
        3. stalki
          stalki April 21 2020 15: 44 New
          PS: the term "strange quarantine" alone says a lot (to me personally, at least) about the orientation of the authors
          Do not mind, do not sing, what else to add. Lately, apparently fashion inspired by modern advanced moods, to write to a friend means to be not fashionable.
      2. Stas157
        Stas157 April 21 2020 07: 36 New
        Elvira Nabiullina, this one really "The Iron Lady", Which could be envied and Margaret Thatcher

        Iron Lady is the one with personal opinion there is and who is ready to defend it. But did it ever happen, God forgive me, Sakhipzadovna your personal opinion? This figure is rather a led and puppet, reflecting the anti-people’s, liberal policies of the government and its ex-patron (downshifter).
        1. Mazuta
          Mazuta April 21 2020 18: 13 New
          Egghead ...
      3. knn54
        knn54 April 21 2020 08: 38 New
        Vladimir, you won’t be able to frighten the reptile with a coronavirus. In general, Gulchetai, I’m sorry, Elvira. Do not open your face.
        There are also investors, holders of shares. Well, holders of bonds. These will persist.
      4. Roman123567
        Roman123567 April 21 2020 11: 13 New
        She is scary in both photos, like an atomic war ..
        Actually, mumra and bitch are the first things that come to mind .. I doubt that she is such an invaluable specialist .. There are only half ambitions full of head half ..
      5. NordUral
        NordUral April 21 2020 20: 12 New
        Exactly, Vladimir, I just thought about it myself. She would crawl to hell, even for a puddle.
        1. Uruguay
          Uruguay April 21 2020 20: 15 New
          Quote: NordUral
          Exactly, Vladimir, I just thought about it myself. She would crawl to hell, even for a puddle.

          Only after Chubais ..! How does he escape, then something began in the country .. Follow him and Friedman hi
    2. Bar1
      Bar1 April 21 2020 07: 27 New
      pah, dirty woman ...
      1. Ilya-spb
        Ilya-spb April 21 2020 10: 43 New
        April abstracts:

        1) Take the Bank of Russia (Cetrobank) under the full control of the state - the Russian Federation.

        2) Sakhipzadovna - to resign!

        3) Introduce a legislative ban on attracting foreign companies for audit and consultation of Russian ministries and departments.
        1. Cyril G ...
          Cyril G ... April 21 2020 12: 08 New
          100500 + ...
          For currency speculators, introduce a monthly quarantine to verify the legality of the funds they have when they purchase currency or rubles
        2. NordUral
          NordUral April 21 2020 20: 13 New
          Something ripped off "April theses" of some kind.
        3. Private89
          Private89 April 22 2020 15: 34 New
          Measures to correct the situation in the economy have been known for a long time; economists Glazyev, Delyagin, Khazin spoke about them. But the question is not that they don’t understand what needs to be done so that the economy develops, but that since the year 91 this is not the task, and the task is to plunder this territory, and this does not imply development.
      2. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee April 21 2020 15: 03 New
        Quote: Bar1
        dirty woman ...

        And one more stroke.
        1. NordUral
          NordUral April 21 2020 20: 14 New
          And these are not dirty? I didn’t notice something.
  2. Rajah
    Rajah April 21 2020 05: 57 New
    Madame Nagibullina is not an iron lady, but stupid and stubborn. Stubbornness, as everyone knows, the dignity of donkeys.
    1. Million
      Million April 21 2020 09: 47 New
      She personally does not decide anything. She simply does the will of her leadership.
    2. Ilya-spb
      Ilya-spb April 21 2020 13: 50 New
      There are guests of our country ... Uzbek migrant workers, for example. They know a lot about conquering and taming donkeys ...
  3. Mihail55
    Mihail55 April 21 2020 05: 58 New
    And this lady is a citizen of Russia ???
    1. DMB 75
      DMB 75 April 21 2020 06: 36 New
      I won’t be surprised if she also has a passport in storage. Here, these gentlemen with dual citizenship are not going to live here, and in fact they don’t live anymore, they are raiding. Show me one more state where people with dual citizenship serve in government agencies. And it’s not funny for us to ruin and tear our Motherland. And this must be stopped in the most decisive way.
      1. Charik
        Charik April 21 2020 23: 05 New
        neighbors even from other countries were invited, one miha-tie what is
    2. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
    3. Svarog
      Svarog April 21 2020 07: 53 New
      Quote: Michael55
      And this lady is a citizen of Russia ???

      We have "managers" of different levels, as a rule, they have several citizenships .. They are all citizens of the world there .. and they pump money from Russia .. otherwise they drink blood from the people ..
  4. Snail N9
    Snail N9 April 21 2020 06: 09 New
    After all, someone had enough, I can even guess from whom, the political will to almost force our completely independent Central Bank to "go the other way." Not that in 2009 and in 2014.

    What is this, such a "other way"? And who is this "such" - "forced"? There was no need to force anyone, because the catastrophe of the economy has already become visible even to super-specialists who have completed accelerated courses in leadership and management at Columbia and Yale Universities for Papuans from underdeveloped countries. In fact, the casket is simply opening - despite the monstrous drop in oil prices, there has not been a strong fall in the ruble exchange rate and there has not been a massive transfer by entrepreneurs and citizens of the ruble mass into foreign currency due to the fact that entrepreneurs and citizens of Russia, due to the purposeful policy of the state, became beggars - they do not have money in large volumes, there is no significant ruble mass on the market - all of it has been withdrawn from the domestic market into various types of money boxes, a scanty mass of money circulates in the domestic market, on the one hand. On the other hand, despite the "cheerful reports" of the unsuccessful Rossstat, the country practically stopped taking loans - business activity of entrepreneurs fell to "zero" level - the market shrank instead of development and switched to austerity due to a catastrophic drop in domestic and external demand. I will not even talk about the city dwellers - the phrase "solntselikogo" about "the middle class with 17000 rubles speaks for itself, shows what the Russian" effective managers "of the Kremlin spill have brought the people to.
    Reducing the Bank of Russia rate, as well as canceling interest on loans, as well as refusing fines and penalties for late payments, are, in fact, half measures. And the very loan amnesty - this huge work to clean up the financial collapse after the pandemic and related quarantines, we all have yet to do.

