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Pro-Western Turkish experts: Ankara has a window of opportunity to solve the problem with the S-400


Discussions are ongoing in the West on how the Russian-Turkish contract for the acquisition of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems by Ankara can be reduced to zero. The first batch within the framework of the contract has already arrived in Turkey, but the United States still offers the Turkish side to abandon Russian weapons. The pressure in this matter on the Turkish authorities from the West is also exerted through influential socio-political, military-political and economic organizations.

Now the issue of “a possible agreement between Ankara and Washington” is being considered. Uzgur Unlukhisarchikli, who is the head of the representative office of the Marshall Fund in Ankara, speaks of such an agreement.


Ankara has a window of opportunity, which will first allow you to "freeze" the problem with the S-400, and then completely solve it.

To begin, in the opinion of this person, it is necessary with the deployment of the American Patriot air defense systems on the borders with the Syrian Idlib.
Head of the Turkish office of the Marshall Fund:

Turkey will benefit from the immediate deployment of Patriot batteries on its border with Syria. And the United States could help Ankara in this in exchange for the condition not to activate the Russian S-400 for, for example, a year.

This opinion, which is being broadcast by the opposition Turkish media, practically coincides with the opinion of Chaglar Kurdzh, a specialist in the field of defense. He also believes that Ankara "needs to be delayed with the activation of the S-400 air defense system."


First, Turkey was looking for ways to improve its relations with the United States, especially after the events in Idlib. Secondly, the pandemic seems to have frozen the political balance on this issue. Both states have more pressing problems, and no one would like to enter into a crisis at this time.
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  1. Teberii
    Teberii April 17 2020 08: 41 New
    They are losing sales markets for their products, they are almost ready to donate.
    1. Finches
      Finches April 17 2020 08: 54 New
      The casket opens simply - it is not difficult for experienced American counterfeiters to personally draw a pack of portraits with their leaders for each Unlukhisarchikli - and, voila, the true patriot of Turkey (Israel, Germany, France ..., unfortunately Russia), America's interests come to the fore! laughing
      1. Xnumx vis
        Xnumx vis April 17 2020 09: 10 New
        Unfortunately, over the millennia of development, mankind has not become less silver-loving .... "A donkey loaded with gold will take any fortress." - Philip II of Macedon
        1. Finches
          Finches April 17 2020 09: 14 New
          Not humanity, but its lion's share! And, apparently, since the time of Philip II, the donkey has also become more stupid - he took fortresses for the precious metal born of Nature, and now they sell their homeland for candy wrappers made of wood pulp, linen and cotton under the influence of chemicals! laughing
          1. Ilya-spb
            Ilya-spb April 17 2020 09: 31 New

            Since America demands not to turn on and activate the S-400 for a year ...
            it means that within a year the United States wants to resolve the issue with Erdogan.

            Just like with Gaddafi, Saddam and further on the list.
    2. military_cat
      military_cat April 17 2020 09: 23 New
      Quote: Teberii
      They are losing sales markets for their products, they are almost ready to donate.

      Something looks exactly the opposite: Turkey bought the S-400, and the US refuses to sell it to the F-35, which Turkey wants buy, and Patriots that Turkey wants buy - until she refuses from the S-400.
  2. knn54
    knn54 April 17 2020 08: 49 New
    The West has "activated" the Turkish opposition.
    1. vladcub
      vladcub April 17 2020 09: 04 New
      Yeah, they pressed the "on" button and blocked the "off" button.
    2. askort154
      askort154 April 17 2020 15: 11 New
      knn54 The West has "activated" the Turkish opposition.

      Definitely. The first attempt, the traditional Turkish military coup failed, will now come "from behind."
      Erdogan, by flirting with Russia, annoys not only the United States, but also Europe. Once he concedes in Syria, his days will be numbered. He realizes that Idlib is his wobbly "chair".
  3. Pereira
    Pereira April 17 2020 08: 51 New
    The opposition found extra money in the budget of Turkey.
  4. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 17 2020 09: 02 New
    Turkey wants to get missile defense systems of both Russia and the USA in order to be able to protect against both those and others ... it’s logical ...
    1. Pereira
      Pereira April 17 2020 09: 06 New
      Then you have to take the Chinese to the heap - universal.
  5. den3080
    den3080 April 17 2020 09: 05 New
    Uzgur Unlukhisarchikli

    sounds like Chingachgook the Great Serpent. smile
  6. vladcub
    vladcub April 17 2020 09: 10 New
    [quote = Teberii] Lose markets for their products, are ready to almost give. [/ qu
    Losses of the sales market - loss of profit, and this is a sickle in the bells
  7. sanik2020
    sanik2020 April 17 2020 09: 18 New
    By and large, the Turks do not care who to listen to and who to buy weapons from. They felt their self-sufficiency and independence from large empires, especially since these empires with the Turks always played their games, far from in the interests of Turkey.
    Therefore, the Turks trite everyone as merchants in the bazaar, knocking down the price and pushing their heads together.
    It seems that students are already superior to their teachers.
  8. grandfather_Kostya
    grandfather_Kostya April 17 2020 09: 26 New
    Ankara has a window of opportunity

    Another "Overton Window". First, "freeze" the S-400, then refuse, further down the slope ...
  9. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky April 17 2020 09: 35 New
    Would have read first the "book of complaints" of the Saudis about this "Patriot", where he repeatedly screwed up, missing "greetings" from the Houthis. Although, in principle, this is their Turkish business, what to spend their lira on. winked
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 17 2020 10: 40 New
    says Uzgur Unluhisarchikli, who is the head of the Marshall Fund’s representative office in Ankara ... the opinion of a defense specialist Chaglar Kurdzh
    How simple it is for those who are not really responsible for anything in the country. We bought the S-400 and froze it, and then we solved this problem with "ease" and, most importantly, to the delight of the United States. What is the difference between the opposition and the authorities, that without having any obligations and not answering for anything, you can scream loudly criticizing and cursing, calling on, knowing perfectly well that you will not be asked for the consequences. And they said that Erdogan cleared the clearing well after the coup attempt.
    1. Polymer
      Polymer April 17 2020 16: 17 New
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Bought S-400 - froze

      I probably missed something. I remember that the deployment of the S-400 was scheduled for April, i.e. it should be happening right now. Has something changed?
  11. ROSS_51
    ROSS_51 April 17 2020 11: 45 New
    And then our S-400s will go to study in the United States, as was the case with our leased submarines in India. One hope is that in our military-industrial complex they are far from being fools and have calculated the "prostitution" of Turkey.
    Nothing has changed since the time of Alexander III: "We have only two faithful allies in the whole world. Our army and navy."
  12. Kushka
    Kushka April 17 2020 15: 26 New
    This mantra is about the US printing press and trillion. dead presidents
    already dragged to the holes - from these Americans, go all the forests of Michigan and
    Ontario is worn out on paper, and so they will finish off the Amazon forests.
    Yes, and somehow it sounds doomed - here they can, but we are poor, naive
    (like that crow). It smells of decadence.
    Well, there’s such a leopard, it was in his ass with a turbo mode.
    And what should a koala do (up to 3 years old it’s heavy for children!) - to hang yourself?
    Yes, she wanted to spit on that leopard from a high eucalyptus!
    But the bear did not bother to whine.
  13. noct
    noct April 17 2020 19: 19 New
    Yeah. Very effective patriot systems. Amer’s bases in Iraq have effectively defended. I’m silent about the Saudis. Bet more and you will be happy