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Stalin's poster. Under the name of Luis Martinez


While working on the film “Submariner No. 1,” we accidentally discovered an image of a 1939 poster by the famous Soviet artist V. B. Koretsky. Neither the descendants of the hero of our film, nor the staff of the library and museum named after I. A. Burmistrov in the city of Stavropol, who helped us in collecting the material, knew about the existence of such a poster. Who is he, this man pictured next to the leader?

Cartagena, Spain, 1937. Luis Martinez.

Several experienced submariners came from the Soviet Union. In February 1937, the Soviet volunteer Ivan Burmistrov appeared in Cartagena. In the base were two submarines, on which he began to work, helping the Spaniards. Burmistrov was very indignant at the orders on boats, was dissatisfied with the equipment, very backward. After some time, one of the boats under the command of Burmistrov sailed in the direction of the Balearic Islands. Her task was to attack the enemy ships at the entrance to Palma. The boat returned a few days later, and the commander himself was surprised at how he managed to return alive. He was angry and cursed at what the light was. It turned out that the boat safely arrived at the appointed place and began to expect the appearance of an enemy cruiser. The next day, the submariners noticed that a reconnaissance aircraft was hanging above them. Soon other planes appeared and began to bomb the boat. The commander maneuvered, changed position, went to the depths, but the planes did not lag behind the boat. Looking around, Burmistrov suddenly noticed that an oil trail stretched behind the boat, on which the enemy found it aviation...

[later] Burmistrov twice broke through Gibraltar.

N. G. Kuznetsov, “On the Eve”.

Nikolaev, Andre Marty plant, August 1941. Captain 1st rank I.A. Burmistrov.

The war found the commander of the division of Captain 1st Rank Ivan Alekseevich Burmistrov in Nikolaev - construction was underway at an accelerated pace and new series of submarines were tested. After the first bombing, Burmistrov managed to bring not only boats to Sevastopol, but also the expensive equipment of two Nikolaev shipyards and a family of workers. As a part of the detachment in the city of Nikolaev there were 11 submarines. Thanks to the efforts of I.A. Burmistrov, one of them was able to be put into operation many times over in August 1941, and another 4 were evacuated under bombing to Sevastopol and then to the ports of the Caucasian coast. Six more recently laid submarines had to be blown up on slipways.
Anatoly Beznoschenko. “Ivan Burmistrov. Flagship naval fleet».

When the Nazis had already begun to occupy the city, Burmistrov personally led the last ship through the estuaries - the L-24 mine layer. The submarine was not completed: due to the lack of batteries and other mechanisms, the boat could not be submerged, so I had to go in the water position. Under the hurricane fire of German artillery and aviation, Burmistrov led the submarine into the Black Sea and arrived in Sevastopol - the main base of the Black Sea Fleet.

Open newspaper. 23.08.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX. "Submariner number one."

Yalta, November 7, 1941

“The morning was rainy. This gave me hope that everything would work out. It could not have done ... Two hours later, after "Armenia" moved away from the mooring wall, it was spotted by fascist torpedo bombers. The lethal shells dropped from them hit the target exactly. “Armenia” stayed afloat for no more than four minutes. Ivan Burmistrov managed to pick up only a few people on his boat ... "
A.I. Burmistrov. "Flagship".

At the end of his life, Ivan Burmistrov recalled that the most important thing in that war was the protection of transports that transported Spanish children to the Soviet Union through the ports of Leningrad, Odessa, and Sevastopol.
Russian newspaper. 19.03.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX. "Five heroes who cheated history submarine fleet. "

Documentary film "Submariner No. 1 Ivan Burmistrov":

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  1. DMB 75
    DMB 75 April 15 2020 05: 49 New

    Ivan Alekseevich Burmistrov - our first naval officer, awarded the gold star of the Hero of the Soviet Union. On his return from Spain to the USSR in November 1938, he was awarded this high rank. For what merits, the award list did not indicate - conspiracy. Perhaps, for the fact that Burmistrov in February 1938 commanded the transfer of two submarines, repaired in French Bordeaux, to the port of Cartagena (which is 2,5 thousand kilometers, including Gibraltar!)? I don’t know, the submariner himself always considered his main "special operation" to be the security of military transport, on which Spanish children were evacuated from Cartagena to the Black Sea ports of the USSR. Unfortunately, he died early - on August 28, 1962, his health damaged by the war affected. . Awarded two Orders of Lenin (14.11.38; 20.06.49), two Orders of the Red Banner (03.01.37; 03.11.44), medals. Name of I.A. Burmistrov is named a street in his native Stavropol. A memorial stele was erected in his honor on the Alley of Honorary Citizens of Stavropol.
    1. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy April 15 2020 06: 42 New
      Unfortunately, he died early - on August 28, 1962, health affected by the war was affected.
      Yes, the hearts did not spare.
      1. Andrey and Igor Kartashyovy
        April 15 2020 16: 36 New
        Plus, serious chlorine poisoning on the first submarine, where Burmistrov was the old post (this is what Yu.V. Vinogradov says at the 29:50 movie). But he literally pulled out almost the entire crew of the boat.
        Spain. The tragedy of "Armenia". Nikolaev. How many such episodes ...
    2. Andrey and Igor Kartashyovy
      April 15 2020 16: 23 New
      In Stavropol:
      The name of Ivan Alekseevich is school number 11, near which his bust is installed.
      Here, on Burmistrov Street, there is the library museum No. 3 named after I.A. Burmistrov with its cabin-company of war and military service veterans “Sea Brotherhood”, the teenage patriotic club “Brigantine”, and the school of young sailors “Sea Alphabet”. It really works. Anatoly Ivanovich, the eldest son of Ivan Alekseevich, played a large role in the appearance and formation of these areas. Incidentally, both sons of Burmistrov became naval sailors. Unfortunately, both are no longer alive.

  2. knn54
    knn54 April 15 2020 12: 51 New
    Most likely, the hero of the Soviet Union, Burmistrov, received for the transfer of his S-1 to Kronstadt with the remains of the Spanish gold reserve.