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DPRK continues testing 600 mm MLRS

DPRK continues testing 600 mm MLRS
First launch of a new rocket, July 31, 2019

The other day, the DPRK announced new tests of its promising development - a super-large-caliber missile system. This system has been tested at training grounds since last summer, and its transfer to troops is expected soon. It is expected that the appearance of the system in caliber approx. 600 mm will sharply increase the strike capabilities of missile forces and artillery.

Test history

The existence of new models of North Korean weapons often becomes known only at the test stage or later thanks to official media. A promising missile system was no exception. Its existence was first reported on August 1, 2019, immediately after the first test firing.

According to the CCAC, the first tests of the complex (its designation remains unknown) took place on July 31; they were personally led by Kim Jong-un. Television showed shots of launch and missiles at an early stage of flight, as well as the moment the training target was hit. Curiously, the launcher was hidden by pixelation - unlike a rocket. The media specified that the launch was a success, and the rocket confirmed the calculated characteristics.

First Launcher Launcher

The South Korean military tracked the launch. According to them, the rocket flew about 250 km. The Korean People’s Army does not comment on these reports.

On August 2, events repeated. The second launch, also carried out under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief of the DPRK Armed Forces, was again successful and confirmed all the characteristics. New photos of the launcher, also censored, were published. However, this time, pixelation affected only the package of transport-launch containers. They did not hide the tracked chassis.

The following test reports of the new complex appeared only a few months later. The third firing took place on March 3, 2020 during the exercises of the missile forces and artillery of the ground forces. The official media again published photos and videos of great interest. The exercises involved a new version of the self-propelled launcher on a wheeled chassis.

On testing in August 2019.

Just the other day, on March 29, the DPRK National Defense Academy completed the next test launch of the "super-large multiple launch rocket system." The purpose of the event was "re-confirmation of the performance characteristics." The combat vehicle on the caterpillar chassis launched a rocket that successfully hit the target. This time the launch was shown without any retouching. Launcher can be considered in detail. An emergency transfer of new equipment to the troops is reported.

South Korea again tracked launches and released key data. There was a launch of two missiles, it was carried out from the east coast of the DPRK towards the sea. Products flew approx. 230 km

Extra large caliber

As always, North Korea is in no hurry to reveal all the features of the new project, but estimates and conclusions can already be made based on available data. In general, we are talking about creating a promising long-range MLRS equipped with a super-large-caliber missile. The development of such ammunition is a rather difficult task, but its appearance gives special combat capabilities.

Start March 2, 2020 from a wheeled installation

The characteristics of the new missile are not called. In official photos you can see the product with a cylindrical body of large elongation and an animated head part. There are no signs of rocket separation into stages, but the warhead can be detachable. In the head part there is an X-shaped plumage, probably rudders. The tail is equipped with in-flight stabilizers.

According to various estimates, the rocket caliber reaches 600 mm. Length - up to 8-9 m. Mass is unknown. Perhaps it reaches several tons. The product is equipped with a solid fuel engine. According to the South Korean military, during the tests, the flight range was 230-250 km. It is likely that the DPRK was testing its new weapon at maximum range.

North Korea showed the results of firing at targets. The above suggests that the missile is equipped with some means of maintaining the course or guidance, providing acceptable accuracy of the hit. Management on the trajectory can be carried out by the head set of planes.

Shooting March 29

Apparently, the new type of missile is delivered in a cylindrical TPK for mounting on a launcher. At the moment, three types of installations of different designs with different combat capabilities were involved in the tests.


First in the news a kind of tracked vehicle with a lifting frame for the TPK appeared. It was shown in "pixel" form, which is why the main features cannot be considered. However, it was clearly not a launcher from the later news.

Already in early August, they showed another tracked combat vehicle with a different layout. The ten-rim chassis is equipped with a pronounced cabin, and a large cargo area allows you to lay a frame with TPK on it. Such a machine transports and launches 6 missiles of a new type. The package of containers is lifted hydraulically at an angle corresponding to the firing range.

