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The RF’s response to equipping the Lancers with AGM-183A missiles was not long in coming. Pennant and Dry in the game


Undoubtedly, the week earlier announced by a competent source in the military-industrial complex of Russia, the beginning of software and hardware adaptation of the weapon control systems of the Su-35S multi-functional fighters to the use of ultra-long-range guided missiles R-37M (RVV-BD) can cause an extremely contradictory spectrum of opinions, as in expert communities, and in the observer circles of the Runet, knowledgeable about the flight-technical parameters of the “610M Product”, developed by the specialists of the State Penitentiary and Special Bank “Vympel” on the basis of the notorious R-33 URVB .

The demand for the RVV-BD ultra-long-range guided air-to-air missile in the architecture of the air defense missile defense component remains despite its conflicting potential in working on highly maneuverable enemy air targets

On the one hand, it entered the testing phase for compatibility of the inertial navigation system and the GSB 9B-1103M-350 “Shayba” active radar with the on-board weapon control system of the carrier aircraft (in our case, the Su-35S, an air-to-air missile) RVV-BD (“Product 610M”) will finally allow the flight personnel of the multipurpose component of the Russian Aerospace Forces to establish the long-awaited tactical parity aviation The US Air Force and Navy, as well as the British, French, and Swedish Air Forces, which have the AIM-120D AMRAAM and MBA Meteor Air Defense Forces with an effective range of intercepted targets of about 150–170 km.

The more powerful and “long-playing” dual-mode solid propellant solid propellant rocket engine (in comparison with the R-33 URVB engine) provides the “610M” range of about 250–280 km, giving the Su-35S and Su-30SM1 pilots the opportunity to start a long-range air flight in 3 duel situations –7 minutes before the release of F-15C, F-35A / B / C, F-22A, Rafale, etc. to the frontiers of launching AIM-120D and Meteor missiles. And this is not to mention the opening of new horizons for the pilots of “dryers” in the simulation of the so-called covert modes of conducting long-range air combat (in the case of enemy airborne objects falling into the “shadow” of natural elements of an elevated terrain - beyond the “screen” of the radio horizon for airborne radars “ Irbis-E ").

This ability was achieved by equipping RVV-BD-type missiles with sufficiently powerful active radar GSN 9B-1103M-350 "Puck" from the Research Institute "Agat" based on waveguide-slot antenna arrays with highly sensitive low-noise amplifiers in the input paths operating in the X-band of centimeter waves and detecting targets with an effective reflective surface of 0,1 and 1 square. m at a distance of 15 and 26 km, respectively. These homing heads (unlike the early semi-active RGS-33) do not need continuous illumination from the side of the fighter on-board radar and can receive target designation from third-party radar, radio engineering and optoelectronic reconnaissance (from RTR / RER Il-20M aircraft to DRLOiU aircraft A-50U / A-100 and on-board PFAR radars of friendly tactical fighters). As a result, the pilots of Sushki will be able to launch R-37M from extremely low altitudes without opening their own location.

On the other hand, the impressive mass of RVV-BD missiles (of the order of 510 kg), which contributes to a significant jump in the specific load on the plane of the aerodynamic rudders and power elements of the body (typical of the entire R-33 URVB family), does not allow these products to reach the maximum available load of 25 -30G during the interception of enemy air attack means, keeping this parameter at the level of 18–20G at a distance of 100–180 km from the launch point (immediately after the completion of the 2nd mode of operation of the solid propellant rocket engine). It is logical to assume that at these distances the R-37M will be able to intercept targets maneuvering with overloads of up to 8G, the list of which includes tactical fighters whose suspension units are "hung" with massive air-to-surface missile-bomb equipment.

Multipurpose fighters with a lightweight configuration of air-to-air suspensions (especially 5th generation aircraft with inside-body weapons), capable of maneuvering with 9–9,5G overloads, will become extremely difficult targets for the RVV-BD, not to mention supersonic anti-ship Perseus CVS401 missiles and various multi-purpose cruise missiles capable of performing anti-aircraft maneuvers with overloads of more than 20 units.

