"SEA BREEZE 2012" - press tour on the destroyer USS JASON DUNHAM

I will continue my story about how we were on American territory for three hours, namely, the destroyer USS JASON DUNHAM (DDG 109). The official website says that this is The Best Destroyer in the Fleet.

USS Jason Dunham (DDG-109) - 59 th destroyer URO (guided missile weapons) from a series of X-era destroyers of Arli Burk type URO planned for 13 September 2002, 62, the construction of which was approved by the US Congress.

Jason Dunham, a US destroyer with cruise missiles, is named after the Marine Corps lance corporal Jason Dunham, who died from wounds he received while defending his team from an improvised explosive device during a patrol in Iraq. His mother, Deborah Dunham, maintains a relationship with the crew, who continues the legacy of her son. The dress uniform of Dunham weighs in the officer’s cabin as a reminder of his commitment and dedication to the service. The construction of the destroyer began in 2008, in the city of Bath, Maine, and he entered the service in November 2010. The length of the ship is 155 meters, the width of 20 meters. There are 325 people on board, including 35 officers and 290 sailors. The destroyer is equipped with two helicopters of the type SH60B "Sea hawk", 96 vertical launchers "Tomahawk", vertical anti-submarine installations "Asroc", missiles such as CM2.

The ship is based in Norfolk, Virginia and is currently the newest ship on the list of existing, ready for deployment. Now the destroyer is on his first voyage.

All photos are cabled and available in 1600px resolution.

1) Wellcome aboard

2) port side

3) Protects the American flag

4) That these "guns" lined with perimeter

5) Bridge

6) Full length
"SEA BREEZE 2012" - press tour on the destroyer USS JASON DUNHAM

7) A team cruised around us during the entire stay on the ship

8) We are already waiting

9) The emblem of the squadron, which includes ship

10) The head of the exercise arrived, the captain of the first rank, D. Berezovsky, the representatives of Qatar were also noticed on the boat, Qatar participates in the exercise for the first time.

11) Spy photo, part of the US Navy filming crew, as you can see, flew from Moscow on a Transaero flight from Domodedovo

12) Ben Wall is an American, he works as a translator at these exercises, he is simply fluent in Russian, I think he would be envied by any native speaker, for example, I. The only one from the American side with whom I spoke a lot, as it turned out, he lived for two years in Nizhny Novgorod and was married to a Russian girl. Already over the course of 8 years, he has been serving under contract, regular business trips to Russia, as he is fluent in the language. The brightest acquaintance for me for all the teachings. Almost all the press conferences he translated.

13) Everything is in its place and ready for our reception

14) "Fuck, what do these Russian?" - thoughts out loud to Americans who watched as we moored to them, pay attention to their faces

15) "Shit, what have I done?" - thoughts aloud of a sailor at the sight of what we have done

16) This is how we soaked up, a brand new American destroyer, with a concrete scratch on a freshly painted board. Our journalists immediately began to joke that the Americans will bill us, I hope it was just a joke.

17) "Sir, this Russian is shooting us!"

18) "Roger, pick up the nail puller and walk away with the camera of this abnormal Russian journalist, that you've never seen Russians?"

19) Among them were also photographers

20) Girls in the US Navy are not uncommon, especially on a ship.

21) Moor on the sly

22) US Navy Film crew

23) Our journalistic brethren ready to land on American soil.

24) "Give a hand, do not be afraid, I do not bite"

25) All the commanders of the destroyer. The inscription in Latin "SEMPER FIDELIS SEMPER FORTIS" means - "Always faithful always strong" - "Always True, Always Strong"

26) Subject photo

27) The bow of the destroyer with the main instrument

28) Brave guys

29) Main weapon - close-up

30) And this is a doll that imitates a man overboard, Americans with a sense of humor

31) to a post on the background of one of the most recognizable buildings in Odessa.

32) On the captain's bridge, in the foreground - a guide on the destroyer

33) Everywhere solid displays and touchscreens, as paper documentation is not used.

34) Here is such a - steering wheel

35) Very comfortable chair

36) Navigation Display

37) The entire press barely fit on the bridge

38) "Kulemet"

39) There are water coolers in the corridors

40) Signs were hung on the whole route of our delegation

41) Officers room, briefing room.

42) The head of the exercises, the captain of the first rank D. Berezovsky

43) Jason Dunham dress uniform. She passed the mother of the deceased hero.

44) The destroyer also keeps a wooden teak board from the legendary American battleship Missouri, on board of which 2 of September 1945 of Japan signed the Japan Surrender Act, which ended World War II. As of April, 2012, the battleship Missouri is stationary in Pearl Harbor.

45) Girls tell us about stories the ship and the heroic deeds of Jason Dunham.

46) Snacks on the table

47) Jason's photo at training camp

48) helmets with the words "Dunham"

49) Literature on the ship, all of the US Navy's library.

50) certificates, which received the ship, and also DVD. All of the "Alien" and "The Godfather," good taste.

51) Swords donated to the ship

52) Press Conference

53) All conditions for viewing "The Godfather"

54) A picture of an unknown author in the briefing room

55) For fresh juice?

56) Nominal cups

57) They accidentally wandered into the dining room, I managed to make a frame

58) Everywhere special gear

60) Skadovsk

61) My games with flu and boke were immediately seen by the Americans, and told to move away from the gun and not to make such provocation shots, but the photos turned out to be very good, this is not a sin to show.

62) Commander David A. Bretz gives interview, beside our familiar translator Ben Wall

63) Again I wandered off to the wrong place, but I managed to take a picture. As you can see on the deck is a bunch of cameras, and from here you can follow everything.

64) Interesting door stickers

65) An American diver gives interviews, has been serving in the Navy for 14 for years, and plans to reach 20.

66) Odessa sailor

67) Helicopter type SH60B "Sea hawk" in the hangar, as I wrote above, aboard two of them.

68) Commander David A. Bretz says goodbye to us, until we meet again.

A visit to the destroyer made an indelible impression on me, leaving a lot of emotions and memories. Unbelievable luck to visit the most modern warship of this type. The only thing I did not see was the place where the cruise missiles are located, since the journalists were divided into 2 groups.

Americans, of course, captivate with their openness and sincerity.
Immediately after visiting USS Jason Dunham, we went to our Ukrainian flagship "Getman Sagaidachny", where the long-awaited meeting with Ka-27 awaited us.
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