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Stanislav Tarasov: Turkey can change foreign policy vectors

Stanislav Tarasov: Turkey can change foreign policy vectors

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan officially appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a sensational request to accept Turkey as a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). He said this in an interview with "24 TV". "Despite the fact that we have done a lot for European integration and even created a separate ministry, but French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel blocked this process. Before Sarkozy and Merkel arrived, I participated in summits of EU leaders. Afterwards, it was decided to minimize relations with us But we have not suffered from this. Now everything is before our eyes, where is Europe, where are we, is it unknown whether Europe will remain until 2023, I offered Putin to accept Turkey to the SCO, and he promised me to consider this issue with other partners on this organizations "- stated the head of the Turkish government.

Let's start with the fact that back in 2005 Turkey achieved official recognition by the European Union of its status as a candidate for EU membership. After this, the accession negotiation process, including 36 global sections or "chapters", was launched. These include aspects such as civil society norms, principles of freedom of the media, norms of civilian control over the special services and the armed forces, mechanisms for regulating all types of markets, ways to control migration, concluding various agreements on free exchanges with the EU and much more. These talks go and go with constant pauses. She also had an intrigue when Ankara threatened to “freeze” its relations with the EU in protest of the entry of the Republic of Cyprus into the EU presidency on July 1. In response, Turkey promised to launch a program to abolish the visa regime with the EU countries - and nothing more.

It was at the time of this complex negotiation process at the summit of the SCO Heads of State in Beijing that Turkey received the status of a dialogue partner. But then this fact, many Turkish politicians, and the media, did not try to particularly advertise. Now the situation has changed, and, above all, in the economic sphere. The fact is that the current model of the Turkish economy is mainly focused on the export of products to European countries. But in the conditions of the economic and financial crisis experienced by the European economy, the level of consumption of Turkish goods began to fall noticeably, which already affects the state of the country's economy. Turkey’s failure to justify itself that, as EU Minister Egemen Bagis said, “Turkey can assist the EU in overcoming the crisis, since its economy is the strongest and healthiest in Europe”. Europe refuses to help Turkey. At the same time, many Turkish experts had previously warned the government about the need to reorient the commodity-economic flow from the West to the East. There, where, unlike in Europe, integration processes are gaining strength. The Customs Union works, the Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC) operates, the structures of the Common Economic Space (CES) are built, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) are gaining strength. But in order to work in this region of the world, Turkey will have to undergo a serious revision of the means and methods with which it tried to achieve its goal - strengthening the status of a leading regional power.

Recall that in recent years, Ankara has been doing a lot in terms of establishing cooperation, primarily with neighboring Islamic countries. However, in the course of events related to the phenomenon of the so-called "Arab spring", the American list became more pronounced in Turkey’s foreign policy, which led to a narrowing of the range of its main directions of the country's foreign policy. Paradox: the implementation of the current foreign policy led to the fact that the country was not only in the "ring of enemies", but also began to balance on the verge of involvement in a regional war, fraught with it even for the loss of part of their territories in the event of a "Kurdish child". This is how the scenario, which the Turkish Daily wrote about in the 2007 year, is carried out, warning that the United States, supporting the establishment of Kurdish statehood in Iraq, will leave Turkey without alternative action options.

However, as it turns out after the Erdogan interview, now for Ankara the SCO membership is an alternative way out. At the same time, the head of the Turkish government is trying to gain time so that the effect of the role it plays is not resolved - for the first time in its latest stories - Turkey in the Middle East. Moreover, the SCO countries, having accepted Turkey into their ranks in the status of a partner, did not stipulate this for any political conditions, which means that they recognize Turkey as the leading regional power.

On the other hand, for Turkey, the intensification of cooperation with the countries of Eurasia opens up unprecedented horizons for the export of its products and participation in large-scale energy projects. We note another important feature. One of the main principles of the SCO is to ensure regional security and stability. This is the focus of the 2013-2015 Cooperation Program on Combating Terrorism, Separatism and Extremism and the new edition of the Provision on Political-Diplomatic Measures and Response Mechanisms to Situations Threatening Peace, Security and Stability in the Region. So, Ankara again faces a serious choice in its future foreign policy strategy.

