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10 years of “Military Review”: how we traveled along this path together


Dear and esteemed our readers! Military Review is sharing with you news of its anniversary date. Today, our information and analytical portal is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Of course, this is not the age that can be compared with the age of the "bison" of domestic journalism, the media. But if we talk about considering the period of the new Russia, then we think that we can afford to call it an anniversary. In the context of the current speed of development of events in the country and the world, 10 years for the Internet portal is a noticeable period.

And indeed, whatever events we have experienced during this time, dear readers. Born during the period of stabilization after the economic crisis of 2008–2009, Military Review was growing into an audience for which the country's very fate was and remains by no means an empty phrase.

The military theme of our resource was decisive. However, the well-known thesis that the people and the army are united, in the end showed the following: it is impossible, and it’s wrong to talk about the army and navywithout affecting those inextricably linked with the defense and security of our country. And this is the social security of servicemen and members of their families, these are the ups and downs in the economy that are literally affecting each of us, these are geopolitical processes that build their “landscapes”, which by definition cannot be ignored.

Over the years, has gathered a group of regular readers. These people are with us, and we, together with these people, as they say, in grief and in joy.

We discussed military-technical topics together, breaking spears on how to change tracked tracks more efficiently and faster for tanks and infantry fighting vehicles in military field conditions. We have argued and continue to argue over whether the Russian Navy needs aircraft carriers and helicopter carriers. We tried to determine the question of what caliber of the T-14 "Armata" tank gun may be suitable for modern combat, while being in the mode of putting the T-14 tank itself into service with the RF Armed Forces. Together with you we have seen and experienced the difficult process of reforming the army and navy. We experienced positive emotions from the achievements of domestic engineers, designers, gunsmiths, who created the latest types of weapons, including combat laser and hypersonic ones. We empathized with the relatives of the victims of terrorist acts. We watched the Russian Aerospace Forces inflict crushing defeats on militant militant groups in Syria. Together we felt a sense of grief from losses: Oleg Peshkov, Sasha Prokhorenko, Magomed Nurbagandov, Ryafagat Khabibullin, Roman Filipov, and our other heroic guys.

Together we discuss criticism, which is sometimes directed at us. The quintessence of such criticism is “VO” is not that ... ”And“ Military Review ”agrees with this. Yes, “VO” is not that ... like “not that” for ten years and each of us. Just as nothing can remain at one point in this mortal world, as they say, so our portal cannot be bronzed and unchanged. “VO” follows the path of life, making mistakes somewhere, stumbling somewhere, and making progress somewhere. Just because we consider our magazine alive, and therefore changing, like all living things. Only those who perceive themselves to be perfect do not change. “VO” never perceived itself as ideal, and is not going to perceive it. This is our simple credo: to change without changing the principles of life. It is simply a credo that we never depended on any parties, political and business projects, never “sang along” with the oligarchs, but conducted our information policy. And the purpose of this information policy was one thing - to tell the truth about what is happening in the country and the world, to raise the themes of patriotism, and not in that superseded version, when they try to consider patriotism not love for the Motherland, but anything that is presented as a feeling, but that which is the desire to see your country in prosperity, security, justice, love. Military Review knows what real patriotism is and firmly stands in its position.

We thank again and again our readers who remain with us, who have responded to our call to support VO in the context of the pandemic crisis. Recall that the main income of Military Review is advertising placed on the site. With a decrease in economic activity in the country and the world, against the backdrop of well-known problems, the advertising placement activity and its profitability have also fallen. That is why we turned to you, our readers, with a call for material support. Many of you have already responded, for which - many thanks. This mite on our part will not remain forgotten.

"Military Review" together with the whole country will overcome the problems. Such is life - there are problems for that, so that they can be overcome by their joint efforts.

Our regular readers will remember about those projects, innovations and changes that “VO” introduced, including as experiments. This is a reflection of ratings with ranks on shoulder straps, these are the so-called "year old"Showing how long the user on our site is among the registered.

