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The Governor of the Pskov region declares the need to postpone the spring call


The Pskov Governor Mikhail Vedernikov became the first head of the region in Russia to propose the postponement of the spring draft in the Armed Forces due to coronavirus. He believes that mass testing of draftees for COVID-19 at the very peak of the pandemic will create an excessive burden on the region’s healthcare system. The governor believes that the spring call simply paralyzes the medicine.

Mikhail Vedernikov expressed this idea at a joint meeting with the draft board of the region last Friday.

The governor sent his proposal to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. His position is shared by Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Northwestern Federal District Alexander Gutsan.

The country's defense department previously rescheduled the appeal to May 20, but Vedernikov considers such a delay not sufficient, as this will create an excessive burden on medical facilities. Although approximately 900 people should be drafted into the army from the Pskov Region, 3,5 thousand young people will have to come to the military enlistment offices, some of which will receive a deferment. And all of them will need to do tests on COVID-19. Vedernikov believes that this paralyzes the work of doctors:

At the expected peak of the spread of infection, we paralyze the laboratory, we can’t work with a risk group - only for testing draftees. It is unacceptable.

The governor added that if the Ministry of Defense is in urgent need of replenishment, the region will hold a call. But if it is possible to postpone it for at least a month, this will enable the region to better prepare.

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  1. sanik2020
    sanik2020 April 20 2020 10: 04
    He believes that mass testing of draftees for COVID-19 at the very peak of the pandemic will create an excessive burden on the regional healthcare system.

    And in the fall, checking two appeals at once will not create a burden on the healthcare system and where will the army then put immediately double the number of conscripts?
  2. Thrifty
    Thrifty April 20 2020 10: 05
    And what prevents conscripts at transit points from being immediately quarantined for the same 2 weeks? The governor suggested that the army is not 100 percent
    contract soldiers, conscripts are needed today, but the breakdown of the draft is an article! So after all, under the pretext of an epidemic, any business can simply be failed.
    1. novel66
      novel66 April 20 2020 10: 12
      in fact, KMB is quarantined
      1. Thrifty
        Thrifty April 20 2020 10: 18
        Roman 66, I’m in the know! But, I propose to do as a civilian, put in a cockpit not 10 people, say, but half. It’s not to judge by beds, but, if possible, to place draftees in quarantine on a slightly larger area, so that isolation takes place without patients.
        1. novel66
          novel66 April 20 2020 10: 20
          in general, it seems to me that the army is more prepared to fight the virus, if that
          1. polar fox
            polar fox April 20 2020 16: 01
            Quote: novel xnumx
            in general, it seems to me that the army is more prepared to fight the virus, if that

            I agree! 89 1300 fighters in the city of Hero Belgorod in the literal sense didn’t get off the pots ... dysentery ... they took them to field camps, it resolved itself)))
        2. Doccor18
          Doccor18 April 20 2020 11: 33
          Have you ever been to a regional transit point?
          Kursky Station ... From such crowding, even around the corner, Beijing blushes. Which cubes, which 2-3-5 places. This is not a sanatorium named after the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions. One infected person will seed 100 people, and these hundred in the echelons will seed the rest.
          Quarantine for all is quarantine. We, thank God, are not war.
    2. Piramidon
      Piramidon April 20 2020 13: 09
      Quote: Thrifty
      And what prevents conscripts at transit points from being immediately quarantined