    These measures suggest themselves, but .... it's too late. And as the author correctly wrote, this is just a small pill, which is already, "dead" just a "poultice". It is useless to pour money into banks - no one will take loans due to the fact that the domestic market is miserable to the point of impossibility, and the external market is a disaster due to the global crisis. It is necessary to inject a huge amount of money into the economy, and it is precisely to "inject" at a zero or even negative rate, in order to revive the business activity of citizens, so that people have "extra money" and there is "demand" and "demand" amnesty and tax mitigation and reduction, or even abolition of the entire fiscal burden for newly created individual, small and medium-sized businesses. But just all this is not even planned. All there is is the so-called "credit holidays" that no one can get in reality. There is still some talk about the discount rate reduction, and which will not be significant for anybody, a maximum of 100 points, which, as I already wrote, is "dead-poultry".
    1. depressant
      depressant April 21 2020 06: 50 New
      The Central Bank cut off everything that was over $ 40 per barrel, and put it in its own egg-pot, read - and invested in the US and European economies. And yesterday messages were sent: the price per barrel fell to minus $ 40 per barrel. Minus! That is, the oil industry is chasing the buyer - for God's sake, I’ll also pay you $ 40 myself, because everyone has all the storages filled up to the top, and the pumping of oil cannot be stopped, such a technology, you need to free the storages ...
      Question: so will Nabiullina now return what she has strained into a small egg? Let him at least return the money that he received for Sberbank - immediately!
      1. Leshy1975
        Leshy1975 April 21 2020 10: 41 New
        Quote: depressant
        The Central Bank cut off everything that was over $ 40 per barrel, and put it in its own egg-pot, read - and invested in the US and European economies. And yesterday messages were sent: the price per barrel fell to minus $ 40 per barrel. Minus! That is, the oil industry is chasing the buyer - for God's sake, I’ll also pay you $ 40 myself, because everyone has all the storages filled up to the top, and the pumping of oil cannot be stopped, such a technology, you need to free the storages ...
        Question: so will Nabiullina now return what she has strained into a small egg? Let him at least return the money that he received for Sberbank - immediately!

        Yes, yesterday it was epic.
        Most traders, with surprise, after the shock experienced, learned that the selling price may be negative. Futures on the Russian Urals also fell into the negative zone to $ -2. This is of course not quite the price of physical oil. The supply contracts in April collapsed, and this situation says that there are no people wishing to purchase it in the near future, because indeed there is practically nowhere to store. Prices for deliveries in June-July are still trading at around $ 21. Under these conditions, one can hardly expect at least some noticeable increase in oil prices, even despite the conclusion of a transaction with OPEC.
        Gas prices (export, not domestic), just after oil will continue to decline.
        After the completion of the pre-trial detention center regime, the domestic market of the Russian Federation, which was already insolvent, was not able to provide at least some noticeable tax collection.
        As a result, the budget of the Russian Federation is guaranteed to receive a huge deficit and the main question is how long will it all last? It is unlikely that now someone will undertake to accurately predict the timing of the recovery of the world economy in general, and even more so of the Russian Federation in particular.
        In these conditions of uncertainty (the only certainty is that budget revenues will collapse), the last thing I believe is that the state will spend a small egg on ordinary citizens and their support.
        In my opinion, they will support a circle of close and, of course, security officials. Without the support of the security forces, the authorities now understand how.
        As many people know, a spontaneous rally against the pre-trial detention center regime was held yesterday in Vladikavkaz, where 55 people were detained. In total, there were more than 1500 protesters; bottles and other items flew into the security forces. But the pre-trial detention center regime has not yet ended, and therefore it can be expected that there will be more such spontaneous rallies and not only in Vladikavkaz (as the refrigerators empty).

        1) In a further decline in the Russian economy and, as a result, a further impoverishment of the Russian population, which in turn will lead to a sharp aggravation of the internal situation in the Russian Federation, I believe in such a development of events and it is predictable.
        2) I don’t believe in any real help to ordinary citizens, in the current conditions. For this power itself, for all the years of its reign, and the last so especially, has shown that it solves all problems exclusively at the expense of the population of the Russian Federation in favor of the so-called "elite", and not vice versa.

        By the way (source
        "Kudrin proposed to take money from individuals' accounts to combat the crisis," - such a heading appeared on Tuesday night on the Afisha-Daily portal ...
        As it turned out, the former head of the Ministry of Finance did not mean withdrawal of deposits. laughing The point was that during the crisis, banks may not be able to give out this money in the form of loans. And then the state can issue bonds and borrow this money from banks. As a result, banks will receive a profitable and reliable tool for saving funds, and the state will receive additional money to combat the crisis, and you won’t need to turn on the printing press. When the crisis passes, banks will be able to sell government bonds on the stock exchange laughing laughing and invest in something else.

        Well, yes, on the exchange, perhaps also at a price with a good MINUS.
        And how is fate the same "temporarily"Pension savings frozen by the state? Does anyone else want to lend to this state?" laughing laughing laughing
        1. Snail N9
          Snail N9 April 21 2020 11: 11 New
          And then the state can issue bonds and borrow this money from banks.

