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Without feat and heroism


Recollection of the past

An old photograph, not of wartime, as worn out by life as the faces of the elderly depicted on it. More than half a century photograph of ordinary people who survived the war. Most of the family album has similar old peacetime cards.

Looking at the faces, I remember my childhood emotions during the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Victory Day.

“Grandmother, where are the grandfather’s medals? He fought, is he a hero?”

- Well, of course, the hero, he just didn’t get medals, he was shocked.

“Grandma, well, at least you were in the partisan detachment, maybe you blew up the trains?”

- No, dear little ones, I was in a vacuum with the children.

All ... Dreams collapsed. Grandfather at least had to be a pilot and shoot down planes or a brave tankman, or sign at the Reichstag, having passed half of Europe. And why grandmother was not a scout in the partisan detachment? "Commissar," the vacuum. "

No feat, no heroism.

Veterans came to school, grandfathers and grandmothers of classmates in orders and medals talked about the exploits of the war. Children boasted to each other. I was silent. There was nothing to be proud of.

Only with the years, knowledge and experience did understanding of those events come for ordinary people from photography. And I would like to ask a lot about them, I would like to know a lot about how they lived, where they lived, what they thought, but alas! ..

All that could be found out.

1941 year. MSSR. Ordinary family. Not involved, not members, not members of the CPSU (b).


Alexander Terentyevich. 35 years. Chief agronomist. Called, Appeared. The part was manned and sent to the front. Bombing. Commissioned after six months of hospitals with concussion. There they left a clerk.

Justina Maximovna. 30 years. A housewife. The Romanian army is advancing. An official from the district executive committee loads his junk on one and a half. Justina begs to take her with the children. 4 girls. 13 years old. 8 years. 4 years. 4 months. No. No space on the back. The soldier-driver threw everyone onto the body. Have time. The only suitcase with things remained on the road. Evacuation. Bashkiria.

That's the whole war, in two paragraphs. All that remains in stories.

Reflections on the Present

How can this be imagined today for several generations who are fortunate enough not to be part of such a disaster?

How do people appear who openly mock Victory, for whom tens of millions of dead are just statistics, serving them as confirmation of a dictatorial regime, and nothing more? The selflessness and heroism of the fighters and workers of the rear for the people are absolutely abstract concepts: after all, one could “drink the Bavarian”.

This “war survivor” is now associated with a shaking old man or a hunched granny. And then they, in the 41st, guys and girls, fell in love, studied, dreamed. Families raised children, worked, planned their lives.

Few people think about what the boys and young men survived yesterday. It is impossible to imagine how they were able to go through all this, especially in the first year of the war. Hundreds of thousands died, were captured, perhaps without even realizing what was happening. But they went to the front, saying goodbye to the family, to the tantrum of their wives and crying children. They went to defend their homeland. Will all “creative and vibrant personalities” now understand them? Can they even imagine a little?

Millions of people were torn out of civilian life by the war and evacuated to the rear. A 30-year-old woman with four children, without a suitcase with linen, without pads, without diapers and baby food and meals in general, without replaceable clothes and money, for two and a half thousand kilometers, without relatives and friends ... And there will be winter again. And not one. Modern "jam" will understand how this is possible?

My ancestors had a chance to survive in this war. They have passed. Every day of the war. For them, this was not heroism. Everything for the front, everything for the victory. This was not just a slogan. That was the norm.

Three years later, they found each other. Without vibera and social networks. Grandfather returned to agronomists, grandmother to kindergarten.

What a joy then
Post-war breathe in the spring,
On the ashes of bread and cities
It was not someone who raised us, but you and I.

May 45th was the happiest month for the entire Soviet people, and in due time, in February 46th, my expectant mother was born.

They left many grandchildren and great-grandchildren on earth. Children grew up worthy people ... We were happy every day. “Lord, how to live well now, not like in a war,” the grandmother often said.

They left in the last century, not having seen our life problems, change of formation and new wars. Thanks to them. Rest in peace.

Simple family. Without heroism and feat. One of several million families of the Soviet Union. Invisible and, at first glance, insignificant components of the victory of the Soviet people.

Happy Victory Day, my dears! This is your victory. Proud of you.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox April 8 2020 11: 36 New
    Yes, then everyone had a war. Terrible war. And all honest people fought.
    1. Doccor18
      Doccor18 April 8 2020 15: 32 New
      Was at the anniversary of my grandmother's older sister. 90 years to her and her husband, and 70 years of marriage. We live in different cities, I saw them only a few times. Quiet, calm. And here, on the anniversary, I talked with them, fell asleep with questions. And they told. He went through the whole war in the tank, she somehow 7 children raised the whole war. They are heroes. And everyone in the family has such heroes. Humble heroes. You won’t ask, you won’t know. What generation !!!
      With the victory of all! Health to Veterans!
  2. DMB 75
    DMB 75 April 8 2020 11: 42 New
    Happy Victory Day, my dears! This is your victory. Proud of you.