Rocket in flight. The main design features are visible.

The third type of launcher is built on a wheeled chassis - the South Korean version of the four-axle Tatra truck. The machine has a protected cabin and other necessary devices. At the same time, the ammunition load has been reduced to 4 missiles. Unlike a caterpillar chassis, a wheeled vehicle needs jacks to level it before firing.

Benefits and potential

The new North Korean MLRS with an unknown designation has outstanding characteristics, which is why it is extremely interesting. At the same time, it poses a great danger to South Korea, and Seoul will have to take into account the existence of such systems for a probable adversary.

The new development of the DPRK is declared as a multiple launch rocket system. However, the flight range and power of the warhead of the missile allow us to consider it as an operational-tactical missile system. The presence of six missiles in one installation provides special operational capabilities, and at the same time advantages over other OTRK and MLRS.

Target after rocket hit

Apparently, the classification as a MLRS associated with the planned methods of combat use. So, combat vehicles will have to work as part of a battery of several units. They have to carry out a massive shelling of remote targets in salvos of the entire ammunition. Thus, almost dozens of warheads of large mass can simultaneously fall on the enemy’s object.

From official reports it follows that the new MLRS will go into service with missile units from the ground forces, but not into strategic missile forces. Due to this, non-strategic KPA troops will have a special tool for certain tasks.

The ability to work in formations and the long range make the new MLRS extremely dangerous for South Korea. With its help, the KPA will be able to attack targets at a considerable depth of defense, and Seoul and the nearest cities fall into the firing zone. In fact, the army system of volley fire of the operational-tactical level turns into a strategic weapon.

Storyboard lesion training target

However, the new North Korean weapons should not be overestimated - as well as underestimated South Korean capabilities. The new complex uses a “conventional” ballistic missile of limited range, which may not be the most difficult target for advanced air defense and missile defense. Seoul is trying to develop its army, taking into account current threats, and the appearance in service of a new MLRS will lead to a symmetrical response.

Awaiting Delivery

According to official figures, since the summer of last year, the new MLRS has been tested. The last launch at the moment took place just a few days ago. The complex has not yet been delivered to the army and is not in service. However, testing and refinement can be completed in the very near future, and the KPA will receive a new weapon with wide capabilities - a new means of deterring a potential enemy.

In response to this, South Korea will be forced to take certain military measures. What will be the consequences of this, and how far the next round of the arms race will go is a big question. In addition, other countries of the region may pay attention to the new MLRS, which also will not contribute to improving the international situation.
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  1. Mitroha
    Mitroha April 1 2020 18: 12 New
    I just recently thought that nothing was heard about the DPRK, even silence about the coronovirus. But no work, experience. Well done. Success and health. One of the few countries where there are national goals, rather than small property interests
    1. Tibidokh
      Tibidokh April 1 2020 18: 41 New
      Quote: Mitroha
      nothing is heard about North Korea, even silence about coronovirus

      DPRK already in January completely closed the borders due to the coronavirus. Although not a single confirmed case has been officially recognized.
  2. Lopatov
    Lopatov April 1 2020 18: 12 New
    In response to this, South Korea will be forced to take certain military measures.

    I'm afraid the North Koreans weren’t so stupid. how much they are trying to portray.
    And their "quantity" covers the South Korean "quality" like a bull a sheep.
    1. neri73-r
      neri73-r April 1 2020 20: 46 New
      Quote: Spade
      And their "quantity" covers the South Korean "quality" like a bull a sheep.