We, having implemented the function minuses for copyright articles, we decided at one time to get away from this. The departure was due to the fact that a faceless minus to the material would not allow the reader to know the opinion of why he did not like the article. To express their emotions, not going beyond the bounds of decency and law, the comment mode was and remains open on the site. By the way, not all modern information resources retain this function, because only its support requires a team of moderators who have to work with thousands of comments per day (at the moment you have written more 10 million comments) This is a huge amount of work, which in itself is often criticized by commenters, but without which the comments themselves would long ago become a platform not for discussing the topic, but for clarifying the relationship. Readers know that this kind of contention and disrespect for the interlocutor must be suppressed by deleting comments and “yellow” (and sometimes “red”) “cards” for commentators. Without moderating comments, the site would become an expanse for bots and trolls, which, admittedly, are enough now, but which are still systematically detected and displayed first in clean water, and then “behind the ear” - and from the site.

We introduced a "nomination" for title of best commentator according to the results of a certain period of time. Some time ago, we decided to abandon the demonstration of the flags of the countries from which they write comments. The reason is that sometimes the flag of a foreign country itself sometimes provokes some readers to want to create a scandal in the comments that cannot be attributed to the topic under discussion, or because many people come from the so-called anonymizers that “stick” virtually any flag and in any case not giving any "geographical" information.

We have repeatedly introduced design updatecreating night theme, change of wallpaper, general design. We ran an option subscriptions on VO, providing subscribers with analytics and a number of other materials in an exclusive version. At one time, this version of popularity did not gain, but our team is working on its new edition, which, we hope, will appeal to many readers.

How the design of Military Review has changed since 2010:


We opened new projects that live and develop in parallel with VO. In 2011, we launched the first military-themed aggregator “Military materials", in 2013 "Political review". Next 2015, the launch of the aggregator for economics and finance "Economic Review". Two years ago, in 2018, we launched a new project - “Reporter". Many of our readers are active users of these information resources.

In 2019, authoritative British-Israeli project SimilarWeb, Military Review was recognized the most visited Internet resource in the world among military-related websites. We managed to bypass this indicator by large resources from a number of countries, including the USA, China, Vietnam, Brazil and others.

10 years of “Military Review”: how we traveled along this path together

This, frankly, came as a surprise to our team. We will make efforts to adhere to this high bar.

Dear and esteemed our readers! We hope that our work, our joint discussion of the country's life, current events in the world, leave a response in your soul. On the day of the 10th anniversary, we thank you again and again for your active life position, for the constructive criticism that you sometimes express in our address, for your support, for your lively and emotional reaction. Thanks friends!

The 10th anniversary of “VO” is our common holiday with you!
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  1. Rostovchanin
    Rostovchanin April 20 2020 03: 12 New
    Long summers to your favorite site good
    1. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 April 20 2020 04: 24 New
      My congratulations and long life in! hi
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana April 20 2020 05: 25 New
        Great site!
        An excellent creative team of the creators of the site "VO" and its workers!
        Our sincere congratulations on your anniversary! love
        I wish you success in your work and creative longevity! drinks

        1. Uncle lee
          Uncle lee April 20 2020 08: 04 New
          Happy anniversary ! And creative longevity!drinks
          1. ancient
            ancient April 20 2020 11: 26 New
            Quote: Uncle Lee
            Happy anniversary ! And creative longevity!

            I fully support ABCEX and Congratulations on your ANNIVERSARY! drinks
            But there is a question to the Administration of "VO" - Is the amnesty for the anniversary not provided "? wink
            And then I look .. all of them - white, fluffy and ... "zeroed" fellow , I alone .. as "with .." dotted with fleas ... "live"? wassat
            1. Blacksmith 55
              Blacksmith 55 April 20 2020 11: 34 New
              Happy Anniversary.
              If VO was not there, then it would have to be created.
              Success in the next 10 years.
              1. Reserve officer
                Reserve officer April 21 2020 00: 25 New
                VO is a unique site. Not only with their materials, but also with their audience.
                There are a lot of us and we are all different. By age, by education, by education, by belief and life experience. And very often there are disputes on the verge. But here is what is valuable - people generally do not cross this line. The site has respect for each other. And respect for the authors of the site.
                Happy anniversary, IN!
        2. Olgovich
          Olgovich April 20 2020 09: 54 New
          raise topics patriotism, and not in that superseded version, when they try to consider patriotism not love for the Motherland, but anything, which is presented as a feeling, but that is a desire to see your country in prosperity, security, justice, love. Military Review knows what true patriotism is, and firmly in position.