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  1. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 30 July 2012 07: 21
    If the Turks do not do stupid things with SYRIA (as in the case of a shot down plane of the Turkish Air Force) they may be drawn into the war to the delight of the US State Department. A thin world is always better than a good war.
    1. esaul
      esaul 30 July 2012 07: 54
      Quote: Leha e-mine
      If the Turks don't do stupid things

      Alexey, salute. Here the Turks make a very multi-vector move ...
      ---- They make a warning to Europeans that the long process of pickling them as candidates for EU accession may be bothering the Turks. And here - please - an alternative. Stir, gentlemen, Europeans, until we (the Turks) have lost our appetite!

      ---- He plots himself a plot, in case the EU starts to successfully stick together fins.

      ---- He makes a curtsy in the direction of Russia in the event that if the aggravation of the Middle East conflict begins to go into the hot phase, so that Russia means that it is not advisable to hammer a potential SCO partner into the crown.
      1. Yura
        Yura 30 July 2012 13: 51
        Quote: esaul
        It makes a curtsy in the direction of Russia in the event that if the aggravation of the Middle East conflict begins to go into the hot phase, so that Russia means that it is not advisable to hammer a potential SCO partner into the crown.

        Maybe this is most likely so, and even more than that, it looks like some kind of blackmail of their partners, but the fact of the appearance of such statements speaks of a turning point in the view of global politics. The resulting choice of priority for countries such as Turkey speaks of the real weight of Russia and China as countries pursuing an independent policy, as countries that are really trying to prevent the massacre, as countries with fair relations with all, and finally, as countries of real strength.
      2. Ilyich
        Ilyich 31 July 2012 01: 31
        Valery, welcome! 100% sensible and winning move on all sides by the Turks.
        Only you forgot to mention such an important factor that with this statement they are semaphores to the states: “Guys, you have already gotten us with your game with one goal. Look where your ambitions have led us: we can really lose a piece of our territory together with the Kurds, who are on live in this territory. If you do not start taking into account our interests (and in this situation we want to take into account very large and many interests), we will simply go to the camp of your rivals, and fuck with your problems yourself. "

        And also, it seems to me that everything is not so simple.
        What is Turkey?
        Turkey is a direct descendant of the Ottomans - a country that owned half of the world. If Russia remembers its past, then why do we refuse the same historical memory to the Turks ???
        Yes, 250 years have passed since the heyday. Yes, Turkey is now a second-rate regional power. Yes, nothing shines for her in the millstones of the "big uncles" - Russia and the United States. But who is ready to answer that the Turks have forgotten their great past? (And it really was great, even though they were our geopolitical opponents)
        What kind of people would like that bandits without a clan and tribe wipe their feet? Moreover, the people who remember their great past. We didn’t like it. Why should the Turks like this?
        The time of "muddy water" is coming in the world. And the Turks also want to catch their goldfish in it: to regain their weight and status as one of the great powers.
        If Erdogan’s statement is not a bluff or a fake of the Network, then the best time has been chosen: Russia will carry such an ally on its hands, because it didn’t come all right then, but when it’s still pretty bad. Well, for us, the appearance of such an ally is difficult to overestimate.

        Note also one more significant thing: Erdogan turned not to China, to Russia and (which is also interesting) personally to Putin. This is the priority of real politics: Erdogan already knows who and how will steer in this alliance.