      If in the literal sense, it will not work, but if by weight, then yes! laughing
  3. Stalllker
    Stalllker April 1 2020 18: 13 New
    Why dispose of Poplars, give them to Koreans, they will make MLRSs from them
    1. Tibidokh
      Tibidokh April 1 2020 18: 52 New
      Quote: Stalllker
      of them MLRS will do

      One of the purposes of the RZSO is the mining of the area. I wonder how many mines can be crammed into a conventional Topol missile launcher, if a 220 mm Hurricane projectile could hold 24 anti-tank PTM-1 or 312 anti-personnel PFM-1S? belay
      1. Stalllker
        Stalllker April 2 2020 03: 37 New
        A LOT OF!!! This is the soup)))) although according to their photo, they don’t mine, they don’t mine)))
    2. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy April 2 2020 08: 51 New
      Quote: Stalllker
      Why dispose of Poplars, give them to Koreans, they will make MLRSs from them

      And will they take them? There you need to do another 20 KU. repeat
      1. Stalllker
        Stalllker April 2 2020 10: 23 New
        They all take what flies and explodes and not only
  4. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy April 1 2020 18: 13 New
    DPRK continues testing 600 mm MLRS
    Do not grind! 1000 mm MLRS! repeat
    1. antivirus
      antivirus April 1 2020 21: 21 New
      wanted, "combed", it is necessary to deceive the sanctions - called RZSO, and flies 200 or 300 km - maybe to Tokyo.
      artillery is not banned, but missile technologies are under the supervision of "partners"
  5. acetophenon
    acetophenon April 1 2020 18: 42 New
    And then their leader came forward: hefty such a midget!
    North Koreans perverted the very idea of ​​MLRS.
    1. garri-lin
      garri-lin April 1 2020 18: 50 New
      Why are they perverted? If the price of the rocket is not high, then they just rethought it. The electronic component can be represented by a primitive inertial, so that the rocket better maintains a given trajectory. In this case, the price will not be high. And if you try, you can get a very flexible tool to solve a wide range of tasks. With a missile of the current size and range, you can have both MLRS, OTRK and a coastal defense complex like our BAL.
      1. Hermit21
        Hermit21 April 2 2020 11: 00 New
        Because the meaning of MLRS in the impact of the area, and not specific point targets. And even the introduction of adjustable munitions and submunitions does not change the overall picture.
        1. garri-lin
          garri-lin April 2 2020 11: 03 New
          Do you think that a division of such installations will not be able to fill the square with blanks? It’s quite easy. Warheads are most likely cassette. There will be HELL going on. And rocket size is a way to increase range.
    2. meandr51
      meandr51 April 1 2020 18: 55 New
      This is just misinformation. This is actually OTR.
    3. Lopatov
      Lopatov April 1 2020 19: 02 New
      Quote: acetophenon
      North Koreans perverted the very idea of ​​MLRS.

      No, they’re doing everything right.
      Keeping up with South Korea in technology, North Korea does not even count on counter-battery.
      And therefore he relies on the most powerful first salvo. About five and a half thousand MLRS (about 900 for Russia, plus about 1500 for China, that is, the North Koreans are twice as much as ours and the Chinese combined)
      MLRS of different types. including 107 mm and "Grady" on the basis of a tractor cart ....
      But, I’m sorry, with such a salvo any control system will be lost.
  6. Chervonny
    Chervonny April 1 2020 18: 47 New
    The DPRK lives in conditions of severe economic and political pressure from the United States and its puppets from Japan and South Korea. The development of the armed forces for the DPRK is the only opportunity to maintain its sovereignty.
  7. Pavel57
    Pavel57 April 1 2020 19: 15 New
    Tsar MLRS, the truth is no longer clear how it differs from a ballistic missile.
    1. Pandiurin
      Pandiurin April 1 2020 20: 16 New
      Quote: Pavel57
      Tsar MLRS, the truth is no longer clear how it differs from a ballistic missile.

      Six missile launcher = multiple launch rocket system.

