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Tula "Cornets-EM" will surprise Ankara. Trump of Moscow in the Idlib interchange


Despite the recent agreement between the Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Erdogan on a comprehensive and unlimited ceasefire in the Idlib de-escalation zone, as well as the start of joint Russian-Turkish patrol of the western sector of the M4 motorway (with the participation of a platoon of the Russian military police and the infantry platoon of the NE Turkey), the operational and tactical situation in the Idlib theater of operations continues to remain extremely controversial and difficult for expert analysis.

On the one hand, after lengthy consultations between senior representatives of the defense ministry of the Turkish Republic and the Russian Ministry of Defense, the degree of escalation tension in the region really decreased and amid the “sobering” loss of a number of strategically important settlements in the region of Serakib and the Al-Gab valley, Turkish command and supervised by him field commanders of the Islamist formation “Khayyat Tahrir al-Sham” ordered a ceasefire and withdrawal of large-caliber barrel and rocket artillery about Eastern portion contact line idlibskom so-called "gadyushnike".

On the other hand, with an enviable regularity, the utter and provocative statements made by Mr. Erdogan and the head of the Turkish defense department of Hulusi Akar regarding the restoration of sovereignty planned by Damascus over the entire territory of Big Idlib testify to Ankara’s readiness for the resumption of the Spring Shield military operation, which envisages ousting regular Syrian army units from the vicinity of the M5 motorway, Serakib and a number of settlements in the provinces of Idlib, Hama and Aleppo.

The next escalation round in the Big Idlib will not take long

The fact that Ankara was prepared for the possible implementation of the above scenario is confirmed not only by the continuing accusatory rhetoric against Damascus by Erdogan and his advisers, led by imperial ambitions in respect of the northern regions of Syria and Iraq, but also by the relevant actions of the Turkish Army command and the defense department of the republic. In particular, despite the observed regime of “operational silence” and the withdrawal of most of the Turkish army’s receiver and rocket artillery batteries into the operational depth of the Idlib “viper” (to the second and third lines of defense of the Turkish ground forces, represented by fortified areas in the cities of Sarmada, Ed-Dan, Tennurah, Tell-Adeh and Katurah), the saturation of the region with additional armored and artillery units of the Turkish army continues as before.

So, on “Telegram” pages of informed sources in the Syrian Arab army, referring to the telemetric information of UAV optoelectronic reconnaissance UAVs of the Syrian army and the Russian military contingent in the ATS, one can find interesting photographs taken with ultrasound cameras mounted on these drones. The photo captures the tented self-propelled guns T-155 "Firtina", deeply improved basic combat Tanks M60T "Sabra Mk II", as well as an impressive number of armored personnel carriers "Ejder Yalçin", located near the Turkish observation (observation) points and fortified areas "Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham." And this is just the tip of the iceberg amid the amount of equipment that is almost daily relocated to various areas of Idlib as part of dozens of Turkish military convoys.

Consequently, by the time of the next escalation, only the number of barrels and rocket artillery, as well as Sabra Mk2 MBT, which are the main component of the Turkish offensive "skeleton" in Idlib, Turkish Turkish forces will be able to establish parity by units of the 4th mechanized division CAA and 25 -th division of the Special Forces (formerly Tiger Forces), which may well contribute to undermining the combat stability of the advanced units of the SAA and the final counter-offensive jerk of the Turkish army and Tahrir al-Sham.

The long-range self-propelled anti-tank missile system Kornet-EM developed by the Tula KBP will become the Kremlin’s asymmetric response to a threat from the Turkish army in Idlib

Nevertheless, it would be extremely naive to believe that in the “sleeve” of Moscow, which without hesitation has entrusted itself with an incredibly heavy and thorny list of tasks to restore the territorial integrity of the once prosperous Syrian Arab Republic, there are no "trump cards" to prevent the imperial ambitions of Ankara in Idlib.

The most powerful tools that can cool hotheads in the Turkish General Staff in the event of the resumption of an active phase of hostilities in the northwestern governorates of Syria, in addition to the Pantsir-C1 air defense missile systems, are undoubtedly the anti-tank systems developed by the Tula Instrument Design Bureau of Instrument Engineering named after Academician A. G. Shipunov ("Competition-M", "Metis-M" and "Bassoon"). The most remarkable and effective in this “line” can be safely considered the self-propelled anti-tank / multi-purpose complex “Kornet-D” (“Kornet-EM” in export design), which is a long-range mobile modification of the Kornet-E ATGM, located on the chassis of the military-industrial complex VPK -233136 Tiger-M.