          Golden words! hi

          Everyone gathered here, regardless of views, I think. are our patriots the best country in the world, Russia and everyone's desire - " see your country in prosperity, security, justice, love. ". yes

          which unites CITIZENS IN.

          there are many sites. but attracts precisely-IN!

          Bravo to the staff of the Editorial Board and its authors-COULD! hi

          great themes, authors, great site tools. giving amazing opportunities for making comments good

          Congratulations !!

          At the same time, from myself and from, I think, many, I want ask for forgiveness from the Editorial Board for those some mistakes. incontinencethat sometimes arise in discussions and which they, on duty. have to read .... repeat

          It’s even scary to imagine how MUCH they had to read -10 million comments!

          And far away. Not everyone -masterpieces of the mind and graceful literature. belay request

          It is significant that the anniversary fell on the bright holiday of Easter. yes

          Happy Holiday!
          1. Reptiloid
            Reptiloid April 20 2020 17: 40 New
            From all my ears I congratulate all-all-all! fellow
            Many years of life and prosperity to the joy of everyone !! good
            But just recently it was 7 years old! ((Or 6 ???)) yes
  2. LeonidL
    LeonidL April 20 2020 03: 30 New
    Creative success, more materials of different, but honest, interesting, debatable, but not provocative!
    1. Ilya-spb
      Ilya-spb April 20 2020 12: 13 New
      Happy Birthday, dear editorial board of the Military Review!

      Health to you, huge creative success!

