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Shosh light machine gun: it could be even worse


Since the First World War, the Shosha light machine gun has received a negative reputation. According to many armory experts, the title of one of the worst RPs of the XX century is well deserved. It could be even worse ...

Firstly, when it was created, dubious design decisions were used (an open store, monstrously designed and scaling a metal sight down and to the right, long fragile bipods that made the soldier more visible). In addition, low combat qualities were added (in the field, these weapons jammed or even broke after hundreds of shots) and the low quality of production and materials used. To top it all off, in the manufacture of a light machine gun there was no control over the release program.

All this together led to the fact that the French Shosh machine gun deservedly caused dislike among soldiers at the front who had to risk their lives with such unreliable weapons in their hands. However, despite the shortcomings, the Shosh light machine gun still got to the front.

In a video prepared by Kalashnikov Media, historian Andrei Ulanov will answer the question of why during the First World War they did not refuse this sample, which received a lot of complaints. In addition, Ulanov will talk about one significant advantage that was possessed by the French Shosh machine guns.


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  1. Amateur
    Amateur April 3 2020 06: 48 New
    The activist does not know what the machine gun is called, but gives a conclusion.
    The machine gun is not SHOSHA, but SHOSHA. Iksperd in general. negative
    1. illuminat
      illuminat April 3 2020 13: 23 New
      Quote: Amateur
      The machine gun is not SHOSHA, but SHOSHA.
      Also surprised. Amateurs often call it "Shosh", assuming by analogy "Maxim-Maxim machine gun", "Lewis-Lewis", and "Shosh machine gun - Shosh".
      From ignorance that the surname of the designer Louis Chauchat reads as "shosha", with the stress on the last syllable.
      Therefore, Ulanov disappointed. Still, no, but a specialist.
      1. Amateur
        Amateur April 3 2020 13: 27 New
        No normal expert will ever say max. Everyone knows that he is maxim. Even despite the famous song:
        And both call Maxims.
        There was one - an intelligent machine gunner.
        (Meet Maxim mine!)
        And the other - the machine gun was easel
        The nickname is also "maxim".
      2. bunta
        bunta April 3 2020 22: 17 New
        Quote: illuminat
        Ulanov disappointed. Still, no, but a specialist.

        The author of the video read your comment:
        1. illuminat
          illuminat April 4 2020 21: 29 New
          Quote: bunta
          The author of the video read your comment:

          And yet where to see it?
          1. bunta
            bunta April 4 2020 22: 04 New
            Archival Revolution project, TacticMedia channel + Ulanov.
            Enjoy it. The channel is good, there are a lot of good materials. Mikhail Timin is quite smart and adequate. But with Ulanov they screwed up.
            1. illuminat
              illuminat April 5 2020 15: 54 New
              Quote: bunta
              Enjoy it. The channel is good, there are a lot of good materials.

              Yes, I know, sometimes I watch it myself. But I don’t really shoot, I’m more on aviation.
              Thanks for the link to a specific video.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. boris epstein
    boris epstein April 3 2020 14: 28 New
    The Russian weapons designer, colonel of the Russian Imperial Army, the designer of the world's first AF machine gun (Fedorov assault rifle) was not called Eugene, Vladimir Grigoryevich France and England really took to sharing some of the weapons and ammunition with Russia, which then experienced shell and ammunition hunger, a huge flaw 152 mm field guns. Russia did not produce light machine guns at all. But at the beginning of World War I, Russia saved France from defeat, the Germans stood near Paris. True, it cost Russia huge losses-Samsonov’s Life Guards Army. By the time of the trip to G Fedorov, the war on the Western Front turned into a positional form, they could share it without much damage. But as soon as Russia smelled of revolution and a separate world (after February 1917), weapons and ammunition in Romanov-on-Murman (Murmansk) and Arkhangelsk went the river.
    1. John22
      John22 April 6 2020 21: 04 New
      Ulanov has a mouthful of diction, so it is not clear what he wanted to say; either the "genius Fedorov", or Evgeny Fedorov. It has been said very indistinctly - here are the options. Although to call Fedorov - Eugene - this is too much.