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Hijack the German Messerschmitt: real stories of World War II


When it comes to hijacking vehicles, the most common example is cars. Another thing when the question is about wartime. The very concept of "hijacking military equipment in wartime" may seem far-fetched. But in fact, there were cases, and, what is especially interesting, there were cases of hijacking of combat aircraft.

It’s one thing when the enemy’s plane is taken as a trophy - for example, at a busy airport. Another thing is when the situation unfolds as a real special operation, which can be called daring.

The episodes of the Great Patriotic War related to the theft of the German Messers (Messerschmitt aircraft) are described by the Sky Artist channel dedicated to aviation.

It is noted that 8 Messerschmitt fighters were at the disposal of the Red Army in fully operational condition. It seems unbelievable, but история says that everything really happens in war.

Not without cases of battle fraternity on the part of those who, being in the service of Nazi Germany, sympathized with the Red Army.

About hijacking German planes in more detail - in the video:

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  1. Lipchanin
    Lipchanin April 18 2020 06: 27 New
    Nothing like that. Interesting
    1. Malyuta
      Malyuta April 18 2020 07: 26 New
      its Soviet component channel lFor those who are interested in aviation and especially its Soviet component, the presented VO channel is simply recommended.
  2. K-50
    K-50 April 18 2020 11: 07 New
    Suffice it to recall the hijacking of the Junkers Ju-88 with the V-1 missile guidance station by the pilot Devyatayev and his comrades, in which they escaped from Nazi captivity. soldier
    1. John22
      John22 April 18 2020 22: 29 New
      Henkel hijacking - 111 Devyatayev was with a group of comrades. Yu-88 was not.
      1. K-50
        K-50 April 19 2020 07: 35 New
        Quote: John22
        Henkel hijacking - 111 Devyatayev was with a group of comrades. Yu-88 was not.

        Well, maybe Heinkel. The main thing is that to hijack a bomber in a group, it seems to me, is much more difficult than a fighter. Moreover, the pursuit option could have a very strong effect on the result.
  3. Sklendarka
    Sklendarka April 18 2020 12: 10 New
    The most important of the arts is the movie and ... the circus.
  4. DrVintorez
    DrVintorez April 19 2020 14: 41 New
    Makarych, take the device! in, waved without looking!
  5. RusGr
    RusGr April 19 2020 19: 22 New
    Would many be able to?
  6. Gato
    Gato April 19 2020 22: 36 New
    Well, they’re talking about poor preparation of Soviet pilots. I understand that a pilot must fly on everything that he can fly and a little on what he cannot fly in principle. But, jumping into a completely unfamiliar car, starting up, taking off, leaving for your own and, ideally, landing a plane so that your own ones aren’t shot down yet, is just beyond skill and luck.