      Z.Y. And immediately drank (s).
  3. Mwg
    Mwg April 20 2020 03: 39 New
    Happy Birthday!
    1. AUL
      AUL April 20 2020 11: 49 New
      Congratulations to the site team and thanks for the great, complex and very necessary work! Happy anniversary to you! hi drinks good
      And all members of the forum - happy birthday site! fellow
  4. Revival
    Revival April 20 2020 03: 48 New
    I read every day!
    Thank you!
  5. Mart
    Mart April 20 2020 03: 55 New
    Happy birthday, VO! Live it. Let your heart beat!
    1. AsmyppoL
      AsmyppoL April 20 2020 04: 55 New
      Many thanks to those who work while we are still sleeping.
  6. Van 16
    Van 16 April 20 2020 04: 16 New
    Congratulations on your first round date! Success and long life!
    1. cost
      cost April 20 2020 07: 55 New
      I am joining. All involved in the work of the site on the anniversary. drinks
  7. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui April 20 2020 04: 23 New
    WITH CERVONYTS GOLD the site and its team ... for YOU and your further development drinks
  8. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket April 20 2020 04: 30 New
    Congratulations to the site team and readers on the anniversary! I agree with the author that time has accelerated, in other words, over the past 10 years, according to the sum of events, it draws on all 30 ...
  9. Borz
    Borz April 20 2020 04: 34 New
    Congratulations on the anniversary of the team and all members of the forum!
  10. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx April 20 2020 04: 41 New
    Congratulations on the holiday to everyone who knows about the "Military Review" firsthand.
    10 years is already a significant anniversary!
    Used site materials since 2011. But the first time became a user in 2014. Prior to that, I spent time on “”, where I honed the user's skills. I don’t know if I have the right to offer, but I can make my own judgments about increasing popularity.
    The site had a wonderful feature when the "nickname" was decorated with the flag of the user's country. And the openness of the names of (at least) “minusculers” would help moderators (and users) cool the ardor of “warlike nationalists” who rush at the interlocutor only on the basis of the existence of a particular citizenship.
    Unfortunately, the FORUM was closed, where it was possible to make suggestions on the site.
    The site administration practically does not use its own right to “Pardon”, and the death penalty - “life removal from the site” is a very unpleasant thing, even if the user is corrected (By the way, there is no death penalty in the Russian Federation) ...
    Why clog up the topic with the saying of people who have for a long time (for example 3 months) a negative rating?
    I propose more often to conduct surveys on relevant topics. This will let you know the mood of users.
    The "VIDEO" section can be diversified by the "Military Acceptance" subsections, etc. Visitors can find the topics of interest here, and not scour the YuoTube.
    I can’t understand the difficulties in the possibility of correcting comments (spelling and stylistic errors), at least during the first day, or several hours.
    In a word, go for it and baptize. Health, good mood and civil courage!
  11. AsmyppoL
    AsmyppoL April 20 2020 04: 54 New
    Thanks to the creative team for maintaining the site, for attentive and patient communication with the forum users, for the search for authors, for the prompt placement of interesting materials, for the interface that allows you to conveniently post materials!
    Congratulations on the anniversary of the dear site staff and members of the forum !!!
  12. Thrifty
    Thrifty April 20 2020 05: 05 New
    THANKS TO YOU! First of all, for the fact that you work, even in these difficult economic conditions! We try to support YOU financially and morally! We are accustomed to the site, literally, "grown" to it, for which thank you again! !!
  13. elektrik786
    elektrik786 April 20 2020 05: 23 New
    Congratulations, you are the best!
  14. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I April 20 2020 05: 39 New
    The 10th anniversary of “VO” is our common holiday with you! Urrrraaaaa !!!! fellow All walk! drinks All vodka at the expense of the "institution"! bully
  15. Evgeny Fedorov
    Evgeny Fedorov April 20 2020 05: 50 New
    Happy birthday dear topwar! 10 years is a serious anniversary and not every Internet resource can boast of such. There are still many victories ahead, and temporary difficulties are only temporary.
  16. Fedorov
    Fedorov April 20 2020 06: 03 New
    Server like in Germany? Hurray to the patriots, although I myself am sitting at the Chinese.
    But thank you good fellows., Many already give links to "VO. The main thing is that there are no stupid articles, filter more often. Vivat" VO "!
  17. Pessimist22
    Pessimist22 April 20 2020 06: 30 New
    Congratulations! I couldn’t enter VO from Kazakhstan for two days, yesterday I went through a VPN, probably blocked you in Kazakhstan.
    1. Fan-fan
      Fan-fan April 21 2020 14: 31 New
      Igor, I am also from Kazakhstan, I confirm that our local provider is blocking this site, this is not the first time. A year ago it was already like this - for several months the site was blocked, and here again ...
      Now I am also writing through VPN.
      1. Pessimist22
        Pessimist22 April 21 2020 15: 51 New
        Hello! In Pavlodar, the first time I came across this, it was always normal that in the city, in the village, and in the village on Otau, many Russian channels were turned off, I think which TV is now connected.
  18. igor1981
    igor1981 April 20 2020 06: 58 New
    I have been with you for 5 years. No one is better than you.
  19. Svarog
    Svarog April 20 2020 07: 11 New
    Happy Holidays! I wish that success would only develop and all health!
  20. parusnik
    parusnik April 20 2020 07: 19 New
    Happy Holiday! We are together!
  21. Rambam
    Rambam April 20 2020 07: 31 New
    Congratulations !! I wish you many years of successful development
  22. vasilina67
    vasilina67 April 20 2020 07: 39 New
    Congratulations on your small anniversary! Your devoted reader Tatyana.
  23. EdrenBaton
    EdrenBaton April 20 2020 07: 46 New
    Congratulations on the anniversary! A very interesting resource, I read every day!
  24. rudolff
    rudolff April 20 2020 07: 51 New
    The collective of VO and all involved, with the anniversary!
    The fact that the flags were removed is correct. Firstly, there are many sensible people in openly unfriendly countries that were simply minuscated by origin. Secondly, the flag did not always correctly reflect the actual location of the participant. For example, I most often go from the Opera and the flag did not display me, but the location of the Opera’s main server at a given time. If you believe the flags, I was a great traveler.
    Regarding the cons. I believe that the site administration made a mistake when it went about asking and returned the minuses. Just comparing different periods, I can absolutely say that without cons it was calmer and less dirt. Nobody avenged anyone, did not attack the crowd. You can always express your attitude to the comment with another comment, plus or simply ignoring. Cons are not needed.
    It is necessary to somehow limit the duration of the warnings. At least a year. Sometimes they hang almost forever.
    It would be useful to realize on the main page the ability to view all materials in a row without dividing them into sections. Like in the RSS feed.
    Yours faithfully,
    1. Bashkirkhan
      Bashkirkhan April 20 2020 08: 34 New
      Quote: rudolff
      Just comparing different periods, I can absolutely say that without cons it was calmer and less dirt. Nobody avenged anyone, did not attack the crowd.