      And yes, 600 mm and 250 km, the ability to strike including at sea targets. This is already some kind of new intermediate class of weapons.
  8. 75 Sergey
    75 Sergey April 1 2020 19: 32 New
    Well done! Avenge us!
  9. Arthur 85
    Arthur 85 April 1 2020 20: 43 New
    Size matters! It's strange, they have everything to fly, and there is a diesel engine for the fleet. Yes, it is a bit without drones and GPS navigators. Maybe we won't wait for technology that has no analogues in the world, but waste the engine from a "penny" to a meter diameter of cylinders, and at least cover the SSBNs with surface forces?
  10. Djusha
    Djusha April 1 2020 21: 29 New
    Forgot what day it is?
    1. Pavel57
      Pavel57 April 1 2020 21: 38 New
      April 2?)))
    2. acetophenon
      acetophenon April 2 2020 01: 14 New
      Well, that’s it - yes, it’s better thicker, but more authentic, wassat
  11. Klingon
    Klingon April 2 2020 00: 28 New
    Such "MLRS" will fully pull a special warhead and will already be a tactical Yadren-Katyusha in the amount of 4-6 nuclear splashes at a time on a South Korean head wassat
  12. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I April 2 2020 05: 56 New
    Hmmm ....! Someone ...: this is a joke! Happy April, 1 ! Others are not a joke ... but North Korean prose of life! The joke is not a joke, but the "people" now and then confuse "a fork with a bottle"! A new type of missile armament has appeared (appears?), Similar in "image and construction" to MLRS ... but with a different purpose! And the "VO people" are not catching up! What's more interesting ... once appeared "Katyushas" were called rocket artillery! Now this "term" is not as "heard" as it used to be .... and everyone is accustomed to the "MLRS" ... but you have to somehow designate the new weapon! And if you consider that this weapon is designed to largely replace long-range artillery ... especially, in terms of attempts to introduce "100-kilometer" artillery shells into the barrel artillery and become related to a certain degree of kinship with high-precision TRK, then, precisely, this weapon should called "rocket artillery complexes ... (CRA)"! What? Sounds! For example, "the brigade's rocket artillery complex" ... CRAB! Or maybe it's better: "installation of rocket artillery" (URA)? So there will be reports in the media that a corps has been formed in such and such a district, equipped in full with OTR complexes, TRK, cannon artillery, rocket artillery and MLRS! The weapon turns out to be multifunctional for some purposes ...: 1. the presence of high-precision ammunition makes it possible to replace long-range large-caliber barreled artillery; 2. to use tactical ballistic missiles in a number of cases; 3. if necessary, use it as an MLRS ... URA, comrades, we must introduce! PS And the word "Hurricane" takes on a new meaning (!) ... Hurray-gan! Or ... URA-gun!
  13. sen
    sen April 2 2020 06: 40 New
    I think that, along with mobile, DPRK, it is necessary to have stationary installations for such 600-mm missiles, but with vertical launch - mine. Well camouflaged and protected.
  14. Kostadinov
    Kostadinov April 2 2020 10: 59 New
    Range 230 km at max. altitude 30 km.
    The maximum range of this missile is 380 km with a maximum altitude of 97 km.
    The main thing is that at the last tests we showed very high accuracy with a reduced trajectory.
    For all previous experiences, the analysis is at
    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I April 2 2020 13: 28 New
      Earlier reports appeared about Chinese missile launchers with 4 600 mm missiles ...
  15. Kostadinov
    Kostadinov April 2 2020 11: 06 New
    Keeping up with South Korea in technology, North Korea does not even count on counter-battery.

    They can’t keep up with South Korea. Now, if you run towards then it will work out.
    See smuggling technology as an example of an incident on Yonpion Island.
    Then the 122 mm MLRS battery with one salvo knocked out the 2SAU K-9 without incurring losses.
  16. Lara Croft
    Lara Croft April 3 2020 00: 43 New
    it’s somewhat similar to the empirialist MLRS, the Chinese comrades copied the tractor, and Russian missiles ... threw it ... from the reserves of the Motherland ....