      The devil only knows how best. Or let everyone at home sit and cook "in their own juice," or collect all viruses from the region in transit points? request Here it is necessary for the Ministry of Health to think, and not the Ministry of Defense.
  3. Fedorov
    Fedorov April 20 2020 10: 09
    As for me, this is a stupid decision. Okay, the parade was rescheduled, but the call is impossible. soldier Doctors in uniform why?
    1. Reserve officer
      Reserve officer April 20 2020 11: 22
      Do governors meddle in issues of federal competence?
      In Moscow and the Moscow region, all judges and law enforcement officers were required to provide their personal data on public websites (which, in fact, is classified information), in Pskov a new commander-in-chief appeared - does he manage the appeal?
      And then what? Separate army of the Pskov region?
      What kind of circus?
      1. Beringovsky
        Beringovsky April 20 2020 11: 34
        Correctly done, the judge is a public person.
        You judge people - it should be in full view.
        1. Reserve officer
          Reserve officer April 20 2020 20: 28
          Alexei, this will not be openness, but populism. Type of appeals to judge villains not by law, but by justice.
          Any non-procedural contacts with a judge are punishable by law. You cannot find the judge's address anywhere. You just do not quite clearly understand who the judge is. Look at your leisure the law of the Russian Federation "On the status of judges in the Russian Federation" dated 26.06.1992 N 3132-1.
          The same protection applies to many representatives of federal power structures. Therefore, the requirement to fill out some personal cards with personal data there and transferring this data to city officials is a real crime. This initiative also comes back to Sobyanin and Vorobyov.
          1. Beringovsky
            Beringovsky April 20 2020 22: 31
            You wrote like populism is something bad. By the way, I looked at the definition of populism in different languages, although in general I knew that I would see. So, of course there are differences, but populism carries a negative connotation only in the Russian version.
            Is it because we have power and people are increasingly diverging and stop hearing each other? So we get to the barricades, do not hesitate.
            Yes, it is necessary to judge by law, but what is the law that is not based on justice? After all, is it not the periodic table that underlies the law and the multiplication table? So judging by law means judging by justice.
            And as for the protection of an increasing number of civil servants, how did we come to a life such that the "defenders" themselves need to be protected from society, which they are supposed to protect? This is absurd.
            1. Reserve officer
              Reserve officer April 21 2020 00: 00
              And you did not read the law on the status of judges, most likely.
              Understand, judges have never been public figures. They are not ballerinas, not politicians and not journalists. And they were never defenders either. They pass sentences on specific crimes, punish or acquit.
              And they do not protect them from society, but from the pressure and threats of persons interested in making, to put it mildly, strange sentences and decisions.
              I know what I'm talking about. My father is an honorary federal judge, retired, of course. It will be 85 years old this year. So, when in the 70s we lived in the Magadan region, one of the secretaries of the district court reported the home address of my father to the Ingush, against whom a criminal case was initiated on the theft of gold in the mines. Their "king" came (who worked as a loader at the Sokol airport), began to threaten that he would kill my brother and me (we are 9 and 5 years old) if the father did not acquit the suspects. In response, the father said:
              - Do you see Kalashnikov in my safe?
              - Well, I see.
              - So, in the store there are 30 rounds, 29 Ingushs will fall, if anything happens to the children. And I will not give a damn about myself.
              - What about only 29? Will you miss one time?
              “No, for the sake of fidelity, I will put two bullets into your belly.”
              The verdict was passed. The Ingush sat down. Nobody touched my brother and me.
              Now imagine what it cost the father to remain faithful to his duty. Not everyone would do that. Then there was an official investigation - the court secretary was calculated.
              So the protection of the personal data of judges is not a whim, but a necessity, a guarantee of fair sentences.
              Now, of course, the judges are not the same, there is no Soviet school. But the principles remained the same.
              And all the same with respect to representatives of federal power structures.
              I clearly explained?
              1. Beringovsky
                Beringovsky April 21 2020 11: 01
                Of course, of course. By the way, I also lived and worked in those parts.
                I think that you also did not understand me. I believe that judges should be protected from such pressure unconditionally and as much as possible otherwise there will be no justice in principle.
                But protection methods must be different. And to secret addresses is useless, all this is easy to find out if you wish. And in small and medium-sized cities, and so everyone knows who lives where. What can be classified there?
                I meant that the judiciary should not be a corporation isolated from society. Otherwise, it will become an instrument in the hands of a separate narrow group, and will work in its interests, and not in favor of the whole society.
                Actually, this is what we are seeing now, isn't it? Respect for the judiciary in society at the level of the plinth, the expression "corrupt judging" has become common and even to some extent a priori. Once a Judge, it means corrupt. This is where we got to.
                Do you propose to continue to close your eyes to this and pretend that everything is in order?
                1. Reserve officer
                  Reserve officer April 21 2020 22: 45
                  Alexey, you evaluate the judiciary based on journalistic materials. Have you yourself ever been in a process, participated in a court hearing, were you a plaintiff or a defendant? Believe me, all hysterical assessments and allegations of corruption must be divided by at least 10. Corruption exists in this environment as well, but, believe me, the scale is not the kind that TV and the Internet are cracking about.
                  The bad thing is that the minds of society are ruled by journalists. They impose their point of view. Paid by someone. But if you personally ever come across the work of the courts, then make up your own opinion.
                  And further. There is a special status law. And if the mayor violates it with his ill-conceived decrees, it is very sad. And he will certainly backfire. It's just that there will be more compromising evidence regarding the mayor, which is why he is now allowed to declare a certain "holiday of disobedience" from the federal government.
      2. Bshkaus
        Bshkaus April 20 2020 15: 47
        And then what? Separate army of the Pskov region?
        What kind of circus?