        P.S. I think Putin is now in a light shock. He hardly expected his work to produce such results, and so quickly. I think he doesn’t even know what to do with it now. a lot will depend on his answer. The fate of the world. (And Syria in particular) And this is, without the slightest exaggeration, agree.
    2. Yoshkin Kot
      Yoshkin Kot 30 July 2012 19: 49
      voo only the Turks and we did not have enough! first, let the cross on NATO be torn Sofia will be restored! laughing
      1. 755962
        755962 31 July 2012 01: 04
        Turkey will continue to provide a logistics base for mercenaries arriving from "liberated" Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Lebanon. They are cheating .... In relations with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, Putin has strong leverage. Erdogan was in Moscow just before the July 19 UN Security Council vote to discuss the situation in Syria with Putin. Turkey is the second largest buyer of Russian natural gas, about 80 percent of its natural gas comes from state-controlled Gazprom. The entire Turkish strategy of the “energy hub”, which plays a key role in gas flows from Eurasia and the Middle East to Europe, depends on Russian and Iranian gas. A year ago, a $ 10 million gas pipeline agreement was signed between Iran, Iraq and Syria from the giant Iranian South Pars field to Iraq, Syria and further to Turkey, with access eventually to Europe.
  2. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 30 July 2012 07: 28
    It is doubtful that the Turks will leave the arrogant-Saxon wake, they are not the first century in this wake ... they are cracking sewage, they will lick out of the habit of the British-Amerian ass.
    And with their show offs and flirting with the SCO and others, they stuff themselves a stupid price tag ...
    1. alexng
      alexng 30 July 2012 11: 34
      Yes, they already have a candle under their ass on the Kurdish question, and they combed it. Got game in one word. But Assad did a good job throwing a surprise to the Turks, and one that didn’t turn away.
  3. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 30 July 2012 07: 29
    Do we need it? Turkey supports the terrorists and licks Uncle Sam all the fissures. If Turkey wants to join the SCO, it is only to raise its own rating. It doesn’t work in the EU, so you need to enter somewhere else. And then Turkey is not our ally, and it has never been a current, the profit from Turkey’s entry is a penny, but problems on the ruble.
    1. Ustas
      Ustas 30 July 2012 09: 04
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      It doesn’t work in the EU, so you need to enter somewhere else.

      Oh come on. There will be only one option, to enter into What has been doing with success lately, fulfilling impudently Saka wishes.
    2. Yeraz
      Yeraz 30 July 2012 16: 23
      Well, Alexander has a different concept of a terrorist. For us, Kurds are terrorists, for you are Chechens, for Israel is Palestinians, for amers are Muslims. When interests coincide, they don’t pay attention to such things. It will be beneficial for Russia to be an ally with Turkey and vice versa.
      1. Tersky
        Tersky 30 July 2012 16: 54
        Quote: Yeraz
        .For us, the Kurds are terrorists, for you Chechens, for Israel Palestinians, for Amers all Muslims.

        Ali, the terrorists have no nationality, and for any nation, whether it be Russian, Jews, or Germans.
        1. Yeraz
          Yeraz 30 July 2012 20: 51
          I forgot to indicate PKK) But every terrorist has a national character. They haven’t fallen from the moon. For us, the leadership of Armenia is not a terrorist for you. It depends where you come from and from what position. During the war, we considered the Chechens to be their landowners as terrorists but when they captured the hospital ... then we stopped considering some of them as liberators. Everything in this world is conditionally today, tomorrow is not so.
      2. 11Goor11
        11Goor11 30 July 2012 20: 38
        Is it when the whole nation as such is written down as an enemy is not fascism?
        They fought not against the Germans, but against Nazi Germany, not against the Chechens, but against the Wahhabis.
        1. Yeraz
          Yeraz 31 July 2012 11: 15
          and in Nazi Germany, soldiers of what nationality. Did they choose this government or didn’t they support it? Or didn’t the Chechen people fight you? We all know the percentage of mercenaries was scanty. And do you think the Wahhabis made the Chechens fight. Wahhabis themselves were not Chechens?
          1. Yura
            Yura 31 July 2012 13: 01
            Quote: Yeraz
            and in Nazi Germany what kind of soldiers