According to the military-technical informationnews and the Rocket Technology information platform (, citing informed sources both in the formation of Tahrir al-Sham and in the Syrian government, back in 2017, one of the experimental or pre-production copies of the Cornet “D / EM”, from the first shot it was able to hit the “jihad mobile” at a distance of about 7000 m, which overnight mixed the cards in the operational-tactical deck of both the Tahrir al-Sham field commanders and directly in the command of the Turkish ground forces.

There is nothing surprising here, because the Turkish forces were still well aware that, in addition to many times higher efficiency and a multiple reduction in deployment time, the maximum range of Kornet-D was 2 times that of the most advanced and advertised UMTAS multi-purpose missile system (10000 versus 5000 m, respectively), whose multi-purpose tactical missile, it would seem, has an important tactical and technical merit, namely the ability to defeat fir for terrain objects (achieved by equipping medium wave IKGSN requiring no illumination). Consequently, on the flat areas of the eastern regions of the Idlib theater of operations equipped with even export “Cornets-EMs” (range of 7 km), the Syrian army anti-tank platoons will be able to maintain confident dominance over Turkish armored vehicles covered by UMTAS ground-based multi-purpose missile systems. The application of preventive anti-tank attacks on the aggressor in this case is guaranteed.

The advantage of the latter will be observed only in the southern and central mountainous regions of the Big Idlib, where the Kornetov-EM semi-automatic laser guidance system, which provides for the ATGM flight in the "laser beam", will not be able to function due to the presence of a mass of hills and ridges.

As you know, an increase in the range of deeply improved anti-tank rockets of the 9M133FM / -2 / -3 family was achieved through an increase in the solid-fuel charge of the gas generator, and integration into the Kornetov-EM / D weapon control system of more modern multispectral heat-television sights for detecting and tracking targets at a distance starting from 15 km.

And finally, which will become even more paradoxical and unusual for Tula anti-tank weapons, the most “long-range” multi-purpose anti-tank guided missile projectile version 9M133FM-3 (range is 10 km), combined with a more “far-sighted" optical-electronic guidance system, will allow " Kornetam-D ”to carry out early interception of Turkish Anka-S UAV, whose operators will prepare for the use of tactical air-launched missiles L-UMTAS. As you know, in the Kornetov-D control systems, a mode of operation for targets operating at speeds of up to 900 km / h is implemented.

Against this background, even an air launch provides Turkish L-UMTAS missiles with a range of no more than 8 km, which is clearly not enough to counter the capabilities of the self-propelled Kornetov-D. As regards the main purpose of Kornetov-D, the defeat of the enemy’s armored vehicles, here Turkish Sabra Mk I / II MBTs will have little chance of maintaining combat stability, because the tandem cumulative warheads of the Tula ATGMs can penetrate up to 1300 mm equivalent, while the M60T Sabra Mk II / III tanks have an equivalent resistance to cumulative shells of barely 750–900 mm. To save “Sabra” in this situation can only equip modern complexes of active protection.
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  1. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek April 2 2020 06: 03 New
    Cornet D delivered in Syria? The main damage is done by the "untouchable" Turkish artillery. And until they figure it out, the Cornets are unlikely to help. Direct shelling of Turkish tanks from ATGMs is also a problem for the SAA.
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 April 2 2020 06: 31 New
      Indeed, it’s worth discussing not what will be possible, but what is already influencing the situation, what is used there.
      Yes, yes, Turkey has its own, which they quite brazenly and effectively use, against the army of a legitimate government on their territory.
      1. iosif stalin 75
        iosif stalin 75 April 2 2020 15: 56 New
        Solving the issue of Idlib in a purely forceful aspect will be inappropriate. Cornet problem Idlib just will not solve, but only exacerbate.

        Turkey, with Erdogan at the head, has now accumulated very serious contradictions with the elite of the West and the world order that they seek to build, and as a result, Turkey is a potential ally of Russia in its eternal opposition to the West.

        Why, for some Idlib, lose such a valuable ally? Assad still has no other choice, Iran alone will not keep him; if Moscow insists, then Assad can be reconciled with the loss of Idlib.

