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Addition to HOWA: Minebea PM-9 submachine gun


This is how Japanese soldiers fired from Minebea PM-9 in Iraq ... As you see, he has no stock

And I bear retribution in the name of the moon!
Usagi Tsukino / Sailormoon

Weapon and firms. That’s how it happens ... The material came out about a promising rifle of the Japanese army and the one and only photo in it, which did not even have a direct relation to it, aroused genuine interest in many VO readers. This is a submachine gun, which is in service with the Japanese paratrooper troops - Minebea PM-9. Moreover, Minebea is the name of the company that produces it. In the article, it was said that “the Japanese are not going to replace this 9-mm submachine gun based on the Israeli“ mini-Uzi ”. He already suits them! ” And it really is, but it’s interesting to learn more about it and, if there is such an opportunity, then why not find out? By the way, the example with this submachine gun is very revealing. The Japanese believe, and not without reason, that the frequent replacement of time-tested models of small arms, in general, is completely useless. The weapon must be reliable, convenient and well meet the specifics of its application, and in addition, also be cheap!

Addition to HOWA: Minebea PM-9 submachine gun
Minebea PM-9 prototype. The cuts on the case are made so that the operation of its mechanism is visible

Well, it started история of this Japanese submachine gun with the fact that it was the Israeli Uzi that the experts declared one of the most effective guns of its time almost immediately after it appeared in the mid-1950s. His popularity provided him with good sales, and some countries engaged in his (both licensed and unlicensed) production. Well, over time, other, even more compact samples appeared in his family, such as Mini-Uzi and Micro-Uzi. Borrow "Uzi" or copy it immediately began in many countries around the world. Somewhere it turned out worse, somewhere at the level of the base model ...

The first production sample of Minebea PM-9

When in the 1980s, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) had to choose compact automatic weapons for their various services and special units, their choice fell on the tried and tested Uzi. The production of the licensed sample was carried out by Minebea (formerly Nambu Arms Manufacturing Company), and the sample itself received the designation “PM-9”. It should be noted that by this time the company had already produced the Swiss semi-automatic service pistol SIG-Sauer P220, and the Japanese especially liked the fact that this new model could be produced on the same equipment. At the same time, the PM-9 was not a priority, since it was primarily intended for arming the soldiers of the second and third lines, such as gunners, drivers of vehicles, crews of military vehicles and security personnel. Some of them were also supposed to go into service with the Japanese special forces, fighters who quickly appreciated its firepower in close combat and compactness. The latter was of great importance precisely in Japan, since the Japanese themselves never differed in heroic growth and physique.

What is good about Japanese weapons editions is that they provide beautiful graphic images. This is the difference between Model Grafix magazine and many other magazines. The location of the slots of the flame arrester-compensator, which is screwed onto the barrel of a much shorter length, is very clearly visible. There are holes on the store that help to judge its filling.

And here is a bag for carrying it along with a belt system

Types of PM-9 in a perspective view

In fact, it cannot be said that the Japanese were in such a hurry with the development of a submachine gun. The only notable Japanese design was created after the Second World War, the Nambu M66 (or SCK Model 65/66), it was clearly far from ideal. It was developed in the early 1960s by the Japanese company Shin Chuo Kogyo (SCK) and subsequently adopted by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. Due to strict Japanese laws, this submachine gun was never taken out of Japan. The SCK-66 submachine gun, which appeared a little later, looked similar to the Model 65, but had a lower rate of fire.

The cocking handle has a slot for easy aiming, as it is located on top, and it also has a plate that closes the hole in which it moves, preventing dirt and dust from getting inside

In general, it was a simple weapon firing from an open shutter and only fully in automatic mode. The sleeve outlet had a dust cover that had to be opened manually before shooting, since it had a small protrusion that blocked the shutter if the cover was closed. This safety feature was complemented by an automatic fuse in the form of a sufficiently long lever located at the rear of the store receiver. To turn it off, the shooter must hold on to it with his left hand and firmly press it to the store case. The magazine platoon handle was on the right side of the receiver and remained stationary when fired. The barrel had a tubular casing, which, for some reason, did not have holes or slots for cooling. The folding butt was made of thin steel pipes. Considering this submachine gun, we can say that its design was influenced by such foreign models as Carl Gustav SMG and the American M3 Grease Gun. However, the heavy weight, 4 kg without cartridges, as well as the dimensions did not leave him any chances after the appearance of the Uzi.