As for the terminal portion of the trajectory, which lies 250 km or more from the point of departure from the carrier suspensions and is characterized by aerodynamic drag to a speed of 1500-2000 km / h, here RVV-DB missiles will be able to perform maneuvers with overloads of no more than 12G, by the defeat of air objects maneuvering with 5-6G overloads, a list of which can be represented by strategic bombers B-52G, tactical fighters F-16C Block 60+ and F-15E with air-to-surface suspension configuration ", As well as airborne reconnaissance aircraft and radar patrols and enemy guidance. More highly maneuverable targets at this distance will be practically unattainable for the RVV-DB.

Meanwhile, despite the very narrow range of tasks involved in intercepting enemy maneuvering targets, the ultra-long-range R-37M URVB can boast outstanding potential in countering one of the most formidable components of the US military’s nuclear triad - an aircraft fleet of 63 strategic missile carriers B-1B of the 8th Air Force The US Air Force’s global strike command, 44 of which are hastily equipped with additional 6-8 external “reinforced” ventral suspension nodes to accommodate promising hypersonic aeroballis ble missiles AGM-183A ARRW ( «Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon»).

As is known, on ascending branches of trajectories characterized by a process of acceleration to ≥10-15M and exit to marching sections of quasi-ballistic trajectories with parameters preloaded into inertial navigation systems, these aeroballistic missiles will not be able to carry out intensive anti-aircraft maneuvers with high available overloads due to subsequent a sharp decrease in speed, kinetic energy and effective range. Consequently, in these areas of the trajectories, AGM-183A ARRW aeroballistic missiles will be extremely vulnerable to long-range RVV-DBs, capable of intercepting low-maneuverable 4-6-fly airborne attack weapons at altitudes up to 35 km.

The resumption of the frozen project "direct-flow" RVV-RVE-AE-PD is again gaining special relevance

As for the implementation of the interception of the AGM-183A missiles rassirovannyh by the U.S. Air Force General at the terminal sections of the trajectories, where the latter will be able to implement intensive anti-aircraft maneuvering regimes, it will require the integration of more highly maneuverable missiles of the Su-30CM / 1 and Su-35C fighters air-to-air ”from JSC“ GosMKB “Vympel” with factory indices “Product-180” and “Product-180PD”.

The first flight specimens are at the final stages of field tests, preparing pre-production products for operational combat readiness in the ammunition kits of 5th generation Su-57 fighters. The URVB data are equipped with standard dual-mode solid propellant rocket engines; therefore, they can boast of flight technical parameters similar to those of the US AIM-120D, providing interception of maneuvering HEVs only at distances of 70-100 km, where the high supersonic flight speed, supported by the 2nd mode of operation of the solid rocket engine, retains high efficiency aerodynamic rudders.

At long distances, the efficiency of the Product-180 aerodynamic rudders will decrease in direct proportion to the decrease in flight speed, which cannot be said about the Product-180PD equipped with the KRPD-TT “371” integrated rocket-ram engine with a giant specific impulse of 500-700 thrust with and the ability to control the intensity of the supply of powdered solid fuel charge into the combustion chamber, which ultimately allows you to save a significant part of the solid fuel charge up to the terminal portion of the trajectory, providing this high-speed and maneuverable qualities of an air combat missile while intercepting a complex object at a distance of 170-200 km. Unfortunately, despite the successful completion of R&D in 2012, the “direct-flow” RVV-AE-PD “Product-180PD” URVB project was “frozen” and put on hold for an indefinite period of time.
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  1. Thrifty
    Thrifty April 13 2020 05: 14 New
    That is, if the rocket has artificial intelligence, and on the acceleration section, it can independently change this acceleration trajectory, for the safe performance of a combat mission? And, as a consequence of this, increased overloads and stronger heating of the hull, not designed for such conditions, can easily lead to the destruction of a rocket precisely at the initial stage of acceleration!
    1. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek April 13 2020 06: 28 New
      Iskander's rocket does just that ....
    2. Insurgent
      Insurgent April 13 2020 07: 28 New
      Quote: Thrifty
      That is, if the rocket has artificial intelligence, and on the acceleration section, it can independently change this acceleration trajectory, for the safe performance of a combat mission?

