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The Black Sea Fleet sent to Abkhazia specialists and equipment of the Russian Chemical Plant

The Black Sea Fleet sent to Abkhazia specialists and equipment of the Russian Chemical Plant

Russia decided to help Abkhazia in the fight against coronavirus. The transfer of units of the Black Sea RHBZ to the republic has begun fleet. This was reported by the press service of the fleet.

The units of the radiation chemical and biological protection of the Black Sea Fleet are being transferred to Abkhazia to help combat the coronavirus. A convoy of special vehicles has been sent to the republic. On arrival in the republic, specialists from the Russian Chelyabinsk Health Plant together with medical specialists from Abkhazia will evaluate the anticipated amount of work and begin disinfection.

Currently, a convoy of 13 special vehicles, including mobile aerosol disinfection complexes, ARS-14M filling stations and TMS-65U heat engines with a jet engine, is marching from the Crimean peninsula to the Republic of Abkhazia

- the press service said, adding that after arriving in the republic, a temporary fleet and special equipment processing points will be deployed.

Nothing has been reported on sending military doctors to Abkhazia.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense sent aid to Italy, Serbia, Republika Srpska (as part of Bosnia and Herzegovina), as well as Armenia.

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  1. sanik2020
    sanik2020 April 17 2020 13: 41 New
    Everyone already knows that the holiday-makers and spas were spread all over the world, probably in Abkhazia things are very bad.
    1. garri-lin
      garri-lin April 18 2020 17: 17 New
      Fortunately for Abkhazia at the time of the beginning of the pandemic, there were few health-resort visitors. And the borders were closed on time. By the way, I can definitely say that after the announcement of the regime of self-isolation in Abkhazia there were no precedents similar to the Shashlychniks and Yazhemamamochki for a walk. The people are aware that medicine is at zero and if it starts, there will be a khan. It is protected and will not be lost.
  2. knn54
    knn54 April 17 2020 13: 51 New
    Unsanitary conditions in "Black Sea Somalia" are simply off scale.
    1. Sayan
      Sayan April 17 2020 13: 55 New
      Quote: knn54
      Unsanitary conditions in "Black Sea Somalia" are simply off scale.

      therefore, the correct measure - you must protect yourself from that side, at least partially, because it is impossible to completely exclude
      1. Lev_1
        Lev_1 April 21 2020 14: 14 New
        Turn on the logic ... Abkhazia - 3 infected ("thanks" to a trip to the Russian Federation), and in the Russian Federation? Do you know the numbers? Now tell me who and from whom you need to protect?
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Lev_1
      Lev_1 April 21 2020 14: 11 New
      In the "Black Sea Somalia", as you called Abkhazia, today there are 3 cases of infection. Of these, 1 patient is already healthy, the second is completing treatment, and the third (a woman aged 92) refused hospitalization, is being treated herself at home, and feels satisfactory. Moreover, the virus was brought into the republic from Moscow. Thus, the incidence rate in RA is 0,0012%. So what are you talking about with unsanitary conditions?
  3. Keeping
    Keeping April 17 2020 13: 57 New
    And in Moscow there is no desire to introduce RCHBZ?
    1. jeka424
      jeka424 April 17 2020 14: 29 New
      to the Nakhimov school
      1. Keeping
        Keeping April 17 2020 14: 34 New
        As an option!
    2. Lopatov
      Lopatov April 17 2020 16: 30 New
      Quote: Keeping
      And in Moscow there is no desire to introduce RCHBZ?

      There, and the Ministry of Emergencies is enough.
  4. Finn
    Finn April 17 2020 15: 06 New
    Everything that begins in Europe continues in Russia. Collective infection. Some countries no longer burden the economy and health care. He who dies will die. Sweden first started, now Finland.
    1. Pashtet
      Pashtet April 17 2020 21: 41 New
      The price for vacationers from Russia will rise. Abkhazia is a money laundering.
  5. lvov_aleksey
    lvov_aleksey April 18 2020 22: 45 New
    no matter how sad it sounds, but this is an experience for the Russian Chemical Plant