            For the fascist regime in Hitler's Germany, in addition to the Germans, Czechs, Romanians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Finns, Italians fought with Russia, I probably have not named everyone, very often there is not a question of nationality but a question of ideology. --------------------- Yeraz - "Or was it not the Chechen people who fought with you? Everyone knows in percentage terms the number of mercenaries was scanty. And do you think the Wahhabis forced the Chechens to fight . And weren't the Wahhabis themselves Chechens? " ------------------------------ Almost everyone who fought on the side not of the Chechens, mind you, but of the Wahhabis, fought for money for each explosion, for each killed, for each terrorist act they received money, therefore it does not matter whether they are newcomers or they are mercenaries from the place, so again there is a religious ideology, and the Wahhabis Chechens are such a small part of them that you don't even have to talk about it seriously.
            1. Yeraz
              Yeraz 31 July 2012 18: 50
              It’s useless to argue for a long time. Let's just say that you are more tolerant, and I’m more nationalist)
  4. Rashid
    Rashid 30 July 2012 07: 46
    Or maybe there are other reasons? A NATO member country will fit into the peace-loving (without irony) SCO family, while actively undermining the situation in Syria, i.e. acting directly opposite to the goals of the SCO. Then you need to set the entry conditions. Most likely, this is another trick on the part of the United States with a "misdirected Cossack".
    1. Crumbumbes
      Crumbumbes 30 July 2012 08: 36

      I agree, perhaps this country will become a dissident in the SCO, it is possible that this is a new amer trick.

      although in geopolitical terms it would be out of place, its location on the map ... if you take it only on very good. harsh conditions and tight control, as she is still a chain dog of amers ...
    2. LTL70
      LTL70 30 July 2012 09: 22
      The role of the "sent Cossack" is nothing new to the Turks. (in the foreway of the "impudent Saka" policy, they learned to telepathic in pursuit of a piece from the master's table) But an uninvited guest is worse than a Mongol (a well-known proverb). And the fact that the Turks are now tossing about between 3 pines: the Arabs (Muslims), the EU, the SCO is their problem! In order not to ask in an aspiration to become a superpower in the region, one must not suck a mumble, but make a decision (and the Turks are cowardly, especially when they are left alone). And what vector they will take for the direction of their policy will be shown by the events in Syria!
    3. vvvvv
      vvvvv 30 July 2012 15: 27
      Well, and if you set the condition for following the foreign policy of Russia ?! Let the Amer bases, radars be removed, act on the side of Assad and Ahmadinejad, and then step into the SCO. It would be okay. Even before the heap can they join the customs union?! ... laughing
      1. lewerlin53rus
        lewerlin53rus 30 July 2012 18: 57
        Quote: vvvvv
        Let the Amer bases, radars,

        And make NATO a pen wink
    4. Shulz-1955
      Shulz-1955 31 July 2012 03: 10
      And I think everyone just wants stability instead of promises from the West. let them come in if it's serious
  5. Opertak
    Opertak 30 July 2012 07: 55
    To begin with, let the American missile defense station be closed on its territory. Then we'll talk.
    1. Bort radist
      Bort radist 30 July 2012 08: 40
      There will be many conditions for entry! Lavrov and Churkin will try!
  6. Vasily79
    Vasily79 30 July 2012 08: 19
    Here PVV and vlapyatsya and want to bite but FIG you know what then will be with a chair.
    1. nickname 1 and 2
      nickname 1 and 2 30 July 2012 10: 22
      No, no, precedent -! , it costs a lot !
      An example - contagious? And why not sow in their ranks - infection?
      And besides - STRAIGHT! We bow low - allow the passage of our fleet!

      Again, beaches, Ukraine - there will be MANY THINK - you can’t wait for the Russians to rest!
  7. dojjdik
    dojjdik 30 July 2012 08: 31
    conditions for Erdogan-to remove all the mercenaries of the imaginary "opposition" from the border regions of Syria; prohibit flights of any air force over its territory (Israel in the first place); well, open a corridor for the delivery of "humanitarian aid" to Syria; maybe Erdogan is not a hypocrite and will agree to these conditions?
    1. nickname 1 and 2
      nickname 1 and 2 30 July 2012 11: 07
      the event is not so familiar! What is not immediately possible to fully appreciate!
      Perhaps one should EXPLAIN: The ice has broken .......
      And maybe the NIIII does not need any conditions (BIG CRASHES have already begun under the carpet and HUGE CANDYES have rolled out - DO THE TURKS STAND AND WERE GOING TO STAND ?????) The hour of TRUTH has come!