      Rudolph hi Unfortunately you are an endangered type of commentator on this site. I mean professionals who have served the country, have a certain life experience and a broad outlook, who are interesting to read. I will tell you more, judging by the comments, now there is a trend on the site to pour crap on "thieves' regime" and there are a lot of extremely malicious comments from amateurs. Anyone who tries to enter into a discussion with them rakes off the minuses. I personally do not care about the ratings, the cons. I on the site usually leaf through publications from past years. But if you compare the comments 7 years ago with the current ones, you can see a process similar to cirrhosis of the liver, when an irreversible change in the audience of the site occurs. And this process was started by canceling the minuses, when delusional comments received only pluses. And when the cons were returned, it was too late. The audience has changed, many have left. This is all stated, my personal opinion.
      1. rudolff
        rudolff April 20 2020 09: 20 New
        It seems to me that this problem is of a slightly different level and is not related to minuses. It is connected with the content of the site, with content. Here the dilemma, in fact, was simple. Either the content is more professional and the site has a smaller audience, or the content is less serious, poppy and then the audience of the site is much wider. Unfortunately, the site administration is more prone to the second option. Many politicized articles, sometimes with a yellow tinge. Sometimes on the verge of a foul. Purely provocative often come across. Or dummy articles. Well, the audience is going to the corresponding. Professionalism has fallen, but the site has really become popular. I used to joke that it’s possible to make a full crew of any nuclear submarine from the visitors of the site, from a bilge sailor to a senior sailor and commander. There were all warheads. Now there are only a few of them. Who left, who left. If, for example, I voiced some fact that took place in reality, but whose idea is unpopular, they simply put me on the local wall for execution. And to prove something is useless. Not all of them stand it. I myself sometimes abandoned the site for six months or more. But I must note, if only it does not seem to me, a bias towards more professionalism has recently appeared. Hope this is the trend. But the cons, I think, are not needed. They only add nervousness.
        1. Colonel
          Colonel April 20 2020 10: 40 New
          Sorry to interfere with the conversation, but I got hooked. Ten years. Probably it's still a lot. Nine years ago (I registered for VO in 2011) the sky was bluer, the grass was greener, and for VO I sat for 3-4 hours a day, sometimes even to the detriment of meeting friends and beer. I read absolutely all the articles and all the comments, it was really interesting, sometimes I put my curves three kopecks into the general piggy bank. Now I run over the headings, I read some articles, I don't read comments from the word "absolutely". Probably got older, or maybe tired of .... You can recognize some of the authors by the title. Previously, VO was a site of like-minded people, in the best sense of the word. Now this is the media, just the media (how proud we were together with the editors when VO received this title).
          1. rudolff
            rudolff April 20 2020 11: 09 New
            All that you have said, most of the old-timers of the site who are still here will repeat word for word. You're right.
          2. Bashkirkhan
            Bashkirkhan April 20 2020 13: 25 New
            Quote: colonel
            Now I run over the headings, I read some articles, I don't read comments from the word "absolutely".

            Valery hi In those years, the publications were interesting, and the comments were strictly on the case. Often there were valuable comments, not inferior in quality to a small but full-fledged publication (and now it is, but very rarely). Now I go to the site and after reading the headline I don’t even want to open any publication, because this is a simple copy-paste of news and slag information. Therefore, I often read old publications, especially in the history section there is nothing to change. Writing comments is also not particularly attractive, and it makes no sense - they can blame not for the comment, but for the views. Read also does not pull, in the news section in general in the comments trash and fumes. Of course I understand that VO is primarily a commercial project. Leadership diversifies the audience, increases coverage. Those who really do not like something just leave, the most nervous of them slam the door. The rest just do not care about the quality of the content. I completely agree with your comment.
          3. Pessimist22
            Pessimist22 April 21 2020 15: 59 New
            Good evening! I’ve also been on the site since I was 11 years old, I didn’t write for the first year, but I read articles and comments, they were very interesting to me, of course there were different opinions, but these were in almost all cases the opinions of professionals, now yes, they just cry like this is bad and how under Stalin it was good.
  25. samarin1969
    samarin1969 April 20 2020 07: 54 New
    Website - find money and save your soul!
    In the segment of patriotic and educated people, VO is much more effective than VTsIOM.
    As an educational resource, it is better than almost all budget projects: illustrations, fact-checking, interesting details. The bookmark archive really works at school.
    The level of political analysis is high. Most of the Western and domestic projects are loud, lightweight "irregular cavalry". Whether it is the well-known "samurai" from the "history" section. Or "general staffers" from "opinion".

    ps More terrible than a ban - the label "victims of the exam". (smiley with a smile).
  26. egsp
    egsp April 20 2020 08: 22 New
    Congratulations, thank you for being there. A versatile subject matter and an objective approach are your main "hobbies".
  27. Amateur
    Amateur April 20 2020 08: 39 New
    Happy Birthday!
    To exist for 10 years in our time is a lot of work and great luck.