          In fact, in our country, somehow few people notice one interesting thing - our state, in fact, is not "our" - it is completely privatized by unknown persons, first of all, its financial component and gold reserves. When they say that Russia owns so many billions of dollars and so much gold and precious metals, few people understand that it is not Russia that owns all this, but certain separate structures that have quite specific (but hidden) owners and beneficiaries. So it turns out this, this is nonsense, when the state runs around with outstretched hand in search of money and acts only in the interests of these beneficiaries who lobby, force the state to adopt such and such a law and issue such and such a decree in their favor, advises the state to dig in the pockets of citizens and give what was found to the lobbyists, and only take a part for themselves, for the state on its Wishlist ... Our state in terms of financial, economic and political sovereignty, in fact, does not have it (sovereignty), it is just a bunch of managers in the service (ensuring the freedom and safety of activity and control, ensuring the obedience of labor resources) of the oligarchs (both domestic and foreign), who own all the finances and resources of the country.
        2. depressant
          depressant April 21 2020 11: 12 New
          Yes, the stuffing about the "people's" loan, but in fact a robbery, appeared on the network a week ago. Users immediately said: first, a rumor was started so that people get used to the thought, and then they will do so. People, those who had money in banks, having heard about the disaster prepared for them, rushed to withdraw their funds and overstocked with something material. Banks tried to interfere with the removal, but Nabiullina, in order not to lose face at all, shouted at the banks. And then car dealers noted a sharp surge in demand - as much as 20%. Real money. Banks, after such a revengeful refusal to issue interest-free assistance for salaries of workers in small and medium-sized enterprises in distress. Self-employed people won't get anything at all.
          Here is a picture. What will happen next is hard to imagine.
  5. Paul Siebert
    Paul Siebert April 21 2020 06: 13 New
    Yes, this Zuleiha - Nabiulin, continues to open our eyes ...
    It is time to deprive the Central Bank of its independence in the selection of priority goals.
    I understand that it is more profitable for bankers to invest in highly profitable Western papers and sit on a duplex level.
    But we need not the high bank incomes of our financial elite.
    Build factories, factories, agricultural enterprises.
    And everything connected with them. New infrastructure, education of the population, improving the standard of living, and with it its duration.
    The driver of the country's development should not be trade and bank usury, but industry and agriculture.
    This is the only way to defeat all enemies. Both external and internal.
    It just seems that they are sitting in the ministries. What an ambush ... request
    1. Varyag71
      Varyag71 April 21 2020 07: 35 New
      To begin with, we need a real leader of the country and SMERSH.
      1. aybolyt678
        aybolyt678 April 21 2020 07: 57 New
        To begin with, we need a real leader of the country and SMERSH.
        how? ... the main question. Are there any people there? ....
        1. Sergej1972
          Sergej1972 April 21 2020 12: 14 New
          Now none of the systemic, or their non-systemic opposition claims power. No one knows what to do.
    2. andrew42
      andrew42 April 21 2020 11: 58 New
      That is so. But ... state ideology does not allow, and its carriers will not.
    3. Alexey-74
      Alexey-74 April 21 2020 15: 29 New
      This requires a new revolution. because power is not popular now .... But as the life of the revolution in Russia has shown, it has bad consequences for everyone. And at the present time it is not at all clear what to do to ordinary people in a state that cannot and does not want (most likely to help). But I would like to peacefully, so that the patriots of the motherland would carry out all economic reforms, and would not wait for the approval of the West. But for now, this is simply not real.
  6. Olegater
    Olegater April 21 2020 06: 37 New
    Good morning, dear forum users!
    I looked at the photo and it became very scary! In my time there was a film, "Elvira, Lady of Darkness" a comedy film, and so this individual even surpassed that bogeyman. Although that Elvira was a little more human. And this ... It's even scary to become who manages the finances. It costs nothing to ruin a couple of three million people like that.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 21 2020 06: 46 New
    from the IMF and the World Bank, regularly praised, and its leaders recognized as the best in the world
    Food for thought ... for the FSB. True, who will allow to work on this "iron lady", her connections, contacts abroad, etc. That's when the "roast cock" bites seriously, and she will have a well-deserved rest in the government dacha, then maybe some of the truth will come to light?
    1. Ross xnumx
      Ross xnumx April 21 2020 07: 00 New
      Quote: rotmistr60
      from the IMF and the World Bank, regularly praised, and its leaders recognized as the best in the world

      So, therefore, they praise that the Central Bank of Russia works better than any guillotine.
      After the chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Elvira Nabiullina, this really is an "iron lady"that Margaret Thatcher might envy

      Yes, yes, yes ... We remember the “iron” Evgeny Vasilyeva ... As for Sakhipzadovna, in the women's colony of the general regime she will immediately become what she was in life.
      It is necessary to “strengthen” the ruble in such a way that bank speculators in money seem to “litter”, while borrowers “hang themselves” ... Where does this hatred for citizens of the country come from? Where do these microloan offices come from? Where does this debt come from in the regions?
    2. Varyag71
      Varyag71 April 21 2020 07: 36 New
      Which FSB? This is one of the most rotten offices. Sold there for a long time
  8. Fedorov
    Fedorov April 21 2020 06: 55 New
    And nobody is going to nationalize this bank? Twice there were applications in the Duma, and both deputies in a majority vote failed who is sitting there. There is video for the biased. So who does this bank work for? Or GDP heel scratches the back of his head? With all due respect ..
    1. depressant
      depressant April 21 2020 08: 16 New
      Late. The most convincing evidence is given in favor of why this is not possible now and is unlikely to be possible in the future.
      So, the Central Bank is not subordinate to the government of the Russian Federation and in fact - the separation of the IMF in our territory. According to deputy Yevgeny Fedorov, our Central Bank is a private store of the US Federal Reserve. Buying up currency from entrepreneurs, gives them rubles. So much so that there is no hyperinflation in the country. Only in this way do rubles appear in our country.
      An important feature of the Central Bank is that it does not meet the obligations of the Russian Federation. What speculators of the Central Bank speculate.
      What can be lost?
      $ 193 billion invested in foreign shares
      Over $ 140 billion allocated in foreign Central Banks and in foreign commercial banks
      Over $ 42 billion in corporate securities.
      So here. If you make the Central Bank state, then immediately the rights to the Central Bank’s money will be presented:
      Khodorkovsky - $ 50 billion;
      Former socialist camp countries;
      All offended.
      There will be nothing left.
      These are the arguments against the nationalization of the Central Bank.
      But it’s all about competent lawyers. Any litigation - for decades. And there - the donkey will die. In addition, everything that is on the accounts of the Central Bank - it does not work for us at all.
  9. Thrifty
    Thrifty April 21 2020 07: 24 New
    It is a pity that it is impossible to deport all these kudrinonabiullins from Russia with the deprivation of citizenship of the country, and without the right to return to Russia even their ashes after many years!
    1. siemens7774
      siemens7774 April 21 2020 12: 24 New
      Thrifty. You can’t let such people out of the country. And even for life.
    2. Arthur 85
      Arthur 85 April 21 2020 23: 14 New
      Honestly, I expected that after March 9th this "iron lady" would fly out of office like a cork from a bottle. Not wait.
      It took her 10 days to say: "The Central Bank stops buying back the currency." Buy back the currency, Karl! When the ruble fell from 63 to 80. And now, when the market is chattering, I don’t know what is in the hole, they decided to lower the rate!
      No, I understand, it happens, slammed. But do nothing so pointedly! And today the Central Bank issued an order - on changes in the rules of cash settlement! That's what they do, instead of day and night not getting out of their offices, and not getting off their phones.
      Well, this voice has lost my voice while this woman heads the Central Bank. Enough. He even endured the pension reform, but it’s no way.
  10. Military77
    Military77 April 21 2020 07: 27 New
    For this violation of the Central Bank, for violation of Article 75 of the Constitution, it is high time to judge by Article 293 of the Criminal Code.
  11. samarin1969
    samarin1969 April 21 2020 07: 38 New
    The Central Bank rate cut by 0,25% is really a symbolic "vitamin". But the Central Bank will not solve the problems. The Central Bank will not buy out "grants" and "Kamaz" at the expense of gold reserves. And it is unlikely to convert "safe shares" into rubles without great losses.
    Here we need a program for the development of the domestic market. And this is the task of the government, not the Central Bank. We need restrictions on imports, including "rest" in other countries, a ban on non-critical imports for government agencies, etc.
    And let the Central Bank do its part: "strangle" offshore companies, tax "optimizers", support the work of banks, stabilize the ruble. It is important.
    The state cannot save the level of business appetites. It can only support the unemployed and the order in the country. And this is the problem of the deputies, the President and Mr. Mishustin.
    1. depressant
      depressant April 21 2020 11: 50 New
      By the way, colleague, a comment along the way. You will be surprised, but Russian banks own all types of real estate, including apartments, houses, land, enterprises, have shares in the mining industry and processing, etc. And this is because the population has long been in distress. Situations in which ordinary citizens and entrepreneurs are forced to take money from banks on bail - if not a mass, then by no means a rare occurrence. And just as often there is a seizure by the banks of property from the owners due to the impossibility of the latter to repay the debt.
      My neighbor got caught taking business money. By the way, the police, her little daughter. We were forced to move out, sealed up, then made repairs and sold. Now some family lives there. Banks have no pity. This is wild capitalism. Lord, how tired I am of him ...
      1. samarin1969
        samarin1969 April 21 2020 12: 01 New
        All due respect, "+", colleague hi . I will not support.
        [quote My neighbor got caught in this way, taking money for a business. By the way, the police, her little daughter. Forced to move out, sealed, then made repairs and sold.] [/ Quote]
        I will not support. Business is always a risk. And this money was "someone's" property, for example, yours. If it is not possible to realize the collateral, no bank will issue a single kopeck of the loan.