        Not a circus, but a potential scenario for the development of the situation in a negative way.
        Whoever says what, but our central government is now "shying away" from side to side, reacting to the situation with the coronavirus, and not playing ahead of the curve in 2-3 steps.
        Naturally, against this background, the regions seize the initiative and openly sabotage the incompetent decisions of the center, and the decision to declare a call instead of extending the service life of those already called up on special conditions and special conditions (in closed parts with cancellation of leave and leave, in t. including officers leaving the unit in exchange for certain social, financial and career bonuses in the future), we collect a good hundred thousand potential peddlers.
        And no need to talk about "quarantine", will you keep them in quarantine each in a separate room / hotel room, or how many people are in one room? These are all unreasonable risks.
        Chechnya has openly sent the Russian Federation to all four sides, closing the border, now the Pskov region is ignoring the orders of the center.
        Somehow, "the only worthy candidate for a presidential term" does not cope with his direct responsibilities where it is really necessary to show those very leadership and strong-willed qualities and lead 140ml of people.
        I mean, the combination of several negative factors in the form of oil prices, unemployment, incompetent actions of the authorities and the like that cover us can lead to such a circus that we all will not laugh, and pour crocodile tears, which is personally I really would not want ((((
    2. a.hamster55
      a.hamster55 April 20 2020 13: 07
      Valery! You about whose doctors in uniform wrote? There are only 5 doctors in uniform in the hospital, the remaining women are before retirement and retirement age. Or are you hoping for an accelerated release of non-medics this year?
    3. Piramidon
      Piramidon April 20 2020 13: 11
      Quote: Fedorov
      Doctors in uniform why?