      It seems to me - from our side, IT IS NECESSARY to offer the BIGGEST - lures! IT - it's worth it - for anyone!
  8. patriot2
    patriot2 30 July 2012 08: 36
    Interesting girls are dancing, a member country of NATO in the SCO? Or didn’t catch something, but then let them first come out of the Nata, then in the SCO? Erdogan wants to sit on two chairs at once.
  9. Bort radist
    Bort radist 30 July 2012 08: 38
    And if the truth is asked, many houses of cards will stagger - just the opening of the "second front" !?
  10. Oleg0705
    Oleg0705 30 July 2012 08: 53
    It is impossible to serve two masters at once.
    1. nickname 1 and 2
      nickname 1 and 2 30 July 2012 09: 40
      Here-here = Blame turnip cards - right!
      But it seems to me that this is a BIG and completely different level of POLICY!
      If OURS are guessed, of course, but, THIS IS A 180 U-Turn - who knows?
      Maybe it's a RAT - leaving the ship?
      Maybe the Turks have a SCENT?
      (((((((((It is still unknown whether Europe will survive until 2023.)))))))))))
      Why until 2023 ?
      On the other hand: NASTY TO FEEL UNWANTED !!
      Why are they nasty? What they do not accept?
      1. Oleg0705
        Oleg0705 30 July 2012 10: 14
        You posted interesting versions and all workers what
  11. sergo0000
    sergo0000 30 July 2012 09: 15
    Erdogan got to the game with amers. Now the Kurds are chopping up the territory, as then you will explain to the Turks that you seem to put on a favorite and turned out to be without pants ... and a scanty state. It is terrible. They will ripen! :-) bully Noticed. Let Amer schools close schools and universities and leave NATO, but then we'll see!
  12. afire
    afire 30 July 2012 09: 42
    the topic with two birds with one stone is more relevant now among the Turks and they will not be accepted as an equal participant in the SCO, since there are enough jambs. They will remain like dogs from Amers, just a check for lice, they threw a fishing rod))
  13. rinzhak
    rinzhak 30 July 2012 10: 06
    mean Turkey will soon be covered by a wave of revolutions ...
  14. scrack
    scrack 30 July 2012 10: 16
    Let the Turks leave NATO, refuse to join the EU, and we will think
    1. Shulz-1955
      Shulz-1955 31 July 2012 03: 16
      There will be consultations and everything will become clear.
  15. urich
    urich 30 July 2012 10: 17
    Be that as it may, the good news. No one above drew attention to the fact that Turkey, our immediate neighbors. And be that as it may, in recent years it has been possible to agree with Turkey on strategic issues. Do I have to remind anyone that the South Stream is ALREADY being built thanks to the Turks? After all, the Turks understood that with this treaty with Russia they put an end to Nabucco. I think they were pressed there by European friends there, too. Besides. Even in the worst years, Turkey, being a member of NATO, even in small numbers, but bought our weapons! You need to be friends with Turkey. Although, as they say, the East is a delicate matter! One write, two in mind ...
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay 30 July 2012 14: 47
      Dear Sergey!
      Everything is not so simple, Nabucco changed the name and partners and begin to build!
      It’s called in my opinion TANAP and West Nabucco!
      Azerbaijan buried Nabucco in the form that western companies wanted to build, since the companies participating in the consortium wanted Azerbaijan to build this pipe with its money from income, but did not give money back guarantees!
      Then Turkey and Azerbaijan without intermediaries decided to build and named the TANAP pipeline!
      And of course you need to be friends, it’s perspective!
      today one article was published in NG
  16. Magadan
    Magadan 30 July 2012 10: 37
    Yes, I am only for! Tired of already having a dog ride with the Turks. People understand each other, they are even friends. Moreover, there are still no gay pride parades and they do not make national heroes of killer maniacs. In a word, the tolerance has not yet blossomed in full flavor. So let us, in the family of normal nations
  17. volcano
    volcano 30 July 2012 11: 30
    Drawing Turkey into our vector of politics can bring us such dividends that we never dreamed of. (Straits ...... straits) ....... the question is how about NATO.
    And in general, how serious are the Turks? Maybe this is just a stone in the EU garden and nothing more?
    If not, it is very interesting. Turkey has been at war with Russia for so many years ... who has so much drank to us (and we to them) blood. And to friends?
    Well, God forbid. We are always happy to meet new friends.
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 30 July 2012 12: 02
      Quote: volkan
      Turkey has been at war with Russia for so many years ..