    More health, creative success and more money to the entire staff of the Military Review love
  28. prior
    prior April 20 2020 08: 39 New
    Congratulations to the VO site on its First Decade!
    I wish that the traffic, significance and richness of the site grow from year to year, decade from decade.
    Without you, we can no longer imagine the Internet.
  29. Doccor18
    Doccor18 April 20 2020 08: 46 New
    I read with pleasure all these years.
    Happy anniversary to you !!!
  30. candidate
    candidate April 20 2020 08: 48 New
    ... to anchor, to stand in places.
    On "VO", on rumba, rumba, keep it up!
    Devil Golden, to rob his own horns,
    He can not resist! ...

    Hey, "VO", you see you started cool.
    We managed to love you.
    As a resource, you loomed brightly.
    Together we all be!

    (Based on from the movie "Amphibian Man)"
  31. Gardamir
    Gardamir April 20 2020 08: 58 New
    The military theme of our resource was decisive. However, the well-known thesis that the people and the army are united, as a result, showed the following: it is impossible, and it is wrong to talk about the army and navy without affecting those inextricably linked with the defense and security of our country

    Life is changing. Not only tanks and planes, but also the economy and the media are also weapons.
  32. O. Bender
    O. Bender April 20 2020 09: 22 New
    I have been visiting VO for more than six years, I like this.! Good luck and creative lawlessness to editors and users. Happy Anniversary !!! drinks
  33. thinker
    thinker April 20 2020 09: 52 New
    Fir-trees, how time flies! Recently, there was a fifth anniversary, and already ten! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! drinks
  34. Soveticos
    Soveticos April 20 2020 10: 27 New
    I heartily congratulate the Military Review website. Long years and further success! Thank you very much for the wonderful, informative articles and thank the readers for the equally important and interesting comments! Good luck to all of you!
  35. Leo_59
    Leo_59 April 20 2020 10: 31 New
    Congratulations to the publication!
    My today's inform. the menu is simple: TV - OTR and the History channel, the Internet - mob.VO.
    Speaking of the menu - I don’t understand why there is such a big difference in the mob menu. and stats. versions ...
    I have already voiced my thoughts on support.
  36. depressant
    depressant April 20 2020 11: 06 New
    Dear website! Happy anniversary to you! love love
    Congratulations to all of our great Contributors and all our forum colleagues! All - successfully survive the adversity that befell us.
    "Suffer, pray, believe and love" (c)
    Fortresses of spirit to all!
  37. Aviator_
    Aviator_ April 20 2020 11: 06 New
    they never “sang along” with the oligarchs, but conducted their information policy.

    Site, of course, with an anniversary. But occasionally there are custom articles. I will not spoil the holiday, call the authors. Good thing only occasionally. Once again, happy anniversary drinks !
  38. faterdom
    faterdom April 20 2020 11: 21 New
    Well, for the first 10 years they have successfully grown, already in their teens.
    I wish the next 10 years to expand the horizons of the participants and their number even more shockingly, develop positions, hope and influence the adoption of the right decisions, since you and I have already gone far beyond the borders of military issues, military-scientific, military-political and military-economic .. .
    We are already feeling for something in more fundamental things: historical and worldviews.
    We are pleased with the growing number of foreign audience of the site, although I do not always agree with them, but their opinion is always interesting and important for all of us.
    We won’t give up the first place!
    Congratulations to all administrators and the editorial board of the site, authors and commentators, all health!
  39. Lelek
    Lelek April 20 2020 11: 28 New
    I have been visiting the site since 2013. Congratulations to all the organizers of the site and the discussion on the anniversary. There is still more work to be done to improve the portal, and this is good, so it will be even better sometime. Thank.
    1. tracer
      tracer April 20 2020 11: 43 New
      If you have to remember Mehan for so long. An epochal personality! Only one definition for Jane Psaki "I would vdul" is worthy of the title of a national hero ... Yes, there were people ....))))) Epoch .... How many people run away to read nonsense, and laugh heartily.
      1. Lelek
        Lelek April 20 2020 17: 51 New
        Quote: tracer
        Mikhan must remember