        ps I know how banks work. And how severe business morals. Therefore, I am a teacher.
        1. depressant
          depressant April 21 2020 14: 02 New
          A colleague gives money on bail for a deadly short term and at predatory interest. Even Putin talked about this, lamented and asked banks to treat useful startups with understanding. They didn’t react, bankers spit on everyone and everything, do not restructure collateral debts, they feel like masters of life. Meanwhile, any, even a very good, useful startup can not be untwisted in a year. Is that the trade in alcohol, tobacco and drugs.
          1. samarin1969
            samarin1969 April 21 2020 14: 14 New
            Quote: depressant
            Meanwhile, any, even a very good, useful startup can not be untwisted in a year.

            That's yes! ... Based on the realities, no money will be given for a startup in the Russian Federation. Even at high interest rates. Unless, under a tasty deposit. Well then, goodbye to the apartment / plot / house. If third parties are interested in business / collateral, there is such a banking technology. Trivial mistakes in the business plan, "inappropriate credit", "inaccurate reporting" ... and "tasty" property changes its owner in court. And this is without the collector raiders. bully
  12. leshiy076
    leshiy076 April 21 2020 07: 39 New
    Information for consideration. According to the law, the CBR is a legal entity. Not a public authority, but just a legal entity. The Bank of Russia exercises authority over the possession, use and disposal of Bank of Russia property, including the Bank of Russia gold and currency reserves. Withdrawal and encumbrance of obligations of the specified property without the consent of the Bank of Russia are not allowed, unless otherwise provided by federal law. In other words, foreign exchange reserves belong to the Central Bank and not to the state, no matter how strange it sounds. TIN of the Central Bank 7702235133. But try to find from it at least information about the charter of the Central Bank, about its founders. Do not even try. All that is connected with our Central Bank is a secret behind seven seals. I would even say that this is the main tool for external management of our economy. I just didn’t understand one thing, if they had already touched on the constitution in a certain century, then this is the first thing to start with.
    1. Hypatius
      Hypatius April 21 2020 08: 12 New
      Duc, we by and large have no government agencies left. The state is a simulacrum. Deputies, presidents are persons who replace government positions. From the latter, according to the official website, the "office" of the Russian government was renamed into the Russian government, and changed its coat of arms to a blacker one.
      I just didn’t understand one thing, if they had already touched on the constitution in a certain century, then this is the first thing to start with.
      The State Bank is needed, and not a change in the charter of the office of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Neither the 20th nor the 21st edition of the unaccepted draft constitution of 1993 will solve this. We need a rollback to the current Constitution of 1977-78, and its legitimate (nationwide) amendment to today's realities.
  13. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket April 21 2020 08: 03 New
    Evil tongues say that the leadership of the Central Bank is associated with currency speculation as a result of which the ruble has become a target for Western hedge funds. Plus, the Finance Ministry recently dragged off a law on state guarantees for offshore companies ... Guys walk on thin ice. So you can leave for Mordovia ...
    1. AU Ivanov.
      AU Ivanov. April 21 2020 10: 41 New
      The ruble is not the currency to become a target.
      1. andrew42
        andrew42 April 21 2020 11: 46 New
        The ruble is exactly the "right" currency: cheap, risky, but highly volatile and promising for financial speculation.
        1. Tank jacket
          Tank jacket April 21 2020 12: 25 New
          Your - The correct answer good
          A.S. Ivanov confuses cause and effect. If the Central Bank did not encourage currency speculators (there are many instruments, including the turnover tax, which Gerashchenko introduced in 1998) and did not warm his hands on this, then the ruble would be stable. There is a wrecking Central Bank.
  14. rocket757
    rocket757 April 21 2020 08: 04 New
    The meaning of discussing that without a bottle, two, three, can not understand in any way!
    Let's look at the result and .... let's go for a couple more bubbles. If so, then it’s better not to see it at all !!!
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 April 21 2020 12: 21 New
      With whom you talk, none of the workers, or those sitting on self-isolation have a particular desire to drink. It seems that only VO visitors suddenly flared up with love for the "green snake".)
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 April 21 2020 12: 44 New
        I will reveal a "big military secret!", We are so voroga, confuses shpienov !!! Let them think that we are desperate and rushed to destroy the "bitter"!
        They didn’t think of sticking to us, but we rushed out, all so sober, with their berets for laced up, with ground bayonets and we’ll hit them on the first number !!! For a hundred years, Schaub remembered that the one who came to us with a sword would be buried in the same place as all the others who came with the sword.
        We are warriors, not accountants .... therefore, any abstruse digital figure is very ... frustrating, but not to the green devils, of course.
      2. evgen1221
        evgen1221 April 21 2020 17: 01 New
        Komrad-Sergey1972- this is because there are a lot of old-timers with general pensions, from the boredom of writing from 10 accounts, plus admins have fun with a gag to raise online. Normal units here. Over time, you will begin to distinguish between varieties of local guano.
  15. ZaharoFF
    ZaharoFF April 21 2020 08: 46 New