      There were already precedents for normal relations. EMNIP, the Soviet government supported Turkey at the time of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire against the Anglo-Franks, as a result we got a relatively calm border in the Caucasus, incl. and in 1941-1945. Now the situation in Turkey is not ah (at least recall the recent mass arrests of the military), the EU has not been allowed to enter the EU for several decades, NATO did not sign during the incident with the downed Phantom, the Kurds are worried, so they began to roll "trial balloons", what is possible stir up the SCO. Let's see, "by their fruits you will know them."
  18. sasha.28blaga
    sasha.28blaga 30 July 2012 11: 54
    After a good fight, fighters usually become good friends. The best friend is the one who won.
  19. Pilot200809
    Pilot200809 30 July 2012 12: 13
    Now the Kurds will give life to the Turks, as in a proverb ... don’t dig another hole, you’ll fall into it yourself. ... so with the Turks
  20. patriot2
    patriot2 30 July 2012 12: 44
    dojjdik, a good idea about an air corridor to Syria through the Black Sea and Turkey, but to implement this good idea, you need a little thing - their go-ahead for the flight of aviation after leaving Nata. Amers will not be released from the Turks, and even a pig is being prepared by the name of "independent Kurdistan". Erdogan is in an unenviable position.
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay 30 July 2012 14: 38
      Dear Nikolai!
      Yes, they will not leave NATO!
      At least for the foreseeable future !!
      1. Shulz-1955
        Shulz-1955 31 July 2012 03: 20
        No need to guess, we're not gypsies, let's see how it goes
  21. Recon
    Recon 30 July 2012 12: 44
    I think it's worth making friends. We have a huge turnover, millions of tourists have a rest there (including myself), and this is a gigantic market for the sale of energy resources, weapons and nuclear technologies. Turks smell that it smells fried. One question - what to do with the USA and NATO?
  22. Voron65
    Voron65 30 July 2012 13: 01
    Quote: esaul
    Here the Turks make a very multi-vector move ...
    ---- They make a warning to Europeans that the long process of pickling them as candidates for EU accession may be bothering the Turks. And here - please - an alternative. Stir, gentlemen, Europeans, until we (the Turks) have lost our appetite!

    ---- He plots himself a plot, in case the EU starts to successfully stick together fins.

    ---- He makes a curtsy in the direction of Russia in the event that if the aggravation of the Middle East conflict begins to go into the hot phase, so that Russia means that it is not advisable to hammer a potential SCO partner into the crown.