      AI, this is too global (as for the tasks of such a rocket), and yet fantastic.
      Authentic AI has not yet been created, there are only its local elements, which are integrated into various innovative systems, and not only weapons.
  2. pmkemcity
    pmkemcity April 13 2020 05: 27 New
    Steamers are sailing, planes are flying ... and suddenly, how can we maneuver! And each has its own "ZhE", like the Kardashians - the fifth, seventh, or even the ninth size! Everyone is clapping, surprised. And that comes out our "ZhE" ...
  3. Pavel57
    Pavel57 April 13 2020 05: 39 New
    Some kind of confusion in the article.
    1. Varaga
      Varaga April 13 2020 13: 04 New
      The use of technical terminology leaves its mark. And it implies certain requirements for the reader.
  4. Amateur
    Amateur April 13 2020 06: 45 New
    Coming to a cold and dusty desk
    Lay out piles of paper on the table.
    Loads the Soviet shag in a tube
    And he will only think about me.
    His working day is almost over,
    But the debit with the loan remained uncompiled.
    He doesn’t give a damn about it, if only day and night,
    There were more names with numbers in it ...
    Damantsev, my dear Damantsev
    Here it is - so simple.

    (Almost ApinaRasputina)
  5. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I April 13 2020 06: 47 New
    Well, here ... Zhenechka was upset .... Damantsev was upset by all sorts of scoundrels from the Ministry of Defense and bad designers - gunsmiths! Damantsev does not do everything the way it should, and now we have to calm him down ... to comfort him! Of course, the R-37M can be "criticized" ... and there will be something to criticize and for what ... But considering how much the Ministry of Defense promises to the troops each time, and how much they get in real life ... that what is promised is often not You have to wait 3 years, but "three times three" ... then thanks for that too! As a certain "lover of pork" said in the film "Chapaev": "In war, a pig is a gift from God!" ... Therefore, even though "some kind of no" R-37M, but let it be! And tama it can be improved! This is what we are going to do now with the whole "VO world"! soldier
    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I April 13 2020 10: 19 New
      Quote: Nikolaevich I
      at least "some" P-37M, but let it be! And tama can improve it! This is what we are going to do now with the whole "VO world"!

      To "combine" "range" and "overload" (that is, maneuverability ...), it is advisable to choose a "two-stage" scheme for constructing a "product"! The first stage (starting and accelerating ... accelerating and marching ...) can be equipped with both solid propellants and ramjet engines ... and developed on the basis of the R-37M or "180PD product" ... But the "distance last mile "! Here, before this distance, the second stage (warhead) is separated. And in the warhead (warhead), all conditions are created for high-precision guidance (up to the "kinetic strike" ...) and for "super-maneuverability"! 1.Active-passive radar seeker ... with AFAR .... millimeter range, millimeter-centimeter range, combined seeker (radar + IR) is not excluded; 2. DPU system for "super maneuverability"; 3. implementation of the "2 in 1" principle ... that is, instead of the "traditional charge", explosives are detonation-capable solid propellants! If necessary, such a unit "works" as an explosive charge and a rocket engine, which increases the probability of hitting a target ... 4. "Kinetic" target destruction or high-precision control of a narrow-radial fragmentation "beam"; 5. cluster warhead with the presence of several "small-caliber" (40-50 mm or 57-70 mm) interceptors with a seeker and an "super-maneuverability" unit ... All of the above can be "introduced" into the R-37M or RVV-AE-PD missiles by means of modernization !
    2. Vadim237
      Vadim237 April 13 2020 13: 23 New
      The P 37 is good against bombers - but against hypersonic low-flying and air-launched ballistic missiles, it is useless.
      1. Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I April 13 2020 13: 51 New
        Quote: Vadim237
        it is useless against hypersonic low-flying and aeroballistic air-based missiles.

        P-37? Yes ... and even the R-37M! But we should talk about a missile created on the basis of the R-37M ... the modernized R-37M ... let's say R-37M2 or R-37S (super)!
      2. Amateur
        Amateur April 13 2020 15: 00 New
        hypersonic low flying

        What is it like ?