"Front sight" and shutter handle

And it is not surprising that, comparing their previous model and the Israeli Uzi, Japanese engineers transferred many of its characteristic features (in particular, the shape of the Mini Uzi) to their new submachine gun. And so, in fact, the PM-9 was born. It also used the ubiquitous 9x19 mm pistol cartridge, but they made a magazine for it with 25 rounds and not 30. The magazine was inserted into the pistol grip in the same way, but, unlike the Israeli model, the Japanese put a second on their submachine gun the handle, which was carried out almost under the barrel, which facilitated the management of weapons, especially when firing in automatic mode. The sights were on the top panel of the rectangular receiver and had the most common device.

The upgraded sample has lost all its “wood"!

Window view for ejection of spent cartridges

The total weight of the new submachine gun has decreased by half and has now become 2,8 kg with a total length of 399 mm. Barrel length 120 mm. The rate of fire was high - 1100 rounds per minute, but the effective firing range dropped to 100 meters. Bullet speed - 247 m / s.

This photo shows quite clearly that a tactical flashlight, a laser target designator, and even an optical sight can be mounted on a submachine gun!

And in general, the soldiers of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces are equipped very cool!

Moreover, here the Japanese turned out to be true to themselves and, for the sake of maximizing the cost of production, they trimmed both handles with wood and only later they were modernized and received plastic handles.

They are armed with sailors ...

And they constantly train with them ...

And skydivers (front view) ...

And the back view ... That's how they run with them!

And so they shoot from them, having decorated their physiognomy with camouflage!

The submachine gun was put into service in 1990, and from then until now it continues to carry out limited service in various units of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. In JSDF, it is referred to as a 9 mm submachine gun (9 mm 銃 拳 銃, Kyumiri Kikan Kenjū), or as M9, and is a product exclusively made in Japan. By analogy with the Israeli "mini-Uzi" PM-9 has a telescopic shutter, but differs from it both in its appearance and operational combat characteristics. In addition to Japan, in accordance with Japanese law, it is no longer shipped anywhere. This is a national weapon!

And whole units go out to admire the blossoming sakura!

Although this submachine gun has served in the Japanese military for many years, since 2009, JSDF officials have been considering replacing it. One of the possible examples is the very famous Heckler & Koch MP5. However, 11 years have passed, and the M5 has not yet appeared in Japan!
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  1. Amateur
    Amateur April 13 2020 18: 10
    It turns out that "playful hands" can spoil not only "Kalashnikov", but also "Uzi".
    1. Bad_gr
      Bad_gr April 14 2020 00: 12
      Quote: Amateur
      "playful hands" can spoil not only "Kalashnikov", but also "Uzi"
      That's for sure. Looking at this miracle, the question immediately arises: why the hell to make such a short barrel, which then needs to be extended with a special compensator? why the barrel was not extended to the length of the weapon (to the place where the lower handle ends)?
      The phrase in the article puzzled me a little:
      ... which is screwed onto the trunk significantly shorter length...
      I understood the meaning, but not immediately.
      1. Bad_gr
        Bad_gr April 14 2020 01: 13
        Quote: Bad_gr
        a short barrel, which then needs to be extended with a special compensator

        So it looks without a compensator (flame arrester).
        I took a photo from a previous topic (from Undecim)
        1. sen
          sen April 14 2020 04: 15
          Instead of such a flame arrester, it is better to screw the silencer onto it and our armor-piercing 7U4 cartridges for it.
      2. sinoptic
        sinoptic April 14 2020 12: 21
        Quote: Bad_gr
        why the hell do such a short barrel, which then must be lengthened with a special compensator?