        It was a deal. Vitalik noted on the portal cool, well, tired too.
      2. siemens7774
        siemens7774 April 26 2020 15: 07 New
        tracer. Mikhan it was something. Petrosyan and Zadornov were somewhat similar from him)) I also congratulate myself and VO on the tenth anniversary)) Ten years is quite a considerable, already respectable anniversary. Let your rating grow, and popularity among people !! I go on a business trip to a South Slavonic education a lot. Whenever possible, I advertise VO.
  40. tracer
    tracer April 20 2020 11: 38 New
    Thanks guys. You are doing a good job. Whoever and whatever would say.
  41. BISMARCK94
    BISMARCK94 April 20 2020 11: 41 New
    I like Voennoye Obozreniye very much, it has everything that a person interested in history and geopolitics needs. Well, without disputes anywhere, as you know: in disputes, truth is born.
    Congratulations to the VO team and the regulars on the Jubilee! drinks
  42. Old26
    Old26 April 20 2020 11: 51 New
    Congratulations to the VO site on the first, but I hope not the last ANNIVERSARY. Good luck in your hard work! good

    Quote: tracer
    If you have to remember Mikhan so long ago

    Yes, he’s still here. Appears regularly under various nicknames. But his posts are as recognizable as the texts of some article authors. laughing
  43. Andrey VOV
    Andrey VOV April 20 2020 11: 54 New
    Happy Birthday to our site! Long years and prosperity! Maybe on this occasion to reset the comments)))) the topic of zeroing is now in trend laughing
  44. exo
    exo April 20 2020 12: 00 New
    Congratulations! Good date!
  45. Antropos
    Antropos April 20 2020 12: 25 New
    From the very beginning with VO, although the first years without registration. I can confuse, but I began to read VO in the spring of 2009.
    Success and good luck to everyone: the staff, readers and writers!
    Long summer!
    1. fantast
      fantast April 21 2020 11: 12 New
      You messed up something.
      I am the first registered and it was April 20, 2010 hi
      1. siemens7774
        siemens7774 April 26 2020 15: 12 New
        fantast.there may well be mistakes, since I registered four times. And also since 2010.
  46. aybolyt678
    aybolyt678 April 20 2020 13: 16 New
    I congratulate your favorite site and its visitors, this is a holiday for all of us! drinks Health and creative powers of the editorial staff!
  47. APASUS
    APASUS April 20 2020 15: 32 New
    Some time ago, we decided to abandon the demonstration of the flags of the countries from which comments are written. The reason is that sometimes the flag of a foreign state itself sometimes provokes some readers to want to create a scandal in the comments,

    There were no less scandals, the matter was in people, and not in the place of residence. The opinion of a person directly from the country where the events were taking place was not recognized, the commentators' flags were canceled.
  48. Moon
    Moon April 20 2020 16: 30 New
    every anniversary congratulations.
    But I can’t be without criticism. The level since 2010 has fallen for the sake of mass
    The level of discussion that VO has been awarded for is now an unattainable bar!
    But there were comments, better articles!
  49. g1v2
    g1v2 April 20 2020 18: 21 New
    10 years is a deadline. Congratulations! drinks In general, the site has a lot of interesting articles on military and historical topics and of quite decent quality. Most of the news on this topic that appears on the net also appears here, which is convenient. There are quite a few articles on "argue" where you can break spears. Basically, only articles on economic topics irritate - they are often banally weak and provocative. Here I would have removed them from the "military review". At the same time, I would only welcome in-depth articles on the war economy. But they appear extremely rarely, and slogan articles that are not related to military affairs are too frequent. My IMHO - I do not impose. request
    By the way, I liked the previous look of the site more. But I'm used to it, though not right away.
    In general, success and I wish you more in-depth and interesting articles! hi
  50. avia12005
    avia12005 April 20 2020 18: 38 New
    Happy holiday, happy anniversary! And let the ideas and opinions that are published on the site are more often realized for the good of the Russian Army!