        Turkey's only interest in this region is to destroy any potential independent Kurdish entity so that their relatives in eastern Anatolia do not raise their heads and don’t give a damn about the Kurds in Russia, and Assad Erdogan will somehow put up with it. But Putin needs to put up with the fact that Syria in its previous form will no longer be, and indeed Russia does not give a damn about Syria, to be honest, Russia got into it only to stop the West / test its weapons / challenge the unipolar world regime / blow up the neighbor East and raise the price of oil / propose your options why Russia got in there
        1. bang
          bang April 2 2020 17: 44 New
          Why, for some Idlib, lose such a valuable ally?
          Stalin never considered Turkey a valuable ally.
          1. iosif stalin 75
            iosif stalin 75 April 2 2020 18: 04 New
            Stalin for some time was an ally of Hitler, because it was for the good of Russia
            1. bang
              bang April 3 2020 02: 26 New
              Stalin for some time was an ally of Hitler, because it was for the good of Russia
              Stalin was never an ally of Hitler.
        2. Anchonsha
          Anchonsha April 2 2020 18: 59 New
          Well, the mess in your head, sir, Russia entered Syria only because ISIS would not stop at SYRIA, but with the help. The West would go to Russia. And Turkey is a situational ally for us only in this region, we just had to cool down Erdogan’s desire to seize part of Syria.
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 April 2 2020 19: 49 New
            The Barmaleev were squeezed out to Central Asia, to us in the underbelly ... everything went to that!
            From us to the borders of 100 km and before, serious stirring began there and we were getting ready to respond.
            Everything was very stressful!
            1. iosif stalin 75
              iosif stalin 75 April 2 2020 20: 00 New
              And how would they pass through Iran with a Shiite population of 80 million and an army under a million? Did they land from the air? He is a terrorist and a terrorist that can effectively fight and detonate only in his homeland. To effectively conduct some kind of military operations with the aim of occupying foreign territories, such a scum is basically not capable.
              The threat of Islamic terrorism is greatly exaggerated, this is just a myth, you comrades too often watch movies of damned imperialists. Certain forces in the West, uncontrollably striving for world domination - this is where to look
              1. rocket757
                rocket757 April 2 2020 20: 06 New
                There is Afghanistan and it entered the zone of their interests. There now oh how not calm.
                Barmalei, it was a serious international project, to consider them simply small-town terrorists is a big mistake.
                For whatever has been done, so be it. Now there’s no point in arguing about that.
          2. iosif stalin 75
            iosif stalin 75 April 2 2020 19: 50 New
            That is, these Arabs go and conquer all of Syria and Iraq - Syria is possible, Iraq is unlikely, there are 60-70% of the Shiite population, by no means unarmed, but there are also Kurds. Well, God bless him with Iraq, let's say they conquer Syria and then these Arabs go and destroy the armies of Turkey and Iran and cut off their heads to Erdogan and Ayatollah, attack Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan? And then erasing these states into powder, they finally attack Russia! Can you imagine this, Comrade Anton?
            Well, let's say Erdogan Idlib will capture and something else, what harm Russia does from this? What is your logical chain?
  2. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I April 2 2020 06: 28 New
    As Abdullah, well-known to many, said: "It's good when you have a dagger ... and it's bad. When you don't have it ..."! You can talk a lot about the "merits" of the "Cornet - EM / D" complex, but when it is not in the fighting troops (or very little ...), then what's the point? You can shout "sugar" for a long time, but it won't make your mouth sweeter! PS The presence in the BC of the self-propelled complex "Kornet-D" "anti-helicopter" missiles turns into another "plus" ... the ability to fight the UAV ... (as mentioned by the Author ...)! In my opinion, for the "Kornet" there is not enough missile with a "nuclear strike" warhead with a transverse arrangement of the SPS ...
    1. Ross xnumx
      Ross xnumx April 2 2020 06: 53 New
      Quote: Nikolaevich I
      but when he is not in the fighting forces