        These are Japanese, their brains stand backwards. Sometimes it rolls, sometimes not. :)
  2. missuris
    missuris April 13 2020 18: 26
    and yet, where is at least some butt?
    1. Aaron Zawi
      Aaron Zawi April 13 2020 19: 24
      Quote: missuris
      and yet, where is at least some butt?

      Yes here. Bet on MiniUzi. Case for five cents.
      1. PCF
        PCF April 13 2020 22: 23
        You have a picture with a "micro-ultrasound", a mini ultrasound is a bit different
        According to the weapon itself: curb weight of about 3 kg, effective firing range of about 100 m, firing rate of 1100 per minute / almost like a micro-ultrasound with a tungsten shutter insert /, no butt ...
        it would be interesting to look at the results of firing from this miracle after a three-kilometer run through any moving / appearing targets, at least at 50 meters
      2. Krasnodar
        Krasnodar April 13 2020 22: 51
        Aron is a gun. Not Mini Uzi
    2. Aleksandr72
      Aleksandr72 April 14 2020 09: 07
      Why does he need a butt? For shooting at pistol distances (only a complete optimist will shoot at a greater distance from the PP), the butt for a submachine gun is not at all a necessary device. The Austrian TMP and the German H&K MP5K do an excellent job without a stock. From such a short-barreled mini-PP, you can shoot just from your hands or use a shoulder strap as an impromptu butt, something like this:

      True, it’s better to pull the belt tighter, by surprise.
      Even the instruction on firing from submachine guns for employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs says:
      Shooting from a submachine gun can be conducted from any place and from various positions: standing, from a knee, lying, sitting in a car, with its butt folded down and folded, in motion and from a short stop, due to shelter, from the arm and from the stop.
      Replace "folded" with "no butt" and get the same thing. And further in the same place:
      When firing a standing submachine gun, the positions used both for firing from a pistol and from a machine gun are used.
      Using pistol preparations (including with his hands), the shooter fires with his stock folded. Since in this position the sight has the traditional look of the rear sight, to ensure high-quality aiming, the weapon must be kept at a sufficient distance from the eye, which ensures an equally clear vision of the rear sight and front sight. Depending on the shooting conditions and the current situation, the shooter can fire without the use of sights, including from the belt. To achieve the best stability when standing, legs should be located slightly wider than shoulders, feet slightly divorced, forming an isosceles trapezoid.

      Minebea PM-9 reminded me of two well-known models of submachine guns at once: the Israeli Micro-Uzi and the American M10 Ingram:

      However, all small PPs (in which the store's receiver is located in the pistol grip) are somehow similar to each other, albeit not quite identical.
      1. Michael HORNET
        Michael HORNET April 16 2020 00: 05
        “Calmly” they are in the cinema only, in real life the results without a butt already at 50 m will be disastrous, “about that way”
      2. psiho117
        psiho117 April 16 2020 12: 50
        Quote: Aleksandr72
        Why does he need a butt? For firing at pistol distances ... the butt for a submachine gun is not a mandatory device at all.
        Nonsense. You can also shoot from RMB with your hands, but this does not mean that you need to do this.
        A ratchet with a rate of fire of 1100-1200 fires 6-8 shots (with the experienced shooter) with one click on the trigger. Inexperienced can cut 10-15. Of these, the target will fly well if the first two.

        The Austrian TMP and the German H&K MP5K do an excellent job without a stock.
        These are weapons of different tactical niches. TMP and "Kurz" and the tempo are smaller, and are used in other situations. This is a concealed carry weapon for specialists and FSOs. And then, as soon as Brugger-Thomet bought a TMP from "Steyr" and put a butt on it - immediately the popularity of weapons increased 3 times, their orders were filled up.
        The Japanese rattle, used as a PDV (replaced later),
        she was armed with sailors (yeah, shoot in bursts, without a butt from this in the narrow steel corridors of the ship - immediately fly to Amateras riding on a divine wind, after the first rebound from the bulkhead)
        and paratroopers (this is generally darkness).