    What photos are "cute". Was it specially selected? Some kind of amphibian.
    Naibulin is a weak-willed, terrible creature and acts in the manner of his former patron, he is also a downshifter. "Successes" are already visible to the naked eye.
    1. podymych
      April 21 2020 11: 35 New
      In networks, you can find something else. Here the pictures are still tender and affectionate, and the ES is white and fluffy.
  16. Nitarius
    Nitarius April 21 2020 09: 00 New
    Isn’t it time .. in the Central Bank to conduct monitoring and nationalization .. they don’t understand otherwise!
  17. fa2998
    fa2998 April 21 2020 09: 02 New
    A strange position of the Central Bank. In the whole world, in order to revive the economy, the key rate is 0,5-1%, some have made it zero. Business needs money, they take it from banks, and those from the Central Bank. And loans are expensive.
    We found a benchmark - low inflation - and in the economy, grass does not grow. Everything is worth it. hi
  18. prior
    prior April 21 2020 09: 12 New
    Deferred loan payments.
    Well, there’s time for small businesses to better soap the rope .....
  19. Yrec
    Yrec April 21 2020 09: 17 New
    Even if the Central Bank of the Russian Federation makes a key rate of 0%, commercial banks will continue to break 15-20%, sorry - the risks! And with "free" central bank money, they will buy up currency / stocks / bonds for speculation. This money is not about us.
    1. andrew42
      andrew42 April 21 2020 11: 37 New
      That's for sure. A hundred times already passed. In the 100% monetary model, NOTHING can force commercial banks to revive the real economy, because speculation is a hundred times nicer.
  20. nikvic46
    nikvic46 April 21 2020 10: 26 New
    Even Lenin was upset that we had not gone through the stage of capitalism. The peasant came to the proletariat, and it turned out something in between. While there was tight manual control, the country moved forward. And in the same way we moved on to capitalism. Forgetting that capitalism and the market live first of all self-regulation. Nominated appointees. And I must say they did a good job until the thunder struck. The most important thing is that we did not figure out who owned what.
    1. andrew42
      andrew42 April 21 2020 11: 42 New
      Yes, there is no capitalist "self-regulation". and it never existed. There has always been compensation for "lost profits" at the expense of the colonies, or by robbing their own population and small / medium-sized businesses. The funny thing is that "Russian capitalism" does not even have that cushion for robbery (a slightly fattened middle class) that the United States had before the Great Depression. Plus, Russia has never been engaged in robbery of neighbors, and our "lordship" does not know how to do this stupidly, even if it wants to. Socio-economically, we are back in the 19th century - all at the expense of the "serfs". - if anyone still does not understand.
      1. Snail N9
        Snail N9 April 21 2020 12: 29 New
        And, if you remember how much money (hundreds of billions of dollars! -Not rubles) we have recently "forgiven" all kinds of "brothers", "friends" and just like that, obeying .... I don't even know what "obeying "(show-" throw "show-off-type, - look what we are, rich and generous !?). How much money, billions of dollars, was invested in previously failed, irrecoverable projects? In the "olympiads", "summits", "championships" and just spent on the notorious HPP? And how, this money, now, would be useful! yes
        1. Snail N9
          Snail N9 April 21 2020 18: 38 New
          For example, the notorious demarcation line, from behind which the Damansky Island and part of the Bolshoi Amursky were given away, were offered by smart people not only to give, but to sell, and the Chinese even offered to buy them themselves. But no - everything was given away just like that, for "thanks"
          A new treaty on the border with China, which settled old disputes, was concluded in 1991 by M. Gorbachev and then in 1992 ratified by the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation. Under this treaty, Damansky was given to China. But not only him, but also many islands. The border was "clarified" by drawing it along the fairway of navigable rivers and in the middle of non-navigable ones. Prior to the 1991 agreement, the border ran mainly along the banks of China on rivers (river borders are more than 3000 km, that is, most of the entire border between Russia and China). Now they ran in such a way that Russia gave China about six hundred islands on the Amur and Ussuri rivers and another 10 km2 of land. In September 1995, this agreement was also clarified: Russia lost another 1500 hectares of land. If in 1860 Russia took advantage of the weakening of China, now everything was the other way round - the weakened Russia gave up the disputed lands to China for a long time.
          But the Chinese did not stop there. This time they demanded Bolshoi Ussuriisky and Tarabarov islands near Khabarovsk and Bolshoi island in the Amur region. Russia had no choice but to recognize the islands as "disputed territories" - no one wanted a repeat of the conflict over Damansky. And soon the islands decided to "quietly" give China, pretending that nothing had happened. On October 15, 2004, in Beijing, V. V. Putin put his signature under the "Supplementary Agreement on the Russian-Chinese State Border on its Eastern Part." This treaty provided for the voluntary transfer by Russia to China of Tarabarov Island, part of the Bolshoy Ussuriysk and Bolshoi Island. And this is despite the long-built border posts located there, equipped fortified areas, dachas of Russian citizens, etc. All this went to the Chinese absolutely free. In 2005, the contract was executed - the islands were transferred to China (327 km2). Neither the president nor the government of the Russian Federation were interested in the opinion of Russian citizens on this matter. In 2017, Russia gave China another 4,7 km2 near the Khubutu River near Ussuriisk. It is reported by Rambler.