      Doctors, and not only in uniform, do not really know anything about this virus yet. Some assumptions
  4. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins April 20 2020 10: 18
    I think the refuseniks, pacifists and other gays will support him together!
    1. cost
      cost April 20 2020 10: 30
      What the hell? Sound comments and some cons.
      Did the minus signers come out of self-isolation? They haven't been here for a long time. Usually in "history" they hang out
      1. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins April 20 2020 10: 47
        Judging by the fact that almost nothing was removed from me - the petty little mischief mucks. At the same time, you can count gays on the site.
      2. knn54
        knn54 April 20 2020 10: 47
        Dmitry, let it be better "Minuses" put. Than knocking on neighbors (as in France). Each relieves stress in his own way.
        1. The leader of the Redskins
          The leader of the Redskins April 20 2020 11: 00
          Better to go around the corner and "distort the shutter"! Both stress and tension will relieve!
        2. cost
          cost April 20 2020 11: 14
          Nicholas hi
          And minus and knocking on neighbors, as a rule, people of the same warehouse - a sort of "silent anonymous patriots." They, like bedbugs, do not like to crawl out into the light of day, they prefer to act out of slyyes
          1. mole
            mole April 20 2020 11: 28
            I also did not understand why the cons. Corrected as he could.
            It's not about them.
            Defense should not be reduced. Important industries continue to operate.
            Most likely the Governor is too lazy to turn on his brains, so a decision arose to "optimize" the draft. It is necessary to make you work, to make a maneuver with forces and means. For this, the mind must be and the desire to have. It's easier to say "But we can't."
            1. a.hamster55
              a.hamster55 April 20 2020 13: 26
              Leonid! This is what maneuver maneuver should a man make? Enlighten us dark. You will sponsor the maneuver.
              1. mole
                mole April 20 2020 14: 23
                The state sponsors. It has been said: we have allocated funds to the regions, given powers. The result depends on the region, everywhere the picture is different. Or should all the "brainless" regions sit out "under the skirt"?
                What was at the beginning, and for which he criticized, is now more or less straightened out by the Federal Center, it’s up to the local leaders.
                1. mole
                  mole April 20 2020 19: 14
                  Aw, where are you, the leaders in the field, or is the topic exhausted?
              2. mole
                mole April 20 2020 19: 40
                Waiting for an answer, but did not wait. You calling me by name, thought to besiege?
                1. a.hamster55
                  a.hamster55 April 20 2020 20: 39
                  I didn’t know that you should not be called by name. If I offended, I apologize. So what do you propose to do with conscription in the Pskov region. Only without slogans.
  5. Alexga
    Alexga April 20 2020 10: 35
    Sound reasoning! Who doesn't like that? Explain what the cons?
    1. mole
      mole April 20 2020 11: 30
      I dare to suggest from the Governor laughing
      1. a.hamster55
        a.hamster55 April 20 2020 13: 46
        I dare to assume that the Pskov region. one of the poorest in all respects and where to go to the guber. Let's throw off and bring in tons of doctors from Chukotka, it’s kind of calmer there.
        1. mole
          mole April 20 2020 14: 28
          Make an application! If you can’t do it yourself. They will send. Then maybe they will remember. But they will solve the situation. Take it in your own hands.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. Alexander S.
    Alexander S. April 20 2020 10: 45
    Not ... how is it a sacred duty not to claim from people ... a debt is sacred. Any duty. And the army will fall apart without conscripts ... what are you ... the best, the strongest.
  8. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 20 2020 10: 50
    Governor of the Pskov region ...
    Despite the fact that the RF Ministry of Defense postponed the call, the governor decided according to the principle - it is better to perebzdit than not to be deceived. As I understand it, there is a fear of identifying new cases during testing at the recruiting office, which can "spoil" the governor's statistics, and ultimately be responsible for his negligence. So they are reinsured, but just in case they motivate with the possible overload of medicine.
    1. Beringovsky
      Beringovsky April 20 2020 11: 49
      And what exactly is the negligence of the Pskov governor?
      That he was supposed to close the border with Europe two months ago, so that the virus would not carry suitcases from the Courchevel?
      Or worry about the lack of production of medical masks?
      Or stop the flow of tourists?
      The governors throughout the country, however, like all our authorities, almost until the end of March were enthusiastically engaged in the business entrusted to them - pushing Putin for a new term.
      Not up to the virus they had.
      1. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 April 20 2020 11: 54
        And what exactly is the negligence of the Pskov governor?
        Can you bother to read the comment to the end?
        pushing Putin for a new term.
        You do not write nonsense though. GDP is still 4 years before the election and whether he will run for office is a big question.
        1. Beringovsky
          Beringovsky April 20 2020 12: 26
          Stupidity ?! Come on laughing
          And the circus, which we almost watched until the end of March, is it like that? From each iron flashed - amendments, amendments .... until they reached the main, Tereshkovsky zeroing. All media were engaged in this, all our power figures talked about this only.
          Virus? Which virus? Ah, well, it’s in China ... Europe ... the fact is that we have important things to do, we will reset the guarantor.