    the prospect of the first option is most likely, too much will have to change the Turks in other situations, and in the first place to abandon pan-Turkism.
  23. bremest
    bremest 30 July 2012 13: 30
    It would be very attractive to have Turkey among the allies, but the latter should help in stabilizing the situation in Syria, otherwise on the border with Turkey there will be puppet forces that will begin to tear Turkey as Syria. It would also be good to leave Turkey from NATO and remove missile defense radars from its territory .........
  24. kNow
    kNow 30 July 2012 14: 34
    Turkey is an American torpedo in the Middle East. It was not possible to shove into the European Union, now they will try to shove into the SCO.
  25. vezunchik
    vezunchik 30 July 2012 15: 36
    If we stop trips to Turkey and purchase consumer goods, Turkey will end! No one from Western countries will help her. Turkey has one option - the SCO. And the question with Syria was probably probed.
    1. Yeraz
      Yeraz 30 July 2012 16: 47
      oh, you’re giving straight lines to the series that we’ll close the bazaars. Azerbaijan will fall apart. You see how many percent of the total tour package is occupied by Russian citizens (and Russian citizens are not always Russian). The Germans go no less than you. They have an imbalance in goods turnover, they buy much more from you than you have with them. Do not overestimate your role in the Turkish economy.
  26. wolverine7778
    wolverine7778 30 July 2012 16: 22
    Turkey is an independent state and has the right to pursue a multi-vector policy, but the principle of sitting on two or three chairs can lead to a break in pants, all the same, it covertly says inconsistency,
    volatility and throwing between geopolitical partners. And if Turkey positions itself as a serious regional power with a sweep, then this is somehow not serious wassat
  27. DimYang
    DimYang 30 July 2012 16: 30
    I would not be in a hurry to take the Turks as friends or at least as hypothetical partners. Apparently, we don’t know. And what we can only guess about, well, this is just speculation. Personally, I don’t know why Erdogan would have it. Although there is a long smell of a big war. Erdogan, I think, still expresses the opinion of the majority of his people, and there (he was and spoke with many ordinary Turks) unanimously against NATO. But these are just people, but I don’t know how their military men are. I know that among the Turks, the military is a special very privileged category and it depends a lot on it. And like Erdogan with her, that is, with this category. Maybe inside a political game, or maybe not. I can’t draw any concrete conclusions so far. And you, as friends, what do you think? After all, this is a NATO country in no way. But the SCO is still an organization with a military bias.
  28. Jungar
    Jungar 30 July 2012 17: 07
    Water has gone! Interestingly, Erdogan turns to Putin, not to China. I would not look for sophisticated tricks here, although of course the Turks proceed from their interests, but the fact that these interests are developed in the direction of Russia is an extremely significant thing. There are many reasons for this. The Turks do not need a war at hand, threatens a complete catastrophe, and without Russia this problem can not be solved. The European economy is skidding and the Turks have one way out - to expand the economy to the Asian region, again without Russia this cannot be done (this is not only a matter of tourism). The Turks, of course, are in NATO, but this decrepit structure can no longer cope with its tasks, and here the gradually growing military power of the East, and again the military and political partnership of Russia and China dominates there. Industry needs raw materials and energy, and the safest and, in many ways, the only possible source, again stable Russia. The Turks are not rapidly degenerating Europeans, but cunning Asians, therefore they respond more quickly, and this is already the first evidence of an emerging trend.
  29. Bazilevs
    Bazilevs 30 July 2012 20: 06
    Greetings to all, in my philistine opinion, Turkey's behavior clearly shows a purely commercial, Istanbul-bazaar approach, with an application to the SCO, it seems to me, they clearly want to put pressure on someone in the west. Strong Turkey didn’t give in to us with its ambitions of "neo-osmania", historically Russia has only problems from the Turks, so even now with the question about Syria, let us think about it ...
  30. vadim58
    vadim58 30 July 2012 21: 20
    Many interesting thoughts in the comments. Until he stayed with the Turks, he treated them with coolness. But time goes on and a lot is changing. A lot of Russians began to live in Turkey, and this is no accident. Ordinary people have a very active feeling that they work 24 hours (and for $ 500 a month), they are very friendly to almost everyone (they recognize Russians right away and greet them in Russian), their knowledge of languages ​​is amazing (Russian, English, German) communicate quite freely with Scandinavians. Recently they lived there for a month; the feeling that everyone knows Russian is not surprising, because there, in the same Alanya, there is a Russian district, very beautiful and rich and the largest. A lot of Turks tell where they lived in RUSSIA (in Russian) complain that it is difficult to live in RUSSIA (well, if it’s difficult for the Russians themselves ....). In general, the feeling that they are ready for integration into the whole world. They usually have a lot of flags over Russian restaurants almost everywhere American and English, well, it’s not like that ....... As they wrote about LAVROV and CHURKIN, they need to think carefully so that Turkey becomes closer to us, it is obvious that the win-win!
  31. Abogdasarov
    Abogdasarov 31 July 2012 19: 21
    Leo ordered beautiful animals to line up on one side, and smart on the other. All animals parted, who left to right. Only a monkey runs here and there and here all laments: What am I to do, both smart and beautiful.

    but most likely it’s a bluff before Europe