      Tula "Cornets-EM" will surprise Ankara. Trump of Moscow in the Idlib interchange

      Listen, how much can you persuade us? Yes, we agree. And with the fact that the Russian S-400 will slap the Turkish-American-Israeli aviation ... And with the fact that the Russian "Tornadoes", standing in second place after nuclear weapons, are capable of "incinerate" in one gulp, 67,2 160 hectares ... And with the fact that the modernized Tu-2m14 can leave melted soil or metal with an accuracy of one meter (depending on the purpose) ... And with the fact that our T-XNUMX tanks have no equal in the world ... And with the fact that the Americans are allowed to chase the Russian patrol, and the Israeli flyers to shoot, bomb and fly where they need ...
      What surprise can a used clapper bring? What is there mysterious in an empty cake box?
      We have already been "fed" with promises, and in terms of surprises we barely have time to take a breath, either from collisions with longboats, from fires, from accidents, or from a simple set of circumstances when Russian military personnel and military equipment suddenly find themselves in the wrong place and at the wrong time.
      I want to eat verbs of the perfect form ...
      1. cherkas.oe
        cherkas.oe April 2 2020 14: 35 New
        Quote: ROSS 42
        I want to eat verbs of the perfect form ...

        This is who you addressed, Damantsev, or simply - the appeal of "crying to eternity" just in case.?
    2. Paul Siebert
      Paul Siebert April 2 2020 07: 01 New
      Quote: Nikolaevich I
      You can talk a lot about the "merits" of the "Cornet - EM / D" complex, but when it is not in the fighting troops (or very little ...), then what's the point?

      I completely agree.
      First you need to deliver these cornets to Syria. Saturate with them linear Syrian parts. Train staff.
      Then Turkish sabras will begin to burn and Anki fall to the ground.
      In the meantime, all this is hypothetical reasoning ...
    3. novel66
      novel66 April 2 2020 09: 55 New
      correct quote sounds like this
      1. Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I April 2 2020 10: 45 New
        Dear Roman! I did not set the task of verbatim (!) Phrasing this phrase! I expected that those who read would understand what I wanted to say ... hi
        1. novel66
          novel66 April 2 2020 11: 23 New
          undoubtedly, but I really like this quote! hi
  3. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins April 2 2020 06: 46 New
    Has the author come to believe in the concept of a "miracle weapon"? I read about such dreamers, but as history has shown, a single sample of weapons does not bring victory.
    Without trying to denigrate the "cornet", it is worth recognizing that even in sufficient quantities it will not be able to become the deterrent factor in a possible armed conflict. In addition to armored targets and helicopters, a host of types of weapons are involved in Syria, against which the "cornet" is powerless.
    1. iosif stalin 75
      iosif stalin 75 April 2 2020 16: 20 New
      I completely agree, one prodigy will not solve the problem, but overall the Turkish army made a weak impression. She is not able to grind Assad, she can dig in maximum in Idlib and give a defensive battle, but is it necessary to climb there? What for?

      The only real force that is able and still continues to make unpunished sorties with bombing attacks on the territory controlled by Damascus is Israel. This is a real threat, if the Jews want, they can put Assad and the whole Khmeimim for half a day with all the S-300 and S-400 that are / can be there.

      The 250 f-16s and 50 f-15s (the useless 25 f-35 penguins do not count) of the Israeli Air Force represent the greatest force in the region. If desired, Moscow can solve the problem with the Turks from a position of strength, but this will not work with Israel, therefore, it is first necessary to negotiate with the Jews.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 2 2020 06: 49 New
    But if the Turkish group had suddenly collapsed underground, then they would have ended the bandits more quickly. Damantsev is constantly trying to take away bread from our General Staff of the Ministry of Defense and the leadership of the Syrian army. If, yes, if only ... Turks are strengthening the grouping and it is necessary to proceed from what the Syrian army is armed with today, and not to give advice on what else could be put. They will put what is necessary and there is no doubt about it.
  5. Amateur
    Amateur April 2 2020 07: 29 New
    On the a photo captured tented self-propelled guns T-155 "Firtina", deep advanced main battle tanks

    To determine the "depth of improvement" from the photo is the height of graphomania. I risk earning another ban, but how much can you mock VO participants to this Lyapis-Damantsev text generator?
    1. cherkas.oe
      cherkas.oe April 2 2020 14: 52 New
      Quote: Amateur
      I venture to earn another ban, but how much can I mock the participants in this text generator Lyapis-Damantsev?