          Further: Reported by Rambler. Further:
          Lord, what small and insignificant people they are - for the sake of raising their "image" and "cheap authority", they are ready to simply give away what is drenched in the blood of the Russian (Soviet) people. And by the way, have you read the changes in the constitution? There it is written in black and white that it is possible to change the borders of the state in the event of "the settlement of long-standing territorial conflicts and in the case of border demarcation." That is, you can trade the territory of the state, since all states bordering on Russia have territorial claims to it. By the way, according to the changes in the constitution, it is possible to return Crimea back to Ukraine.
        2. Departure
          Departure April 22 2020 00: 15 New
          Are you sure the money is "forgiven"? Maybe all the same, they solved the issue on the sidelines for, for example, a quarter of the debt, but in a suitcase, in person and without publicity?
  21. andrew42
    andrew42 April 21 2020 11: 34 New
    A purely monetary model of economic management does not work. This fact is clear to many, with the exception of Nabiullina, Mishustin / Medvedev and Putin. More precisely, it works, but in a strange way, for a narrow stratum of society, and against the rest of the "17-tyrov middle class". What has essentially changed since the "Gaidar-Chubais" course? - Almost nothing! There is only one algorithm: when incomes drop, what do the management and owners of any medium-sized enterprise do? - Practically, they cut administrative and production costs (according to the covenant of the "Holy Audit"), BUT, not at the expense of loved ones, but by reducing personnel (starting with cleaners, loaders, workers and engineers), the last accounting department "dies", replaced by outsourcing. On a national scale, everything is much more "epic" - for the business of the "elite" the population is an annoying non-core asset, overgrown in the eyes of management.
    1. Campanella
      Campanella April 22 2020 09: 10 New
      "Mom brings her son to the doctor:
      - Doctor, dear, look at my little Vovochka from the letters.
      Doctor examining a patient:
      - From this moment we stop calling the forty-year-old man a boy, pussy a member and start treating old syphilis "
      This is how I see the situation with the crisis in the world and the country in particular.
      For some reason, the people forgot the founders of Marxism-Leninism, who accurately described the crises of capitalism.
      True, the tools of the bourgeoisie were added, but the essence has not changed.
      Wellcome people, like sausages and burlesque? Get it!
  22. iouris
    iouris April 21 2020 11: 39 New
    The "Russia of Democratic Choice" is the "friends of the US dollar." The financial system of the Russian Federation is integrated into the dollar system, so only the one to whom it is subordinate can order the Central Bank. This is in order to receive some income from the sale of natural resources. Let me remind you that even the US government buys the dollar from the Fed. The Fed is actually a private entity.
    1. Snail N9
      Snail N9 April 21 2020 15: 41 New
      The Fed is, in fact, a private structure.

      The US Federal Reserve is the notorious "deep government" .... yes
  23. andrew42
    andrew42 April 21 2020 11: 49 New
    And the photo of the head of the Central Bank is valid, such a stern look from under the glasses: "Nabiullina to the People: You are the weakest link!"
    1. iouris
      iouris April 21 2020 13: 28 New
      Stop demonizing Nabiullina! She is a simple performer. In her place, everyone would do so (but not everyone can be in her place).
      1. andrew42
        andrew42 April 21 2020 16: 13 New
        I personally do not demonize anyone. Just a colorful picture. Do you suggest regretting, crying, throwing money on mat. Help? - So there, at whom you point, - "just a clerk" - acts within the framework of the possibilities / circumstances, but with whose strategic interests - none (one) "poor fellow" will confess, and individually - no one will "blame" for result.
        1. iouris
          iouris April 21 2020 18: 09 New
          I suggest to ripen in the root. But scolding and pitying them is pointless, because they have immunity: they are wooden to the waist.
  24. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 April 21 2020 13: 27 New
    The minimum rate in these conditions will not give us absolutely nothing, even zero. Because the Central Bank is discussing it. Actually effective measures are not beneficial for the government, since they will help to avoid a crisis. And the government wants a crisis, and as terrible as possible.
    Since members of the government have free access to "endless money" cheat, in the face of an economic collapse, huge assets can be bought for next to nothing. Firms, goods, real estate, land. Therefore, although it is not difficult to avoid a crisis, the crisis will be very, very severe. It is quite possible that even food riots.
    1. depressant
      depressant April 21 2020 23: 06 New
      Yes, apparently, a large redistribution of large property is coming. But it will be very bad if foreigners put a paw on it. If only it weren’t. However, most of the large owners in Russia are strangers. Somehow the language does not turn its name to them. And riots are needed in order to exert pressure not only on the owners, but also on government officials. Not to cross the thin border beyond which the country no longer exists.
      1. Essex62
        Essex62 April 22 2020 02: 54 New
        Given the peaceful and non-peaceful atom, everything looks very sinister. Even those who brewed porridge may not have time to wash off. Radioactive desert on 1/6 land. A creepy picture.
  25. faterdom
    faterdom April 21 2020 13: 53 New
    Quote: Thrifty
    It is a pity that it is impossible to deport all these kudrinonabiullins from Russia with the deprivation of citizenship of the country, and without the right to return to Russia even their ashes after many years!

    Somehow you ... not prudently approach the issue.
    In the 20s, the former hegemonic class itself eagerly searched for its hidden gold reserves and gave it to the valiant Chekists for the needs of industrialization. It’s true, because you yourself know better where you hid it, how many steps to the north-east of the old oak, or what boards in the floor you need to move 5cm and turn left. And even more so, do not guess the code word of the Swiss accounts without their help.
    Only a sincerely repentant person is able to quickly and quickly remember all this. And help. In order to somehow facilitate or accelerate ...
    So, for the future, these characters will be useful to us in Russia, very useful. Moreover, they swore / promised / sworn. And then there is such a chance - their vows can come true!
    1. depressant
      depressant April 21 2020 23: 19 New
      Colleague, their little capsules are not here. Do you know how many people, our fellow citizens, have alternate airfields abroad? At least 150 thousand of those whose income exceeds $ 10 million per year. This is the upper layer of the middle class, blood-sucking organisms. Gutting them is useless. Unless the suitcases on which they sit. Putin is just embarrassing. I mean the notorious 17 thousand rubles. Either he thinks we are for the mentally underdeveloped, or ... we don’t want to continue.
      Feeling of trouble.
      1. faterdom
        faterdom April 22 2020 11: 43 New
        Under certain conditions (let's call them cramped, even for a small part of the body reminiscent of Easter), a person himself a lot and willingly comes up with how and where to get the money set aside for a "rainy day". At such a moment he is simply overwhelmed by sincere repentance .... And no one will go to the fire for the sake of money alone, even the Templars with Cathars were ideological guys, and not just "strong business executives."
  26. Dmitriyag
    Dmitriyag April 21 2020 15: 06 New
    This bank is not of our country, and it does not support the interests of my country. For their concessions, they will rip off three skins in priests, and our government will clap their hands and tell how all is well ...
  27. KSVK
    KSVK April 21 2020 15: 49 New
    Quote: depressant
    Is that the trade in alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