    Thank you .. Let me join you .. We are all proud. This is their common victory, who was at the front and in the rear, thanks to all of them that survived, thanks for everything ... hi
    1. Lipchanin
      Lipchanin April 8 2020 12: 01 New
      Quote: DMB 75
      and who was at the front, and in the rear, thanks to all of them that survived, thanks for everything ...

  3. Sergey Averchenkov
    Sergey Averchenkov April 8 2020 11: 43 New
    You know, you wrote, but it was like a heart to me. This is about me ... About my parents, about my grandfather ... Thank you.
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine April 8 2020 12: 33 New
      Quote: Sergey Averchenkov
      You know, you wrote, but it was like a heart to me. This is about me ... About my parents, about my grandfather ... Thank you.

      The same as about my mother's grandmother Salmonida Ivanovna. Smolensk region, occupation, my mother went into partisans, my grandmother had three children, they lived in a bathhouse, and the commandant lived in the house. For my mother, the elder Kostya, 16 years old, was taken to the police station, in the evening he fled with the same friend, survived, got to his own, volunteered for the front, and reached Prague. Granny and Vasya survived, and Aunt Valya died, she was 10 years old. On June 22, 1941, my grandfather was shot in Brest, he was just a carpenter, but no one was spared by the fascist. Glory to our mothers fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers. Thank you for living and surviving in wild inhuman conditions.
    2. Pete mitchell
      Pete mitchell April 8 2020 22: 48 New
      That's for sure after heart, family history ...
  4. Lipchanin
    Lipchanin April 8 2020 11: 43 New
    Thank you so much for the article hi
    Tears on eyes...
    I remembered my grandfather and grandmother ...
    Thanks again... hi
  5. Gardamir
    Gardamir April 8 2020 11: 45 New
    But there were still those served, but medals. For example, those who entered Iran, those who served on the southern borders. Those who served far from the front, but they were needed in their place.
    1. AU Ivanov.
      AU Ivanov. April 8 2020 11: 53 New
      Кто был комиссован по ранению в 1941 - 1942 году, как правило наград не имеют. В начальный период войны награждали скупо. Медаль "За Отвагу" образца 41, первой половины 42 можно смело приравнивать к Звезде Героя.
      1. Van 16
        Van 16 April 8 2020 12: 13 New
        All right. One grandfather had three orders, three medals, the second none, died in August 42, on the Road of Life, a Red Navy, but this did not make his feat any less. Eternal memory to both of them.
      2. bubalik
        bubalik April 8 2020 12: 36 New
        Who was commissioned for injuring in 1941 - 1942, as a rule, have no awards

        ,,, what is interesting, for some reason they say little about it, but in 57-58 there were a lot of awarded people who were captured and had injuries.