        Like that?
  6. V.I.P.
    V.I.P. April 13 2020 08: 15 New
    As usual, everything from the category "will be", "soon, it is planned" ... And then our storytellers talk about thousands of fittings. boomerangs, kurgans, helicopter carriers, destroyers !!! (Wow, they still remember this name !!! and frigates have been doing it for decades.) They also write tales about the Su-57, about the PAK YES (but they are starting to do the TU-160 again) ... ... And what was originally planned , and what was then adopted for service is like with the AK-12 - a huge difference. That's when the troops will have something to clap and praise. And projects, cartoons and computer pictures, we have a carriage and a trolley to boot)))
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 April 13 2020 13: 24 New
      By 2027 everything will be - calm down.
  7. basmach
    basmach April 13 2020 08: 43 New
    And why the author took such a weight of 510 kg is the weight of the rocket before launch. After burning fuel, the weight will be half. GOS will not work on the entire trajectory, it turns on in the final section. Before that, an inertial system with correction from the carrier (in the image of P_27) works. So the enemy learns about the launch only at the moment of the start of the work of the Strategic Missile Forces. (in the overview mode, the pulse frequency is lower, and the warning system does not respond to this mode, only to the backlight). 9 g- this is overload, in which the pilot disconnects - this is not an astronaut. For intercepting the rocket overload should be 3-4 times higher than the target overload.
    1. Pavel57
      Pavel57 April 14 2020 23: 04 New
      To intercept the target, the overload of the rocket should be 2 times greater than the overload of the target.
  8. Chaldon48
    Chaldon48 April 13 2020 10: 48 New
    Oh, and these long-range products will become "valuable" and once again you need to think about whether the goal is to spend gold on it, which I think is enough in these products at one time I worked in factories where the filling is made for them.
    1. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek April 13 2020 11: 31 New
      BB missiles are generally expensive.
  9. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek April 13 2020 11: 30 New
    This is an answer to the fact that the number of MiG-31s ​​is finite and there must also be a carrier of the "long arm", especially since the radar on the Su35S does not quite correspond to that on the fresh versions of the MiG-31BM. It remains to modernize the Su30SM to the level of the Su35S (or better, immediately on the AFAR) and equip them with these missiles. Slowly, as we discussed, Sukhoi is becoming a long-range interceptor fighter ...
  10. Operator
    Operator April 13 2020 11: 38 New
    If the RVV-DB at a distance of 180 km (at the end of engine operation) has an available overload of 20 g, then it is capable of intercepting any aircraft whose available overload does not exceed 10 g (in fact, 9 g is a limitation on the capabilities of the pilot).

    If the RVV-BD is equipped with pulsed transverse thrust engines that fire when approaching the target after passing the 180 km boundary, the missile will be able to hit any aircraft at a maximum flight distance of 280 km (indicated in the article).

    The only problem of the RVV-DB is the absence of AFAR as part of the ARGSN, which allows you to tune away from any radar interference.
    1. Amateur
      Amateur April 13 2020 15: 04 New
      AFAR, which allows you to tune out from any radar interference.

      The interference is eliminated by processing algorithms and the corresponding software, and not by the technology of forming the antenna lobe.
      1. Operator
        Operator April 13 2020 15: 50 New
        AFAR allows you to create a "hole" in the radiation pattern to the source of interference. No software can help to implement this in PFAR or parabolic antennas.
        1. Amateur
          Amateur April 13 2020 17: 08 New
          will help to implement this in PFAR

          At the expense of the parabola - right. She works on another physical principle of scanning space.
          But can you explain how the phased array antenna (PAR) differs from the active phased array (AFAR) in terms of the formation of the antenna beam pattern? fool
          1. Operator
            Operator April 13 2020 19: 31 New
            AFAR - matrix receiver, VFAR - point.
            1. Amateur
              Amateur April 13 2020 19: 43 New
              AFAR - matrix receiver, PFAR - point.

              You would also write that they are of different colors. Note: radar is a transceiver. What is - you can look on the Internet. Good luck!
              1. Operator
                Operator April 13 2020 19: 48 New
                Quote: Amateur

                Not for nothing, that means, in the Russian-language version, the technique is in the first place. What is active phased reception of reflected radar can always be seen on the Internet.
                1. Amateur
                  Amateur April 13 2020 19: 53 New