      Yes, this writer is protected on the VO website like a sacred cow in India and has its own group of fans, which immediately rushes to minus the opponents of this perlome.
  6. Vadim777
    Vadim777 April 2 2020 07: 44 New
    They forgot about the Turkish pilot boats, they crap from the sky in full ....
    1. Sky strike fighter
      Sky strike fighter April 2 2020 14: 50 New
      Crap from the sky? Was it exactly drones? More like pigeons, judging by your description. I hope you did not suffer.
  7. KCA
    KCA April 2 2020 07: 48 New
    Hell confrontation - "Cornet", supplied by the Turkish army, against "Cornet" supplied by CAA, I don't eat popcorn, I just bought beer, I'm waiting
  8. Ros 56
    Ros 56 April 2 2020 07: 50 New
    The first time Damantsev wrote a positive review about our weapons.
  9. abc77777
    abc77777 April 2 2020 09: 09 New
    You know, when I see the abbreviation ATGM, I understand that the article is written by a person far from the army. It has not been used in the military for over 40 years. Learn to match, and only then put forward your "theories".
  10. KVU-NSVD
    KVU-NSVD April 2 2020 09: 25 New
    Cornet is doing Sabra. Turks if Che, immediately kirdyk from the Syrians. Amen. The whole article in 11 words. And was it worth it to make so many bukoff, spreading thought through the tree? Eh Damantsev, Damantsev ...
  11. steelmaker
    steelmaker April 2 2020 09: 28 New
    The information is nice. Now you should wait for the result.
  12. KURT330
    KURT330 April 2 2020 10: 23 New
    Well, kapets to the Turks! laughing
  13. Clueless
    Clueless April 2 2020 11: 09 New
    An article with the same success could be called:

    Russian nuclear weapons will surprise Ankara. Trump of Moscow in the Idlib interchange
    Armata will surprise Ankara. Trump of Moscow in the Idlib interchange

    This is not the first time I've been observing such articles, like look, cool weapons, but whether or not they are in Syria, or a few. Idiocy
    1. fk7777777
      fk7777777 April 2 2020 11: 21 New
      You think to expand the straits ?, well, it makes sense, of course, the cargo flow will increase one hundred percent ...
  14. fk7777777
    fk7777777 April 2 2020 11: 19 New
    Undoubtedly, it’s all cool, But they expect that all the same, Russia will use drones in bulk and simultaneously. That pi was offended by the offensive aggressor.
  15. Umsan Umsanov
    Umsan Umsanov April 2 2020 13: 13 New
    If there is no air cover, then this is meat for shock drones.
  16. shoroh
    shoroh April 2 2020 13: 26 New
    They are not fighting weapons models but a complex of measures of armed struggle. The organization and the commanding staff wins.
  17. kutuz
    kutuz April 2 2020 14: 37 New
    "they will present a surprise to Ankara" - they will not bring nichrome, their millet will be destroyed as shells and the whole surprise will end there.
  18. Keeping
    Keeping April 2 2020 15: 30 New
    The main thing is to have time before May 9 to defeat the Turkish group.
    It would be so symbolic, but there even though the grass does not grow ...
  19. Poruchikgt
    Poruchikgt April 2 2020 15: 46 New
    improved anti-tank missiles of the 9M133 familyФM / -2 / -3

    Letter Ф in the designation of a rocket means that it is thermobaric. It follows that the missile is not anti-tank. The term rocket projectile refers to guided barreled ammunition, which are shells for a gun in essence and rockets in shape. If there is no letter in the designation Ф, then the missile has a cumulative warhead and "anti-tank" appears in the name.
    The Cornet D is essentially a light anti-aircraft missile. It cannot work on airplanes, but on helicopters and UAVs it is quite for itself. The meaning of the action is to test the complex, namely the Kornet-D complex, in combat conditions.
  20. there
    there April 2 2020 20: 34 New
    I blinded you from what was. New from forgotten old. 2P32 "FALANGA" based on BRDM-1
  21. Empire soldier
    Empire soldier April 2 2020 21: 05 New
    Again this ... Ugh!
  22. Chaldon48
    Chaldon48 April 3 2020 04: 16 New
    May God give our "Cornet" and the Turkish wolf to eat!
  23. riwas
    riwas April 3 2020 05: 12 New
    Russia also supplies Turkey with Kornets-E.
    The first production Kaplans for Turkey are equipped with the Russian Kornet-E ATGM
  24. senima56
    senima56 April 3 2020 13: 46 New
    We already had such "trump cards". They delivered S-300 (400) to Syria, but Israel was not particularly scared: as it bombed, it is bombing Syria!
  25. Kleon
    Kleon April 3 2020 23: 43 New
    Is 900 mm equivalent to Sabra? Catch the addict.
  26. kutuz
    kutuz April 4 2020 22: 37 New
    Another target for Turkish pezpilots