    You forgot more weapons and prostitution. :)
    1. depressant
      depressant April 21 2020 23: 25 New
      Forgot, KSVK, forgot! I forgot about the arms trade. And I myself dream of a Beretta. So you want her back from the past. By stupidity, she lost it. But I had to get used to it at one time - a heavy gun for one hand. Two - I do not recognize.
  28. evgen1221
    evgen1221 April 21 2020 16: 50 New
    I have long had suspicions that all of these (Gaydarovsky’s nestlings), and other graduates of economists from Yale and other HSE and Harvards are taught according to programs deliberately distorted in critical places (so to speak, the course of the native people. Because the actions of our (graduates) and their fundamentally differ in the same situations and problems. Moreover, all these graduates are absolutely confident in their actions and all their excuses, if something goes wrong, are reduced to a phrase in the main, we were taught that way.
    1. Campanella
      Campanella April 22 2020 08: 55 New
      Do not confuse their declarative statements with confidence.
      We simply do not know their true goals. They are hired workers
      And I think that if they sit in their places, then they fully meet the needs of the employer.
      And the fact that the Russian people are not their employer is obvious for a long time!
      1. evgen1221
        evgen1221 April 22 2020 09: 23 New
        This is also there, here the system worked out with a 90-hapok called, Take it to the maximum, hide and woo on time. And she is cultivated from the top to the last janitor. As a result, we built built and built nothing. And the original fact of distorted educational programs for conducting business for the countries of the USSR has not been canceled. Think about it, at Harvard, they hammered that Russians have been evil for years, he himself developed programs on how to defeat these barbarians, and then these Russians come to him with a request to teach them? And what will this John do if he hasn’t been in this USSR nirazu and I know all of him, I am the product of his propaganda? IMHO the answer is obvious. Plus, the centralization and strict submission of their party line officials is unforgettable, so it turns out that the educational programs had to be distorted, and then the local aboriginal improvisation- (like on some islands airplanes and radars from straw began to build kakda, the Americans closed their base there ). So ... impenetrable ahead.
        1. Campanella
          Campanella April 22 2020 09: 36 New
          It is "transparent", of course, but not for the Putinites.
          These stubborn followers of the golden calf lead the country to a new revolution.
          1. evgen1221
            evgen1221 April 22 2020 10: 23 New
            At the pace of idiotic statements and decisions like the last month and a half, then yes, the revolution will not wait long.
            1. Campanella
              Campanella April 22 2020 16: 04 New
              Everyone makes mistakes of course, but not everyone can fix them. Power, in my opinion, is a hostage to its highly corporate team, they came together, they will leave together.
              Their inglorious future and unkind memory of the people. One word greedy ghouls.
  29. for
    for April 21 2020 17: 58 New
    this really “iron lady” that Margaret Thatcher could envy,