                  To accept something, you must first transmit something. The radar operates on different principles than Russian philology.
    2. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek April 14 2020 14: 06 New
      It would be nice to first equip the carriers with AFAR ....
  11. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I April 13 2020 11: 47 New
    KRPD-TT "371" ramjet engine with a giant specific impulse of thrust of 500-700 s and the ability to control the intensity of the powdery solid fuel charge into the combustion chamber, which ultimately allows you to save a significant part of the solid fuel charge up to the terminal portion of the trajectory, providing this missile air combat high ... Pearl! Fall away! "Klava, I'm lying!" ... Does the Author even understand how a ramjet engine with a solid-fuel gas generator works? what Judging by the "supply of a powdery solid fuel charge to the combustion chamber" - no! As we understand, ramjet engines are "divided" into "liquid" and "solid-fuel" engines! Currently, there is a "fashion" for "solid fuel" ramjet or ramjet with a "solid fuel" gas generator! Such a gas generator is a "stick" of solid fuel ... "of the" solid propellant rocket "type. But, unlike solid propellant rocket motors, the gas generator has a "lowered" ratio of fuel and oxidizer (ie, less oxidizer!). Such a "checker" - "does not burn, but smolders", figuratively speaking! Therefore, in the generated "gas" there are a lot of combustible substances that did not have enough oxygen for complete combustion! It is this "gas" that enters the ramjet combustion chamber! A "variety" is also possible: "checker", "clean" of combustible material in the "shell", "solid propellant rocket motor" ... And Damantsev would recall the story of the powder pulp and the cause of powder granulation! By the way, it remains to say that the "powdery Damantsev engine" is an alternative (!) ... quasi-liquid-propellant rocket engine with gel-like (quasi-liquid) fuel!
  12. Varaga
    Varaga April 13 2020 12: 36 New
    Yes, frankly speaking, there are not many people who want to communicate with ours and without these missiles. And now even more so.
  13. sinoptic
    sinoptic April 13 2020 12: 44 New
    I heard that the power ratio of both the R-77 and AIM-120D is approximately the same and the corresponding indicators of 110 km (R-77) and 180 km (AIM-120D) are the result of various assessment methods.
    We measure the distance (180km) from the launch point to the point of impact, ours measure (110km) - the range at which the missile is effective, controllable and poses a threat to the enemy.
    In addition, at such extreme distances, real air battles are not conducted, sort of.
    1. Cyril G ...
      Cyril G ... April 19 2020 21: 27 New
      Really effective RVV SD launch range is unlikely to be greater than 0.3xLaunch max. Watch real fights from the 80s to today ...
  14. rica1952
    rica1952 April 13 2020 12: 46 New
    In short, a rocket for low-speed drills like refueling tanks, tankers, etc. We need a rocket like .. Meteor..with overloads up to 20g, we don’t have this yet.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 April 13 2020 13: 29 New
      Most of the air-to-air missiles currently in service with the Air Force are the P 33, P 27 of the latest P 73 modifications, and order the rest three hundred a year.
      1. Pavel57
        Pavel57 April 13 2020 15: 09 New
        Thinking out loud -

        A meteor is a wonderful rocket, most likely for all the main ranges of military use, except at high altitudes, where the ramjet efficiency drops sharply.
        Starting at 300 km is possible at maximum speed and at altitudes close to maximum and most likely requires special quasi-ballistic trajectories.
        The launch range depends on the maneuvering of the target. Maximum range - the target flies at us at maximum speed and does not maneuver. If she has time to turn around, then the rocket will not catch up with her.
        The range of guaranteed defeat - on which, at any maneuver of the target, it will be hit (according to the supply of energy, that is, the ability to respond to maneuvering the target).
        This range is not more than 50% of the maximum for different situations and different types of targets.
    2. Pavel57
      Pavel57 April 17 2020 01: 59 New
      We do not have missiles like Meteor, but there are others with the possibility of reaching 20 g or more.
  15. Angry
    Angry April 13 2020 21: 23 New
    In short, it is necessary to develop missile defense for fighters and other aircraft from explosive missiles. It seems that nothing is impossible in this regard. We take NURS S-8, fasten the head from the MANPADS and hang such a block on the airplane. We send everything that flies to us to meet our invention. All airborne explosive devices are small, with aerodynamic surfaces, enough detonation in the immediate vicinity and it will "break". And you don't need to hit.
  16. Arthur 85
    Arthur 85 April 14 2020 15: 25 New
    I wonder how evasion, for example, with a centripetal acceleration of 10 Will help the plane to get away from the missile going head-on? Even if she turns with an acceleration of only 5 Same? It is necessary to have awesome nerves to turn away when she already "does not have time." And so she will go along the hypotenuse, because, unlike the pilot, she "thinks" almost instantly.
    Or a 180-degree turn so that it doesn’t catch up, or develops fuel, breaking the system, burning your fuel in supersonic mode ...