          Matvienka in early April betrayed in surprise - we do little masks! Wow, she only found out about it, not before that she was in February and March. Allowed to sew them all - and before it was impossible?
          The fears of the Pskov governor are understandable, the state and possibilities of medicine are awful. But is it his fault?
          Who carried out the "optimization", weren't Putin's appointees?
        2. mole
          mole April 20 2020 19: 32
          Any guber or not guber, remember the alarmist mood! After going through a pandemic. The official of course.
          All alarmist moods, cowardice will be returned with maximum speed to the recipients.
          In the meantime, we believe in victory, do not look at PR!
      2. AU Ivanov.
        AU Ivanov. April 20 2020 12: 08
        The governor in our competence to close the border? On occasion, the governor cannot declare war?
        1. Beringovsky
          Beringovsky April 20 2020 12: 43
          Putin is "in charge." And EP, as the ruling party.
          But they did not. Can you recall some of their movements in the direction of preparing for the epidemic? Well, there are statements, events, etc. etc. almost until the end of March?
          No, do not remember, because they were not. They woke up at the end of March - oh, the virus is already here! How so?! belay
          All of them were engaged in pushing Putin for a new term and they had no time to think about anything else.
          1. AU Ivanov.
            AU Ivanov. April 20 2020 14: 00
            Which country's head adequately responded to the spread of the virus? Trump? Johnson? Merkel?
            1. Beringovsky
              Beringovsky April 20 2020 14: 17
              Yeah. You Zaputintsev all of the above fools and moron. And Johnson is also a clown, moreover.
              Do you compare our guarantor with them? For the record.
              1. AU Ivanov.
                AU Ivanov. April 20 2020 14: 24
                Is Trump stupid? A billionaire cannot be the default fool. There is a good saying, "If you are so smart, why are you so poor?" Not a single country, not a single leader has been able to adequately respond to the pandemic, and we are no exception. The exception is Turkmenistan, where the coronavirus was banned by law. And the DPRK, where the incidence was classified.
  9. faterdom
    faterdom April 20 2020 11: 09
    Huber knows better in place. Moreover, they were entrusted with this business, there was a demand from them - they were given cards to them.
    The good news is that the governors are getting rid of loyal cowardice, and begin to think with their head - this is the path to recovery from the epidemic and the incapacity of the authorities.
    And at the top - they themselves do not want to take decisive measures, with a delay, at least under the pressure of circumstances, but not ahead of the curve ... Only PR, only "continuity" - the rest is just an application ...
    I will not be surprised if he is now pulled sharply and rudely, and then in the end they will do so on a national scale.
    And it is high time for some people to recover from infallibility and "uniqueness". This is disastrous, I hope it is already clear there.
  10. Doccor18
    Doccor18 April 20 2020 11: 28
    It is a reasonable decision.
    A month will not change anything, neither for conscripts, nor for those who have served.
    A delay will help preserve the health of thousands of people.
  11. iouris
    iouris April 20 2020 11: 31
    You can understand him: the governor does not have a health system. No. Unpublished part of the statement: he states the need for demobilization to postpone the demobilization.
    1. Doccor18
      Doccor18 April 20 2020 12: 05
      I recalled the case to me. Leave time, deputy. com the ship collects the crew and says. Trekking in 5 days. The train with replenishment is not in time by this time. 27 people should leave the ship. I have no right to detain you, but I ask you to come again.
      Without you, we can handle it, but it will be very difficult for us. 2 people refused. The remaining 25 people went on their last trip. I lasted 39 days longer. Then the truth was a contract. Well, that’s not the point.
      When necessary, when people will normally be explained what is necessary, people will do much more than orders, charters, and so on require. A month does not change anything. Health and life are priceless.
      1. mole
        mole April 20 2020 14: 35
        That's it, when they explain it in the normal way, then hunting works. When the guidemaster expresses himself as a doctor of sciences, then the answer flies to him as well. Say normal: I must. Then we will evaluate.
        But why hands the driver to the level of the plebs?
        Unfortunately, few managers!
      2. iouris
        iouris April 20 2020 23: 45
        Do you propose to send everyone on a campaign of ships?
        1. Doccor18
          Doccor18 April 21 2020 07: 50
          I suggest not to panic because of 30 days.
          1. Kuzmitsky
            April 21 2020 16: 42
            That's right, 30 days is not a disaster.

            UN peacekeeping contingents halted rotations. No one is sent to duty stations, and no one is taken from there. Some shift workers in Russia were extended their shift from 30 days to 45. Everyone is looking for a solution to reduce the risk of infection with minimal damage to the case.

            So the demobilization can be explained that it is necessary to linger a little while the wave passes. I think most will understand.

            Well, if the army cannot do without transferring the draft, then it will be necessary to carry out the draft, trying to minimize the risk of infection and the burden on doctors.
  12. Threaded screw
    Threaded screw April 20 2020 12: 06
    The Governor of the Pskov region declares the need to postpone the spring call
    So he gave a blunder.
  13. georggy
    georggy April 21 2020 14: 52
    This is the essence of quarantine.
    Sat down and weighed legs ....