        1. AU Ivanov.
          AU Ivanov. April 8 2020 13: 38 New
          Major Gavrilov, a hero of the Brest Fortress, a prisoner of war, was awarded the Hero Star in the late 50s.
  6. AU Ivanov.
    AU Ivanov. April 8 2020 11: 46 New
    Заголовок неправильный. "Подвиг и героизм" - так лучше будет. Не было бы тыла, не было бы и фронта.
  7. bubalik
    bubalik April 8 2020 11: 47 New
    Sincerely written hi Thank you.
  8. Oberleutnant
    Oberleutnant April 8 2020 12: 16 New
    Thanks for the kind words and thanks for the article. Hello from Germany.
  9. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins April 8 2020 12: 31 New
    Thanks for the short, but such a biting story. My grandmother, Maria Ignatievna, waved her hand for the new year, birthday, March XNUMX, but ALWAYS arranged a holiday for Christmas and Victory Day.
    1. AU Ivanov.
      AU Ivanov. April 8 2020 12: 58 New
      My grandmother Elena Karlovna (she is a St. Petersburg German) always celebrated January 27 - the day of the lifting of the blockade.
  10. Sergey79
    Sergey79 April 8 2020 15: 05 New
    Thanks to the author. Correct article
  11. Lamata
    Lamata April 8 2020 15: 19 New
    My dear, grandmother, from December 1941 to May 1945, a nurse in the hospital, in Tashkent, from the age of 14, was awarded a medal for BZ, whether it is an achievement or not, to be a nurse.
    1. aakvit
      aakvit April 9 2020 14: 04 New
      A child in a hospital among the wounded and crippled helps them than he can ?! FEAT!!! hi
  12. Moskovit
    Moskovit April 8 2020 17: 47 New
    You read stingy lines of memories and want to bow to the generation of our grandfathers and grandmothers who endured such tests on their shoulders. You look at the current coronary panic and think that they would not have noticed this epidemic.
  13. Grossvater
    Grossvater April 8 2020 18: 04 New
    A few years ago...
    Family celebration. The table is breaking. Suddenly, Mom, well into her eighties, begins to collect bread in a napkin.
    - Mom, what are you !? What for?
    - This is for Rimma, she wants to eat!
    Rimma is my only aunt, my mother’s older sister. She died of starvation in January 1945, in Kazan. I gave everything to my younger sister.
    Already, Mom is not with us, but I still remember with tears.
    This is our war!
    Our pain!
    Our memory!
    There is no war, as long as we remember about it!
    Forget the war will come!
    PS I apologize if my speech seemed too arrogant, believe me, excessive pathos is not peculiar to me at all!
  14. victor50
    victor50 April 8 2020 18: 38 New
    Wonderful article. About millions of our ancestors. The fates of which at that terrible and heroic time differ only in nuances.
  15. Assyrian
    Assyrian April 8 2020 21: 56 New
    Three bow to the author! hi hi hi
    Вы задели самое потаенное, до слез. Все обо мне и нашей семье. Несколько раз порывался написать, но каждый раз останавливался "таких миллионы".
    I was so upset when my grandfather did not live up to my expectations and filled the whole lesson with part numbers and surnames of the commanders. And no feats like in the movies. Although the chest in orders and medals. A grandmother with four children remained in occupation, the wife of a communist.
    They didn’t take another grandfather to the front (age under 60). In the winter, from 41 to 42, he dug a dugout in the garden and hid the Red Army there, until in February 42, Kuban was liberated by ours. Then they took him to the labor front, to the Donbass, to restore.
    And so, in almost every family of our little village. Of the 115 people who went to the front, more than half did not return.
    Слова из песни "Нет в России семьи такой, где бы не был бы свой герой" именно про это.
    PS To the author. Your grandfather and grandmother did not suffer in vain. A worthy grandson has grown hi
    1. MA3UTA
      April 8 2020 22: 52 New
      Все обо мне и нашей семье. Несколько раз порывался написать, но каждый раз останавливался "таких миллионы".

      I often thought about it, but never tried to write.
      I thought about what hardships and tribulations mean. The real ones.
      Like the Soviet people during the war
      They are especially terrified of these deprivations by their uncertainty over time.
      How much to starve? week, two? How much more to work 12 hours a day, without days off and holidays? year? two? how long to live in a dugout? winter two? until the end of life?
      a hundred million people during the war visited these same thoughts.
      But they endured. For the sake of one goal - to win.
      And so in the post-war songs, the words are honed and truthful.

      Glancing today - so terrible are the terrible difficulties and torments of a separate category of the suffering population, sitting idle in the home quarantine, who have been severely tested for strength.

      And, I assure you, the majority of worthy people. Anytime and anywhere.
      And there are very few, insignificantly few, who are ready to drink Bavarian in place of the heroes, but they are organized and media-loud - they either have nothing to be proud of or memory like guppies)

      Everything will be right. As long as we remember. While our grandchildren will remember.
  16. nikvic46
    nikvic46 April 9 2020 08: 26 New
    Очень хорошая статья. Автор умница.У многих возникает чувство досады,мол почему мой отец,родственник пришел с одной медалью.Это возникает у нас,живущим в мирное время.Для фронтовиков немаловажным фактором являлась собственная жизнь.Читаю пожелтевшую газету. "Малюгин Александр Павлович.Ему присвоено звание Героя Советского Союза (посмертно). Спрашиваю у дяди,как это понимать.В газете пишется,что он с товарищем корректировали огонь артиллерии.А когда их засекли,вызвали огонь на себя.Когда я спросил,почему его наградили Орденом Красной Звезды.Он просто ответил-"Это лучше,чем в скобках".
  17. Vadyoryushnik
    Vadyoryushnik April 9 2020 18: 19 New
    Greetings! But I didn’t have a chance to see grandfathers and grandmothers alive ... A grandfather on the father’s side was considered as missing forty-one in November after he was seriously wounded. But according to archival data - he was found in a military hospital where he died of his wounds in August 42. He was a sergeant. The grandmother on the father’s side was shot by the Nazis when they entered Dneprodzerzhinsk ... And on the mother’s side, the grandfather was a driver on the defense line and armor was initially imposed on him. And the grandmother raised several daughters ...
    We must not forget the war, nor how many innocent people it claimed ...
  18. avia12005
    avia12005 April 11 2020 05: 20 New
    If in this world our state turns a blind eye to the lies about the Great War pouring from the screens of our TVs and drapes the Mausoleum in parades, in the next world everyone will be rewarded for this sin. Eternal memory and great glory to our people ...