        A stupid attempt to reduce the cost of removing the butt from the MPD, + the consumption of ammunition, led to the fact that combat effectiveness is in the deep minus.
        Minebea PM-9 reminded me of two well-known models of submachine guns at once: Israeli "Micro-Uzi" and American M10 "Ingram".
        Don’t mention Ingram in vain ... we all know how the only clash of Americans armed with this shit ended with an adversary with at least a rusty AKM.
  3. Catfish
    Catfish April 13 2020 18: 40
    Thanks to the author for the information. hi
    Just in case, I'm spreading the Nambu M66 (or SCK Model 65/66), as you can clearly see, this is the same Swedish "Carl Gustav", or the Egyptian "Port Said".


    PS Something there was borrowed from the Danish "Madsen".
  4. ccsr
    ccsr April 13 2020 18: 51
    Vyacheslav Shpakovsky
    The Japanese believe, and not without reason, that the frequent replacement of time-tested models of small arms, in general, is completely useless. The weapon should have been reliable, convenient and well suited to the specifics of its use, and besides, it should also be cheap!

    Any competent armed man will agree with this conclusion 100% - regardless of which army he serves in. So this conclusion cannot be attributed to the Japanese alone - such principles were adhered to in our army. It’s just that we should always remember this when the issue concerns the release of a large number of weapons, which will be used by military personnel of different levels of training.
  5. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U April 13 2020 19: 40
    Moreover, here the Japanese were true to themselves and for the sake of maximizing the cost of production trimmed both arms with wood
    Well, I don’t know, in 90, wooden parts of weapons gave anything, but not cheapness, especially since pine was not used.
  6. Region-25.rus
    Region-25.rus April 13 2020 19: 51
    and I also twisted my pneumatic with a file soldier laughing

    1. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z April 13 2020 20: 01
      Quote: Region-25.rus
      and I also twisted my pneumatic with a file

      Oops, "recognized"! They are already coming to you ...
      1. ares1988
        ares1988 April 13 2020 21: 44
        It became interesting, enlighten: but what, it’s impossible? This is pneumatics ...
        1. Starover_Z
          Starover_Z April 14 2020 01: 20
          Quote: ares1988
          It became interesting, enlighten: but what, it’s impossible? This is pneumatics ...

          We will reply with paraphrased words from "The meeting place cannot be changed" - "" ... Did he not have an intention to convert this apparatus into a traumatic, combat one? "
          The police, customs and border guards laugh only at their jokes, if seriously!
          1. ares1988
            ares1988 April 14 2020 09: 31
            Oh, got it. Talk nonsense. From what he wrote it follows only that the person upgraded the pneumatics. Confessing that he wanted to make a firearm from this makes no sense (even if this is so). Therefore, judging for the intentions will not work. Here you have neither the full composition of st223, nor the preparation or attempt (st15) on it. Cooking here is not criminal, because the article is not heavy. Well, there is nothing to stupidly prove the attempt.
            1. Nosgoth
              Nosgoth April 18 2020 08: 07
              Now there are many patients not only with coronavirus, but also with spring exacerbation :-))))) do not pay attention to them.
      2. Nosgoth
        Nosgoth April 18 2020 08: 05
        You should be treated ...
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  9. hohol95
    hohol95 April 13 2020 23: 21
    This is how Japanese soldiers fired from Minebea PM-9 in Iraq ... As you see, he has no stock

    Did you hit? And who was they shooting at? In Iraqis with Iraqi AK?
  10. English tarantas
    English tarantas April 13 2020 23: 37
    At VO, you already need to make a special questionnaire for readers: what to write about, where to get information (at least in English), where to get a photo, what to tell more.
  11. DeKo
    DeKo 10 July 2020 14: 55
    It’s very similar to the Polish PM CANCER. It was shot in the army. Good thing