    For the people.
  30. Thomas the Unbelieving
    Thomas the Unbelieving April 21 2020 20: 10 New
    An organization called the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is not really a bank, much less a Russian one. This is an organization that has the authority to form the country's money supply, manage the banking system, financial institutions and markets, insurance organizations, and pension funds. This is a supranational organization, under the Constitution, standing above any authority: from the president and the government to the board of the joint-stock company. Moreover, she herself establishes the laws of credit and financial activity, she conducts the investigation herself, she judges and enforces the sentences. Her main fault is that she fulfills the will of foreign capital, turning the country into a backward colony. Foreign capital is buying up our enterprises on a cheap basis, while competitive capital is being destroyed. According to banking statistics, and this is accurate (with the exception of direct theft) statistics, the following can be seen. In 1995-2018, foreign capital in our country bought enterprises worth $ 645 billion. During the same time, he brought out profits worth $ 620 billion. In order to receive such income in his “West”, he would have to invest 20-30 times more money. In addition, our government even uses the proceeds it receives to lend to foreign governments and firms. Look at the balance of our Central Bank - 77,7% of its loans are invested in foreign assets. For example, on 1.01.2020, the Central Bank issued loans to non-residents for 27113,25 billion rubles. Including from the funds of the Russian state budget for 12082,91 billion rubles .. This is not a crime: to collect crumbs from the population’s table and directly working in the domestic business market? Since the 90s, Russian banks have constantly complained that the Central Bank does not fulfill obligations to refinance their activities, which is common for all central banks and prescribed by law. At the beginning of 2020, according to the same Central Bank, he kept in his accounts 6207,266 billion rubles owned by credit institutions. Loans to credit organizations amounted to 6194,091 billion rubles. Now the Central Bank is conducting a wild operation, which will prevent Russia's exit from the economic crisis. This operation repeats the affairs of the early 90s: the looting and removal of Russian gold at the disposal of the Anglo-Saxons. The government, by stupidity, is preparing to allow the sale of gold not only to banks, but also to companies. The process of realizing the seizure of gold mining by foreign capital in the 90s begins. He just does not understand that the reserves of precious metals, non-ferrous metals, and uranium ores cannot be trusted to private individuals. In the USSR, all data on non-ferrous metallurgy were for three seeds. And now they have masters over the seas and oceans. The trash that seized the country's strategically important resources - precious and non-ferrous metals, felt that it smelled fried, people howled. Therefore, as in the 90s, they are preparing themselves a base for life after the escape. Economically and politically, the export of gold from the country cannot be explained otherwise.
  31. peter rusin_2
    peter rusin_2 April 21 2020 20: 19 New
    Well, genius commentators from virology and financiers-- there is nothing to sparkle with sarcasm, tensed and wrote that program - how to defeat coronavirus in three days and return the oil industry to the stall? Whoever writes is clever, the rest are scavengers and dirty tricks!
    1. depressant
      depressant April 22 2020 12: 04 New
      Colleague, Petr_rusin 2, do not get excited))
      You somewhat misunderstand the task of the forum. And it consists in conveying to the government the degree of our dissatisfaction with his policies, our concern and even despair. And the higher this degree, the faster the government should act to reduce the passions. To do this, he just has professionals who are able to quickly find the right solution. And this is not the National Guard, the police or the FSB))
      And if you sing the praises of Putin, compose his odes and pray like a god, then each subsequent decision by the authorities will be worse than the previous one.
  32. Cossack 471
    Cossack 471 April 21 2020 20: 34 New
    There are time-tested laws for overcoming the crisis. But they are not a decree to Sakhipzadovna. And why be surprised? Golikova - accountant optimized healthcare. and now the chairman of the epidemic commission
  33. itis
    itis April 21 2020 20: 44 New
    Lord finally, after decades of Leni Golubkov’s, another stupid shoot of e-conomists has grown
  34. itis
    itis April 21 2020 20: 51 New
    Tatar makes everything right (not for me, for reputants of her own). And the situation will continue until the contract written between the seller and the buyer for the real product can be resold by the buyer to another blockhead, without notice to the seller (settlement futures). Moreover is our Elvira here? don’t swear, she’s done well, without be.
  35. Uruguay
    Uruguay April 21 2020 21: 16 New
    I don’t have anything, I have no loans ..And the rest will have to take more loans to kill the former .. And so endlessly!
  36. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 21 2020 21: 24 New
    This lady looks after the interests of the IMF, not Russia ... for her, Russia is "this" country ...
    1. Campanella
      Campanella April 22 2020 08: 51 New
      This lady does not observe, but vomits on Russia!
  37. Arthur 85
    Arthur 85 April 21 2020 23: 00 New
    But I’m wondering: if rates continue to decrease, then what kind of fool will carry his money to the bank? For 2% per annum? At the risk of never seeing my money or the bank? And if banks just take money from the Central Bank, and with a mark-up they credit the purchase of iPhones with all sorts of beauty bloggers, then why are they needed at all? Let the Central Bank through its branches lend to factories, and the rest will be interrupted.
    1. Campanella
      Campanella April 22 2020 08: 48 New
      This speaks only of one thing, in the current state of Russia we are in zugzwang! There is no gloating, but Putin is firmly stuck!
  38. The comment was deleted.
  39. Dmitriyag
    Dmitriyag April 22 2020 01: 31 New
    "Depressant", I like to read your com-s. The only weapon I have is a tube that shoots millet. I try to stay away from the pieces of iron, and I'm tired of it all my life.
  40. Military77
    Military77 April 22 2020 07: 53 New
    If the IMF praises the leaders of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, then they certainly are doing everything wrong!
  41. Campanella
    Campanella April 22 2020 08: 46 New
    Futures futures ...
    The global financial foam that created "modern financial instruments" and sucks profits out of thin air will bring the world to a zugunder, namely to local crises that can completely destroy the world economy and politics.
    The scheme is very reminiscent of our domestic corporate management canoe, called the state of Russia.
    Our political scientists are saying that Ukraine is not a state ... But is Russia a state?
    And upon careful examination, it turns out that no. This is a quasi education impersonating him.
    And the crisis is just a litmus test. The West says that they will pay extra for oil?
    Is it a market economy? Is it profitability, is it life at whose expense?
    Gref said that we cannot afford to provide direct assistance to the people, because we do not issue currency! Does this mean that the impoverished Russia feeds the West and Putin at the same time builds himself the father of the nation?
    People, what's going on in the country?
    How did we allow this feast on our bones?
    In this regard, I want to note that as soon as we vote for Putin's amendments, everything will fall into place))))
    Isn’t it funny?
  42. Campanella
    Campanella April 22 2020 09: 15 New
    I would like to wish everyone a happy birthday to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin!
    All health, good luck, wisdom and creative growth!
  43. gridasov
    gridasov April 22 2020 15: 10 New
    The financial crisis of 2010 in America clearly showed the problem of not the financial institutions themselves and their actions, but the problem of modeling the financial processes that led to the so-called crisis. Therefore, we can clearly state the weakness of business schools in Russia. And at the heart of the lack of mathematical models.
  44. Campanella
    Campanella April 22 2020 16: 25 New
    Some kind of Vampire, not the head of the Central Bank.
  45. Comrade Kim
    Comrade Kim April 22 2020 19: 59 New
    The head of the Central Bank sneezed at the Constitution!
    Even the one we have now.
    Article 75, part 2.
    It reads:
    "2. Protection and ensuring the stability of the ruble - the main function of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which it performs independently of other government bodies. "
    Bloody Elvira rapes the ruble as she climbs into her head.

    She took care of the little crocodiles from MFIs, defended their interests.
    She cut the banking system for a living, cleaned up together with the "left" banks and competitors of its minions.
  46. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter April 22 2020 20: 02 New
    "The central bank was ordered to back down. What will the minimum rate give us?"
    For me, as an ordinary citizen, nothing at all.
    Sure, the drop in oil to a value of-0. It can only lead to higher prices for gasoline and diesel fuel in our charitable country. hi
    1. Petrol cutter
      Petrol cutter April 22 2020 20: 43 New
      By the way, judging by the photo and actions of Comrade Nabiullina, she is visiting the question. But is this comrade to us comrade ?!
      And if she is our friend, then when will she begin to engage in activities aimed at the development of our state at last?
      I do not need common phrases. I need the number of purchased and installed high-precision machine tools / welding machines, assembly lines (ideally by enterprises, and how they are mastered by the staff) in the same Japan, the same Korea, and the same fascists / americos.
  47. Diviz
    Diviz April 22 2020 20: 38 New
    Trump comes to Russia.
    Here Siberia is now yours.
    why are you black
    - and I'm west of Siberia from Africa.
  48. Chaldon48
    Chaldon48 April 22 2020 22: 56 New
    I do not understand what prevents the nationalization of the Central Bank.
  49. Vdi73
    Vdi73 April 23 2020 05: 25 New
    Such a clever man, a statesman like E.M. Primakov, was categorically against this beast. But Zadornov, too, at one time aptly noticed Naibulin.
  50. Alexander Kashin
    Alexander Kashin April 23 2020 07: 14 New
    Quote: DMB 75
    I won’t be surprised if she also has a passport in storage. Here, these gentlemen with dual citizenship are not going to live here, and in fact they don’t live anymore, they are raiding. Show me one more state where people with dual citizenship serve in government agencies. And it’s not funny for us to ruin and tear our Motherland. And this must be stopped in the most decisive way.

    And it would not hurt to check her personal accounts, and the accounts of all her relatives in foreign banks.